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tv   Heute Xpress  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2021 1:00pm-1:04pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] the news business, the w news lied from berlin, presidents, egypt, paying hales, china's rise as irreversible as it holds lavish celebrations, mocking 100 years since the founding of the chinese con communist talking machine tells a huge crowd in beijing that the era of china being bullied is gone forever. also on the program, us canadian build coffee is free from prison after his conviction for sexual assault is over. and on a legal technicality,
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the act was jailed in 2018 for drug and violating a woman 17 years ago. the dangers facing young migrants trying to reach europe dw goes to serve up to find out what's being done to shield them from human traffic because until it's out of wimbledon. home hero goes through dramatic nice on center court. and the mary to time champions divides, the 5 fed thriller against the qualified from germany to reach the economists. the 3rd run off the major hit surgery in 20. 19, jeff, how far can he go? ah, i've got of as a welcome to the program, join us president. jim ping has struck the fine tone celebrations mocking the
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$100.00 anniversary of the countries communist party at or event in gentlemen square. as he called for the company is really sick cation was. so fool taiwan. he also warned that anyone attempting to believe china would quote, get their heads bashed observers see the comments as veiled threats to western countries that have criticized china for human rights abuses and cracked down in hong kong. she's our long speech followed a military fly of common salutes and pancreatic song in honor of the ruling communist party. but have been a turbulent century for china. under that part, he had started with a secret meeting of 53 people in shanghai in 1921. and has since been transformed into a colossal instrument of political control and power. with some 92000000 members across the country. for decades. the people's republic of china was essentially close to the rest of the world. on the founding lead miles at dawn, today,
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the ones impoverished nation is the world's 2nd biggest economy. but under china's communist party, that transformation has come to the cost. today tourist boots ply this lake 100 years ago. it was a small group of marxists who sort out this is alex thought they had convened in shanghai, but the fear of spies. so then move their meeting to boat on non who lake 100 kilometers south of the city is where they found that the communist party today non who receives visitors from all over china compound. that meant that it is the communist party that stands for it has brought us the good life we have to day. don't go out to take the house for month. the government has built an impressive museum on the shore visitors. i told the story of the party that has tirelessly forward with the re nations of the chinese nation.


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