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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2021 2:45pm-3:01pm CEST

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the 2nd point is that in just 1st year of his presidency, there were some very good achievements in our relations with russia. and they were promising, for example, the exchange of prisoners, including the return of the famous director, all the action. so, who was a political prisoner in russia? russia returned our vessels, captured to the carriage trade. so there was a good period. now there is the best period, but it doesn't mean that we will not find a solution that will bring back the good period. and we will find, we will settle the conflict without crossing our lines, miss clay, but it's clear that if you want more help from washington and the west, you're going to have to do more to deal with the rampant political corruption in your country. and you, the state department says that's key to securing ukraine's democratic institutions . it's economic prosperity in euro atlantic future every year. the same message
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from the us from europe, year after year. why are you not doing better on this front? well, 1st we're doing it for ourselves, not for the sake of support, but you're not doing it. you're doing, you're not doing it until you're not getting to grips with care. well, you on your, your, your, your, your, your either misinformed or exaggerating. it was under the president of under the president zelinski, the anti corruption court finally started functioning the ukraine and it was a very long battle to set up the court and make it operational. unfortunately, the previous president did not allow that to happen. president zalinski did, and he does not interfere in the operations of the court when the constitutional court of ukraine, another body of judicial system, tries to destroy an anti corruption reform. it was the president who stepped in
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immediately and then if he was followed by the government and the parliament who restored parts of critical legislation that was declared new and void and not employed by, by the constitutional court. things are happening and you know, every country is, is a difficult combination of various factors, but this country is moving in the right direction. and those who are calling us to move foster, they cordially invited to come, enjoy us and help us. that's easy. well, those who are your code yearly inviting with those who were there last week. if you look at the state department, human rights report, the latest one. what, what is the, what's damaging western confidence in you is this continue drumbeat of human rights abuses that are reported in your country as pointed out in the latest human rights report from washington. the concerned that's highlighted is not just the abuse, but with
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a corruption. the abuse or torture that's carried out by state employees in your security service, that's bad enough, but the impunity that surrounds them. the fact they can violate the, or with a pretty strong assurance that they'll get away with it. are you happy about that? when it comes to human rights abuses, insecurity institutions, you know, this is something that is not says neither systemic nor large scale. and unfortunately, to my deepest regrets present not only in ukraine, but also in other countries of europe. we follow recommendations of the european committee against torture on that, and we enjoy excellent cooperation with them. otherwise, i do not understand what kind of systemic violations of human rights you are referring. it's quite clear in the report, the report says, abuse of detainees remains a widespread problem. the government generally failed to take adequate steps to prosecute or punish. most officials who committed abuses, most officials resulting in a climate of impunity that couldn't be clearer,
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could it. that's from your friends in washington. you are probably you are referring to the situation in prisons with regard to the imprisoned imprison persons. this is a big scorch. not only for ukraine, but also for other european countries. but this is not a large scale systemic oppression of human rights happening across the country. as i said to you answering my previous question, we are absolutely cooperating with all human ride bodies, including the council of europe and the european union to address out standing issues related to the treatment of prisoners in in prisons. one of the other key issues which has been raised by washington is the low level of confidence reported in your judges. the u. s. says that despite efforts to reform the
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judiciary and the prosecutor general's office corruption among judges and prosecutors remained endemic endemic. why is it that you're absolutely why unable to guarantee the rule of law in your country? well, 1st, the rule of law and judiciary is not the same thing. traditionally is part of the rule of law. and there is a rule of law in this country. but one of what is the weakest point that requires a systemic attention is judicially. our additional system is in bad shape. i can fully agree with that. it's i, as a citizen, i regret it. and the president and the government and the parliament, they are all addressing the issue in close to ration without international partners and the venice commission of the council of europe. because we all realize that the
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judiciary is an essential, important element for foreign investments. and for bringing also for, for, for bringing justice to the country for, for protecting human rights in the country. so we are addressing it this, this problem through a set of reforms conducted in the closest possible corporation with international institutions and international partners. the state department says some judges were pressured by high level politicians. others reported lead to brides in exchange for giving particular verdicts. if they're found to be breaking the law like that, why can't they be removed from office? i'm not aware of any report that a member of the government of the president's office would be pressuring, pressuring a judicial in accord or judge. quite the contrary, as some of the elements of the ukrainian judiciary,
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putting pressure on the government and by issuing ill legitimate judge judgements. in particular, the one that i mentioned did the judgement of the constitutional court that tried to destroy the anti corruption reform that was designed and implemented by ukraine and its friends and partners from abroad. but i'm sure that we will come this problem as well, because no corrupt the judge can succeed against the government and the people of ukraine that are willing to overcome the resolve and overcome this problem. what about the press journalists to a feeling the heat in your country when they deal with sensitive topics? washington says violence against the press remain the problem with human rights groups blaming government inaction in solving crimes against them. why this inaction on the part of the government?
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well, the problem of press should be considered from 2 sides on the one side is the problem of disinformation flowing into the country and the spreading around among, amongst citizens. this is something that the government should be addressing and is addressing to insure security of over the country. on the other hand, you, we do have to ensure the freedom of speech and we are absolutely committed to it. and of course, to ensure safety of journalists, i'm not aware of any recent cases where a government agent or representative or someone associated with the government would be conducting would be suppressing freedom of speech. in fact, the criticism against the president, the parliament government as a whole, is coming from many, many media coordinators and that's normal because we live in
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a democracy and the it's vibrant and there are many different opinions. all these can, can exist can, and should exist. and if democratic country, however, we will not allow this information specifically coming from russian media to destroy our peoples and people's minds you. so the question is all set to what extent you're protecting your journalists? because the state department report mentioned a journalist from her ahmad scale, who was beaten by a police officer while he was filming processed in front of a government building that was april last year. 7 months later, the state bureau of investigations was still quote, looking into it. is that good enough as far as you are concerned? well, if we start picking up one specific case and focus on it, of course the situation will look doom and gloom. i. i'm where i'm aware of this case, i find it disturbing as well. and i stand on the, on the side of a jordan,
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at least in this particular case. but please do not try to create a picture of doom and a doom and gloom picture. but no, i'm not doing any cases taking out taken out of the context, we are, you know, in a dialogue with you. i'm just trying to make the point. yes, i'm not creating any, any image that hasn't been reflected in the state department. human rights report, just one final question. you talk about how you're protecting your country and you talk about getting your land back. do you seriously imagine a day when the russians will say to you? sorry we took crimea big mistake, have it back? or has that train left the station? well, did you imagine that the soviet union was one day would seriously say eastern germany can go back to germany and reunite again? i'm sure that if your leadership and your position is never imagined, that they would never succeed. mr. co labor, it's been
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a pleasure having you uncovered exam. thank you very much. thank you. the news. the news? the news
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ah ah ah, this is the w news lied from berlin, president, gigi, and paying health. china's rise as irreversible, as it holds live is celebration is mocking 100 years since the founding of the chinese communist parties. she tells a huge crowd in beijing that the era of china being bullied is gone for us. also in the program, the europe in union launch, the digital covert certificate system aimed at making travel easier. but alan fear, a lack of coordination between members, states could lead to long queues and.


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