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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2021 7:45am-8:00am CEST

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example, when they, you wanted to pass certain resolutions regarding china's expansion in the south china sea. we had a left wing government here that had its doubts about wester skip spun, especially if they must be you member greece broke a political taboo by signing with the chinese. grease has also been silent about aging actions in hong kong. money, francis scott, he says makes you dependent. she's particularly worried about the use divisions over china. but the realization that europe has to speak to china with one voice is slowly gaining ground. i think, i mean, as i said, you're not yet reached a consensus on how to deal with china. what it's added to more than china is when making europe has no clear analysis. china is going to behave differently from
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western country. and it's because in particular, economic policies in europe no longer has the tunes that china has namely of days around enterprise. and china is clearly using these to be the career crisis has highlighted, europe's lack of cohesion. even italians like ricardo rocky. i still felt this china exploited the divisions by sending aid to italy. europe eventually came up with investment programs, but small businesses like ricardo's belt, this help came to let the dog cause you for say when, when the call me,
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i would have really liked the scene. a united europe, as everyone had predicted, a strong union with funded mental coordination was quarterly. and i'm interested in that. i would have liked to have seen those with more opportunities to help the other a true year of the meno k. what in the end, it didn't work out that way in animals, everyone clothes that are voters and said, you wash your own dirty laundry at home. my nice parking lot, but the willing gotta say that really showed us that we can't talk about a single year. and so the more that i took it from them and they push him a lot to deal with, anyone who comes to us can still experience the charm of the old hapsburg monarchy . 100 years ago, the port city was a trading hub to eastern europe. the iron curtain interrupted the links for decades . now the city wants to return to its former glory and is hoping the chinese will
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help it when the silk road agreement was signed in march 2019 to yes was at the center of attention. northern italy was slated to become a major transshipment center for chinese export presented augustine, who is head of the port authority. thanks china's interest in tree. yes is proof of his growing significance as base europe is growing a lot old base nations are very easily accessible by, by the part of the as they saw. you know, i think it is very simple. if you look at a map, you see that the school bus fruit and you go to hungary to germany, to say you arrive foster van busing from the northern arrange port
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the. the city is investing even more in its rail network than in the fort itself. built over 100 years ago. it's direct links to eastern europe are still there. they just have to be upgraded. but it also, it pains to emphasize that although it welcomes investments from china, it has no intention of selling off the ford lock stock and barrel. what was that for years ago? 2 years ago, only a problem, a matter of transport became a geopolitical issue. now, if you said the port authority, you say ok, this part of a territory is no more my territory. and this was than in increasing. this is not what is happening here. below here is 4. 30. the president is italian. i am directly governed by my minister. so you know, we don't sell and we will not be strategic part the report. the port city on the
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adria attic c has suddenly found itself in the midst of a global trade war. every investment, the chinese make in europe, angers the u. s. and exacerbates the standoff between the u. s. and china. francesco perisi has decided on a partner to help trying to expand not china, but a european investor. the port of hamburg he stresses that this is a purely economic calculation. but he doesn't deny that political factors also played a role or easy remembers the cold war. and it's worried about any new confrontation, this rotational situation ended. it was of another cold war method of concern for me personally. and for my business in general for me in general. it also is it as a, as a citizen of the european union,
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we can see that international trade for sure. bridge. we can see that to be helpful to keep them and paid peace. the debate about the role europe will play and the trade war between the u. s. and china is nothing new and is not limited to the economy you bad. i hope to some european leadership because if not, europe risks becoming china. us saying that instead of laura can be the 3rd key player in the global arena. i hope that's what you decide to do that. can you spell that you're going to follow? politicians in rome are also gradually turning against china. human rights violations haven't been a reason to cut down on business so far. but worldwide criticism is growing.
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these 3 members of parliament are part of a cross party alliance on china. they want to see a tougher stance towards bay jane. when you make and cannot make agreement with a country that doesn't respect the human rights, you are dealing with human rights because it means that you don't care much, we need the euro, p. m, you need to give and not a single country need. so europe is already too small to add up real relationship. we china all together. but one single count, we can't have a strong relationship with china that sure. so if you go in that interaction alone as equally sure that you will lose that relationship. so i believe that is the most important mistake.
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above and beyond party politics be the left wing, centrist, or conservative. what unites these politicians is the worry that europe is not speaking to china with one voice. because china is focusing on us. so we want to focus on china because china is a very strong agenda with using any kind of energy and sign energy to expand its influence over all the countries of the western world. and therefore, we must have an agenda to what is the kind of investment that you can have all the kind of trade, authentic operation because we the gen 3, which is family way prevents any sort of corporation. even now, when we are talking, china is totally obscure and is the country of censorship, about the real origin,
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nature and consequences of damage in europe is now coming to realize that china is no longer a purely economic power, but also a political one. meanwhile, the dock workers union in paris has come to terms with its new chinese bosses and is trying to negotiate workers' rights as best it can immediately a video we went over the last 10 years the our experience with the chinese has been that they always negotiate as hard as they can and demand as much freedom as possible. but if you set your limits and if they come up against strong structures, like i said on a trade union, whether they respect, so they accept our limits. supportive race will remain under chinese control until 2052 when the lease expires. although it would of course be extended
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the e v. i think china already has enormous influence and i don't think it needs any more than just like i said, as a citizen, a teresa, i would like to return to return to greece again after the trans party youth has expired august the 2019 agreements between italy and china has caused a lot of fuss, but now there are other investors who are pushing ahead with the development of the port of tree. yes. many entrepreneurs, however, have other worries right now we will have to see what that called me back will be on the world trade because this is still something, no one has a clue about so for now, italy is still part of the silk road. even though no chinese money has flowed into tree, yes, so far i always say what we do to become part of the way where she's cool over back
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to the initiative, but it is the opposite. they accept our b of the development some our places on the maritime seek road, but they need this is an idea of development. natalie money and the chinese arrived with funds and ideas. we have our ideas. we know what that can be. meanwhile, we can a garage if the man who engineered the deal in the 1st place believes that the fear of china is totally exaggerated and could have disastrous consequences or italy. my forecasts because of your politics, the misunderstanding. i think a bit likely scenario that i have now is that italy as close down on the corporation with asia flows down on the corporation with the china slows down on the development of technology lows down on the development of infrastructure for some modal ways, which are all the things that we,
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that we do not to do by ourselves. and so italy will fall back into the middle aged . sheena from the top, from my china has drowned pre programmed perfume to political economic projects. over shaking, paying is ready, thinking about 2049 and china is doing exactly what they wanted to do. a lot of pay is now they have not can. you can make power in the world to natural for them to want to have a voice in the world. they are clearly saying, we need to know what to influence the world. what can only franken and mando ah, the news
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ah, sustainable and trendy. many companies are rushing for green solutions because they're popular with the customers. but just how green are these solutions made in germany. in 30 minutes on the w. happiness
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the ah, this is the w news live from berlin president. she's been paying health, china's rise as it reversed the ball as it whole lavish celebrations, marking 100 years since the founding of the chinese communist party. she held a flag waving crowd. that's the era of chinese being bullied and is gone for ever. also coming up u. s. committee and bill.


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