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[000:00:00;00] ah does, ah, this is the w news lie from berlin, count down to the end of a career in politics. uncle michael is about to deliver for lack of speech as german chancellor to parliament. michael will not be standing for reelection and preparing to step aside. after 16 years in office. we will bring you full coverage of her address. ah,
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i'm send me some kind of welcome to our special coverage in just a few minutes. uncle america will deliver what is expected to be her last speech to parliament as durham minute chance. we're going to bring some live pictures here from the bond to stock where parliament is again session. you see the president there was i'm sure glad you're speaking. he's going to be introducing the chancellor. now i'm going to, we're as head of the german government to spend almost 16 years. and as many of you know, germans are due to go to the polls in september to elect a new parliament. but under the medical is not running for office. ok, we're keeping a close eye on that session in parliament. but we have our chief political editor michelle prisoner here with us in studio. michelle, if we wait for the chancellor to speak, what do you think we can expect last regular speech in parliament? i think she will keep it as regular as possible. i see already. he's disappointed to the degree when she had her last. thompson question time yesterday. and there were no words of wisdom, there was no legacy building. reading that she was
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a very upbeat and actually having a bit of fun in parliament asking questions from all different directions. and today she has work to do. she has to explain why domini, in france, i'm proposing the 1st summit with russia since 2014 no bilateral meetings between the u. per se. and russia have officially taken place that came as a last minute proposal. so she will have to explain to do. and i think will be very interesting also what she has to say on china. i would expect her to steer clear of making the sounds like a long goodbye, as far as she's concerned, and waving goodbye has taken place on the other side. she's not engaging in this yet. wouldn't really be in line with her character would have been what you think likely last speech. explain why that is that because if everything goes according to plan and there is a new german government just also the 26th of september. yes, it's her last but last time we saw that it can take months for coalition to be formed here in germany. so she might well,
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the still be head of that government come the next summit in in the autumn. and i see that the chance of michael is just stepped up to the podium though. so let's go right to parliament and listen into her speech. and i have the became from one of it was fun to me and awesome. nothing on the internet involved, even when i started to nashville within the g 7. and i say 20 in the, you know, now you ought to be not just in germany, monthly or yearly member countries, infection rates are significantly less talk about it's almost the same time you see an increase of those people who are already vaccinated. when this, this reason for some optimism, the pandemic isn't over yet, and above all, to the poor countries of this world. but we,
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in europe and in germany are still on the same ice. we need to remain meals and mutations, particularly the new delta a very and stuff i needed to be cautioned. so we need to be cautious because in the course of the pandemic, and this is also one of the center points of the european deliberations. first, the international kobe certificate in made together with the european parliament we agreed on a format which will be valid throughout europe, very important signals. technically, the certificate could also be implemented just before the summer holidays from the 1st of july. it will be in the binding applicable from germany has done its homework. thanks to all of those worked on this by now. almost 30000000 because digital certificates have been assigned to the health minister told me last night
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by pm. it's 29200000. and so we have lived up to our claims done not to develop a joint european standard, both for those who are vaccinated for those who have recovered the people generally in this way. and we can generally decides for each member country which right to give to those people. and now we're looking at the world wide distribution of acts in such as an the subjects will be discussing the counselor meeting starting today. 2 weeks ago, at the g 7 meeting and co most center, very strong signal provide that we know pandemic, and only be vanquished globally. and the key to doing fascination by so therefore, it's important that mind 2020 to 2300000000 lacks in time the may possible distributed by the g 7 countries to the poorer countries. but it remains
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very important. we have joined purchasing of vaccines in europe. let me re emphasize any other option might in the short run have given the advantages to one or the other member countries, but living in the single market that would have been victim into the sector when you want to move on to you. sorry, we come so often and so from the european union has been and will remain the biggest export of axioms globally. we didn't get close to so many different barriers was to bunch of 1000000000 years. germany is also the 2nd largest donor of the a c t accelerator. and phase 2200000000 years. 1.6000000000 has been provided for the vaccination column of kovacs, the international oxidation alone. and we also decided $30000000.00 doses
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vaccine will be given to coven, or primarily, at least before the end of the year. we also have to make sure i ask your opinion as we increase the global vaccination rate. germany is actively committed to, together with south africa as coaches of the high ranking working level that kovacs, i'd say, the business i am convinced on the basis of licenses we can pretty quickly like increase the vaccine available and wherever politically suspension of fatten is the past i consider to be wrong and move the way in which i live today. we need vaccines for everybody as quick as possible all over the world. we will also in the future, need to rely on the development of axioms. and the only way this can be done is if the protection of intellectual property isn't suspended,
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but is maintained with miles on the team. i would also like to welcome our team europe initiative to promote the production and launch one system in south africa, which used to support with 1000000000 juris. this is an investment infrastructure, production capacity training and many more things. and this is the only way to give africa the tools they need to help themselves and later this will apply to other vaccines as well. not just the 3rd 1st lesson from the crisis unit the commission. last time we presented a statement for our deliberations and the council where they met at the give us their view and the member countries with their municipal just clear it's not before . the panoramic is behind the debate about lessons to be learned, can only constitute an initial step of what has to be
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a longer informal performance process. but it's the 1st step which is important and our ability and willingness to engage. and we'll decide how in the european union is going to mark the challenges a seminar, in particular, how we can do so, jointly from the very beginning. because independent make, after the 1st shock, it was national endeavors and action that determines what we did before. we adopted the joint pain rate today. we know we can do better and we willing to bet that is going particularly in response to crisis protection. the shang, and agreement, a single market out. these are all areas where we need to discuss how to strengthen europe's ability. it's important that at this european council meeting we start talking about tonight and be well coordinated, very friends and restrictions unnecessary. they may be starting to slowly
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push comes to shove in the future. this has to be done more quickly. but we do have to meet even today. we on sufficiently well overnight when it comes to people traveling to europe. some countries, particularly from the areas where the virus is prevalent, we didn't coordinate well enough and i will mention that the main thing, but it's an absolute necessity to do things. because an area where freedom is one of the most important, but also most sensitive achievements, of course. the collision also has proposals for improve calling this response prices reaction as far as public health is concerned in germany. suppose the establishment of a health unit and the development of a new health emergency preparedness and this response already hearer in the votes for economy recovery. and that also is one of the subject to
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this concept that we have the n g you next generation to you agreement. and this has demonstrated solidarity. and also that europe over time succeeds an extra crisis when you, when demanded an extraordinary response from the european union, which we gave them. and we'll give him this was again to be a euro summit and what we call the inclusive format. in other words, if any other member countries participating, what this is, so we will be continuing the discussion about economic recovery status of the banking union, the capital market union. these will be some of the subjects the finance ministers have already prepared this and the person of the group will be present after rhetoric rectification of the own resources agreement by all member countries of the european union. and let me take this opportunity of thanking the jump parliament supported. but now as a result of this agreement, the commission is able,
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empowered by the countries to take out loans in the financial market 2 days ago in germany. this is also been positively assessed and has not been so much to the federal counselors that can change the 1st 1000000000 has already been placed by the commission most my country has also submitted the national recovery resilience plans, including the german one which has already been assess fine by the us by name, but let me re emphasize we are sticking to what we agreed last year before the funds can be made available. it's crucial that the relevant national recovery resilience plans are cautiously set up over to forward looking. and in any further assessment of the stance by the council, this is what we'll be looking for because it's not just to invest money, but also to reform with these funds,
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chemically. and also the recovery plan needs to be used in order to prepare the ground in new york, which is sort of future to catch up what we lost. so plans for recovery will enter in particular green renew. digitalization because we know when we transform to a, digitized green economy will be viable and competitive for the future. and i do some gentlemen today putting me up when we are beginning to see that we'll emerge on the good fun important council meeting. we are looking not just as economy recovery, but also turns on some of the other issues important to europe. one of them it goes without saying is the issue of migration that when reforming the common european assign them policy should assign a system. we mustn't slackening. however difficult the debate is not stay with us for some time to come here or there for welcome to fact,
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we have come closer to establishing john european assign them agency. and the council meeting this, we are going to focus on cooperation with the countries of destination on transit in the european mar, phone service, for example, will be cost to be given a concrete steps and the timeline for setting up such cooperation with all these key countries you wouldn't expect the commissioner to submit a concrete proposal home to fund all the migration and cooperation between the european union in turkey. 3.7000000 syrian refugees registered turkey, and it is clear that the current coming my grades are issues can only be solved on august. now, as we had already agreed in march, we as the european union showed quickly implemented dialogue agenda and to
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promote our corporation where we share in. and this also means that we need to continue with our talks on culture realized customs, even if they're come climate protection combating terrorism are also part of this. it's a strategic corporation which we need to do on full, despite the fact that i had profound differences between us and to give when it comes to fundamental human rights of human rights is another important is to inform policy terms is our relationship with russia. european council meeting the discussion which was in may, will be continued. commission on european foreign service, submitted a discussion paper, which in particular will no longer say to the relations hope that the council meeting we will be events in recent months. and i'm not just speaking with germany, but they have made clear, and it's not sufficient to have an uncoordinated response to the many different
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russian actions that we need to create mechanism. so we can stand united and provide the united onset of occasions to see in the way in which we can learn to withstand the many hybrid attacks coming from russia by 10 years later. an agenda of join strategic, interesting to be defined, for example, when it comes to protection, but equally when it comes to pace and security and resolving the situations in those living area. okay. so it is undeniable not to me on the basis of its close political situation, the submitting to the countries of eastern europe. we have responsibility with the to the countries, the ukraine, and the countries in the east and book. and so it is up to us to provide the appropriate onset to rational publication. i think as a european union, it is necessary for us to seek direct contact with russia and the rational president. it's not enough if the american president joe biden talks to the russian
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president, which are welcome to union, also needs to create format for dialogue. because even putting them in the colleagues not be g 7 summer from $11.00 to 13, june and coleman and the nato summit. on 14 june, we discussed extensively how to deal with both russia since the last 7, somebody in 201930. the world was calm down as a great number of christ all over well, requiring close agreements between the partners. i'm not more than ever, even. it's particularly important for the g 7 this year to have demonstrated that it's a close alliance of values. really, you know, the standing formality that i've discussed him are going to russia. it also entails the relationship with china. that's going to be $700.00 wishes to find
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a way of resolving the challenges in relationship with china. we're also convinced that interest values that are many countries in the world that could be given a better off of cooperation for months than china. for example, as the g 7 countries, we would like to help fund sustainable infrastructure and developing countries and to tom is going to work out a proposal for the next year. germany is going to g 7 meetings and initial results with the model. and not only for this, you have to do certain meetings, time of protection and the protection of the people because we know not even in our country to make sure tractors from the fact that we are indeed facing a huge global challenge. it's about no more or less and the future of all my good. the g 7 countries are jointly committing to climate newtonics by 2050 at the latest and in germany,
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we are going to be on this target 26 and glasgow will show just how far we've got keeping the somebody get inside. that's an advocate g 7. countries are also raising the climate funding internationally prospectively, germany's contribution which is currently full 1000000000 euros and it's going to be raised by 2025 at the latest to the level of 6000000000 years around 6. and that is a very strong signal credibility and also need to summit and t multi lateral cooperation was just to give the alliance to open the new chapter in the atlantic corporation within the city. and to clear a pass for the strategic alignment of nato with a view to the future decade. all this is expressed in the mandate and by the same summit in 2022. a new strategic concept is elaborated as well as the packet of
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measures for nato 2013. so that i would like to thank thomas, my dear, for the preparatory work and the record of the reflection grades. i didn't post my notes from my point of view in all of these, what really matters is cool jobs and the primary challenges. what nature really focuses on for me that's from every russia, but also a conflict about fragility. not proximity. central asia, middle east, the saw who northern africa, and of course, the threat is coming from cyberspace and from britain space need to be countered. and the increasing importance of china to be taken into account. this is in our direct interest in germany and because nature is and will remain an irrepressible guarantee deisel peace and stability in europe.
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germany will continue to make it contribution in political as well as military. and this is why it was necessary that all efforts regarding defense spending are consistently continued. so we are complying with the obligations of the lines and to fulfill what we need to do so security in europe. in on a more monet dilemma, countries achieving the 2 percent different spending targets reset in wales. and in the next 2 years, germany with the active material. ladies and gentlemen, we scott months behind us where there were many new multilateralism. and i'm convinced that as a community of nations, we can only be successful in combating the challenges of pandemic and all the other big jobs ahead of us jointly. a summer in europe in union, she'll be a strong partner. this is one today and tomorrow we'll be working on in brussel.
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thank yes, the isn't just me and we've been watching a german chancellor angle, a medical delivery. what is likely to be your last speech to parliament? she is preparing to step down after 16 years in office, and we heard johnson marco there touching a broad array of topics, including the vaccination campaign here in germany, also europe and some of the big items on the agenda for her upcoming european summit, which is also likely to be one of her less and less listen and we're hearing from applause here. again, this is for laughter, speech and doing for this is the earliest
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more or she political editor and michelle has been watching this with us. mikaela, you ahead of that speech predicted this would be a very regular address to parliament and it appeared that it was except for that little bit at the under that longer applause. right? yes, that's a very long applause that katie was driven by her own c. d. u c. s u conservative union, but many of those and peas, no. and also protecting. looking at the opinion polls right now. some likely not to be part of this parliament again, but for sure. they know that they are invited to see uncle michael in that spot once again. so one unusual thing is that he facts to my name is. yeah. who is germany? he's actually one of our closest allies from day one. and he was german defense minister. he was also interior minister and he just did quite a bit of work on nato's new strategic outlook so that the fact that she thanked him by name is highly unusual. and i think it's the only real hints we got here, that she too, is actually in a goodbye mode, thanking those closest allies. but apart from that,
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it was really hard taking stock. if you listen to this address of what the key challenges off germany and for europe at this moment in time in the world right now . and a lot of that is on the agenda when you lead me to brussels. yeah, she definitely was taking stock there. let's go over to our correspondent, nina, how's it? who is in the german parliament? she was listening into the speech for us there and she can join us now or to give us some of her impressions. you know, we don't see you yet. i hope you can hear us if you can the question, what was the atmosphere like? ok, great. so, so what was that was for like there in parliament just now? well, it is as always, almost underwhelming. if you think about the fact that this could be a historic day could be her last address to parliament. but this is so very much, uncle michel. she delivers her point that she wants to make everybody listens as a bit of applause here and that,
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but it's basically very much business as usual. and this is probably something that you have to explain to other countries around the world. because of course, it doesn't happen very often that here in germany, we have the last speech of a raining chancellor in parliament. america has been in power for 16 years, 100 coin was impulses, 16 years. so, you know, this is a historic day, but not much of that was felt here today. what about the points that you made an are speech and laying out? what is the head for the european union, for example, some of the larger goals that she has there as well, could anything be gleaned from that? well, of course, you know, she has of parliament backings of most of the points she has. a strong majority is still in parliament and she knows the entire european union tends to germany to look for something like to be an engine to drive her policy forward as well. but of course, this is something that now her successes will have to deal with. and that was interesting if i may add that,
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that we saw and all the 3 chancellor candidates who are now trying to become her successes, they were all here today in parliament unless it is going to give he's the conservative candidate. he's going to give his 1st speech in parliament in almost 23 years or left. shorts is, of course, the finance minister from the social democrats. he's also here. he's not a member of the fact, but he will still delivered his speech as well because his party has decided that it wouldn't look so good if he was the only one who didn't deliver his speech and analysis back. because of course, the 40 year old candidate from the greens who's also here and dressed in bright red . so that's a signal that she wants to be seen and she wants to take the stage. yeah, the election season, certainly as heating up here. coming back to you, we heard nina say underwhelming there, but we know the chancellor has faced so many crises over her time and office. and i know, you know, we're going to be talking about her legacy for the weeks and months to come really . but looking at that speech, i mean, what do you think you see when you see england,
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michael speaking to parliament and taking this legacy with her? i mean, what stands out to you for that she doesn't give up and close. she's unwilling to close the chapter. i mean, let's take what was at the same time, a high point in history and will become a legacy, which was that migration moment in 2015. but it's also the most spectacular failure in a failing to get the you even since then together to actually have a common strategy. here c, s. c. well, i'm tony with terrorists. the head of the un will be a guest. there will be talks of migration. she tries until that very last moment to get to make a step towards a common asylum policy within the you. but she knows that she won't succeed. this is not going to be done and dusted for her to actually add under the tip top to michael in the history books. what you can also sense that is that she's tangibly annoyed with several e u members, particularly when it comes on the issue of the cove at 900 variance germany has
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about the tight restrictions. there are other countries like spain and portugal. she did mention them that a more liberal. what she means is that they allow in british tourists and that is seen as a high risk for classified as a high risk in germany. that, that you must find common ground that so that is something that is clearly right in front of fun. that is a crisis to be sold. at the same time, she is the one of those 16 he is actually, she was in office throughout the rain. i can say flooding the putin and the russian leader, he wouldn't always president, he was also prime minister in between. but and details and here see propose a she's the one who actually drove the e u. 2 common stones to actually be in favor of sanctions. she still backs this over ukraine over crimea. at the same time, it's her and the french present who are now putting a proposal on the table to have a summit with russia to not just leave it to the united states, to have this highest level meeting. because russia is geographically simply something that you have to deal with. so she is
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a hard work until that very last moment. and then we have this very awkward long applause. she really, she really suffers during these long of pills as a posse conference. she's been going through quite a few of those and she has a few more to get through it. she knows that it's still coming, but we didn't see is at least vital of course the opposition to taking the state. and she would quite see the communicate and have to let you know she was i heard her sense of relief that uncle michael. it will be leaving in september social indeed. now we heard the chancellor. they're speaking about lessons learned from the crisis. how much has this pandemic really marked and shaped her last month in office? oh, definitely. there were lots of plans of cause. gemini was leading the european council last year in the 2nd half of 2020. and of course they had a massive agenda and they wanted to drive lots of policies forward as
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a strong motor in the european union. and they couldn't do that because they just had to switch to crisis mode. and they had to find quick solutions to also help the more undeveloped countries in the european you need to get through this crisis. and of course, this is going to have a massive effect on the next couple of budgets of the german parliament here of the german government over the next few decades. even some people are saying that the costs of the corona crisis might be tangible in germany until the year 2045. at last question for you mikaela. you said that, you know, migration is not something that jumps michael can necessarily add to her chapter of time and also finding an agreement on that. but does you do you think that she has a list of priorities that she absolutely wants to see through before her time in office is up. and of course we don't know exactly when that will be liquid. gemini took the e u presidency the 2nd half of last year. she wanted to actually bring europe


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