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the who's the state of news lives from berlin, a stunning turn of events for the man once known as america. dad. he was convicted of sexual assault and sent to prison. but now us, comedian bill cosby is once again a free man. a us court overturned his conviction on a legal technicality. coming back on the last german soldiers return from afghanistan, she was all remaining international troops that leave by september 11th afghans worry about the future of their country and helping those who need it most. the
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heat wave in western canada shatters records and claims dozens of lives with. ah, i'm fairly good to have you with us. the american actor bill cosby has walked free after court overturned his sexual assault conviction and ordered his immediate release. he was the 1st us celebrity center prison for sexual assault since the beginning of the me to movement. now, 2 years on the pennsylvania supreme court decided cosby never should have faced charges in the 1st place. after striking a non prosecution deal with a previous district attorney and just like that, bill cosby was free. his car sped by the walls of the pennsylvania prison in which
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he served 2 years of a 3 to 10 year sentence. before arriving at his home in nearby norristown, after being helped from the car, cosby gave the camera signal v for victory. his attorney was similarly triumphant. i am thrilled, and i am pleased that the pennsylvania supreme court, what we knew all along, which was that mr. coughing, never should have been prosecuted. part was driven by politics, were quite pleased that the pennsylvania supreme court seems impervious to what is going on on the outside world. and all of that pressure that was placed on the criminal justice system from move back to me to movement help bring cosby on the scrutiny. he was one of a number of high profile men in show business accused of using their power to exploit and sexually assault women. but only one case against cosby went to court.
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the alleged drug and malice station of andrea concerned the crushing of that conviction as re ignited debate over the ability to hold a fair trial, made intense public pressure and of the efficacy of the me to movement in holding powerful men to account k j matthews is an entertainment journalist following the story for us from los angeles, california, k. j. good to see you again. we just heard bill cosby lawyer, they're healing those rolling as a major victory. but will this really be the end of his legal was you know, a lot of the legal analysts have weighed in, and a lot of people are saying he's 83 years old. this ruling pretty much in this part of the case. and i really don't see how any other charges can be brought forth. because even though there are dozens and dozens of women who have come forward stating they all these allegations against bill cosby,
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the district attorney at the time really didn't feel that they had enough evidence within the statute, limitations to prosecute on any of those allegations or else they would have done it before now. so this seems to probably ended in terms of the, the criminal case that has been launched against some civil cases. no, those are still on going. in fact there is one by attorney gloria all read. this is going to be happening here in los angeles soon, but in terms of criminal prosecution, this does seem to be the end of the road for bill cosby criminally speaking. all right. how have people reacted to the ruling? you know, most people have been shock. most people have been angry. only one person, a former has made felicia shot, who, you know, played his wife in the hit tv show. cosby said she felt that this was been the cation, he should have never been convicted. this is a great day. and so many people got angry and so many people attacked her on twitter, things she really needed to read the room and understand this was not the right
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time to say that and that there was overwhelming evidence against them. and that, by the way, this ruling again, as you heard, the previous news report is saying that he should have never been prosecuted. it did not say that he was not guilty of the charges. so it's a very, it's a legal lease kind of technicality. we have to be very clear, you know what we say about that. yeah, we've seen a lot of lawyers actually say that this is a win for the constitution. is conviction, back in 2018 was seen as a landmark moment in the me to movement. do you think this will affect other cases now? you know, it's really hard to tell because there hasn't been a lot of major prosecutions that are attached to the, the me to move and other than harvey weinstein, as we all know. and then of course, you know, we had bill cosby, but there not a lot of other big time celebrities, particularly in hollywood that were convicted and given long lengthy sentences.
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remember bill cosby had about 3 to 10 years and he only really spent about 2 and a half years of that since. and so people had expected him to possibly pass away in prison because he was 83 years old. there were thinking if he did 10 years, he got a 93. he might have, you know, might not be around in. so this really was a watershed moment. but things that seem to kind of calm down in hollywood and you don't see a lot of the investigation or the reports or the all these wonderful tantalizing stories about people coming forward with their me to movement any more. not the way we did about 3 years ago for sure. j matthews. thank you very much for your analysis. thank you. their mission, last of nearly 2 decades and cost the lives of $59.00 of their comrades and countless civilians. but now the last german troops serving and i've got to stand have arrived back home, their return as part of a phased withdrawal of international forces, which is going ahead despite
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a worsening security situation on the ground. recent month have seen the taliban make increasingly significant territorial gains, and many ask and left behind are now afraid of what might happen next. the there was literally, in the way of fanfare as germany's military mission enough going on came to an end but the families waiting for their loved ones to return. it was a day of joy and relief is we're mine, mine up and picking up my husband said he'd been enough. get this done since february, and i've come to collect are going to show up the one. how are you feeling? because it really excited and happy. after nearly 20 mission and 150000 troops deployed, these are the last german soldiers to come home. mission accomplished
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v hop filled your assignment. the orderly meant of the german resolute support mission. contingent has been successfully completed but european troops quietly returned and the us prepared to complete its withdrawal. the situation that left enough kinda stuff remains precarious. the germans were heavily involved in the north of the country and cities like condos and my gosh, i leave and, and other cities around the north. and if you look at it, those are the see that are really endanger right now. and those are among the cities where local people are arming themselves to fight back against the taliban case of the germans. you know, it's another question of another country leaving and what did they really accomplish in 20 years later? the cities that they were supposed to be in charge of fuel so unsafe, and the people either have to flee or take up arms for themselves. and as a question of what did they really end up doing? how much should they really change for the average person?
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during the 20 year nature military operation, there have been some gains in education, women's rights and infrastructure. but corruption and violence remain as huge obstacles. already controlling large parts of the country, the taliban has begun re taking provinces as foreign troops. slave the, the fear now is that any games made during the last 2 decades already being los here's a look at some of the other stories making news around the world at the sour, former us defense secretary donald rumsfeld, has died at the age of $88.00 we serve twice in the post under president gerald ford and george w bush rumsfeld oversaw the 2003 us invasion of iraq. and he remained unapologetic about the war insisting that toppling saddam hussein created a quote more stable and secure world. the death toll from the collapse of residential tower in miami has risen to 16 after 4 and more bodies were
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pulled from the rubble. 147 people are still unaccounted for. nearly a week after the building came down, hopes of finding survivors are quickly fading. at least 7 migraines, including a pregnant women, have drowned off the coast of italy. after their boat capsized. the coast guard says 46 people were brought ashore, but around 10 are still missing. the group is believed to have set off from tunisia . extreme heat waves sweeping across western canada is causing dozens of death and breaking records day after day. on tuesday, temperatures had 49 degrees celsius and british columbia cooling center 1000 setup to give people some relief. but the sweltering heat is forecast to continue a prolonged, dangerous, and historic heat wave engulfing western canada has already caused dozens of death
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. people are being encouraged to go to cooling centers to combat the extreme heat. it's just on bearable. it's impossible to be out. so never seen anything like this . i hope it never becomes like this. her again, it's not really pleasant. this is too much, too much summer for us here. but some are enjoying being outdoors like vancouver. it's an interesting experience. a nice getting outside, but basically been consuming gallons of water, whole time. not surprising the temperature is exceeding 45 degrees in some places and feeling close to 50 degrees in others because of the human conditions. some are taking to the water to cool down, while others are helping the vulnerable by distributing food and drink to provide relief. officials point to this being part of a wider problem in this instance, i think be that the big lesson coming out of the past number of days is that the
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climate crisis is not a fiction. that is absolutely real. and if you look, i had a briefing from the wildfire service yesterday and again today the entire west coast of north america from baja to alaska is red hot. this is not a british columbia problem. it's not a candidate problem. it is a global challenge and we all need to have citizens of the world coming together. sewland college classes have been cancelled in british columbia, which means more playtime. perhaps. that extreme heat. and the search for relief looks like a climate emergency problem that just isn't going away. and the island nation of madagascar is paying a high price for climate change, which it has done little to cause the worth drowns in 40 years have left thousands in the indian ocean, stayed on the brink of starvation. it organizations say more has to be done to prevent a humanitarian disaster from becoming even worse. the fist
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was, was tal farmland. but now it's a desert. years of drought have destroyed nearly all of the crops here. strong winds sweeping away beth's oil, and then some storms covering what's left. entire communities on the brink of starvation, people here have resorted to eating whatever they can find. it took me that in the morning prepared this plate of insect. and if i clean them the best i can without any water damage for 8 months, my children, i have been eating the land every day, such as that we have nothing else to eat. and no rain to grow cropped on the cellphone. the people here on the front line of the global climate crisis, madagascar hardly any greenhouse gases, but it's one of the worst victims of climate change. 2 we're facing the worst drought in over 40 years,
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and this is an area where people depend on their own agriculture, home grown school, meals, small holder farmers. this is how they lived down here, but with drought back to back to back. people can't survive. it's like live drought is having families apart. these 2 boys orphaned after their mother died of hunger. they've been taken in by another family, but severely mound tuition and they're still not getting enough to eat. is alpha. when we have nothing left and left, their mother is dead love and my husband said, what do you want me to say? our life centers around looking or can just leave survive the island to somebody who nearly a 1000000 people in of, in madagascar, depend on food aid. some people have walked for hours to get health, but not everyone is healthy enough to make a long journey. aid organizations that more be done to help madagascar
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food to feed the hungry mouth. and finally, action on climate change. now you're up to date. remember, you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website. that's the w dot com. be sure to also follow us on twitter and instagram. our handle there is at d. w. thank you so much for your company. the can you hear me now? yes we can. you in germans house that we bring you uncle michael and you've never had have before. right, just so what is what it was? who is medical really? what was the people who follows the way myers and critic join us for natural gas. the i
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the the the it's china's mega project, the new still growth, a trade network between china and the rest of the world, which could turn the old world order on its head. with changing jobs. in the
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back of bio china is investing in bridges, forts, railway tracks, and roads around the globe over 70 nations are already part of the new south road. europe sees the chinese as welcome investors. the ports of paris has been under chinese ownership for several years. and the chinese are now also showing interest entry. yes. in italy, natalia in on greater importance for china except the center of the mediterranean, just off the coast of africa under strategic you're going for the name of the you fish or the chinese. when i give you reyes is the emeralds of the mediterranean, my log with most of the critics warned that china is using the new silk road to cement its power around the world and divide euro's when you make and he cannot
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make agreement with a country that doesn't respect the human rights. you are dealing with human rights because it means that you don't care much me the corona virus pandemic has brought life and grotto resort in northeastern italy to a virtual standstill. but even though few people visit his beach bars, ricardo ron keanta is still glad to be back at work. he and his family were the 1st people in the resort to be infected with cove 19 like wasn't going to punish something similar to what we felt like lepers when they say it's a small community talk with them because many times on the same summer it's a well known resource seem that we locals are all alone on the island in winter,
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and then he is actually sort of course on an island where everyone knows everyone else and he needs that's why it was such a serious issue for me at 1st. having an illness when nobody knew what it would bring it to the end of the we can see something about cars passing but help coming in from china gave ricardo and his family, the feeling that they weren't alone. china sent 31 tons of urgently needed equipment, ventilation machines, personal protective clothing, masks, and medication, and also medical stat. soft power from china. some called it the silk road of help me me sons. and he thought he felt more safe just trying to came to help us out or, or least look on the if someone has already faced the same problems before you. okay. and found solution, you know, maybe haven't. yeah, it does give you
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a feeling of security and sort of syndicate. don't want to ship the language mental deduction. sense of the nice because you see these problem building and you don't know how to solve them in the cycle. many side of the china as the savior in times of need. whether it was politically motivated or not. the symbolism worked for ricardo in his family. in the early stages of the pandemic, no help was forthcoming from the therapy and unions me. the we saw when i get a prima, we saw china that really experienced catastrophe in the beginning of the pandemic. and china was really devastating in the morning. so course they offered to help us and it showed us that they were prepared. i don't know that there are power some of the most time. they're afraid of nothing. and nobody can remember what i mean to me.
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there is greece is most important port. it's been owned by the chinese since 2016. china started investing in the port after the 2008 financial crisis and has made it an economic success. over the last 12 years, cargo handling has increased tenfold. the dock workers here on here one were here before the chinese arrived and saw the changes 1st hand work. it's an honest job and with it i've managed to feed my family. i'm satisfied with your topic has been working at support since 2005 like everyone else here. he
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demonstrated against the takeover of the fort by the chinese state company, costco, amazon and everything has been a mess since the privatization and if you will get more than ever since the investor got involved here and is only interested in profit and nothing else is our situation has changed, we cannot, before the port was privatized, our work was much better and easier. we worked in fixed groups back to be always as a team of to. now we don't have enough now, so that's no longer possible. now we're forced to do the work to make one shift in 6 was cancelled, new jobs were created, but hardly any of them offered the same social protection as the workers previously had these proud greek dock workers now work in a force which is no longer their own thing and must
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we think it was a strategic mistake to privatize the biggest important in the country. greece is a country with a huge number of violating and the ports are essential, not only economically envisioned, but social it almost in economy. they keep people connect, it is really voice, i miss this, you know, she had to be very well. the greece was forced to privatize the port as part of your demand to tackle the greek debt crisis. your job goes and his men still blame germany and the you for it go, goes, is now trying to save what he can and his fighting to protect his people's rice. a lot of the best man at my wedding gotta stay pension one of them in yes, because they calculated how long you had worked for the port when it was still state own. so what will happen to us now the longest serving workers, so not our rank,
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you know, i'm telling you my best man gotta stay pension. what will happen when everything because i get already retired, right? no, it won't be like that at all. but go, goes union no longer represents all the dock workers, so it's hard for him and his men to fight against the threats of out sourcing or temporary contracts because of portion of the portion. i don't know how much or we can keep this working model with permanent, open and dignified work and job security finalist in that garcia. we request an interview with the ports chinese managers. but it's the greek press officer who explains to us why. perez is so important for china's new self growth report. he's a furnace lads, european board after the crossing of sun. this is
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a very important for the shipping companies in order to really the port and then to use it as it's received. so they're very loud, it's vessels. the mother version says we call them starting to route from east asia where it's really the part of spite. i wish i leave here the car, go, whatever it these containers show cars and then smaller rushes for them for the rest of the day that got to go in there redistributed to many other ports of mediterranean and lexia the dock workers are skeptical only 70 to 80 percent of the containers are trans shipped, which won't create any new jobs with the profits stay with the owner of the fort.
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the chinese state company, costco. none of it goes to the greeks. got a number for our thing. shape. i think it's all about the expansion of chinese capitalism looking to get other say he, the chinese state has a lot of money. and this is, it's way of the landing and asserting and status position in the world just the 1st to so by me we're using the china is a world power. and i mean, you can't overlook that or be indifferent to what, what is not the, not shifting of the photo. the, me me
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you walk in the streets in italy and then you walk in the streets in shanghai. you don't need to do any analysis to understand why andrea grow at the 0 percent here and why some other countries grow. it's 8 percent as you did in the past, the china, you just feet immediately. and i've been weak listings in years over really important, social and economic changes under my eyes. i've come back to europe and i don't see any changes. next time i go to shanghai after a few months. i will look in the underground mapper because it will be new line me kayla. good archie is known as mr. china after working as an investment banker and spending 10 years in shanghai as a professor of economics. he's, he came under secretary of state in italy's ministry of economic development and negotiate a silk road deal with china. he used to commute constantly between china and italy,
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but now the corona virus has forced him to do business with chinese via video calls . why is why when you go away, cecily, i hope so too. i'm sicilian, i'm printing my hopes on china. that the cooperation with china will help the tourist industry to grow in sicily and i don't really, lice usually for day didn't go see. last year we had president choosing ping here, a lie that wants to see more chinese tourism in the chinese are very curious about italy. i'll be all good. archie no longer holds political office. the government, he was part of only lasted for 15 months, but the letter of intent that he negotiated with china is still valid. when i came in, i took on these projects and actually delivered so accelerated the processor made the final agreements with the chinese counterparts. and we implemented them,
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we signed it, and i do think that this is the base to economic opportunity that italy has to cooperate with china doing business together. this deal with china alarm to europe easily is after all, one of the use founding members as well as part of nato. many saw the signing of this contract as a break with the old alliances. the logic of the italian government back then was purely economic. they said everyone else was doing business with china to even if they had no official agreement. there is absolutely no contradiction, no conflict with european strategy. if someone worries about the fact that the china investor then the u. s. to give them back something. china has invested in germany, holland, belgium, france, spain,
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malta stumble and greece and u. k. all ports in europe have chinese honestly mississippi is a sign ologist and author who lived in china for 6 years and observed the events around the new silk road development with a critical she thinks the italian government was trying to create an economic advantage for itself. but under estimated the plans political dimensions, something recon knowledge men of this political project by a member of the g 7, had a great propaganda value when you're also in china itself on k propagandistic, went out and for the new still group is quite clearly an enormous project and like the projects in history in china and the usa of charity. they are pursuing their own interest if you train them in the.


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