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to tokyo started july 19 d w. me the ah, this is the w news live from berlin president. she's been paying health, china's rise as irreversible as it whole lavish celebrations, marking 100 years since the founding of the chinese communist party. she held a flag waving crowd that the era of chinese being bullied in is gone for ever. also coming up u. s. committee and bill cosby is freed from prison after his conviction for sexual
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assault is overturned. on a legal technicality. the actor was jailed in 2018 for the drugging and violating a woman 17 years ago. as it is the most extreme heat waves the world has seen in many years. record breaking temperatures leaves for said in canada and the northwestern us to experts. it is clear, these are the symptoms of a growing climate emergency. ah, i'm sarah kelly. welcome to the program. china's president, she's in pain, has struck a defiant tone at celebrations, marketing the $100.00 the anniversary of the countries communist party and a major event since he had them. and where she called for the countries were unification with self war taiwan. he also warned that anyone attempting to bully
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china would quote, get their heads bashed observers. the comment says veiled threats to western countries that have criticized china for its human rights abuses and cracks down in hong kong. she's our long speech followed a military fly over canada police and patriotic songs in honor of the ruling communist party. now it has been a turbulent century for china under the party. the party started with a secret meeting of 53 people in shanghai in a house in 1921. it has since been transformed into a colossal instrument of political control with some 92000000 members across the country. after decades during which the people's republic of china was essentially close to the rest of the world under founding liter, mouse, a dog. the once impoverished nation has been transformed into the world's 2nd
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biggest economy, the party and its current leader. she's been paying a fair to be riding high from opening the world's 2nd largest hydro power plant to launching the highest luxury hotel on earth, celebrating its triumphs in space. the chinese communist party is turning 100 on its marking its birthday with a propaganda blit, highlighted stability and strength, and justify its increasingly tight grip on daily life. in china, you may be out this week, celebrations will highlight china's rise in recent decades and glorify early days of struggle under founding father miles on the communist party as route china for 72 years of its 100 year history. no other dictatorship has been a successful at expanding international influence, adding military muscles and overseeing economic growth. the parts you will gloss over policies like the great leap forward in which millions starved and the
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cultural revolution of half a century ago. you go down here and there be no mention of the bloody crack down on pro democracy protesters a gentleman square in beijing in 1989. you'll see this week the party will be all about promoting the success of its marxist lennon, its political system, and boosting supreme leader she jim payne, who enjoys more power than any leader since now, john is brian of state capitalism, whether the global financial crisis, while many richer nations floundered despite initially mishandling the corona virus outbreak which started and we were trying as economy is back on course, most other countries are still barely coming out of lockdown. but while china celebrates there is growing international unhappiness about china's more aggressive approach on the world stage, about the oppression of we're muslims and shinji young and about the dismantling of freedom in hong kong. and the crossover now to correspond with pulling our who is
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following the celebrations in beijing mathias. i just like to begin by asking you, we heard during the ceremonies the president she's paying that china would no longer be bullied. what message is he trying to send? the world well, the message is 1st and foremost, to the chinese people. the communist party defines the legacy at this committee by what they call, having liberated china from foreign powers, from colonial powers. that was of course, a long time ago, 2 years ago when mounted in the people's republic with communism and marks isn't being visible and or china, this nationalist message is the most important that the communist party and
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never be fully again with somebody she's in things have been repeating, doesn't hold the road. he has finally established this ring of china after the liberation time had become wealthy under them helping and now she's in things himself and himself. the man was trying to strong again from military that depend its interest is perceived in all over the world. and of course, what he means is refers to all kinds of dispute for china, taiwan and it also refers to criticism from abroad. the communist party is less and less taller and those do not share his word given the criticism of what can the world expect from the chinese communist party in the years ahead. the well that's always hard to say to jumping has made it clear that he
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wanted to unite, as he call it. i was with the mainland china. he wanted to most like the contact. i wanted to know whatsoever he was at the time when you people might internally join the people's republic. whether this will happen will depend on a lot of things. but the threat has been more and voice more in the in the past few years. mathias, how are people, you know, in hong kong and in taiwan for example, likely to view this day or, or we also have to say, you know, chinese who have fled abroad the, well, it won't go home this day is also a special day. it marks the 24th anniversary seems to hand over from britain to china. that was usually the occasion where the people would march for their liberties working again, the group of the communist party, you know, in this year,
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the communist party type group with a new national security law team that have come into effect one years ago. exactly . so the people of hong kong, of course, the motor, very different than from those who attended the ceremony. engaging at the gentlemen 20th, pulling or invasion. thank you. the american actor bill cosby has arrived at home after a court overturned his sexual assault conviction and ordered his immediate release . he was the 1st to us celebrities sent to prison for sexual assault since the beginning of the need to movement. now, 2 years on the pennsylvania supreme court decided that cause they should never have faced charges in the 1st place. after striking a non prostitution deal with a previous district attorney. that's bringing k j matthews and entertainment
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journalists following the story for us from los angeles. so, i mean, get it. what does this mean now the trial wasn't fair. yeah. you know it's, there's so much legal lee surrounding this, but base it will let me try to kind of dismantle it. basically a couple of years ago before he was actually charged. the older prosecutor, the previous prosecutor that is in the state of pennsylvania, asked him to come forward to give a deposition in exchange for that he would not be prosecuted as long as he told the truth. well, bill cosby came in, he spoke contemporaries only very, very long gave extreme graphic details about the fact that he drugs certain women that he had according to him affairs with certain women in exchange for that truth, he would not be prosecuted according to that prosecutor. well, after all that happened, he was charge, he was prosecuted and he was found guilty. so what this state supreme court is
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saying now is that bill cosby should have never been prosecuted in the 1st place because they had an agreement on the table that he would not be prosecuted in exchange for his testimony. so because of that, they're saying that this conviction has to be overturn. what people have to understand is that this decision that came out on wednesday does not say that bill cosby is innocent. it is not say that there wasn't enough evidence by these dozens and dozens of women that came forward and claim that bill coffee, sexually assaulted them. that is something very different. so we have to be very, very careful about how we can find this with the law. speaking of the law, k j. i mean, is this the ends now of this particular case for cosby and how about other legal measures? well remember bill cosby is 83 years old and that this case really surrounds just one woman. andrea constant. yes, we all know there's more than 60 women that have come forward and told her story,
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but because of the statute, limitations, and other lack of evidence in some of those those cases, he was not tried on any of those cases. so for this particular case, it really is the end of it. he cannot be tried, his conviction has been overturned, so it looks like this is really the end for bill cosby criminally speaking. however, there could be many, many more civil suits coming forward. in fact, there is an attorney, glory, all rich here in los angeles, who's representing a number of the women that have come forward there were alleging a sexual assault by bill cosby. so he still has to fly to los angeles and give a deposition in that civil case. ok, so it's not entirely over k j. matthew's entertainment journalist with the view from los angeles. thanks so much. thank you. his look at some other stories making news for us defense secretary donald rumsfeld has died at the age of 88. you served twice in the post under president gerald ford. and george
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w bush rumsfeld oversaw the 2003 us invasion of iraq. you remained unapologetic about the war, insisting that toppling saddam hussein created a quote more stable and secure world. hundreds of indigenous brazilians have been protesting against a bill allowing commercial agriculture and mining on protected tribal reservations . the legislation advanced in congress on tuesday. the far right president, both the nato and brazil powerful farm lobby have supported the bill. arguing that indigenous communities are blocking development of the amazon authorities in ecuador have seized more than 7 tons of cocaine in the port of quiet here. the drugs were hidden in containers of canned tuna bound for spain. the cocaine has a st value of more than $300000000.00. of most intense heat wave north
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america has seen in years is sweeping across the pacific northwest, breaking temperature records, and causing hundreds of death. as the weather slowly begins to cool and coastal areas, the heat is spiking further inland. this is an unprecedented episode for the region, but experts are warning that climate change will lead to more frequent extreme weather. nothing like a cool dip in the pool to beat the summer heat. these elephants at the oregon su in portland. know that going for a swim is the best way to cool down the city. set a record high this week with a mercury rising to over 46 degrees celsius, prompting authorities to issue heat warnings. further north, the town in western canada broke the country's all time record with the temperature of 49.6. it's feared that the scorching heat cause the deaths of hundreds of people
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. the canadian prime minister justin trudeau paused to remember the victims the temperature is recorded this week are unprecedented. lives have been lost and the risk of wildfires is that a dangerously high level thoughts are with people who have lost loved ones. the heat wave is being described as a heat dome. it occurs when the atmosphere traps hot ocean air like a lid blocking other systems from moving in. it's unclear what triggered the heat them, but climate change appears to be a contributor. climate scientists warned that such extreme weather events could become the norm if efforts are not stepped up to limit carbon emissions. the if we continue putting emissions of c a to another greenhouse gases the atmosphere, not only will this become the new normal, per se, it will become a much more likely normal than it even is today. well,
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temperatures codes considerably in the western us and canada by wednesday. authorities issued heat warnings for interior regions, including the canadian provinces of alberta and saskatchewan. monica jones is up next with business news asking just tell sustainable china's economic successes. and don't forget there's more on the website dot com or kelly and thanks for watching the news please listen carefully. don't know how to do the feel.
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