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sound during locked lock you go to tokyo, starts july 19th on d, w. the news . this is the w news live from berlin, president gigi, and paying hailed china's rise as irreversible that whole lavish celebrations mocking 100 years since the founding of the chinese communist party details tell the flag waving crowd that the era of china being bullied is gone. for also, the program us committee and bill cosby is free from prison after his conviction for sexual assault is overturned on
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a legal technicality. the actor was jailed in 2018 for dragging and violating a woman's 17 years earlier. plus good safety checks have prevented florida dead lead color block collapse. i feel sad that people didn't really step up and say, it's time we need to, we need to pay attention to this other residential blocks and dangerous suffering. the same face and at wimbledon. the home hero goes through laughter a dramatic night on center court and murray. the 2 times champions survives the 5 sets against the quality from germany to reach the tournaments. a 3rd rounds off the major hip surgery in 2019. just how far can he go? ah, i'm welcome to the program. china's president, jan paying has struck
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a defined tona celebrations, marketing the $103.00 of the countries communist party had a major event in gentlemen square g called for the countries reunification with a self rule taiwan. he also was that anyone attempting to bullied china would quote, get their heads back, observed see the comments as veiled threats to western countries that have criticized china for its human rights abuses and track down in hong kong. she's our long speech followed a military fly of a common salutes and patrick songs in honor of the ruling communist party. and it's been a turbulent century for china under that party. it started with a secret meeting of 53 people in shanghai in 1921, and has since been transformed into a colossal instrument of political control with some 92000000 members across the
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country. for decades, the people's republic of china was essentially close to the rest of the world under found the leader miles on. today, the once impoverished nation is the world's 2nd biggest economy, but under china's communist party, that transformation has come at a cost. today tourist bo, it's ply this lake but 100 years ago it was a small group of marx's to sort out. this is alex, but they had convened in shanghai, but the fear of spies. so then move their meeting to boat on non who lake 100 kilometers south of the city. he is where they found that the communist party today non who receives visitors from all over china. that meant that it is the communist party that stands for and has brought us the good life we have today was to take our house and the government has built an impressive museum on the shore visitors. i told the story
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of a party that has tirelessly fought with the nations of the chinese nation. but during the cultural revolution, millions were you really aged and killed. or there was mouth great famine with tens of millions of victims by an erroneous collectivist ation policy. those pictures are absent from the exhibition of course, in the development of a party like ours achievements in there are problems. but overall our party has maintained the right course and has made great efforts. so in our exhibition, we focus on this big trend on what really matters not everyone sees the trend in the same way, which is one of the few critics who still dare to speak out. he compares the parties confidence to germany and japan before world war 2. how much is that about g? they paint
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a picture of an ascending global power whose rise is inevitable. it is the kind of fanatic nationalism that the world saw 100 years ago. the communist party is completely incapable of interest and to reflect on itself, fascinatingly, all over the country historic party locations are turning into pilgrimage sites. here in shanghai, the party found as convene before fleeing to the lake party says from all over china, have been organizing visits to the site. the exhibition has received a complete make over with a prominent role for president seeds in p. here to party history is a carefully engineer narrative. to joseph tory and at the party history institute, which is supervised by the center committee. there are materials we cannot publish
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. this has to do with our position on our usage or communication have to the party, the people. i mean, that is our standpoint of lindy's aging is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the centennial of the chinese communist party. but it's a party that remains the extremely tight control and that's been on paying his and award winning journalist riser has been involved in the founding and editing of a number of independent media in china and hong kong. jumping, china's communist party justifies one party rule by saying it prevents chaos while giving moderate prosperity to the people. do you agree? thank you for the christian miss. look us some switch will answer this question. list the certainty. yes. of check come different parties. saw how things are not you pay us in peace time and i have course the large number of not your days of
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churches, people in history which has exceeded some. do you mean the good for the culture of lucian and june. 4th, my soccer just examples. second, according to the international money from which published for g d. p per capita in 2020 mean on china. $969.00, which is far behind the united states, germany and also far behind hong kong markov wines. and so here we go. what's popular care not is certainly economic power, but economy is not only that indicator of the cost of democracy reason. human rights also usual, use the night, not,
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not as a chaos to do you think with all these facts in the back of your mind that europe is fully aware of the big challenges of this party present you know, has never been non participating and go to war it has to change the ways that the opposed to engagement and quiet diplomacy. however, this does not seem to be working because china has just playing or did a for go station game for prime to in for 2 years. it must change the way in case it was turned on. the stopped being such right? it was turned on the car recall promises by folks on. yes, he's dots which in the booth if it's a man's rights, i don't know. no, cannot, does luck have a market that is dependent on human rights. i was gone all without
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human rights. and as you are, the law is knows your market. and this market is inevitably going to be copied. and the law all participants were paid the brush. so do you think europe, for example, the western general should just stop dealing with china altogether? yes, definitely. 30 years of a map unit in the short safety this of the wish. so what should we should he pump heavy us journalists and writer, john, ping them anything. so talking to us here. when d. w. news. welcome. american actor bill cosby as will pre after court overturned his sexual assault conviction
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and ordered his immediate release. he was the 1st us celebrity center presence of sexual assault since the beginning of the me to movement. now, 2 years on the pennsylvania's supreme court decided cosby never should have faith charges in the 1st place. after striking a non prosecution deal with a previous district attorney. and just like that, bill cosby was free. his scar sped by the walls of the pennsylvania prison in which he'd serve 2 years of a 3 to 10 year sentence. before arriving at his home in nearby norristown, after being helped from the car, cosby gave the camera signal v for victory. his attorney was similarly triumphant. i think i am thrills, and i am pleased to the pennsylvania supreme court. what we knew all along, which was that mister cosby never should have been prosecuted, was driven by politics. were quite pleased that the pennsylvania supreme court
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seems impervious to what is going on on the outside world. and all of that pressure that was placed on the criminal justice system from the me to movement help bring cosby on the scrutiny. he was one of a number of high profile men in show business accused of using their power to exploit and sexually assault women. but only one case against cosby went to court. the alleged drugging and malice station of andrea concerned the crushing of that conviction as re ignited debate over the ability to hold a fair trial and made intense public pressure. and of the efficacy of the me to movement in holding powerful men to account. right, right. when you're on that more than that, i'm not joined by my colleagues, god rock spur from the w culture. scott, does that mean that calls be trial? was unfair? well yes, according to the ruling of the pencil in the supreme court,
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that is exactly the case. they ruled that that caused the right to due process from violated. because of the non prosecution agreement that he had signed onto from the previous district attorney of pennsylvania. and under that agreement, the have any of the read not to prosecute this case criminally against the policy. and when they went back on that agreement, when the district attorney decided to bring the case to court, that was according to the supreme court ruling, a violation of cause these rights. and therefore, he should never have been taken to court for the case and had to be set free. so is this by the end of this particular phase? in terms of criminal actions definitely caused these, there were more than 50 women who accused cosby of drugging and sexual assault. but this one case was the only one that still fell under the statute of limitation. the
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other cases cannot be brought to a brought to court, and in this case, the supreme court's ruling is final cause he will not be will not face any more jail time for this case. so if the public reaction been to this announcement, well, it's been mainly a shock, i think, because of the legal niceties of the particular case. and the dramatic nature of the accusations against bill cosby. from, as i said, more than 50 women. i think a lot of people are viewing this as a, as a miscarriage of justice. that during the fact that, of course, the company that the court did not say that because he was innocent of the crimes he's been accused of. but just that he could not be prosecuted in this case, but that sort of legal nicety i think has been missed by a lot of people were seeing this as a blow against the me to movement. because as was mentioned, bill kathy with the 1st sort of major celebrity,
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brought to trial in the wake of the me to movement, and many are seeing that the major setback for women's rights really in the u. s. i mean, this also said the precedent for future cases, all current cases that deal with the same issues. it's unlikely, i think, at least not directly. the other most prominent case in post me to a movement is of course that of harvey weinstein. the film producer. he's currently serving a 23 year jail sentence. and just last month, the court ruled that he could also be expedite to face trial in a separate case to the cases in california. the cause really has no impact on that. and shouldn't really have any impact at least legally, on other potential future cases, to be brought more the evolving sexual assault. however, what could have the impact that could have as maybe a chilling effect that's at least what some lawyers have been saying on the wake of
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the cause. the ruling that this could send a signal to women who want to bring forth accusations of sexual assault. that it will be that it may be very difficult for them to achieve justice under the current system in the united states. but of course, changing that system is a very long and tires process. and there's no sign of that anytime soon. scott ross from w cuts or thank you. watching the the news filter come, the dangers fighting young migrants trying to reach europe, d. w goes to serbia to find out what's being done to shield them from human traffic, goes and police brutality of action from wimbleton where a home hero and the murray goes through for a dramatic night on center cold. first us presidents, joe biden, will travel to florida later today to offer his condolences to the families of those killed in the surf side,
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tablet collapse. the week ago confirmed death toll has risen to 18 with the recovery of more bodies that included 2 children. as many as 145 more people are still unaccounted for. the w is oliver knowledge is in surfside, where he heard from the local residence about their response to the tragedy. it's hard to think about anything else for diana winner. every time she takes the dog out, she passes by the collapse champlin tower, us and survived. the hopes are fading to find more people alive. she believes the tragedy could have been avoided. i feel sad. i feel sad that people didn't really step up and say, it's time we need to, we need to pay attention to this and do what we need to do. it's too many lives and probably been lost as a result of it. where the cell cell are still hundreds of rescue workers are piling
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through the rubble in 12 hour, long shift. the risk of further collapses is slowing. the digging and human emotions are another obstacle. it's very sad the, the times that i've been going up on the pile and you find strollers and baby bottles. stuff just brings a sense of reality to a moment. you know, it's very touching because i have, i have kids, myself, a 2018 inspection warrant of structural damages to the building. the focus is now on similar, high rises in the county, 40 years and older. as the search and rescue operation continues. inspectors are now checking 40 other high rise buildings for damages, a large effort that could still be enough if the owners don't have enough money to get the necessary works done. in case of the chaplain towers and necessary repairs
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could have cost $100000.00 us dollars per unit. darrow arnold who lives opposite the chem, playing tower, is believe something has to change his own theory on why the building was repaired . despite the findings of structural damage, what happened in this case is the city official inspector said that there was nothing to worry about imminently. and people breath breathed probably a sigh of relief because they didn't want to find the money to deal with the problem. i assume that's going to change in light of this incident and you're going to have much more care and caution going forward. much healing is needed in surfside florida. but for now, the beach community is reeling from this historic tragedy. serbia and there is one of the countries on the so called balkan migration roots. nobody knows how many child migrants pass so soviet, every year in search of
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a new life in europe. many have been on the move for months or even years, and thousands go missing some full prey to people smugglers, others face harassment from officials at border crossings. w funny for job went to bell gray to find out about the dangers facing young migrants and efforts to help them. i'll do what he has been on the road for the past 2 years. he says he's 16 a child migrant from us gone down. his place to sleep tonight. under the bridge in belgrade, he shares display in english. he learned on the road, will escape me to port gross. no, said one after me for it is the story of being pushed back all over the balkan route. he says some serbian police demand money from migrants to let them cross the border with romania, just for romanian authorities to return them to serbia. down for the police on the
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syrian border, creating problems for us because they asked for money years ago. we don't have that much money to give to the police and to buy food for ourselves, such as we're driving to support. it's one of the serbian hold spots for migrants trying to cross into be you just a few 100 meters behind me, hungary and if you continue in that direction who cross into croatia, but claiming asylum in the european union has become nearly impossible. even still with these young men, want to take their chances, so local taxis stand by to drive those with enough cash closer to the border last night. no. somebody has some kind of trouble with physical violence with the police on the board of the road here. or the senior allows each works to the only local and you know, this area she wants to warn, under age migrants about the danger of crossing her waters. police brutality,
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human trafficking, but we cannot say, don't go, it's not our rules, say go or don't call. it just can see the options i can ask you to think about maybe going to the council, i'm sure. well, good. and then the answer i have to go back in belgrade, migrants have been stranded here, are trying to avoid the camps, out of fear of being deported. equal kovachick. children have a special rights to protection and trying to avoid the serbian camp system should not mean that they should be left to fend for themselves. unfortunately, the system does not provide enough that affection for them. yes, children wants to fail side the system, but also the system is not strong enough to to attack them to get faith in the system and then at least decrease the risks while that in transit thousands of migrant children disappear every year in europe. abdul dreams about a life in switzerland. but riding on this swift bills tram might be as close as to
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get is love not some of the other news stories making headlines around the world. a court in the us has denied a request by the state of britney spears to remove her father from a guardianship arrangement that gives him control of her says, ruling as independent of testimony given by spears last week in which she alleged she had been abused under the arrangements miles military has begun releasing about $2300.00 prisoners, including activists and journalists who were detained for protesting against the crew. in february, there was no reason given for the timing of the releases. thousands are still thought to be behind bars in connection with a pro democracy. demonstrations. germany is president, france, either stein maya is in israel on their, on an official visit mass 1st and said the trip which was delayed last year. due to
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the corona virus pandemic. we'll aim to ana and strengthen the friendship between the 2 states is expected to hotels with its new government led by prime minister natalie bent, forming us defense secretary donald rumsfeld, has died at the age of 88 twice in the posts on the president. gerald ford and george w bush rumsfeld over saw the 2003 us invasion of iraq. the remained unapologetic about the invasion, insisting that toppling side of the st. created to close the most stable and situ world sports now and and tennis. britton's and the my showed he's still got what it takes as he states the thrilling. come back to each the 3rd round at wimbledon. he be german, qualify. oscar otter in 5 sets, despite trailing early in the match. andy marino's pap smear than any one that there's no place like home. the brits $12.00 titles on windows and it's like
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playing in his living room. but some thought murray might never get back here again after having major hip surgery in 2019 and a divorce. i see it the worse when oscar also led by 2 sets to one. but the man with a metal have also has steely nerves. and that's the darkness descended and the center court light went on. murray started showing his pedigree inspired by the home crowd, he saved some of his best tenants for the deciding set. a delicate finish for the most roker and thrilling of occasions. one of the reasons why i'm still playing is because of moments like that. like why would you want to give up?
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i know what a great atmosphere isn't tennis. i've played a play and the fear of them over the years, and that was definitely one of them. and yeah, obviously when the atmosphere is either and things are going your way, it is a nice feeling on that feeling. definitely neutral, which is why, especially here at wimbledon. you can never write off and the murray because say 71 . germany's interior minister vaile fans blasted the decision by us up to allow large numbers of fans inside stadiums and euro 2020. they call the decision by european football, governing body, utterly irresponsible, especially considering the rising number of corona vice cases in the u. k caused by the delta variance more than 40000 fans is ended. germany is match against england at london's wembley stadium on tuesday. wembley is due to welcome 60000 fans for the tone of the semi finals and final. later this month. both adult month
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have confirmed jaden son, so will leave the club. this summer deals been agreed for him to join manchester, united for around 85000000 euros sancho emerged as one of europeans who football's hottest prospects during is 4 years adult. monte score 50 goals in 100. 37 appearances for the club. the moves the sun show who's in england euro 2020 squad returned to manchester, where he'd previously played youth level for united rivals, meant the city watching the w. nancy. as a reminder of the top stories we are following for you, president gigi ping has hailed china's rise as irreversible as it holds lavished elevations mocking 100 years of the founding of the chinese communist party. g told the flag, waving crowd, the era of china being bullied is gone forever. he also called for reunification with so fruits, taiwan, american actor, comedian bill cosby,
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has been freed from prison after court overturned his sexual assault conviction on a legal technicality. the pennsylvania supreme court decided cosby never should face charges in the 1st place after striking a non prosecution deal with a previous district attorney. that's it from me on the news team for now. don't go away. business is next with my colleagues, monica jones, office in berlin, watching the news the news news. news
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. news, the . the new ah refugees. greek island lead the where their dream. but for a young joke, it is where one could begin them overcome the trauma of leisure homeland
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and he'll get it his all to become a professional european kicker lucas europe in 60 minutes on dw ah, how it feels jewish life in europe. ah, that's what film producer, bona and journalist eve, cool, good monument, or exploring, delving into history and the present. ah, some things are painful. many are surprising. everything is important because life is so much more than what you think, you know. i would never have thought they could be live,
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so i didn't really remind myself because i grew up in a completely different way because i love broad explorer sticks jewish in europe. the 2 port documentary starts july 5th on d, w. i, i from impoverished peasant state to a global power. china communist party celebrates is $103.00 under it cannot make success story, but counted love. we talked to a china expert in singapore, also coming up at the last g 7 family to lead us agreed to a global corporate minimum tax.


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