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not these 4 sports heroes. actually it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing super powers. i'm fired up and ready. count down during walk down the walk. you go to tokyo, started july 19, w twos . hello and welcome to focus on europe. i'm lar, bella, it's nice to have you with us. after a long delay, the european championships have finally kicked off, and soccer fever has taken hold of europe. be in the stadium in pubs or on the streets. millions of fans want to see their stars and their team for them. it's the perfect opportunity to finally experience
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a bit of normality again and to have something to celebrate. but for him, soccer is about more than just scoring goals. paul asked him a young go is a refugee from cameroon. fighting for his future on the greek island of less force . he dreams of a career as a professional soccer player in europe. and sports has helped him to connect with others. and to cope with the trauma of fleeing his home. his harrowing experiences include being stuck in the former moria refugee camp, despise by refugees and locals alike. these are the remains of the moria refugee camp, unless both at times more than 12000 people lived here in and around the camp until it burned down in september 2020 paul, a 20 year old from cameroon,
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spent 2 years living in moria. it was a difficult time for and he doesn't like looking back on it now he has trouble finding the place where he used to sleep. mike, cough i remember this is my golf i. i got it for pianos. so even kayla sponsors is probably the best known hobby football coach on les both and pauls savior. thanks to the greek gods. all is now a striker with the i o legal soccer team. the island club only just missed promotion to greece's 2nd division this year. that success is partly thanks to some new team members. 3 young asylum seekers from africa and their coach. but not everyone is happy that the 55 year old coach has taken the refugees under his wing . some great parents have taken their children out of sponsors,
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youth teams. it was a problem, but i decide okay, doesn't matter. i'm doing. i'm also a physical educator or not. so i have to, to teach people not only for sports, but also for your work for values for all these things. values like respect and solidarity. after practice a greek team, it drives paul home. he now lives together with other players in this former hotel for that he thinks spawn us and god. sure this is my bible. a bible is all that remains from his months long flight from political violence and his homeland. this is my email. short, my bare insight in front of me was like
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a chart between i the lease to bug you still, but for me and on top of what i did, soccer and coach sponsors are his only consolation. the team is called fc cosmos. twice a week, young people come from the nearby car to tape a refugee camp for team practice. for the young men who mostly fled to europe without their parents. it is one of the rare opportunities to get out of the camp. they say conditions and carrots are much better than they were in moria, but they still feel trapped. it can take years for an asylum claim to be processed in greece. lot in a good. but now they have hope. paul has shown them the way playing for the 3rd division side and working as an assistant coach has helped him get
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a residence permit. that makes of uncle is spawn us proud. he hopes his successful work will inspire greeks to show more understanding for the often traumatized youngsters. we can give them help, we can change their behaviors so we can make them better, better be better persons. so when they're in the society in the community, it will be very easy for them to speak with local people and for local people to check to see that they are the same with us. they're not different. paul has his sights set high. he wants to move on from less bows and dreams of playing for a professional club in a big city in germany or france. paul is very
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popular at the clubs, cafe, but among the greeks on the island, there's continuing controversy over the refugees. the european union is planning a new reception center, but most locals are opposed to it. any where against the new k, i mean, we don't want them hear what you want me then, you know, we don't have any factories or work here. what are they supposed to do here? coach sponsors is not put off by such opinions. and his persistence has paid off with f. c cosmos. receiving international support, including from soccer's, european governing body, you wafer. and where we are coming here, kids and in every age they are very angry. so and every day by day we are looking them smiling, working,
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talking with this. and this is nice, this nice you read a former player calls response is still there for his boy, even after they've moved on to other clubs in greece or elsewhere. and those by, by not everyone's sporting dreams come true. but on the soccer pitch coach, sponsors has given them reason to hope, unless both and far beyond it never quite went away. the fear that the so called troubles may return to northern ireland violent protests. in april confirmed suspicions at briggs, it could reignite the conflict between catholics and protestants on the island. well, for pro british protestants in belfast, fears of being left to drift or rising since brags it. and despite countless promises to the contrary, a customs border between northern ireland and the rest of the united kingdom has
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been implemented. and some protestants fear being cut off from the u. k. and joining the republic of ireland against their will something their pro irish neighbors. however, would welcome tensions are on the rise. these protestors want to the british demonstrating on the outskirts of belfast despite the police. then when it comes to northern ireland special status, they feel betrayed by the u. k. government. we have not got a partition dive, eric shade something, the people, and also have for, for, for hundreds of years re me in part of the united kingdom. and now we find ourselves divided from the united kingdom with no consent were produced by blood. but the blood of those for your patients, but as our possession of the united kingdom. no, we're no longer part of united kingdom for the part of it. because our constitutional law laws are in brussels, nor the british symbols are common in northern islands. protestant dominated areas,
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the red hand represents one of the many para military organizations. it can be found in traditional working class neighborhoods like this one near the port. it's now one of the poorest areas in northern ireland. jo keys grew up in a similar area. he knows the paramilitary group and he won't feel proud of this protestant heritage, but he's afraid it could be taken away by catholics. some people are loyalty to the queen. sometimes it's their british identity and people fly their flags just out of pure love. they're down to me, it's an expression of her. they are his case like neighbors live, just next door behind a high wall. most of them want a united ireland. that would be a night master. joe, you've got one group of people who believe that northern ireland should be part of
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the united ireland. then you've got one group of people who believe northern explanation should remain part of the united kingdom. those are fundamentally opposed. you know, ideology should come out both. you're either in one or in the other. we make our way to the other side of the wall. in the past, it seemed violent street fighting but claimed over 3000 lives. one of the dead was the mother of mary adams, a catholic who died in a bomb attack carried out by pro british protestant militias. she says she's worried about increasing discontent amongst the protestants. they're not thinking about anybody else just themselves. and i've always been look at, it's always been make up. so it's not she engine or not latin. a change at all was diamonds and make up a month. but for many catholics, the united ireland they have fought for so long is increasingly within reach. mary's neighbor who runs a pub, says the protestants will just have to accept that much more and more once. good.
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they can still have their betty shut down today because we still have our adage at down to they were still occupied by the british. so mainly we have lived with it for 100 years, let them see how they can look back on the other side. joe keys sees the british, is protectors, not occupiers. until recently. anyway. now prime minister boris johnson's government has allowed goods from britain to be checked in the port of belfast for jo vet, unforgivable, and has to be changed at all costs. sometimes violence is the thing that you have to day. i'm not saying that we have to day up. i'm not saying that we will have to do. i'm just going to ask me to take it off the table to ask me to categorically read it. especially when our political opponents have made very clear that they are not going to take it off the table. it's an unreasonable request. joe is not alone in his anger, according to polls, over 80 percent of people in northern island. don't trust the u. k. government.
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there is some people who think that and violence in various forms expresses how serious you are. i know that the vast majority of people in northern ireland did not want to see anything like that, but it doesn't take too many people to create a situation in which people protest can escalate and to something violent right now, young protestants will as a northern ireland are preparing the annual bonfires to mark the 17th century victory over catholics. but many fear this year bonfires could get out of control. there's certainly a sort of perception that our concerns and our worries and also our goals and our on our dreams are kind of ignored. i'm, we're kind of told to just sit down, be quiet and leave it to the professionals. don't write, don't do that. since i understand the frustration, breast it is the biggest threat,
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the northern ireland peace process, his face so far. and for the moment. that's about the only thing catholics and protestants here agree on this exotic animal feels right at home with us even though it's on foreign land. the greater ria is a giant, flightless bird and its size is matched only by its appetite native for south america. it is now making itself home in northern germany, the shall, the biosphere reserve has become home to the largest population of ria birds in europe. this may please conservationists, but for farmers, they're nothing but a nuisance. of birds find plenty of food on their fields, but have no natural predators over there. there's one, thomas toy has it in his sight. he's a farmer and he often keeps an eye out for them in the area. what's
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out there? i know if i can see one, i can't see the 2nd one behind that hollow me toy is no friend of the greater ria birds lead his crops. dodd, they are always over that way on both sides of the road office. the hungry birds are very fond of his rape seed. no wonder it's an energy packed food crop. this is one of the plants they bit know. look here, you can see how they've eaten lauer is that if it's been handed out and the bluetooth up cousin, the farmer says the greater we as force him to plant 20 percent more rapes seed, the damage amounts to thousands of euro's under the fund. a lot of people think they're wonderful, but we, well, we think the birds are great too, but when their feet is coming out of your pocket, it makes you mad. we farmers are used to dealing with
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a certain amount of damage from wild animals shot. but this is a pretty extreme case really shows, and these are wild animals that don't really have anything to do with us. now this is all not far from toys. fields in the northern germantown of gold clay. now there are one 6th grader rios kept in a private blue. then some 20 years ago, the gate was left open and the birds who are a native to south america, escaped from their enclosure and managed to breed successfully in the area. that makes them the responsibility of ranger mario axes from the shows they were nefco beauty reserve. he and his colleagues count the greater re as at regular intervals. as the result of that fateful oversight 2 decades ago, the birds population has grown to 600 individuals. now mythical, whatever on the animal's back then clearly wasn't paying enough attention and wasn't too concerned after the fact. these probably assume the situation would
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simply take care of itself for a line of reagan. it didn't. the birds even braved the cold german winters and took up residence in the region. it's really just the local humans who have adapted to them. miss status is still look unfamiliar to me. in their lunch, when you see the silhouette of one of these birds strutting along for me, it just doesn't really harmonize with the image i have of the northern german landscape in north deutscher holds. the rangers are trying to keep down the numbers of greater ria, for example by drilling holes into their eggs. but the birds just lay more of them . 3 years have no natural predators here. unlike in south america, where greater reappraised, jaguars, but the rangers, in northern germany hope the local wild boar will start to take an interest in the re is x. there are, this is a traditional going on try once more and tries in
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a good. this is, eyes will be it, it will be interested in finding more an open to see it, and i met with him on that and wild boar is approaching. the nest won't be scared off by a male. ria, hawkins, they'll manage to eat the eggs to get would be fastened saturday. and now people like district hunter, haycock folks are joining the effort to keep the ria population and check. they've shot more than $200.00 at the animals with official permission. of course. they are not trying to kill all of them. phone is convinced that the real will continue to multiply. he says the clever birds are leaving the areas where they are hunted and counted detail counting the greater ria in the monitored areas. it does not provide the real numbers of the population. here. there are ria outside the counting zones . toys think they've evacuated the area. oh, yes,
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they've moved 20 kilometers further east. that's no big deal for them over them. farmer toys also thinks that the greater re is, are here to stay in northern germany and on his fields. now for sure i can, well, we can't chase them away and they run a lot faster than we do. we've tried scarecrows and things like that choice and so they don't mind one bit on it. so there's no way to write them a way to shorten the greater we, as are certainly i categories for locals and tourists but perhaps before too long, the new native will become a normal feature of this strange new world. europe's woodland are under threat fires. storms and pests are wreaking havoc on the forests, health years of drought have amplified the problem and damaged huge ranges of timber. o people in eastern belgium are feeling the heat from the climate emergency
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. the forests were once a place for rest and relaxation, but now rangers and owners can only watch as the trees whither the forest is something that we are in for a quiet, almost magical oasis. in times like these where travel is often impossible. for many, it is a place of refuge sometimes for too many. but most of us do not realize europe's woods are in serious danger. the greatest foe is surprisingly small. is the past 3 years. the tiny bark beetle has spread through europe's spruce forests, attacking countless trees. the insect poses a grave danger, says belgian forest re ex but hubert or toyed. even though technically, the beetle only attack 6 trees threw up an official natural response. bruce tree, or any tree for that matter against bark beetle is to produce a sap in the hearts was in the beetle,
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cannot grow to maturity and then dies and vulnerable batteries that lack water at their roots can produce sap done and are therefore defenseless against the insect, on an unreasonable and capable, there was also the although this year was rather cood and damp so far, that was not enough to offset 3 years of drought and drive away the buck beatles. we meet attends nigh as his family. his own this far as to the east and belgium for the past 100 years. about 60 percent of europe's far as a privately owned and pose huge problems for their owners. the science had to cut down entire areas like this one to fight the buck because for station home i really traumatic or areas where trees 2 or 3 years ago are now bear. so boom, trees that has grown to maturity and we're ready to be felled. are suddenly dead
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mostly because of the drought. yet there's been a lot of fetal damage. good and temper processing companies are overwhelmed. those who cannot happy to set it off to china at a discount. europeans prefer impeccable timber, which is becoming increasingly costly and rather weld over saw the tag on hopefully deal. i think only the big players can live off there for a while. for media. our forest is a family as a big book with that where it's hatch to it, of course. and we also need to invest in the working. if you have to keep selling enough timber to keep replanting on law, can they're going to be economically viable. if it weren't for climate change, so probably to keep it, we'll start. the forestry expert has recommended this nice to plan latches and douglas says, which i'll say from bob beetles. both are also more robust than spruce trees.
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although only time will tell how they'll hold up against climate change. planting trees is a costly experiment that could lead to financial ruin. many people think forest common property and should be placed under protection. they oppose the timber industry and say this would guarantee bio diversity. but europe needs far as stone as to look after and cultivate the forests. pretty soon the work number production is very important. that there is already a shortage. you know, the soon we will have to import even more timber is considered including from region that where it isn't treated sustainable is 1101. 1 of the sky is instance takes sustainability seriously planting. different tree types
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selling selectively and planting you saplings is needed. after all, the family wants to preserve their forest for coming generations. have you ever uncovered something old while digging around in the sand or in the garden? a chart of clay, or perhaps a coin that looked to be ancient and valuable. well, most of the time, what many hope is a historical fine turns out to be worthless debris. but that doesn't stop numerous danish hobby. archaeologists to go treasure hunting, armed with the right tools, they hope that the next big fine is just a pain away. when this many people spend their free time sweeping the field, you know, there must be something special buried. they are all amateur archaeologists from mid detect, the 350 member metal detecting club in jutland in denmark. and today they're searching for treasures from the past. about x, y, who story, lots of danes are interested in history. and this is both an adventure and
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a history lesson. for me, it's a way of telling the next generation about our country's past fargo. he was the hobby has been booming. since the spread of the pandemic says miko had learned, it gets practitioners outdoors for once. of course they ask the farmers for permission to search 1st. wherever the detector beeps, they dig. it's always a thrill said 17 year old patrick. isn't i mean it's been that the demick is the most exciting experience is to hold something old in your hands when someone might have last held some 3000 years ago or new. it's in go of just it's so fascinating to think about who last stood here using that object. talk to then historian most of the time the diggers just find unearth rubbish like cans or old tools made of iron or aluminum. says olsh bonner. he's been doing this for 5 years now, but not this time i was until today he gets lucky and find something very rare.
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wouldn't in the, around a stamp seal. probably dates to the middle ages, maybe even a little earlier around $1200.00 or 12 valuable objects like this are photographed and registered and the digital portal daemon takes the treasure. hunters use the app to contact danish museums explains archeologist andre store bought at or whose university that way. experts are promptly informed of any new discovery and can evaluate it. did you see that here? here history is viewed as something very immediate and hobby archeologists really bring that notion to life. it's like a hands on lesson in history of the stamp seal that almost bonner found has already been registered in or who's and will soon go on display search, find register, and give to a museum. that's how symbol uncovering the past can be in denmark. and
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i thought germans were organized, well, that brings us to the end of focus on europe. let me know your thoughts about this . we show on twitter. thanks so much for watching bye. for now. the news . the news news, the news, the news,
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the news, the news, the news, the all ah, the balance billions of town or it's about the foundation of the new world border silk road. china wants to use the network of trade with to expand its influence, including europe, conflicts are inevitable times gateway to europe. in 15 minutes on dw screen, sustainable and trendy,
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the many companies are rushing for green solutions because they're popular with the customers. but just how green are these solutions in germany, the w. o news women in asia, i speaking that's me for them all the money and lunch and on the voices. the only way i can be up topic to create my own, and i see their house standing stories
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in women in asia this weekend on d. w. and above all, how it feels jewish life in europe. that's what film producer. lona and journalists, goodman, are exploring. delving into history and the present i would never have thought that could be live. so i could remind myself because i grew up in a completely different way. prod, pluralistic jewish in europe. the 2 port documentary starts july 5th on dw,
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the ah ah. see the news live from berlin, a stunning turn of events for the man once known as america. dad. he was convicted of sexual assault and sent to prison. but now us, comedian bill cosby is once again a 3 man, a us court overturned his conviction on a legal technicality. coming back on the last german soldiers return from afghanistan was all remaining international troops to leave by september 11th afghans worry about the future of their.


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