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way the house was fewer holidaymakers will hit the tourism industry hot just when it was starting up again. but back at the deli jose brand category are also battling resurgence of coven 19 mostly driven by the delta variance. uganda has tightened lockdown restrictions, closing schools, imposing a nighttime curfew, binding or non essential travel. doctor's grappling shortages of vaccines and oxygen, and some hospitals are running and space for new patients. great, mostly miami is a covered 1900 survivor. every day he performs breathing exercises. as his doctors told him, he must do. it must they go. he was discharged from one of the again, this public was because they have been overwhelmed by the demand for oxygen. for current of virus patients, the city does basically shed by many people,
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so you will get the cylinder. it has 30 percent oxygen or 50 percent oxygen. it's been used by other people and probably they've died or they've been discharged. must see me saw other patients die as they waited in vain for oxygen. 2 weeks after he was discharged, one of his close friends died at another public hospital. i don't know, i could not talk to him. i called the whole evening the whole night in the morning, only to reach the facility. and i was told old peter vet one he passed on last night. you can fuss to confirm the cove in 1900 days at the end of july last year. but now the case numbers us payrolling with more than 400 deaths in the last 3 weeks alone. the government wants to bucks in a piece people. but it is having trouble getting the doses from international
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supply as we have had the slave to be over a 1000000. those is into the country. and yet we have a population over 22000000 people to work submit mid or does my to s field understand by so it's got the over the rocks in that you're letting us down for 30 years. i've introduced to 6. we should look down, but we the more transmissible delta variant spreading quickly in the country and this to be increasing affections. christmas me fears that not many will be as lucky as he was a lawmakers in france considering whether to extend fertility treatment toward women regardless of marginal status and sexual orientation. treatment is currently limited to heterosexual couples. around 3000 single women
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and lesbian couples, travel abroad every year to seek help you because of the kinds of benedict blow. she always knew she wanted to have a tried on her own. her son is the bond, is almost 3 years old and doesn't have a father. he was born to in vitro fertilization or ivy if using jonas mom under existing laws in france, ivy s is available only to women who had no relationship with the man. and this is when i went to fall together, benedict had to go to denmark and then to portugal, 5 years. it cost $15000.00 euros, forcing her to take out the procedure, worked and have a dream come true. after months of people, we have to, to cross mom claims because it's illegal in france. i want to be legal. i want to show that my family needs as legitimate as the, the semi who has a dad and the mother. i'm just, i know the kind of funny my journey is not
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a bad thing. it's full of love and that's the most important like benedict positive single in there's been women who wish to have a baby, a currently banned from existing fertility treatments in france. those who can afford it, travel abroad, others try to lead to be secure, spun donations to unregulated online networks. a process that's brought with health risks. but all that me trench the french parliament could soon possible allowing medically assisted procreation for all women. the people many june at the demonstrations would be to, to compare with the legislation is long over the. a crime not having the family is a dream for me when i start at the moment it's not possible to be rich and i'm out and it bothers me because i really want to have to because i'm going down. but some disappointed bills doesn't go far enough. trans women and men still have no legal
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access to ideas of the procedures. not them. and i think medical used to sit procreation. women is the same, but the law being passed is not again, it doesn't allow us to access shared mother production. and it's just community towards transfer. and the person that was set up in the debate of allowing single and it's been women to have biological children in france has dragged on for years . the issue is now part of a broader bioethics bill being discussed by functional makers, many a hope. the bill will finally be adopted listing some of frances tight restrictions on fertility treatment. but not everyone agrees looted in the lateral sheer heads, a conservative group that lead backlash against the bills and also the same sex marriage. and she says loving single and less than women access to fertility treatment will lead to a surge in fatherless children or the cellphone. just show before the move of to
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who need love is why they also need to know where they come from. who gave them life, who would be left it along with them to know for the dish and how soon select me do some keys. so i'm going to fly. think a child of his father, i just love doesn't work. i find a terribly unfair lawmakers. me now approve. sit there. why use that? even if i v f would be a legal thing unless been women, it would take time before it becomes reality. francis both banks already face a shortage of donors. and even heterosexual couples currently face a long wait. the on a football, great rivalries, i got some of the airing in a couple of hours when england host germany at wembley. in the last 16 of the european championship, germany have mostly come out on top of that totemic classes with one exception. that goes way back historical game with a goal that remains controversial. today,
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i thought england's only major trophy came in 1966 when they beat west germany on home soil to claim the world cup courtesy of what's known in germany as the wembley goal. the rivalry has since made its mark on pop culture, germany both for world cup titles and 3 european championships there last year as when came in 1996 when they beat england and penalty shoot out in their own backyard on route to the final current england coach, garris southgate missed the decisive spot kick in the semi final clash. there is of course, great excitement with, with friends and people tuning into the game. but it's a game of football and end up at unity to get to a course of final. and that's what we're focused on. england have traditionally made more of the rivalry than the gym and counterparts with the media awesome stoking the flames of this rather one sided affair. but now that has been
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a role reversal of sorts. gemini, as usual, clinical efficiency has disappeared and 3, wildly inconsistent performances saw them not a loss, a win, and a drop to scrape through the group stage. so who sets as long as it's difficult to say before the game, what the english think about as well. i think there's mutual respect and him with respect to says that we're self confident. we're convinced that we can beat england . but of course we know what a strong team they are. not to do to see another stark bunch of things. and meanwhile, the, the lions have played less exciting, but most solid football unbeaten in 3 games. and yet to concede england fans will be hoping garris southgate could make up for his penalty miss. but against germany, it's never easy. the straits to wembley stadium in london, wherever join jonathan,
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hiding from dw sport to welcome jonathan. more than 40000 spectators expected. what's the mood like there? now? i think you can imagine what the mood is like. it's obviously supremely good. lot of them finds have been outside the stadium file is already a lot of songs being sung, not all appropriate must be said, but the mood is definitely very, very good. and not really expecting anything else. the signal is germany, wembley couldn't get better than this. and both teams have been indicated that they're going to take the knee before the match. yes, those 2 guys, a hugely important step. i think speaking of the press conference yesterday, he said, not only would they take the knee and solidarity with being and team, but the england team that captain hurricane would also be wearing a rainbow combat. so it's important step. i think last has been made about this rivalry and the competition between the 2 teams, but i think also today. so i mean, it shouldn't be forgotten, is it both teams are standing for something bigger than
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a football much. let's talk about the match that this has been billed as the pick of the last 60 matches. what can we expect? while i think we can expect the same as we had yesterday? yes, there was one of the most exciting days in the tournaments. history left alone this but today i think when expect a slightly more know be a fat could go to texas time. i think if it goes to penalties, i'm not sure everybody can take that incredible atmosphere if that happens. but we've had a lot about football coming home, and tonight we will finally find out how long that will be the case for joseph harding at wembley stadium. thank you. well, you are a sort of huge shock on monday at switzerland reads the quarter finals after beating world champions france on penalties yon summer saved kenyan him back, pays a penalty to send his team through to the next round. friends had been 31 up with 15 minutes of normal playing time left, but this risk equalized with too late to go to 4th extra time. and now spain who
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beat croatia fi 3 in another extra time thriller. well, 1st, wimbledon also saw a few upsets in the men's draw well number for stefan. a fix it fast. when tom went out in straight sets to america's fancy, it was the, it was the great place. first round, defeated for women in business, and in small fits that meets the french open final and last from nova, just about set you up today coming up next to b, w. news, asia chai, this tax gearing up to celebrate 100 years of commies rule. so what can we expect from a celebration, and what message will they say? well, why this woman's efforts to help us get stamps, drug addicts, coachable victims, the countries instability, better spanish will have those stories and more in just a moment. i'll be back at the end of the day,
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the, the the news. the news news, news. news, news. the news. the
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news ah. kickoff is stabilize the defense in our modern wing back game changer. that dream come true. we've got 4 of them who are causing quite a stir in the book because after all, it makes a big difference on the page. in 60 minutes on the w. can you hear me know? yeah, yes we can hear you. and how is germans house that we bring you, uncle mack or as you've never had before, the price just so was was to is medical really was moved back and talk to people who follow along the way. admirers and critics alike. and how is the
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world's most powerful woman shaking her legacy? join us the macros last on the me and above all, how it feels, jewish life in europe. that's what film producer, owner and journalist goodman are exploring. delving into history and the present. i would never thought that could be live, so i suppose i need to remind myself because i grew up in a completely different way. broad. it's literally jewish in europe. the 2 part documentary starts july 5th on dw,
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the me they can see that the news a show coming up today, building up to an important antenna re, celebrations begin as the chinese communist party professor mark its 100 anniversary. in today's time, we look at paintings efforts to send a message of confidence to the world, and we are how its own citizens feel about the all powerful party. and the tragedy of drug addiction and gun is done. and why one woman's campaign to help the victims could be at risk. the news i bid energy welcome to did up the news asia. glad you could join us. chinese president, she didn't being has called a communist party members to follow marxist principles and lead the drive to make
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china and international power. his comments come to days, i had to federations of the 100 year anniversary of the communist party celebrations are already taken place, including a gal up performance, a being famous national stadium, also called the bud fist. exhibitions about the communist bodies history are open and other preparations are under way in central aging. security is tight in beijing. in the run up to this week's celebrations, traffic has been shut down. surveillance and security personnel numbers have been ramped up, but the streets decked out in touch real sick flower arrangements and national flags. people are being encouraged to capture the event on camera. flocking to a 10 pre 100 anniversary propaganda exhibition. it all seems to be having the desired effect on where do you want the communist party to stay in power for the
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next 100 years? yes, of course. why? i think the party is very good, is enabled us ordinary people to achieve happiness in our lives. so a cons, attend the july 1st celebration event and gentlemen square in person. i still feel very honored when i think about it. i went to gentlemen square a few days ago and it was spectacular. it really made me feel excited. if you're talking to the gentleman square, the scene of a deadly government crackdown in $1809.00 is close to businesses this week. it set to host the centenary celebrations main event on july 1st. but celebrations already started with a bang on monday evening. a lavish event, beijing's olympic stadium emphasize china's rise to economic and political prominence. and it was watched by thousands of spectators. always
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chinese national flag. on the same evening, several chinese cities staged light shows to mark the communist parties. history. and on tuesday, chinese president asian paying awarded loyal party members with metals. she loaded them to that selfless sacrifices in helping to achieve national independence and prosperity. and he called on all for a continued here and to marxism i, let's get more of this from corresponding with his building, which i've been from bay doing it is. it's very important milestone for the communist party, no doubt. but is it the same for chinese citizens as well? it's very hard to say how much chinese citizens really participate with interest in these celebrations. on the other hand, there's also no way to evade the whole city is under
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a special regime. during the celebration metro lines or stations have been closed, the roads are close to carry the delegates to participate in the celebration from one place to another. in the past year, i would say that the communist party might have made some gains and public opinion due to their response to cove. it people have at least seen that many things are not as bright outside of china as they used to seem. but most of the time, people keep their opinions to themselves. people have used to live with a party that does not allow descent. and they have found their ways to deal with it or do give us a sense of the place to the communist party has in ordinary chinese life. for instance, if you want to have career growth in your chosen profession,
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does it help to be a party member? if you choose a public korea, if you are work and state or enterprises, it definitely helps. on the centenary anniversary mathias. what is the message that the communist party is trying to send out to citizens and to the world in general? confidence, confidence, and confidence. that is what the communist party uses as the slogan often. and this is what they show this celebration is of course, massive is pompous, that is to show that the communist party is in control and to show off its achievement. this is one of the things that sees him ping has driven forward since he has come to power to make the communist party more visible, his predecessors have chosen to make the party more of an organization that is very
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powerful in the backseat. but that does not show itself that visibly to the outside world. we can see this, for example, some examples the, the, the hedge of the states in ping that official title is chairman, which is a very communist in english, it's translated as president, and there are many examples like to see jumping have reversed a lot of this trend and it makes the party more visible, more assertive inside and outside china. now there is no denying, of course that the china has made great progress in the last 100 years mathias. but is there any public discussion of the costs associated with it, such as tightening of government control and washing of descent and human rights violations against minorities. for instance, it is increasingly difficult in china to criticize the communist party. a lot of
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the discussions that were possible as, as 10 years ago, for example, on social media that was also monitored at the time. but the heart, a little bit of leeway, a lot of this is not possible anymore. and just had of this anniversary, the communist party has tightened its grip on well known dissidence. many of them have had, have had visits from the police, have been invited to the police and have been prevented to speaking. for example, to foreign media. there is of course, reason for suspicion that the communist party is not as confident as it seems to be . but it's a building a engaging thank you very much for that insight. and on thursday we'll be looking in detail of the 100 anniversary of the chinese communist party. so do join us for that on the w news. a sham turning to god is done now where continued conflict,
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political instability and a lack of economic opportunities have contributed to a growing drugs. problem. latest figures show, well over 10 percent of the population use drugs and that the numbers of female and child drug addict is increasing. i've got national la had already has been fighting to help drug addicts in the capital for 10 years without government or international funding. now that international troops, i'm leaving lena had already fears for the future of a rehabilitation facility earrings and because on atlanta, high diary is on her way to mother camp. it is one of the few privately run addiction facilities and caboodle. her diary founded another camp on her way. she pauses by poly sucked her bridge, where many drug addicts live a lima. it all that i'm up with. but other more told when i saw the bridge for the 1st time, it was like looking straight into the ranch,
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that i thought this is what hell looks like. i remember the people were lying on the ground like animals with dying friends. and they could have had promising life become dr. maybe there was there was another shock install for head diary. she hadn't seen her brother for a long time and found out that he was living under the bridge. high diary decided to take action. she wanted to help her brother and many of the addicts and caboodle almost everyone in the city of 4 and a half 1000000. know someone whose life has been destroyed by drugs rehabilitation center, located in western could boil instead, her son was once an addict himself. for 30 years he suffered from harry and tendency. but with high diaries help, he managed to kick the habit. now he manages the center in her absence. meet is not an addict. he has been here ever since. high diary found him as a young child in a garbage can on the side of the street most likely abandoned by his family. and he
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was to do both patients stay here for about 4 weeks. there is a lack of crossley medicines to eat their withdrawal symptoms. so patients usually have to make due with cold showers. we also have a lot of talks and music sessions. the high diary also has in mind to 10 after the rehab. she also runs through restaurant tosh. be gone, all employees are recovered addicts, the world helps them lead drug free lives and brings new perspectives. mohammed hussain is one of those who manage to turn his life around stuff. this is a special place for afghanistan, so we can feel pretty safe here. joy. i'm very happy to work in this place because here in the restaurant, it's just different. almost like
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a family that was on a, on a some take a tennis to the venue. the restaurant received threats from extremists also because it is run by women. and diary has managed to build what you said out to build. but the situation and if ganeth tent is unstable, he was crawl of international troops is under way and should be complete within the next few weeks. the 3rd but been her, so i was hoping to get on her. i'm pretty pessimistic about has gone on the future looking to get copeland really key as my the only one who can look to wants the future of the taliban that are, that are radical muslims. that harris county women was and d, as the mommy lane and the future is uncertain, but at least for now layla hi diary knows what she is going to do. so part those with a drug addiction and couple for as long as possible and
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that's it. and others, of course more websites dot com forward slash asia. believe me today, the visuals from cambodia of a pet lion that was rescued from its owner by authorities off the lines, images went viral on tick tock. the 18 month old dominion had been defined and v clawed so he could be kept as a pet in the capital pen. he was trying to load and let's take him to an animal shelter and see tomorrow by the the news. the news
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the fight against the corolla virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research information and contact the corona virus? because 19 special next on d. w. use crime fighters are back. african radio drama. continues stevens, a story focused on have speech, cholera, prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on e w africa, facebook page, and other social media platforms. crime fighters to noon now.
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ah ah me which drug help against cove? 19 if the top goal for medical researchers around the world, we have to develop several effective vaccines. but a cure has not yet been. why is it so difficult? so far doctors have tried drugs that have already been used for other viral diseases like h r v, bola, sars and influences. sometimes they can help, but they are not. the breakthrough medical x hurts are hoping for. ah, what we do know is that how well a drug works depends above all on when it is administered. in early stage, when the virus enters the body, multiplies, or a later face and body reacts with inflammation and immune defense. which is
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problematic because if you have a patients, you don't really know what to do and everybody tries to the base and they observe the patient and it helps off the symptoms. but there is no stem that recommendation so far. hospitals around the world are gaining experience with covered 19 and they're gathering data, and the hope that it will soon be possible to do more than just protect healthy people with a vaccination. hello and welcome tara covert 900 special. of course cobra berlin vaccination programs around the world, the strongest defense against the spread of the karone of ours. but treating.


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