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so much more than what you think, you know, i would never have thought that i signed freely and closely remind myself because i grew up in a completely different way. broad explorer, the stickers, jewish and the 2 part documentary starts july 5th on dw the this is d w news, and these are our top stories. hooper and one from a us police officer there show them has been sentenced to 22 and a half years for the murder of georgia. lloyd sentencing incentive show of an in minneapolis judge pay the whole city based isn't making decision on sharpens a piece of his position. and the cruelty showed to his big family's lawyer hailed
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the sentencing as the turning point for racial justice in the us. president joe biden has described the sentence as appropriate, the germans police say 3 people have been killed and several others injured in a knife attack in the city of boats. book passes by confronted the attacker who is said to be a 24 year old somali man with a history of mental illness. he has been arrested the death toll from the collapse of the miami apartment block has risen to 4 while more than 150 people remained. unaccounted for. the rescue workers are still searching the rubble of the seaside condominium for survivors, heavy machinery rescue dogs and special listing tools are being deployed. the cause of the collapse is not known. this is the w news from berlin. there is a lot more on our website at is to be found a d, w dot com the
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world. even when he's not in the room, vladimir putin seems to cause trouble. you lead us today rejected a joint proposal from germany and france at brussels restart meetings with the russian president. but the leaders didn't just say no, it was more like you want to sit and watch with who you to out of your minds. so what we're angle america manual macro thinking, and how did they miss read the room so badly? i'm fil gail in berlin and this is the day oh, there was no consensus for quick e rushes, so i will not participate in the meeting with me. putting myself in that this is not about rewarding the kremlin understand power politics. the kremlin does not understand 3 concessions as
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a sign of strength. we will engage russia when it is in our interests to do so. to achieve our goals, it seems to me like we try to engage the beer. do keep apart 12 newspaper ah. also on the day recovering, but still unwell studies show that up to 10 percent of people who become from cobra 19 to want to suffer from long coping where symptoms persist a month. the simplest of tasks can represent a feat of strength close, and i biggest wishes that people start taking it serious thing that they don't dismissive and say, she's just being silly. she just has to stand up again and get a grip. and my 2nd wishes that politicians and researchers also take it to heart on that further research just pushed the welcome to the day, the leaders of germany and france have been rebuked by fellow e. you had during
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a fraud summit in brussel. i'm going to medical and the manual macross said to blindsided their counterparts with a suggestion that the block should hold talks with rushes. vladimir putin. these relations between the a, you and russia at an old time allow the past that they wanted to keep the lines of communication open. and many leaders, particularly from the use eastern member states, said a meeting with coach in were talk like russia was being rewarded for its recent provocations. the chancellor told reporters she was disappointed. that's getting a fun. i think he could have taken a very different view of what's being proposed. it doesn't matter whether it's us speaking with the russian president or the us president speaking with him. he didn't offer the russians any gift. if i may put it like that. i'm saddened by that because it shows that we don't have the trust amongst ourselves that needed to know that we do have the self confidence required to conduct such tools on all the class
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. we need to work on that the on this and all that. well, i'm going to was disappointed the manual macro came out fighting. he said it was absurd that the u. s. and russian presidents should hold talks about europe without europe. is that unless you see a president bite and meeting president who in a few weeks ago, i told my friends around the table, but he didn't ask for your opinion if we will leave a meeting together. and that's not shocking to you. like i'm in it all, you were the odd ones here. we let other people talk about arms control on our territory. and we are not at the table. what an odd way to talk about power. and at the same time, are we effective is going to know, but we could be a muslim macros proposal. source with him was just shut down by numerous national data is a sample of some of their deeply skeptical comments. i don't mind meeting with some of the protein by the 2 presidents. i will not participate in the meeting with me.
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putting myself, we need certain steps. also coming from the russian direction, the dialogue fell apart in 2014, along with the annexation the illegal annexation of the crimea. there's ongoing warfare in the numbers area. these are the issues that need to be addressed and then we can speak with russia. it will send very uncertain and best signal to our partners, for example, for example, eastern partnership countries. so this is the reason why, you know, it seems to me like we try to engage the beer, to keep a bottle of honey safe. let's take a closer look at this with the w's at brussels correspondent, bob revised. welcome, barbara, would it be fair to say that those countries closest to russia with a most vocally opposed to inviting the honey back into the lava?
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absolutely. so because they have experience of their bears behavior, they know that he tends to come in and help themselves. so stuff the people in crimea and eastern ukraine. and of course, in early times the, the people of the baltic states is so they deeply suspicious of law. you may have who to notify ations. they also observe his behavior and his aggression with fear. of course, it is more than just trepidation. there is some real fear there and it makes them nervous. so what they want is the unite you to be united and push him back with all their force enough to invite him in. okay, so let's, let's look, let's look at the way that this somebody went, because this was a proposal, but not only talking you latest by surprise, but it also blew up in macklin macros spicy. so we'll separate those 2 elements to start with. one. why did the german and french leaders choose to blindside their
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colleagues in this way? it's very simple. the buy them to do some. it is just over a week ago. so they saw that, you know, the united states are back talking to putin directly. this was the 1st summer after a trump had the horrendous one in hell. thank you some years ago and that the united states are trying to sort of establish a line of talk at least at exchange. and so they thought he is doing that. we should be doing that because we really are the neighbors of russia. we are really the ones who are concerned by russian behavior and aggressiveness. we really have to deal with it. we are the ones who have not put up the sanctions against russia after they the annexation of crime in 2014. so it was like those used to is strategic considerations that lead the 2 leaders to the
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point saying let's just go ahead and say we'll, we'll call out after the us rush summit, we'll call a new rational semen. and they, in that process completely misjudged the feeling in many other member states. and they didn't have time to take time to take the waters before as you usually do. and so it blew up in their faces, leaving them with egg on these faces. because this is the other part of it, is it, it we blew up in the face is how did they get it so wrong? just complete political misjudgment. they sought to, you know, be the 2 big countries feeling a bit stronger feeling a bit more secure in their positions than the eastern european countries that this would be the right thing to do. they must've thought that they would get to be other support on this. and they didn't do what you usually do,
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get on the phone call around the neighboring capitals and introduce your ideas carefully and listen to what the others say. so what happened actually was that this week, when on wednesday the you ambassador is met, who are the ones who prepare those summit meetings and it sort of blew up like a hand grenade in every faces. and it was a long night and very acrimonious as we heard it because they, they could somehow couldn't come to the conclusion that this would fly. so the leaders microns and mackerel went into the summit. well, knowing that they had something on the table that they hadn't sort of really prepared well with their colleagues, and that would likely was likely not to fly. and there was a lot of emotion. and so russia debate went on 4 hours yesterday. there was a lot of emotion in the room, so they had really unleashed something there. so the, the shocking thing about this for me, is that i'm going to math. it was positive face. this is the safest pair of hands.
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a new your did. it makes you wonder was ok, so she stepping down in september she she just she just taken her off the ball in a way. yes. it seems that the probably several sectors there that one is that she of course is known to be the puting whisperer in the european union. she's done so in the past was a certain amount of success. and maybe she thought, you know this little, this little bit of time that she has to less than office. she might still do something useful. she might still sort of talk to him and, and sort of get some movement into those. absolutely frigid and deep frozen relationships, but relationship between the 2 sides. that's one aspect. the other aspect, of course is that power is sliding from her. that is the normal process. everybody knows they're going to be elections in 2 months in germany. and so had she been at
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the height of power, the rejection might not have come quite as strongly. but of course she is sort of losing place in the way that she can't really tell anybody any more what to do and what not to do. and so it was just, it miss judgment. grave miss just miss judgment also and her but she bore and bravely and she said, it's ok. this is just what happens. but it's certainly not the way she wants to go . right. and she's unusual. this isn't it. it is unusual that because france and germany usually regarded as the engine of europe, it is unusual for a joint proposal like this to be so roundly slapped down. it is unusual. i mean, this is a relatively singular case, but i mean, something you should keep in mind. phil is that of course, a lot of the smaller countries, more often than not fuel steamroller by proposals that are made by the 2 big ones friends in germany, particularly if they sorta appear in the room. you know,
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arms linked, no suspicion rises and the heck of many other countries immediately rise is so they have to be more careful. they usually they usually are. they usually prepare themselves better. and this is something that they just, they just made a big mistake and they sort of, it was a misstep and they sort of did nothing to, to foster their cause. so to dean, the relationship was put in and the you are really back into the deep phrase, obviously in brussels as ever. thank you. the, let me take you to the central american nation of el salvador, which is soon to become the 1st country in the world to adopt the crypto courtesy. bitcoin as legal, tender from september, people will be able to pay for goods and services with either bitcoin or the national currency, which is the us dollar. though it's optional, people who adopt the currency by me, a bit coin wallet. we see the equivalent around $30.00 as a start
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a bonus. suppose this including el salvador, president a say it'll help citizens abroad. spend money home, easier. remittances already account for a quarter. the country's g, d, p. movies facing resistance from the world bank. i m f and opposition parties of a bit, coins notorious volatility and the lack of protection for its uses and presidents at night became a has cold. he's plant bullet proof and says opponents only trying to so fear into the population has been a bit of a georgie campaign around this. the salaries will be paid on pensions will be paid in big kinds. this is not true. both salaries and pensions will continue to be paid and us dollars in the people who send remittances as well as the people who receive them. know the remittances have commissions. they pay high costs for sending, and i've several problems doing so with big coin. these problems are eliminated such a strange story this let's exploit with rohand gray,
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who is vice chair of the digital currency global initiative. welcome to the w. i'm what do you think is the thinking behind this idea? well, i think this is a president who is, is very interested in his popular image. he's very interested in looking young and kind of the times and it looks like he had interactions with a number of coin advocates who basically convinced him that this would be a good idea whether or not it's actually the way to deal with the problem. remittances is i think, a very different question, but it's notable that the announcement for this was made out of between conference in miami, not to the people of el salvador and the bill itself was drafted. i think, you know, mostly by bit coin because so i think in many respects this is a solution in such a problem. because when you look at the whole world of economics, which is a close book to most of us, isn't one of the great things about having your own stable currency. that is one of
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your major economic leave as you're in charge. so if the economy is tanking control of money supplies, one of the things that you can do to try and control things and who's in charge of be coin. well, one of the things about the point is that it's designed to be inherently deflationary. which means if you, if you've got to, you know, you're going to have more and more of the lion's share purchasing power within that system. so right now about 3 quarters of the coin purchasing power is already in existence and held by a very small number of active. so it's not really kind of probably gallon carrying in that sense. but it is important to know that el salvador is already dollar eyes, which means it's already seated some degree of monetary sovereignty to the us dollar. but to the extent that that's not the best way to try to improve the prospects of el salvador and political sovereignty. bitcoin is even what be clean goes even further. because not only is it an external currency, but it's a hard currency, it's inherently deflationary. it doesn't have the properties of an elastic public
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monetary system like even the united states dollar has for el salvador today. what do you think of the evictions from the i m s and the world bank? well, i think they go to a deeper problem, which is that this bill was ram through a sort of, you know, yes, man parliament with bailey any time for any discussion at all. and it's ironic to me to hear, i'm president kelly, talk about it being bullet proof because the plan itself isn't even clear at this point when, when it was initially proposed. the idea was to run on another stable coin in dependent because called tether as the sort of intermediary bridge in and out of be coin in us dollars. and now they're talking about using an entirely different company that hasn't been vetted, hasn't been discussed. so it looks to me like they're making things up as they go along. this is the idea of a bullet proof plant. i'd hate to see one that is under for that. interesting, there isn't it because central banks around the world are starting to take crypto currency. seriously. there was an answer from the bank of england that is looking
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at the creation of digital money. whereas china has just band crypto currency transactions. i want you to be apparently contradictory stance. is makes sense to you. yeah, i think there's a through line and the 3 line is that certain kinds of private currencies like be coined while bullet's file aren't really a serious threat to public monetary systems. precisely because a they've all a tile and b because they're not integrated within our daily commercial activities, paying taxes going to court, getting your payroll, all of those kinds of things. the real threat. and i think this is where countries around the world have really united and sort of revived interest in their own. digital currency is with private assets that are denominated in public money. so stable coins like have like circle and even to an extent mobile money thing as services like we chat and alley pay,
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they're the ones that can really threaten the sovereignty of public money because they function like public money. but they're issued by private actor. and in that sense, people often don't tell the difference just like we use, the bank deposit says money today. so that's the real challenge. in my opinion, it's actually not the big coins of the world that are going to be most dangerous. it's the stable coins and things that are looking and walking and talking like public mom. and if you look at the el salvador example, that's exactly what they're trying to do with this new wallet. she by the creating, used to say, oh, you can transfer in and out of be coins and dollars. so you won't even notice in reality there's going to be some sort of stable coin serving as the glue. and that's the weakest link. very interesting. i'm not sure i'm going to take a bit of time to just think about through, but thank you so much for explaining that to us that ron gray from the digital currency global initiative. thank you so much. the here in germany, the number of new corona virus cases is dropping fast,
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but for many of had the disease and recovered, it doesn't and there for them life, it covered 970 just beginning initial studies show that 10 percent of people who get it end up getting long, covert a chronic condition caused by the virus with our range of life. the missing effects including trouble breathing. and our next report will meet one young woman who's battling the condition. she calls it ever been written with a i all we're talking about your 100 best oxygen defies. the 25 year old suffers from long covered and she has a heart the fact today, month after her initial covered infection, she needs extra oxygen even when only doing small shows like vacuum cleaning. without that device, she can get severe breathing difficulties. with the bone one moment i'm of the most worrying moment was ones when i was taking a shower. the hot steam,
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maybe even thinner. i started crying because i couldn't breathe anymore. i fell out of the shower. it felt like trying to breathe that nothing was coming in, but according to initial studies, about 10 percent of covered patients have similar symptoms. your hannah now got in contact with some of them via the facebook. they often suffer from constant extortion and lack of concentration months after the initial infection. your highness, case, the symptoms are so severe that the 25 year old expects never to be able to work as a tex assistant again. it's just sort of a mental and i suspect it will come down to an early pension or the full or partial . i don't know yet. i would like to walk right now. i'm just not capable and happy if i manage to get out of bed for 4 to 6 hours, depending on the day. but mostly i lie in bed and that's a vision buttoned big machine for the
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in addition to her physical symptoms. and as i also suffered mentally from her illness, she therefore talks to a psychologist every week. he has already helped several long covet patients. i've not been with cooper when we now have a new group of chronically ill people in our society. this will have an impact on all kinds of levels time it will be noticeable on the labor market and in terms of their participation, it is crucial that these people are not left behind. also, with regards to the financial situation, even on the wrong. your highness either hopes that her application for an early pension will soon be accepted and that she will be met with more understanding when it comes to long coverage. close to my biggest wishes that people start taking. it's serious that they don't dismissive and say, she's just being silly. she just has to stand up again and get a grip. and my 2nd wishes that politicians and researchers also take it to heart on
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that further research as push for you. in a few weeks, she shouldn't know whether her early pension has been recognized until then. she continues to be on sick leave. oh, can you seeing an alarming surgeon covered 19 cases pushing a health providers to the brink. health officials, a warning that the delta very 1st identified in india is responsible for this increase its thought to be more contagious than previous periods. the w mary of bullet visited a hospital in consumer where oxygen is in short supply screams for more oxygen. the intensive care unit in keys sooner. hospital, one of the biggest, in kenya, nurse nicholas piano has seen a 3rd of his covert patients die. you might think of if you might think the patient
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is improving. they might talk to you in one second and then they're just collapse and die. the i see you is for a piano and his colleagues overwhelmed. they just lost another patient with the hearing patients calling from oxygen here in this intensive care, going up from there about 15 people who are struggling for their lives. and we just had to witness how the body has been removed out of a room full of patients. and as you can see, the same as quickly been filled again. the hospital director is worried. they need to 5 times more oxygen and far more high flow oxygen machines than they have. and we in africa need those high flow devices. they're very expensive for them. we lose lives that could be saved because these devices are not available. health officials believe the number of others because this is much higher than recorded, especially in villages or people can't afford the transport to
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a hospital. you need to move to. well, jennifer, away g bird. her younger sister, 2 days ago, it went very fast. says a bad headache, fever, shortness of breath would be when it all started on a sunday when you were in church. she felt unwell by the time saturday came, it was too much for her to bear. she was taken towards the door and the same day she died in death has come to this village. residents say there's been 50 barrels here in recent weeks. the only oxygen planned in the region has reached breaking point and won't be able to meet an increasing demand. i'm getting so many courses from the person will need to do will need to be home to people of the regular us. if you don't use them as much as possible,
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then the next few minutes and we'll be gone back at you soon was little. there are some good news. a patient who's been dependent on oxygen for weeks will be released soon. somebody should not. your cut out and that is not, this thing is really when you want to take life, just say to remove whatever they're giving you where you are in sentiment, then you feel you luck was on his side and the health system. so overstretched. luck is what these patients will need and finally, more than 100000 people took the streets of tel aviv on friday to celebrate pride. spicer based increasing corona virus cases in israel and the parents wanting of an attack on the bright shoulder before it began. it was the city's 1st pride events. spencer thought of the coven pandemic evidence was colorful as usual.
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ah, this is a well known game coach on this posted the biggest great in the middle east, in recent years. it had to be cancelled last year. because the way it was today is compensation continues online to find is on twitter at the w use. use use
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the news. the news the the ah, it's the old re legal car on german rose victoria. the german person has no mercy. not even for the wheels. it's time for another technical field. the band. victoria's registration
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next to the point of strong opinions, clear positions, international perspective, sunny days, bomb the evenings, crowded football stadium. swimming and inspection rates are looking pretty good this summer in europe until a new variant of carpet made paris. how sadly is delta our topic on to the point to the point dw, ah, cruise or we can we of course carry climate change. while the station in the rain forest continued
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carbon dioxide emissions have risen again. young people all over the world are committed to climate protection. what the impact will because change doesn't happen on its own use to make up your mind. w. for mind. the death of the family. in watch out all the children whose we are living during the most extraordinary time in history transport
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