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tv   Das Humboldt Forum  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2021 4:15pm-5:00pm CEST

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so also emphasize that beijing should abandon a military intimidation for taiwan and the consul again, we hear a terrier that i want women seeing the p wilmont and he's at the the ability to cross high watch street for people who live in taiwan. we would just step to new to the reality that the tension between taiwan and china is just there and it's been going on for decades. so if you ask people on the sheet as one of the people on the scene, how if they are worrying about chinese nation, i would say most of them was saying no. however, if you look at the chinese activities recently last month, china just send 28 aircraft closed to high one. think that the tension is definitely increasing, right. thank you so much for that. that when the li and time. thank you.
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we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world know, start him in the military has begun releasing about 2300 business, including activists and journalists to detain, protesting against february no reason has been given him. the nieces thousands are still thought to be behind bars in connection pro democracy at demonstrations. the head of the world health organization in europe is, will have a new wave of current virus infections unless vaccinations increase in people who may discipline in this sense 10 weeks of rolling cases. numbers are now rising again. last week, us gradient, a bill cosby has been released from prison after pennsylvania supreme court overturned his convictions or sexual assault court, ruled at a prior deal of the prosecutor bod. mr. cosby from being charged, the former comedian was convicted in james in 2018. the drug, sexually selling
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a woman as estates caught in the us as denied the request financing of britney spears to visit her father from a guardianship arrangement. to control control of her affairs. the ruling is independent of testimony, give him simon's fears last week in which she alleged she had been abused and v a turkey formerly pulled out of an international treaty against family sides and domestic abuse today, spoken outrage among western countries and writes groups the eastern bold convention, isabel's 1st binding treaty to prevent and combat violence against women. as in reggie tyver demand defended the decision to leave arguing that it had been hijacked by people attempting to normalize homosexuality. thousands of turkish women are expected to protest against the move, saying it sends a reckless and dangerous message to offenders of the set turkey even farther back
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on the road to women's rights. she looked anxiously out the window. there were any suspicious cars parked out front. is anyone standing by the entrance? this is john, 2 earl keys, daily routine. the 31 year old and her son rarely leave their apartment in the western turkey city of bolo, any more. not since receiving death threats from her own husband. i'm going to kill all of you. like the slippery with a blunt news which he stays with me. do you understand? jones, who continuously received threats like this, and she knows he means every word before she left him, he had abused her for years. he even bade her mother, the police did nothing apart from advising johnson to seek protection at a women's shelter. all meanwhile, are abused. the fields perfectly safe. your son was in the sand. he told me that if
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i kill you, i'll go to prison for 3 years. you know about shot, but that won't stop. after 3 years, i'll be back out today to jump off on john, who doesn't believe the turkish state will protect her. instead, she's turned to the public on turkish media. she's spoken out against her abuser. and the turkish authorities failure to act a bold move, especially now that turkey has withdrawn from the east and the convention, protecting women from violence. president ed, one justified this step by repeatedly claiming that the convention served to spread western notions of emancipation can demit any will not foreigners influence the way we deal with the issue. we have her own historical and cultural ways, but we will not allow the safety of our families to be jeopardized, let these women demanding the protection of their families too. but in a different way than one envisioned,
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they pressuring turkey to respect the international agreement. in the past year, 300 women were murdered and another 117 women died due to unknown causes. now turkish women fighting back literally more and more women signing up for self defense courses like these here, crow, my god and israeli marshal law is being taught that the women in this class have had enough of violence and harassment for men. the course leader has observed mostly young women in her group. this is all to all the be just more and more 25 to 35 year old women come to not all participants have experienced physical violence. other sites are too far. kids can just wanted to know how to react to harassment in order to get it. they just don't want to put up
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with that kind of behavior anymore than the new probably to johnson has found another way to protect herself. she's installed the security door in her apartment to prevent her abusive husband from breaking in. but she knows if he's to turn to kill her. he will type i'm to the or he told me himself that he said look at one has withdrawn from the is symbol convention, protecting women. so we can kill as many women as we want without punish stumble convention should continue to be respected in our country. ma, it was the only thing that heard many long cor cool ardor. growing solidarity among women and turkey is also acting as a deterrence johns, who experienced in our poor support after she made her case public since then, the threats against her and her family have stopped forming us defense. secretary donald rumsfeld, has died 888. he served in the post twice and it was during his 2nd term and george
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w bush that he oversaw the 2003 us invasion of iraq. he remained unapologetic about the war insisting that toppling saddam hussein created a more stable and secure world. just before nominated rumsfeld to replace james schlesinger, secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld, 1st became secretary defense and the president, gerald ford. in the mid 19 seventies, one of his 1st task was overseeing the united states strategy during the cold war. i'm not saying was certainly that the russians are coming on say the saying the trends are here. i'm not saying the russians are 10 feet tall. i'm saying they used to be 543, the now 59 and a half and they're growing and we're not in 2001 president george w bush appointed rumsfeld for his 2nd term is defense secretary after the 911 terrorist attacks rumsfeld pushed for war with iraq. as justification, he claimed baghdad with harper and weapons of mass destruction in 2002 when
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confronted by reported about the lack of evidence. rumsfeld push back, there are no knowns. there are things we know that we know. there are known unknowns, that is to say, there are things that we now know, we don't know. but there are also unknown unknowns. there are things we do not know . we don't know. so when we do the best we can, and we pull all this information together. and we then say, well, that's basically what we see as the situation that is really only the know knowns and the known or unknown. so the us went to war, but no weapons of mass destruction were ever found in iraq. and the costly and divisive conflict, dr. dawn with no end and size. according to some estimates, hundreds of thousands of iraqis were killed in the conflict of 4000 us troops also
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died. president bush replace drum throat in 2006 to this day, his legacy remains highly controversial. highest honor, he was blamed for the us military's abuses and torture at the abu ghraib prison in iraq at the hash interrogation of suspect at the us naval base. in guantanamo bay, jamie, a jaffa, a human rights attorney tweeted rumsfeld, gave the orders that resulted in the abuse and torture of hundreds of prisoners in us custody and kindness done. iraq and good ton of bay. this should be at the top of every obituary rumsfeld. however, remained largely defiant on his record defending his decision surrounding the iraq war to the end. take a look at some sport starting with tennis. germany's alexander farrah has advanced the 3rd round of wimbledon after beaching. tell me some good in straight sets as far as you can see at the bottom of your screen was too good for his american
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opponent. he's never made a pass wimbledon for round, and he's looking for his 1st ever grand slam title next to face the winner of the old u. s. match between tape fritz and steve johnson. germany, jerry minister, jose hoffer has criticized us with decision to allow large numbers of fans inside stadiums that euro 2020. this is they half a call the decision by european footballs, governing body actually responsible, especially considering the increased number of corona virus cases in the u. k, cause by the delta values for the 40000 found is attending germany's match against england active wembley stadium on tuesday. the venue is huge. welcome, $60000.00 fans for the torment, semi final and final. later this abruptly, adult men have confirmed yet on sancho we'll leave the club. this summer. a deal has been agreed for him to join manchester,
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united for 85000000 euros censuring merged. is one of your prospects to his for he has a $1.50 gold, $137.00 appearances. the moon sees sanctions in england. you're in 2020 is what it said to manchester when he previously knew that 900 rifles. manchester is reminded that top story this us president joe biden is heading to florida. the 1st lady joe biden. 6 of the right. the 1st couple will meet with the rescue teams and families of victims sputtering last week. the collapse of a residential tower blocking steps confirmed death to the chinese presentation. paying his helpless country's rise every the whole snobbish calibration stomach a 100 years. the chinese comes addressing a crowd see said the error of the china being full, it is done forever with pie one to be returned. the chinese from the
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w coming up next in the news i use, it will have a look inside the chinese companies on school and mid career amendments is part of ideal. the spanish will have that story and more in just a moment. the back of the good news. the news news . the
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news the news, the news the ah refugees read an island where their dreams for paul as a young joke, it is where one could begin. football. talk them overcome the trauma of his homeland and he'll give it his all to become a professional european kicker. the focused on your in 60 minutes on the w. o. in the of climate change
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the what's the people who hear what ideas do they have for their future? d, w dot com, african megacity. the main thing to do is click inter aah care that i had. and in the end, if you are not allowed to see you anymore, we will send you back. are you familiar with these lions? what's your story? ready with how much women, especially a victim of finance, take part of your story chain. always understand this new culture.
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so you are not a visitor, not against you, want to become a citizen. in so migrants your platform for reliable information. i did up in years a show coming up today, a warning for the world as china, the communist party done 100 chinese people will absolutely not allow any foreign forces to believe a price or in flavor for chinese president fugit being also reaffirmed the communist parties center role in the developing china, the and it's a role. i'm a home to party members in a party runs pool correspondent briggs you a past due before mid career officials are taught
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the news i'm british manager. welcome to did up the news a shark lead. you could join us, be prepared for bloody heads if you believe china. that's the message to the world . from chinese preston, she just being on a date that the communist party is marking 100 years of its existence. she speech was the center point of these of celebrations that culminated on the historic gentlemen square in central beijing through the program. today, we look at what his message of confident assertiveness means for the rest of the world. but 1st, this report the event to trumpet the achievements of the communist party as a 100 years of its founding. amid
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a ceremony of pomp and patriotism, the party hills its bro in leading the country to growth and strains. president shooting thing says the era of china being smarted and bullied is gone forever and gives a warning to foreign powers. i say to anyone who is trying to do so will have their heads bashed, bloodied against the great wall of steel. forged by over 1400000000 chinese people hung the poem portion. they all the ceremony to place it being gentlemen square the same place where the pro democracy protested faced a brutal crack down 3 decades ago. but there was no mention of this event nor did a party mention any of its other failures, including the ma, some and of the great leap forward and the cultural revolution. a period of
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ideological frenzy in the fifty's and sixty's. instead, the celebration focused on the display of achievements and promises to keep the country's territorial integrity, which includes completing what he calls, bringing this occasion with self route and high won high last. she's been called this and historic mission and spoke of an unshakable commitment of the communist party of china. one hand she sold china's conflict with taiwan. it's suppression of democracy movement in hong kong and human rights abuses against the weaker minority have drawn widespread international criticism. what i mean me despite mounting pressure, the poppy vows to stand firm to fulfill what is called the chinese dream of national rejuvenation.
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and it's a dream. in fact the president, she has himself articulated in the past. the board of it is a sense of self confidence and pride in being chinese and trusting the communist party with leading the nation. the same party that began life 100 years ago in secret, in a shank i house. today the party is self assured enough to demonstrate to foreign journalists how members are schooled in its political ideas. oh, it is back to class for these middle aged students, communist party officials from all over china, has been sent to this academy in shanghai for training. today's session is an overview of china's relations with other countries. focus on foreigners who have supported china's communist. this certainly not a coincidence, because on this day the academy is welcoming a group for, for enjoying the 1st time. it's a message from a more search china,
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through the world. july your usual shortly washer, found the china has been called the sleeping lion. now everybody feels that the line has woken, but this line is benign. it's a civilized line, a lie and open to corporation, who wants to peacefully co exist with the people of every other kind of what? yeah. so maybe that needs however, tensions are rising between china and the west as well as they doing in some of its neighbors. it is here that causes idea logically groomed for this. becoming a member of the communist party is part of a strict selection process. and once they've entered the party, they send to academy like this one, to make sure they know the party line. there are more than 2000 such schools in china. the shanghai academy is among the top 5. it's trainees are mostly senior
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officials, part of the training, an overview of technology made in china. the communist parties, official historiography, amidst the calamities of the 20th century instead, enjoy the straight line from the revolutionary beginnings to 2 days. they cannot make achievements due to the cause. the systematic one part is party history and parties, period. and because shanghai is pioneer city and economic development and reform, we also learn a lot. but the economic policies and recording of the new china us this leafy campus has seen almost 150000 officials, complete the course. in the last few years, the party has tightened its ideological grip inside china and become more assertive towards the outside world. the school prides itself and having trained many of china's governments spokes people will know who not when you make it. so we tell students to face international media and an honest way to tell the truth,
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but we also warn them. international media are not what you are used to arcada as i used to the domestic environment. so they need to know that among poor media. a few asked questions to set a trap for them who saw no matter how many nice things you tell them, they will report on the negative things. vanya, for me, i'm at the school entrance slogan. spell out the word confidence in multiple ways. as if the trainees still needed a reminder to me from from washington dcs. pizza, martin. he's a journalist as reported from china and he's also author of the recently released book, china, civilian army, the making of move water diplomacy feel welcome. the time with 40 or something we've gotten used to hearing quite a bit here in europe. what is it and is it the metaphor for china's interaction
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with the rest of the world? yeah, thanks very much for having me. and i guess we're worried diplomacy is, is this term that's given to this brand new approach that chinese diplomat taking? well, you know, in some cases they stormed out of international meetings. they've told foreign count, shut up and told them that china can no longer be elected. and the way that those diplomat at the behaving is in some ways seen as kind of a metaphor, a broad, muscular approach to chinese for an a bad. why is china acting in this fashion? i think it comes down to 2 things. i think on the one hand, there is new competence that china has navigated to 2008 the 9 financial crisis. and most recently navigated the current of iris pandemic as western countries in many cases struggle to control the outbreak. so there's
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a new kind of competence in the chinese system and what it can achieve. on the other hand, i think there's also this and during insecurity about china's place in the world and also on the part of many chinese officials as an insecurity about what the future holds for them. teaching ping his you know, many thousands of members of the communist past the he's abolished presidential term that he's experimenting with reification camp in san john. and so there's a little bit of nervousness that too. and i think sometimes the way of dealing with that nervousness is actually all aggressive and nationalistic. you know, that they've got yourself. it is not something that is encouraged by the party and the government in general. yeah, no, i think that in general, the assertive tone is encouraged that has been this idea. you know,
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china is strong enough now to be able to make its own case unapologetically and that it doesn't need to hear criticism from the outside. and so i think that has very much, been encouraged by the central leadership. i think that their individual cases, you know, i think of, for example, when, when foreign ministry spokesman jolly jan, spread the conspiracy that the us army had stopped at the current a virus pandemic in will have, i think that was hugely controversial. create that all kinds of problems in their relationship between china and america. and that kind of tactic probably wasn't sent for the function. but it was something that chow thought perhaps fitted with the broader mood the the of the ship with promoting this increase to i wonder how that ties into what the president she's been keeps referring to as the great rejuvenation of china. i think i think it very much fit
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into it. you know, she has been very clear that he expects china to be a world class power by 2050. and that china has a model for domestic post that is, that cannot mix, that the rest of the world would do well to follow. and i think when she lays out that kind of very, very confident vision the west china should be and how china should be seen. it's quite natural that diplomats would kind of take heed of that and start to follow his lead. what does this mean for the other nations in the world and looked at more specific? what about the nations in the immediate vicinity of china? in asia, i'm thinking for india, i'm thinking of, say, the philippines or region such as taiwan, which have had long running disputes with china. what does this new assertiveness, this new idea that china is a world class power mean for these nations and their relations with china?
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well, i think it's a really interesting question because i think the answer to that is, is changing kind of week by week at the moment during the trump administration, when relationships with us eyes were frayed paging, seem to feel like a good treat countries i'm trying to periphery as wanted and there would be limiting consequences. you can make them um, it could offer inducements in many cases and believe that it could get what it wanted. but the, the, by the ministration has come in with this focused on alliances, multilateral affairs. and this is like the, the countries can work together to the council, the china challenge. and it's going to be very interesting to see if aging is able to recalibrate some of the foreign policies, particularly when it comes to countries like like india, philippines, as you said, where the have often been on the receiving end of that new assertiveness. i'm
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trying to love to watch out for about a pleasure talking to your pizza martin. thank you so much for joining us. thank you. and that's it for debate is of course more analysis on the chinese communist parties, 100 year anniversary on our website dot com. forward slash a shout back again, tomorrow at the same time. then the the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research say? information and contact the corona virus. co. 19 special next on dw 2016 as like a bunch of the customer wants to see if germany was for me. the last few years had been quite a ride, getting in touch with
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a really done the home when it comes to genovius. and of course, it was in the iceberg, but perhaps the biggest on the new hobby of $900.00 on the recruit. i got to be in the news. every person never comes when you're feeling more forgiving. you'll realize it's culture. another way of living. are you ready to meet the german then join me, right? just do it on the w. the nurses have been on the front lines of the pandemic since the very beginning. every animal to d were working in a state of very high stress in the psychological tension has gone through the roof and the stay late many paid for their service with their lives. the world health organization estimates that 115000 nurses worldwide have died in connection with a corona virus infected is the nurses hard work being given. the
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appreciation of deserves. many are still waiting for the financial applause and they are demanding better working conditions. how can it be that the heroes of depend, demik are still struggling for recognition? welcome, here covered $900.00 special. i'm chris cockburn, berlin, despite their heroic efforts health care workers around the world are now learning that they are subject to a rather unforgiving system to explain where more than 80 doctors and nurses themselves fell victim to the corona virus. the government promised to improve working conditions, but instead with infection rates, declining thousands of health co workers have already been laid off, or soon will be the w. young phillip shots reports from valencia in eastern speak louder, almo deborah has been told her services are no longer required here on the cove in
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1900 ward. but she still has her hands full. many of her colleagues at the valencia clinic argon in the surrounding region alone, hundreds of nurses were let go over night. many of her co workers were informed that they've been laid off in a text message. and so this a people, and i think it's shocking to find out your employment, has been terminated like this for somebody they get. it shows 0 respect for the people who gave everything during the pandemic. it could be at the time they were urgently needed for the system to keep running. multiple asked me to go out and pick up. now it seems as if they are just disposable from all, but now they will try to be out of a standing ovation for health workers, the heroes of the pandemic. when spain was particularly hard hit by corona virus, in march 2020 thousands of nurses were hired at short notice. many fell ill. some even died of the virus. but now that covert 900 numbers are falling across the
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country. these nurses are no longer needed. more than 1000 nurses have been laid off here and the balance region in the past few weeks alone for thousands more that professional future uncertain. within a few months, they seem to have gone from heroes up the panoramic to redundancy personnel. the layoffs have led to furious protests here. most of those who have been sacked are afraid to speak to us on camera. only one person is willing to speak anonymously by telephone. he tells us that he and his colleagues feel abandoned. when the virus happened, we were short of everything, we needed to fight it. we were brutally overloaded with work. we couldn't even take care of our own health, and that had extreme effects in our private and family life. now it all seems like exploitation to me. in recent years, spain has made massive cuts to its public health system. more than
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a 3rd of medical stuff only have short term contracts, and many clinics have been privatized. during the pandemic, the government promised improvements, but instead the situation has worse and, and get those in charge haven't changed their tune and must have taught. we are currently making great efforts to great more permanent positions and to ensure that fewer people have to work in unsafe conditions. we hope that the situation will improve and 2022 almost had i mean, i know that got a $1000000.00 for nurse laura almost ever. and her fired colleagues, there could be some good news, at least for now, many of them will be reinstated over the summer to fill in for others who have gone on vacation at good morning this with howard captain. he is the ceo of the international council of nurses. i c n, and he joins me from geneva and switzerland. welcome back to our show, howard 0, respectful, the people who gave everything during the pandemic as one nurse called the sacking
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of health care workers. and the reporter, justine, do you agree? i think this is a shameful way to treat nurses and health care work is these are the people who have put themselves ahead of everybody else who gone to work. knowing that there's a greater risk that they might become infected, haven't had the personal protective equipment that they need have often separated themselves from their family. so as not to present a risk to them who have stepped into the shoes of relatives. they are not disposable. they are indispensable. they are the heart of our health care systems. we're seeing around the world. nurses who are angry at this lack of recognition and respect and then increasing strikes in european africa and pacific region as well on that note. health care workers do have a huge leverage,
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particularly now in the pen demik. if protest grew, if more nurses went on strike, that would create enormous pressure for their cause, wouldn't it? we went into this pandemic $6000000.00 nurses, short a globally. we've got aging nursing workforce in many countries. we've got nurses who have left because to burn out because of anxiety. we don't know the impact of long copays. the last thing we can afford to do is to lose our nurses, our hospitals, all clinics, without stuff, without nurses, they're just empty buildings. it's the people that matter and we should be investing in them and protecting them. now there and then it gets at a different stage in different parts of the world. do you see situations improving for health care workers and areas with high infection rates because of the lessons learned earlier elsewhere? we are seeing many places where nurses are taking on increasing leadership
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positions there at the forefront of the public health messages organizing systems of care as, as well. and the situation is improving. but we are also seeing areas where the doris is research and, and there is a huge issue at the moment with the in equity of access to vaccines for nurses and health care workers. there are nurses and health workers in some parts of the world still waiting to be vaccinated, whilst younger people are being jobs in other countries. we all know we're not going to win this race against the virus on our own. as nations, it is a global race and we need to see much more sharing and solidarity and cooperation around the world. and then i see in a report published earlier this year and says, studies across regions suggest that deep and demick has exaggerated the stress and anxiety felt by nurses and other health. co workers. what do these people suffer
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from? in particular, we have seen huge physical and psychological impacts on nursing and health cast off, physical exhaustion, insomnia, burn out and stress, but also the emotional burden of being away from your family looking after people, more people who are seriously ill, who are fearful. more people who are dying on top of that, we have also seen examples of discrimination and violence against nurses, people who may be ignorant or fearful. but you know, nurses who've not been able to renew their tendency because their landlord is worried that they spreading the far as nurses having difficulty accessing child care for their children as well. and nurses being subject to the covey denies who was saying this whole thing is a hopes we call this a mass traumatized ation of the nursing workforce. and that's why we need to be
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focusing on the recovery of on this is not health care workforce right now. howard can of the international council of nurses. thank you for your thoughts and cute getting the right jab has for many people been the most promising way to protect themselves against a severe corona virus infection. vaccines have been subject of many of your questions. here's one and our science correspondent, they're going paul, every country has a different strategy to prioritize vaccines. what does the science say about how to best allocate them? oh, we're still in the middle of the biggest vaccine drive in history. so evaluating the moving data on this topic is really a pretty tall order. to be honest, i don't even know if looking back in the years to come. if will be able to say
4:54 pm
anything with certainty about whether a countries might have prioritized the right groups for vaccine allocation in the right order. that's because demographics are so different in different countries that, that making blanket statements about what works past can i think, provides at best just rough guidelines. there are just too many variables. the big problem is that allocating vaccines means making choices that are at odds with each other. the most obvious of those choices is whether to cut down on the death and suffering caused by the disease as quickly as possible by vaccinating the most vulnerable 1st or to instead try to vaccinate those who are most exposed so. so those who will catch the disease most often and hands really dr.
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further transmission countries with aging populations, like many here in europe. when for the 1st option, they decided to prioritize the elderly group that's most at risk if they contract cove at 19. and that choice seems to be working at preventing death and suffering. a british health care authority, for instance, has estimated that the campaign there, which focused on getting elderly the shots 1st, that it's have over 30000 hospitalizations and, and 10000 lives so far. but that's also left a large segment of the population, younger people, unvaccinated for many months. and of course, as the group that's most regularly exposed, they're now fueling a new outbreak there. so what's the best prioritization strategy?
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i don't really know if you can put it that way. i'd say that there are just strategies with different outcomes. me and that's i shall fall. more checkout are covered 900 sections on the w dot com for now. thanks for watching you next time. especially with the news news. the news, the news
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the news, the news, all the refugees, island of love where there dreams the spot for paul assume a young joke. it is where one could begin. football to overcome the trauma fleeing his homeland. and he'll give it his all to become a professional european ticker. you're in 30 minutes on the w.
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oh, the news . this is the w. news lies from the land and paying hail china's rise as every vegetable, as it holds lobby celebrations, tamaqua, 100 years since the founding of the chinese complex has been g tells huge crowds in basing that the error of china being bullied is gone. forever also on the program us i, president.


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