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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  June 26, 2021 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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me the news . this is the w news live from berlin sentence for the murder of george floyd. relative say, disgrace ex cop derek shogun, should have gotten longer. 22 and a half years is not enough. we will serve the life. we can get george back. the former officer finally offers floyd's family, his condolences, hopes fade in the search for more survivors from a collapse department building in florida. nearly 160 people are still missing and germany police investigate a possible islamic motor when
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a man stabbing which killed 3 innocent passers bonds, the government calls it an attack on all humanity in all religion. ah, me a warm welcome. 12 years around the world on michael oak, who we begin in the united states, where former police officer derick chosen has been jailed for 22 and a half years for the murder of george floyd. floyd died after shogun kneeled on his back on his neck for almost 9 minutes. the judge says he base the sentence on children's abuse of his position and the cruelty he showed to his victim. wow! the world's gaze was fixed on minneapolis. courthouse. outside emotions were high on the sentencing day. in a case that had triggered traumatic memories,
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of many other cases of police violence in the u. s. george floyd's family called on the court to send a message. every day i have been suggested to be served really in the executing of george mason that please plan is suitable to give up the show. then the maximum field is possible showing remains silent during his trial, but now he addressed his victim's family. was in michael's as the port family there's going to be some other information in the future that would be of interest . and i hope things will give you some some peace of mind. there was silence on the streets outside and as the judge read out his ruling. and i want to acknowledge the deep and tremendous pain that all the
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families are feeling, especially the floyd family, the court committee to the cause, the commission of corrections for a period of 270 months as to 70. also, the judge added that he was facing the sentence on the law and not public opinion, but the question everyone was asking is 22 years enough for show vins crime. for some the sentence represented accountability, but now they will focus on the other officers involved employees, murder, but his family is outraged. 22 and a half years is not enough. we will serve the life since we can get george back. the murder of george floyd created anger and gave rise to one of the u. s. s. largest ever civil rights movements. one man has now been convicted for that crime . in many other cases, remain unresolved. these activists believe that in the us justice has not yet been served for more on this. so let's bring in joe hutchinson,
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a civil rights lawyer and black lives matter activists right here in berlin. thank you so much for joining us, mr. hutchinson. what's your assessment on the verdict? well, i think the fact that they're open was found guilty and sentenced to show us how much been outlier. this is the crime with obviously, horrendous. there were children involved. we only know the full facts because there was a 17 year old named or another fraser who took that video. so, you know, i think it's a positive thing or that there's at least accountability in this one case when we look systematically and realize that us please opposite kill. i think upwards of a 1000 civilians a year. and i've read other reports that in the last 15 or 16 years, derrick shogun is only the 11 on duty police officer to be held accountable for killing someone on duty. so well, i'm happy to see that it's worth accountability. and one case this,
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the sheer numbers and it's your scale of over up again shows that there's just so much more to do what message and impact will this very, to have you think in the united states? well, i think what we're seeing in the united states and abroad is that this deference, we get police officers, we should really start to question that, you know, i was reading after a french floyd was murdered. the initial police report was man, died after medical incident during police encounter. that is obviously very different from men killed after officer meals on his neck for 9 minutes. so what we're seeing is there's many people myself included who say we need to defend the police or we need to about the police and abroad. what we need to do, especially in a country like germany, where interior minister for that. we don't need to investigate allegations of police brutality here or reason for calling because the police don't break the law
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. the police are breaking the law. in some instances, we need other police officer to witness such things like the 3 police officers who watch their murder, george floyd. we need those police officers to speak up when they have the power. and we need everyone at all in all positions of authority to investigate these pieces when they come to life. you mentioned the state of affairs right here in germany. sir, you are leading right into my next question. we only have about half a minute left, but many have argued structural racism and races. police violence is also happening right here in germany. could this verdict be a turning point for the black lives matter movement here in europe as well? well, i think what we need is a turning point for mainstream society. black eyed matter has been very active in germany and elsewhere for many years, raising attention to each other who absolutely did not burn himself to death was strapped to a fireproof mattress, to the case of to fix a laugh, who was just killed and dumb. and course i should say died in police custody under
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mysterious circumstances that are not being investigated anymore by the prosecutor . and i also want to acknowledge the romani community that is grieving right now after the death of a man. it's come up in the czech republic. so we see it structural violence against marginalized people and processors and activists have been raising attends to this . now we need to main from community police officers, prosecutors and politicians to pay attention. that's jo hutchinson and civil rights floor right here in berlin. really appreciate your time. hopes are fading that any more survivors will be found in the rubble of the collapse department building in florida. officials had confirmed at least 4 deaths and nearly a 160 people are still missing. emergency workers are using rescue dogs and special listening equipment to search for signs of life. anguish is growing as people wait for news of their loved ones. firefighters are working in hazardous conditions to find somebody. if i could personally go out
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and dig, i would dig, but that is not safe for me or for the 1st responders or for the people that may still be alive. so this is the safe way to do it. and people of course, are desperate and they're willing to go out and dig themselves. but that is simply not possible. stacy fang was the 1st victim to be identified. she was taken to a hospital, but she died. her young son is among the few pulled out from under the debris and twisted mentally. the building crumpled when jonah handler, a high school student, was in bed. he managed to stick a handout and possibly by walking his dog spotted him. people are angry and confused and however then shall building could collapse without any warning. i have read the building and the whole land around it has been
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sinking for over 10 years. so that could have been a contributory factor. the local police are leading the investigation. experts say the building was 40 years old, and under miami low was undergoing inspection if the structure of other buildings in this area is similar. they to might be at risk highlighting now some other stories making news around the world that this our 3 members of doctors without borders have been killed in ethiopia, is war torn to grind region. at least a dozen aid workers have died since fighting broke out last november. the agency says its staff were brutally murdered. colombian president even do case as his helicopter was attacked near the border with venezuela, the defense and interior ministries were also on board. no group passed so far claimed responsibility, both left us rebels and drug smugglers are active in region.
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president joe biden has promised economic and political support to afghanistan after us troops leave meeting with afghan president ashcroft on the, at the white house fighting shed. the u. s. intended to sustain partnership with afghanistan, american forces are due to withdraw by september 11th. they want what they want. a 2 week walk down, ease in force in sydney to contain the highly contagious delta variant of the krona virus. new restrictions apply to more than 5000000 people in australia's biggest metro area. at least 80 cases have been reported, most are linked to a limousine driver infected well taking airline crew to a quarantine hotel. sidney journalist, roger maynard says health authorities are especially worried about the delta variant, because australia remains largely unvaccinated. the vaccination in the roller is still pretty slow. it has to be said. the latest figures are about only 5 percent
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of the population of any one jet. and that's partly because of the shortage of supplies the, the government didn't order enough to begin with. and then the vaccine hesitancy, a lot of the vaccinations at the moment was and people worried about blood clots that associated with the, with the bars. with all of that, a lot of people deciding that they won't take the jet now the way to supplies a fire arriving in greater quantity and have the jack burns. so there's a lot of hesitancy, and that's one reason why the vaccination roll up hasn't happened as quickly as they're monitored. meanwhile, the cost of this to lockdown is expected to be at least $2000000000.00. and if the outbreak continues, then the lockout could be extended well beyond that journalist, roger maynard reporting there from sitting here in germany, police are investigating a possible islamic terror motive for a mass fabbing. 3 women were killed in
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a department store and at least 5 other people seriously wounded in pittsburgh, in southern state of bavaria. the german government says it was a horrific act directed at all humanity and all religion. the stabbing attack happened in the very center of its book. the morning after residence. our insured report, say a 6 year old boy was among the wounded piano to finance. our shop is just over there and we saw how the young people were running away, panicking, and then they stopped again to see what was going on. it was unclear for a long time what was happening. then they all started screaming that somebody is stabbing people. that isn't sudden either. we were almost right in the middle of it . we were walking down the stairs and then we heard the gunshot. i told my husband, this was a gunshot. when we came out of the house, we saw the police arrested, the attacker authority say, the suspect is a 24 year old somali man with
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a history of mental illness. he was undergoing compulsory psychiatric treatment, but they said they were also examining a possible islamic motivation for his act, the various, the premier thank the pass us by who tried to stop the attack. he also said there were many open questions that's been particularly impressed by the courageous acts of many citizens who tried to confront the perpetrator. and also tried to keep him at bay. that was a particularly impressive commitment. now we need to find out the exact circumstances and the motive stuff in the state and national law enforcement are already investigating. what was the attacker's state of mind? how could this happen with, especially in the variance wondering the same thing? how could this happen? one of the biggest questions here in germany as election approaches is of course, who will replace transfer angle and medical candidates when the main parties are
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about to debate their approach to foreign insecurity policy. armin lasha of metals conservative see to you and lena bear bulk of the greens and all of shots of the social democrats are going ahead and head to head. you can follow the event live in english, on our youtube channel d w. news beginning at 1530 u t. c. sports now and wind surfers have been back in action in the swallow world comp. competitors faced off in israel after an 18 month break. wind speeds of 30 not meant optimal conditions. for the 1st time, men could choose between fast but difficult to control foils, or more steady fans, frenchman, nikolai, or yar on the right there. one the men's competition using foil, sarah freed up and now we all most for one the women's titles.
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you're watching d. w. news coming up next. how were sports coach on the island of less pose? he's giving refugees into strength through soccer. that's on reporter.


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