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tv   Projekt Zukunft  Deutsche Welle  June 20, 2021 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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our expert check it out in good shape. in 30 minutes on d. w. what secrets lie behind the walls? discover new adventures in 360 degree and explore the fascinating world heritage sites the d w. a world heritage 360. now. ah ah ah. ah. one square kilometer of red rock in the middle of the northeast. this is terrible landing germany. only high seas islands enjoying nature,
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letting the wind blow all around you and relaxing. that's what many people who come here wants me to the the journey from hamburg to hell. they go, land takes 3 and a half hours. i kept them around, takes me there. no other boat is faster. probably. already on arrival, the holiday mood kicks in. all the passengers initially have the same route. everybody passes the colorful ups the hub and walks along the problem. not somewhere here is my hotel most of the tourists to arrive here. go back in
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the afternoon. there are more or less $3000.00 visitors here every day. but i would like to stay overnight. so i have more time and no stress to discover this small island. ah, i must on her legal land is the visit to the seals. ah, if you like it well, you're in for the punk festival would not stop his band. there is another holiday video of the week. this time it's from australia. ah, my 1st walk takes me into the countryside all the way up to the overland route along the edge of the rock that forms how they go. lent leads around the island, the cliffs, past the water water. as far as the
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i can see, the mainland is 50 kilometers away. i pass the atlanta, not that tall anna. this free standing rock is the landmark of helical land. every one hopes that it can withstand the wind and the waves for a long time. and i continued to germany, smallest nature reserve the human as the rock of the give them us. it is the nesting ground of many see birds, but it is named after they give them up in june. be small feathered bolts. take wing amateur photographers wait for them to take their courageous plunge. there are not many places in europe where you can get so close to wildlife. bird watching isn't the only thing you can do here over there is the doing an offshore island and even smaller than hellig lands. germany's largest greasy calling the
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lives over there. and you can join a guided tour to get really close to those animals. ah, some animals have got it figured out by land, the beach all day, basking in the sun and cool off now and then would quit and dip into sea life and land is generally tranquil and unhurried. the junior island ranger makes sure it stays that way. when i show my more more guests coming to see hellig land and want to benefit from the high seas. but more and more animals are coming as well. the summit and the ranges here to make sure we can all live together and get along . all right, people can ask me questions and enjoy the beach in harmony. katarina, tilly's area responsibility is just $710.00 to the square kilometer. the island of dune, and a couple of dunes is about all it is in the range in range. is there any found here?
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because this and this call dina and medina range range once a week, halligan's visitors have an opportunity to tag along with the ranger unexplored, doing the island on an organized nature to then we can if you find something and think it looks exciting, pick it up and take it along, it will have a look and i'm sure we can figure out what it is often, but it so much rare and not easy to find is the read flint with us and mother in 3 variations. but it's always some shade of red or not rust colored and not orange if you can find it and yellow and several variations of that . but the red flint is what's unique to helical, and i for most of the visitors here, the true stars of the island are the seals up over the birthing
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season begins around november and almost as soon as the females given birth. she's able to make again also the so 2 weeks later the 1st bulls are back trying to get at her again. when she was cute and harmless. as the seals, they look, they're not necessarily cut. the gray seal is germany's biggest predator and it can move at 20 kilometers per hour. so it's not a good idea to get too close to them, even if nothing's happened so far. the possibility is always there. i can't read them on the line, but she can count the animals monitoring that population is one of her routine tasks along with showing visitors around this on the sand and search fit for man and beast. the like
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although this island is very small, it has an incredibly eventful history and you can learn more about it in the legal museum. york. andries is the boss here. he tells me that this island used to be pirates nest, a navy fort, and a trading post. in the early 18th century, it was just as important as the international port of hamburg is today, had legal and was once part of denmark, then of great britain. it was not until $890.00 that the island became german, a fiercely contested piece of ground. when was the most dramatic moment in the history of the island to the modest the most dramatic moment was definitely the end of world war 2 and the great bombardment for young men. everybody had to be evacuated and then came the big bang. in april 947 resulted in the complete destruction of the islands buildings. the british occupying forces once tried to
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destroy all the islands military facilities was $6.00 killer tons of explosives. never again, should it be used for military purposes, for many years elegant remains on then habitable field folks to come to the 3rd 1954. the population began returning to the island and tourism immediately started up here again on the 1st they slept and tense. undo because there was no place at all to stay here on the island. there were no houses or anything. so they stayed in this tense and dinner stun, so whatever they needed to call you could pass true and by little souvenirs and people came and drove to see hellig along again. in soon tourists came in masses, not because of the beautiful nature, but to by duty free liquor and cigarettes. voice would be now did the i live in your that for i just imagined 10 or 12000 visitors here on this really small island . while it was terrible, that must be said,
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it was no room between all the people. we just have to pass the shops and through here, shoulder to shoulder. and for that, you might see something nice and one of the shops didn't stand the chance of getting to it to buy it, because we just pushed on ahead by the crowds until you ended up back of the ship and at the same hulu again to me and how come prices are so cheap on helical and i had was previously that's a privilege we had former time with britain. and it's been preserved through all the changes and rule it was taken on and tracy's. and so we've always hotter duty and tax. we started here, now it still exists, but today the tourists come here for the nature almost as it used to be when legal and became a seaside resort in the early 1900 century. at 1st, people came here for the good air. it was the beginning of helical, lance tourism ah, this island is so small,
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you can easily walk around it and it just takes one or 2 hours. hello gl and it's pretty popular with tourists. and we will show you wide hentaker land, stones getting crowded every day around noon. you can only set your watch by it. that's when the excursion ships arrived from the north sea coast and handed me the visit is a fairy to learn from the ships, enjoying the boats known locally as built of boats in 2018. they were listed with unesco intangible world heritage afternoon, a few months from when the seaside result was founded here in 1827. we didn't have any harbor break waters or peers. we had nothing at all. and i just went to the 1st passenger ship a ride to you later they had to drop anchor somewhere and our fishermen and pilots went out in our fishing boat and brought the guests for the 1st time over to land in their bertha. both of my brother, book and land. eventually the harbor was built and ferrying passengers was no
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longer necessary. the soon after the ships put in the pedestrian mall felucca visitors still come to shop duty free. they generally have 4 hours before they ship sales. again. the tours time for the day of his can go along to the bank to bring them some 25 meters deep inside the red cliff . this is where the header land is sought shelter from the bombings. it's the only remainder of a once bast bunker complex running through out had a good and a time to be a part. we're a no, came through all the bombings in and after the war on damaged the last, bombs fell in february 1952. so it's important to us talking to many helical enders, especially the older ones, older lives to him and out because the forbid number to leave the enough to hurt
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are typical of hellig or land that few people know they were built here in the 19 fifties and sixty's as part of a plant city, was 1st of course the cliff was here and a huge bunker. the english blew up in 1947. then the most is that led to the formation of the lands now called the middle land plant, us midland and stun or and the last the hot saw now essentially a retaining wall for the loose rock. that's how we look at the time. an architect competition was announced to the reconstruction, 951 over a 1000 and architects to pause. they tell us where to find the optimum use of the limited space, well, orienting the houses favorably to the sun and wind. every detail was up down to the paint. it was limited to 14 colors today. hagar land is like an open air museum of
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the 1900 fifties and sixties buildings town. almost every house is listed as historical a closer look at heavier than quickly reveals that it's full of fascinating stories. and whereas the longest stay or even a return visit ah, ah, i want to do that to get on the boat and go around the island. it takes 45 minutes. the excursion boats only put out if the waves are no higher than 2 meters. thank goodness me ah, in the slipstream of the island, it is still peaceful. but as soon as we clear the tip of the island,
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the rocking stars almost to meet your ways. ah, all you need now is this john stomach and occasionally something to hold on to. ah, nobody get fee seek. we all have our see lex launcher. when and ways. that's what our weekly be mail is about as well. our viewer johan is from singapore. love traveling just like me. he's been to the other side of the world to australia and here's his holiday video. ah,
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me ah ah, ah, the news, the who's
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almost 1500 people if on how they go land and to see it's part of almost everyone's lives. most of them have ancestors who are sailors, are fishermen, maybe even pirates fish and piece and sailors songs are a part of the cultural heritage. oh, i'm here for rehearsal of the head will in the cockpit shanty choir. so you just saying was that a regular tailor song or a shanty knew that's why you know,
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that was actually now theme song. it has nothing to do with either it can. it was in hollander the fusion dialect and it just means the cock thing cannot great guys, now mold on all the colors and beyond me. hara shanties and sailors, songs. what's the difference? now they must be doesn't. this songs are simply romantic songs. they used to sing, but the shanties for the work songs for the seamen of early autonomy. it was hard work on the ship. and one of them a call the tune and the jumps and the choir would answer the work, the leasing and never had to work. and it's just the same with us for thing, i'm with him and they wouldn't respond and whose lead singer for them today, the listing is whole piecing for song often can i sing a shanty like that? you all show we can do that. and like i said, the lead singer's horse, he'll sing the beginning of the week. ling, and you can just sing a line, the thing, the thing doesn't matter. i've that like so i have, i'm at, i'm, i a know that's the
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way this o o, o, o, o k o, o, o, o,
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o, that was really good. you know, those who really want to join the cock thing has to meet 3 conditions. be a man, live on legal land, and be able to think they have strict grooves, but they are friendly guys. my. every green because i have an important job. they open the punk festival, will put us off here on helical, and with their shanties, 3 days in a row bands from all over europe gather here on the island. ah, the festival here on hello land, ladies and gentlemen, that kind of thing can oh,
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the me, the see shanties everyone's had amenities before and likes to sing them over the cheese and punk actually go to get him me the stone back see goes face an invasion of odds, we can get to flock to dina and then for the rock and roll both of us, which means something like booth crews to necessity the good weather and better beer. 12 pigs have to be put away and nothing changes foster on hand to go downs and the weather. by the time the 1st rays of sun appear on the do you know, restaurants? terrace. the 2nd grog has disappeared. i
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know they didn't have any guns. just gets a bit more bit de, partnership all their own, the hand of god and is hosted their 1st tongue 1st in 2003 with mixed feelings. as the former mayor recalls at 1st gave the decision makers here in the town hall, the little shock when they heard the words hunk festival. they could see it happening and doing it with a nature reserve new to people over 70 years old. and then here comes punk rock. how could it work? no matter how you do it, it wouldn't work. then a little administrative voice piped up and said, well, we could give it a try. hold me on. 150 fans at the 1st one quickly grew to over 1000 and the balance even played for free just for the atmosphere. the see the applause and what the fans would give. now bands come from all over this end of europe for the rock and roll, but how fond they play and policy till midnight. then the fans will crawl into their tents unless the wind has swept them away. in the meantime,
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in the last star house by the harbor are a good place for its neck. these used to be warehouses for the fisherman. today, restaurants have moved in they mainly offer sea food dishes, for example, helical and nico crap pincers. but the cutlery is strange, and then ever made ok up. we have to break it a little like this. crack. it's something done calmed us here. i think my colleagues, the finish would love this. all globetrotter always tries the local food on his travels all around the world. and this time steve has been to cuba and here's his new video done. ah,
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the capital largest city major ports and leading commercial center of cuba. the city has a population of 2100000 inhabitants and attracts over a 1000000 tourist january 1st. need to go on a tour with a client, the car here doing exactly that for 3 hours. going around, going around her being all the old her on the hub on a va was declared a unit sco world heritage site in 1980 to the news.
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very, very difficult to be right. ah no visits to have on is complete without experiencing life music. actually it's hard not to as music is happening everywhere throughout the old town. ah ah ah ah ah,
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it is because every ah ah, if evening on hellig lands i am on the cliffs path again. the best place to wait for the sunset. you can only experience that when you stay here overnight. a day trip is nice, but it's in better to stay 2 or 3 days on the island that makes it a real difference because then you can experience the perfect deceleration. so just give it a try by, by the next time somewhere else in germany. me
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. ah ah ah ah ah, ah, the the, the news, the news
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the the the the in good shape, the harmful substances inside our home. they come from cleaning supplies, cosmetic products. even new furniture. what unknown dangers linger within our 4 walls?
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our expert check it out. in good shape coming up on w. green cities. relaxing a waste. despite record temperatures is not a mirage. refreshing architectural ideas and innovative landscape planning are both cool and clever, chilling cities. in 30 minutes on d. w. ah. news. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning,
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like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge of growth through sharing. download it now for the football field, jewish life in europe. ah, that's what film producer and journalist, eas, cooper, monument or exploring, delving into history and the present. ah, some things are painful. many more surprising. everything is important because life is so much more than what you think, you know,
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i would never have thought they could be open. and so i really need to remind myself because i grew up in a completely different way. broad pluralistic jewish in europe. the 2 part documentary starts july 5th long d, w, i in the this is d w. news. and these are tough stories. ultra conservative, hard line judging him racy as one runs presidential election and it was received a harsh critic of the west and from western countries are just as critical of him. he's subject to us sanctions for legend. human rights abuses turn out new elections appears to be the lowest.

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