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to remind myself, because i grew up in a completely different way. they brought the jewish years. the 2 part documentary starts july 5th on d, w. i the and the winner is the biggest beneficiary of the use. vast recovery fund broan get his hands on the money today. what will it do with all that cash? at the public committee, hands down is findings in germany biggest post for the broad scandal, the bankruptcy of payments, company wire card. and then as well, and let's do business european commission president also funded line, present italy with around 200000000000 euros in recovery loans and grants. today
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the pandemic in the country. hottest in the block. that much is clear. what prime minister mario drowsy does with all that money is another thing is tasked with reforming a nation that doesn't want to change. the economy has been stagnating for decades. source has told reuters last week the brussels was concerned about his government's proposal as it lacked the count of a strong reforms of areas in the public administration, justice system and the tax system. as well as the way investments in the plan will be put into practice and monitor. let's talk about cutting red tape and speeding up italy's snail pace justice system with someone who's been trying to build a business at the same time as fighting the system and get it. donati is a construction entrepreneur and joins us from rome. you've said to ensure that recovery fund hits the ground, the government needs to overhaul the italian justice system. what's wrong with the system? first of all, it's very slow. it's one of the slow,
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it's not slowest globally. and this lack of pay and lack of certainty of outcomes in any kind of timeframe, making it impossible to do business. it's one of the main reasons why if we have struggles to attract for an investment over the past few decades. and it's one of the biggest obstacles also for accounting companies and in town and business people to operate effectively here. and given that now we have a very tight schedule because as we all know, the recovery from the money is not going to be spent. but everything we build, everything we invest, that needs to be racial and needs to be fully functional by 2026. we can't afford to be slow downs, not just by the justice system, but also by the opposite, which is another, another one of our big limitations. let's talk about the iraq or see the end. because the pandemic has helped cut through bureaucracy and red tape through digitalization in some places, which can also create transparency,
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which is also great for good governance. but it doesn't seem to be working in italy well, i mean changes are being made in the right direction. so one of the 1st things that my back in government did after the recovery fund plan that was approved was moving on to simplify i system. and one of the, with both things they attacked was the public tendering system, which obviously underlies a lot of the sums it will be sent. and they would, they went in with a few quick fix my various to titles over for the time being to simplify red tape and slow that i need the approval process pretender. because another class is that if you need average is twice as long as that of other european countries when it comes to construction just because of the very long approval process. so they've sliced through the resume for the time being and they're planning on
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a full overhaul of the public sector to, to, to speed up the bureaucratic riddles as well. tell us more about this master's slow down in the construction sector. you say it's due to the full, the justice system and all the iraq, or see how, how economically damaging has that slowed down being to italy as a whole? well, the consumption factor, i'm never recovered from the last crisis. so it's been 12 years in crisis. essentially the estimates are that we lost around 33 percent of the value and over $600000.00 jobs and tens of thousands of companies as well. so now with these, these fund coming in from europe, with the, with the push to kicks out our economy, which starts from our sector in a way because europe is giving, giving it to the 192000000000 euros and spent estimates. show that around 40
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percent of the sun will transmit through the construction sector. so it's a massive boost. but for us i care and i lost 33 percent of its value during the previous crisis, which never ended and further 10 percent during the night. so it's like time to revise any body. so rebuilding italy, not just figuratively, but literally it sounds like a money pit. i mean, is this going to be money? well spent by the well, it needs to be, it has to be because obviously as we know, even on the graph side of things, it's not just subsidies being handed out left, right. and the strict monitoring program, as there should be, there is milestones and intermediaries, and we to target. so every euro that is spends under the recovery funds needs to be accounted for, need to be spent and invested in need to show a return and needs to be sustainable. we need to contribute to the country
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proficiency. so absolutely will the money was spent. i think agenda has not the thank you very much for being on the show today. pleasure talking to you. thank you proudly. well, let's see what our correspondent has to say about that. and we get to is following this story. floors from brussels bench easily needs that money, but will it manage to modernize such an adequate system? the italian prime minister maggie drug has set up a special task force that shall oversee the how the money is spent now. and the european commission is obviously putting some trust in him in him, and now your drug has now the chance to prove that he can do it, that you can do what he always demanded when you give us to the president of the european central bank and that is, reforms reforms and more reforms and public investment in italy. this 200000000000 package is seen as a huge gift from the european union and also perceived as the last chance to italy
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actually to come out of a 20 year long period of recession and stagnation. because the commission have a tight leash on drug, i mean how they checking that, that money all that money is going to the right places where there's usually the commission has a system, a complex system of audits and checks in place for every money that has come for any money that is coming from brussels and the, the investments have to meet a catalogue of criteria. they have to be green, they have to be social, they have to be educational. they have to also to, to boost the economy of heart and formulas. and just to put a concrete is not enough in that case, and the money will not flow immediately, it will come in installments and every step has to be checked. and also the government has a special audit system in place to prevent fraud. and in this,
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in the disbursement of this money, because you can have also to say, to put it this way, the mafia is also looking forward very much to this recovery fund. yeah, that was something i was going to bring up if we had more time. and you guys, thank you very much on a more sustainable and farrah italy. thank you. so let's take a look at some other business stories making headline. europe's top court says google's youtube and the other online platform, the not liable for copyright infringing works uploaded by use it. according to the court platform of right is the only responsible way they contribute to publishing such content beyond merely making their platforms available. the e. u. is investigating google over concerns, it's forcing our rivals in the highly profitable online advertising market approach will assess whether the tech giant has violated competition goals. they bring its own services in its listings. american airlines has cancelled hundreds of flights
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in the us as the company been unable to bring enough staff back during what it calls an incredibly quick ramp up of customer demand. as the us heading into the travel season, surprise, surprise issue could force the line to cancel 600 flights for the remainder of june and even more in july. and a bolden, $100.00 kerry diamond is expected to fetch off the $15000000.00 adoption of these says it'll accept payment in big coin in keeping with customers wishes. bankruptcy currency is extremely by the time some clarity today over modern day, germany's biggest financial scandal wire card ever since its collapse, that investigative committee has been trying to shed light on what happened that report is being handed down. a year ago, the long hype, digital european darling, filed for insolvency, almost 2000000000 euros, were missing from the companies balance sheet. within a few days,
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why can't stop plummeted 100 years to just one euro and $0.41, a big financial hit for many solar basis. how did it happen? well, there were red flags, but apparently no checks. origins that e y were criticized for giving their okay to the balance sheets. germany's financial want to watch dog boffin also failed. let's bring in conrad who's in our franco correspondence to talk about this. conrad what i found absolutely astounding was despite the bad media reports that had come out the german chancellor was in such strong or had such a strong support for this company. despite those media reports. yes, then obviously the chancellor had very, very bad advice on medical law beat. very intensively for why a car, for example, i had a meeting with the chinese president. and this long after the renown newspaper financial
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times had started to write about how something must be wrong with the balance sheets of wire card. but you know, been under america was not the only person to be mistaken at the time. it was scary to see how large part of the german media at the time, and also a large part of the financial sector, including the supervisors. kind of started to behave like a football game, taking the allegations against why a car personally as an attack against german, germany's national pride, very, very few people at the time said, well, the financial times also has a reputation to lose. why not take a bit more of a skeptical view on this? yeah, and the thing that was that you had all these media reports, you had the chancellor behind the company. and then of course, a whole lot of investors that were thinking, this is the next big thing. absolutely, and who thought?
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well, if the government is backing this company, it must be a worthwhile investment to take our savings and invested into shares of wire card. what i think is also hot breaking to here is how many mom and pop investors at the time put such a large part of their savings into wire card shares, ignoring the old but very important drew. to never put all your eggs in one basket . exactly. good advice from corner booth and at the frank and just briefly, plenty of businesses have gotten used to long closures. during the pandemic. for the iconic parisian, the pop and store tongue, the wall goes back or the weight rather goes back a little longer. the booty store, which is learned by luxury group, l. e m h, has been closed for 16 years, due to
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a massive 750000000 euro make over it being due to finally reopen in april 2020. but of course the pandemic as well. that back of the happy and this is all a nice during business by the the fight against the corolla virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research say information and context? the corona virus, not 19 special. next on d, w, and then many turn out in the world right now to climate change. the story. this is much less the way from just one week. how much was going to really
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get we still have time to act. i'm doing all this flex, subscribe or more like me . demick has devastated the global travel and tourism industry. no, no, no region has fed worse than europe, where revenues went down almost 50 percent in 2020. many cities are eagerly trying to win back visitors. they faced stiff competition from the great outdoors and ongoing international restrictions on travel. i will call them ever recover
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the arrival of summer to the northern hemisphere brought great hope to talk destinations finally, a chance to make some money after a last season in 2020. but the current of ours pandemic still hangs over the sector, making a return to normal, still elusive. we report from paris. paris loves its tourists. that's the message. these young, multilingual ambassadors are trying to spread. why should you have to return? it shouldn't hesitate and just come to paris, we'll help them find the bearings here. the sultan pompey do, and with all the other parish and such a pleasant city and more and more of us to hope visitors during this makes me happy, some about the buddha. after $500.00 of them will be deployed this year in an effort to kick stop tourism again after a visit to numbers plummeted by 2 thirds last year. but the tourists who normally represent a large share the cities, visitors,
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people from asia and the u. s. might be a bit longer incoming or sweat school, or more of a movie, the more we would like everybody to come back to paris. but we are obviously aware that the french and european choices are likely to be the 1st one back, as it's still easier for them to travel. some freshly on the upper many hotels are trying to learn in the locals with special deals with some luxury establishment, offering discounts of up to 70 percent. but no offer will convince those already desperate to get out of the city. this french couple have chosen to go to higher ground, 50 kilometers north of the french capital. people. with this pandemic, people have understood that they needed to disconnect from reality. such as special offers aren't necessarily so important for me. we need to breathe and take a step back from work, especially as we've all been working from home for quite
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a while now, because they are not the only ones who feel the urge to get out of the city baba reservations at these cabins have skyrocketed. said sir, i'm only dicking for the majority. differences like people have slipped since the beginning of the code. 1900 crisis and realized that they needed nature to reconnect to who they are. we can't keep up with the demand and, and now planning to construct an additional 5 cabin by the end of next year. it will reflect new will given that this is any portion. and yet, some might argue, this is exactly the right time to visit paris or other cities. here at the louvre, the was biggest museum furnace makeup, 3 quarters of visitors. but to do to cope with 19 restrictions. many of these visitors from abroad are not showing up. that's why you can now even get tickets at short notice and visit wolf payments. work so far,
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almost by yourself. what's true for the louvre is true for other sites in the french capital. you no longer have to queue for hours and that might be the most appealing tourist attraction of all. or we can now speak to fray higgins to be all who is a senior lecturer in tourism about the university of south australia. thanks for joining us on the curve at 19 special. it's hard to overstay the size of the impact of the pandemic on tourism. isn't it? it really is. these are extraordinary times. and for people who have been through lockdown and repeated locked down, it's been so difficult and then trying to get that balance right between dealing with public health, extraordinary public health situation, and keeping the economy going or trying to get to them revived. it's really extraordinarily difficult. yeah. so what are the main obstacles in the way of tourism getting back to normal?
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well, we've never had a shut down like this for a global tourism system. so the difficulties have to do with managing public health, and we're finding some very good approaches, particularly in europe with things like the digital coven certificate, which is going to enable european why travel trying to get mass vaccinations out. and then measures with dealing with possibilities of difficulty. so using contact pricing and so on. but the system has actually been run down. so for instance, our asian system now is in disarray because plains have been put in storage basically because our ation circuits are all shut down. decrease industry has been absolutely crippled by the pizza dance and is just now trying to wind back up
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. so it's extraordinarily difficult to, to ramp up things again. you know, i mean, one of the big obstacle was, as you mentioned, is the potential spreading of corona virus and variance of it. and it has countries in this sort of limbo of loosening and tightening restrictions. have seen a lot of that in europe around the the delta vary. and so the moment is there a danger of people losing all confidence in any holiday they book well, people who are more worried and careful are going to find it very difficult. and it will probably be a couple of years before we see confidence and travel occurring again. there will be those who are venturesome and we'll worry about these difficulties and we'll be flexible. but you know, following stereotypes that tends to be young. and in some countries, we're not seeing the vaccine rolled out quickly to the young. it's the elderly and the people with health problems who are getting that connection 1st. so there's
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also that aspect to getting things rolling again. i know that a lot of young people are really not used to this lack of freedom that they're experiencing and they're really talking at the bit to get out and experience travel . so yes, it's amazing how we're having to be patient. we're having to wait and see how things unfold. and i've just learned in the news today that some israelis you were vaccinated have caught cove it so we don't know how the various vaccinations are going to provide immunity for how long all of those things. so there's a lot of moving parts to the, some difficulty that we're in and the use of travel bubbles and travel circuits is one way that we're getting our tourism travel, accommodations and all of that going again. so europe will definitely be one of the
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cases of seeing how things go and how, how we can get things successful. again. yeah, you mentioned about how some people are just desperate to get out there. and travel again is the flip side to the us and that there may be now people who have taken a liking to traveling within the countries in which they already live. and that international tourism may not get back to the physician that it was before. well, it would seem that we're in an era of really profound change and i don't think the travel we knew before will come back the way it was before we took cheap travel for granted. and we thought that we could go anywhere we wanted, you know, just on whims and for varying inexpensive, very easy sort of holiday. and it's likely that travel will be more expensive for the next few years. it's probably not going to be as convenient because there won't be so many route to travel or so many ease of scheduling to happen. and we have to
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be ready, for instance, for thing like quarantine measures to be put in place for perhaps another year or so. so the difficulties are likely to remain. we will see, i think the term i would use is a local ization of travel and narrowing of travel and even people wanting to know their home countries. you know, sometimes we take our home country for granted and we want to travel to other places. the difference for the exhaust system and so on. so on. so i think that we will find this more narrow circuit. right. frame higgins reveal from university of south australia. thanks for joining us on the kevin 1. $900.00 special. thank you so much. and now it's the part of the program where we put one of your questions to ask science correspondent derek williams. paul, do i have been given that seems approved in europe to come to europe guidelines for
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traveling to and within the european union this summer are a work in progress, and they're likely to remain pretty chaotic for a while. thus, because member state governments actually make their own rules so, so they vary from country to country, in other words, and what the french authorities or the german authorities demand that could differ in key ways from what, for instance, the spanish authorities demand or the greek at the worthies demand, the e u as a whole, is still trying to get its ducks in a row when it comes to travel and the launch of a new joint digital certificate for people who have been fascinated or recently tested. or who have recovered from over 19 and it should help. but for the moment that certificate is still largely really aimed at streamlining cross border travel
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for people within europe and a lot less so for travelers from 3rd countries. however, according to an official fact sheet on the digital vaccine passport, member states only have to allow free movement for those who have been fully vaccinated with one of the 4 vaccines currently authorized by the european medicine's agency, e m a. although it does add that member states may also decide to extend the privilege to travelers who received other vaccines. but a lot of countries won't do that, at least at 1st. so if you want to travel to europe from outside the block, but you haven't been fully vaccinated with either pfizer biotech or astrazeneca, or madonna, or johnson and johnson vaccines, you definitely need to check to see what the restrictions are. countries that you want to visit because in many cases,
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even full vaccination might not be recognised if it wasn't with a vaccine approved by the e. m a. me. and that's often it's kind of 19 special until next time, goodbye and ah, the news. the news, the
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news, the the the kick off from the playground to the buddhist legal. these youngsters are on the right. 3 up and coming strikes are are the goal getters of the next generation? news, how. why thing things in the good on d w. me direct that borders. cost of goods are
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exploding to the customer, kale, making trade with britain and much more difficult. british transport companies are sounding the alarm and for european truck drivers. a trip to britain is now a risky endeavor. close on 90 minutes on d. w ah was whose literature invite just to see people in particular. and i like to see my kids find the strange grown up world. my only objective is to show you books on youtube. it's about billions. it's
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about our it's about the foundation order, the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network. also in europe. china is promised partners rich profit, just letting europe, there's a sharp warning. wherever accepts money from the new super power will become dependent on in china's gateway. year starts july 1st on d, w ah
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ah, ah ah. the w news live from berlin. a 3rd cove in 1900 waves across africa. corona virus cases are store and again, across the continent and back in campaigns cannot keep up math fatigue is making it more difficult for authorities to tackle the numbers. also coming up the un costs for the great barrier reef to be added to it in danger. left drill your vows to find some moved we will find out what has gone so fast things wrong.


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