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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2021 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by fretboard. oh the ah ah ah, as a d w from the us president and 1st lady are heading for florida to visit the site, the residential tower block that collapsed a week ago. i feel sad that people didn't really step up and say, it's time we need to, we need to pay attention to that as a that told rise in hopes of finding survivors in the rebel have not all but vanished also on the program. chinese president jason thing hailed his country's
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rise as a reversible that it holds lovers celebrations. demarco 100 years is the founding of the chinese companies cells, flag waving crowds in beijing that the era of china being bullied is gone. not to turkey withdraws from an international treaty against family side and domestic abuse. w. meet this woman who speaking against her abuse and to show our failure to act ah until gale, welcome to the program. us president joe biden is visiting florida with 1st lady jill a following last week. collapse of residential tower blocking side. tell me the families of those killed and missing,
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as well as rescue crews who have been combing through the rubble. the confirmed death tow has risen to 18 with as many as 145 on accounted for. no survivors have been found since last thursday. the w correspondent of a selected in surfside hearing from local residence the it's hard to think about anything else for diana winner. every time she takes the dog out, she passes by the collapse champlin tower, us and survived. the hopes are fading to find more people alive. she believes the tragedy could have been avoided. i feel sad. i feel sad that people didn't really step up and say, it's time we need to. we need to pay attention to this and do what we need to do. it's too many lives and probably been lost as a result of it. for the south tower, one, still hundreds of rescue workers are piling through the rubble in 12 hour,
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long shift. the risk of further collapses is slowing the digging and human emotions are another obstacle. it's very sad the times that i've been going up on the file and use find strollers and baby bottles of quality. you know, it just brings sense of reality to the moment. you know, it's very touchy. i have, i have kids, myself, a 2018 inspection warrant of structural damages to the building. the focus is now on similar, high rises in the county, 40 years and older. as the search and rescue operation continues, inspectors are now checking 40 other high rise buildings for damages, a large effort that could still be enough if the owners don't have enough money to get the necessary work done. in case of the chaplain towers, the necessary repairs could have cost $100000.00 us dollars per unit. darrow arnold
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who lives opposite the chem, playing tower, is believe something has to change his own theory on why the building was repaired . despite the findings of structural damage, what happened in this case is the city official inspector said there was nothing to worry about imminently and people. brett breathed probably a sigh of relief because they didn't want to find the money to deal with the problem. i assume that's going to change in light of this incident and you're going to have much more care and caution going forward. much healing is needed in surfside, florida, but for now, the beach community is reeling from this historic tragedy. well let's join of a solid and side. welcome all the, let's start with the president impending a visit. he has quite a delicate balancing act. today he had to console briefing families without
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crushing the hopes of those families of 145 people who are still missing that's exactly right, philly's meeting, a rescue workers, 1st responders to thank them for their tireless efforts. and then also talking to families to give them some comfort in their situation. and of course it's a very fine line because many of them are still hoping that there might be some survivors found underneath the rubble. of course that scenario is becoming more and more unlikely with each passing day. was the latest on the rescue is still ongoing. they are working around the clock is you've seen on the report that we filed here, and it's still a rescue operation and not a recovery operation. fire department is stressing that point because as long as there's lisa theoretical possibility to find people that are trapped in the voids underneath the rubble, they're going to continue extremely carefully. literally,
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as you've seen, the pictures sifting through the rubble and then carrying the rubble away in buckets. and that is to avoid, essentially a secondary collapse that could potentially kill survivors. and that is also the reason why everything takes along here. all right, so there's been no space tokens, a structural damage that's been before it, but have authority as yet pinpointed why this building collapsed. well, no, of course the initial impression that this just happened overnight over the last days. as you just mentioned. then there came a different picture with that 2018 inspection that the found structural damage to the building. and then we also learned just few days ago to reminder of yours, that the president of the condominium association in a letter to the owners, wrote that the situation material rated that it gets significantly worse. he also wrote that it would cost $50000000.00 us dollars in repairs, but we have a contracting account from the city inspector who said it and assess it as
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a less urgent situation. and apparently this is what the owners went with. eventually, of course, a fatal mistake as it seems, but it also is important here to point out that it looks very plausible all of this . but there's many, several investigations in fact underway. they've just started and will take several months. of course to find the final conclusion. there, right, and i suppose that now that there are lots of people carrying out lots of urgent inspections around other buildings in the city. now of course, there is some concern not only in the city by the way, because there are several older buildings of that style along the whole east coast of the united states and many are being checked right now. the problem, however, is, and that's one of the lessons learned here from surf, said that knowing the damages of the building doesn't necessarily mean they're being fixed until they're also holds that legal action might follow. i had the opportunity to talk to one board member of another condominium here in surfside and he, she said she would propose that the owners could be forced to sell their unit that
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they can't afford the repair. certainly a very tough measure, but perhaps one possible way to avoid a situation like that from happening again. ok, thank you all. over all of a solace and side, florida. chinese president jason pain has struck a defiant note celebrations. mocking the 100 santa vestry of the countries communist party. the major events in chinaman square, president g called taiwan to be brought back and the chinese control. they also said china would not be intimidated by threats from abroad observance. see the comments as a warning to western countries, criticize china, which would rights abuses in crackdowns in hong kong. our long speech followed the military fly academy salut patchy. i think songs in honor of the common this is some of his address to me. yeah. every issues and we will never allow any foreign force to bully press or subjugate us. say anyone who
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dares to try that will find the head bashed against a great wall of steel. forged by over 1400000000 chinese people hung on it. now it's so that's f as in g mocking a 100 years since the other hundreds anniversary of the finding of the communist party. but it's been a turbulent year and china under the policy which started $921.00, with the secret meeting of $53.00 people in shanghai. and has since been transformed into an instrument of national political control. at 92000000 members for decades and the founding lead amounts, they don't, the people's republic was essentially close to the rest of the world. today, the ones in publish nation is the world's 2nd biggest economy. about transformation has come at a cost to day tourists, both supply this lake. but 100 years ago,
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it was a small group of marx's who sought out this is alex, but they had convened in shanghai, but the fear of spies. so then move their meeting to boat on non who lake 100 kilometers south of the city. he is where they found that the communist party today non who receives visitors from all over china to confirm that meant that it is the communist party that stands for it has brought us the good life we have to day. don't go out to the house on 4 months the government has built an impressive museum on the shore visitors. i told the story of the party that has tirelessly fought with the re nations of the chinese nation. but during the cultural revolution, millions where you really aged and killed or there was mouth, great famine with tens of millions of victims by an erroneous collectivist ation
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policy. those pictures are absent from the exhibition of course, in the development of a party like ours the achievements in there are problems. but overall our party has maintained the right course and has made great efforts. so in our exhibition, we focus on this big trend on what really matters not everyone sees the trend in the same way, which is one of the few critics who still dare to speak out. he compares the parties confidence to germany and japan before world war 2. how much is that about g? they paint a picture of an ascending global power whose rise is inevitable. it is the kind of fanatic nationalism that the world saw 100 years ago. the communist party is completely incapable of introspection and to reflect on itself, fascinatingly, all over the country. historic party locations are turning into pilgrimage sites.
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here in shanghai, the party found as convene before fleeing to the lake parties says from all over china, happy organizing, visits to the site. exhibition has received a complete make over with a prominent role for president seeds in p. here to party history is a carefully engineer narrative. to joseph tori and at the party history institute, which is supervised by the center committee. there are materials we can not publish . this has to do with opposition. research or communication have to the party, the people. that is our standpoint, just released paging is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the centennial of the chinese communist party. but it's a party that remains and extremely tight control. let's get more
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this room when you leave the time when these capital type a welcome. how are these chinese companies policy celebrations are being viewed there in taiwan? so we're thing huge celebration in beijing this morning. how ever and here in high pay, people don't really deal the thing with. the reason that high one of these people here feel focus more on domestic affairs such as that's been shorted. and the there will be in the, in the 5. i want you need for on some people here. what about cross street relations and politics they did watch on why on. * the big celebration this morning and they did comment on how exasperated the march was organized by rejoined really, hopefully it will take
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a look at so continue, please take a look at. yeah, look at the ha, recent part just released this morning. taiwan, people are 20 people, like 32 percent of the chinese people don't really feel negative or positive view on this party. however, 47 in high one do have some that buildings on to come in the morning particular mention of taiwan in president jesus speech, emphasizing chinese determination to bring it back and the chinese control. how's that been received? chung lynn hi was mel and appears calm. so responded this option that taiwanese people have rejected one china, prince of folks which states that title, one of part of china, and the consul also emphasized that beijing should abandon
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a military intimidation for ty one and the consul. again b e t, a. terry did that high one will men seeing the p women and he's the, the ability to cross taiwan streets for people who live in taiwan. we would just need to reality that the tension between taiwan and china is just there and it's been going on for decades. so if you ask people on the sheet apps on people on the scene, how if they are worrying about chinese nation, i would say most of them was saying no. however, if you look at the chinese activities are recently last month trying to send 28 aircraft pulled to high one think that the parish is definitely increasing. right.


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