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so together we can deliver futures. ah, ah, the news . this is the building use lie from berlin, iran elect a new hard line leader. rivals concede the fees to ultra conservative abraham right . are many voters stay away as hundreds of moderate candidates are borrowed from standing on the program and the euro 2020 in germany, recover from their opening to feed to france to put 4 goals, asked portugal and send out a warning that they're far from a stand force ah
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find pablo foley as welcome to the program. hard line cleric has swept to victory and around the presidential election. official say every me, right. he has one nearly 2 thirds of the vote. the last remaining moderate challenger has conceded election turnover was low, with many voters put off by years of authoritarian rule and the struggling economy . right. see is a harsh critic of the west and stands accused of human rights abuses. iran new hard line, president elect, deeper humor ac will take over from his moderate predecessor facade. ronnie, congratulations to the president elect. there are enough votes in this election, and today he's elected by the people official say this was the lowest turn out since the 1979 is lovek revolution. john activists had called for a boycott,
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claiming the vote was rigged. i will not vote because i believe the result of these elections is already written. racy was appointed to his 1st government post at the age of 20, and spent the next 40 years rising to the top of the runs judiciary. he has been sanctioned by the united states for allegedly being involved in the deaths of thousands of political prisoners, racy denies the claims supporter. say he is tough on crime. that's my name is the right and i will vote teresee because his time is head of the dish every he's put thousands of corrupt people in jail. right. and i don't think what i'm talking about. race is passed to power with ease when hundreds of moderate opponents were barred from standing. the protege of supreme leader, ayatollah common a one, a landslide, against the field that included just to moderate candidates. one of the biggest challenges raise he will face is the flat lining economy renewing the abandoned
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international nuclear deal will also be crucial if he wants sanction lifted. but in line with iran, supreme leader racy is deeply suspicious of the west. earlier i spoke to iran, expert alief, i told shonda by the low turn at the lowest in decades and asked him if this could cause problems for right see further down the line? well, i mean, in the eyes of most iranians, this has been, you know, the least legitimate elections we have seen over decades. also in the past, you know, elections in the san republics, we need to fan or free. but this term at this time around there was not even a choice to be made. hands, the largest group or those who actually did buy cars because of a widespread disillusionment of many iranians, the most iranians, one should say about the entire lease. so the moderates included by the way. so the
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moderates are not you know, are not really progressive forces in iran. we have to remember that. and it could pose a problem down the line because he also seems to have the ambition to succeed subpoenaed to hominy in his position. and it could also be a trap, so to speak of that a, he is widely considered to be a selected president and often elective presidents that has a huge, popular mandate. so it could become, but it doesn't necessarily has to become a down to mind because after all, we are in the autocratic system. let's take a look now at some other stories from around the world. americans are marking june teams to day commemorating the end of slavery in the united states and celebrating black americans and brooklyn, of both of george floyd was on vale unveiled. his murder last year made him the face of the black lives matter movement. and l g
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b t. pride parade has been held in warsaw for the 1st time in 2 years. the event was cancelled last year due to the pandemic. it marked 20 years since the 1st equality parade in the polish capital you is criticized. poland government for its stance on gay rights. the united nations as voted to bind weapons, sales to me and mar, member states are also demanding the restoration of the elective government protesters mark the birthday of the leader on sunday. the world health organization has officially declared an end to an outbreak of a bullet that was declared in guinea in february. guinea responded quickly with a vaccination campaign building on its previous experience fighting the virus. 12 people died in this years. i break brazil's official death toll from the corona virus. pandemic has now topped half a 1000000 protesters have taken to the streets in opposition to president charles fernando's handling of price. tens of thousands have been demonstrating and major
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cities, other brazilians are taking action in their own way to remember the names of the victims of the pandemic. and they say of the president's policies. maria eugenia estrada and maria benedetto mora sewed this banner on a time of sadness on it. you can see the names of covered 19 victims from rio de janeiro, several to 2 pensioners want to make people more aware of the corona virus tragedy in the country. and the government's pandemic policy, which they say is abysmal. missiles looking to certify we really wanted to do something. so we came up with the idea of the names of the role in the pandemic. there were no real funerals, no traditional morning ceremonies, because everything was different and the victims disappeared. so suddenly up on the media especially saw me since they began this project. they have immortalized 1800 victims. they want me to you, but it just, some of them were friends of mine and i saw the names on myself. it was the only
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way i could honest or may not house the situation in intensive care unit hasn't used up for months. experts even a 3rd wave and cannot rule out the possibility that further covered 1900 mutations will emerge due to a lack of restrictions. angry brazilians are demonstrating more and more often again, both scenarios. corona virus policy. they say the president is partly to blame. now eventually, nora does not want to quickly invest in vaccines or in the health system is actually to know perspective science. because what the sewing pensioners are angry for the same reason. together with fellow campaigners from other parts of brazil, they have soon a total of 14 banners. this is the silent form of protest. we saw together the transform individual grief into a common struggle if we want to positive healing of diversity in brazil, ross,
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we will achieve that. and then president out of office, they've got a flat on cooper on a beach, they spread the message to tourists. a neighbors marking the sad milestone of more than 500000 victims. we cannot remain silent. we must show our fellow human being something needs to change in our country. thank you more than that. right now. nothing suggests the number of casualties in brazil will decline. so they will keep on sewing let's get you up to date. now, one other development in the pandemic i've got to sign is racing to increase oxygen supplies as new infection serves across the country, the government is working to install a new oxygen supply plants. moscow has set a new daily record of cope with 900 cases for the 2nd day running. the city's mayor
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says the search is being driven by the delta vary into region, the identified in india and tokyo. i've canceled plans to hold mass open air screenings of the limpid games at several sites around the city. they will instead be used as vaccination centers. the euro 2020 germany recovered from their opening defeat to france as they beat portugal for 2 and a thriller in munich. robin gordon's was the star of the show for germany. he crime the stutter performance with the 4th go. portugal i've taken an early lead through christiana, rinaldo, but they couldn't stop the pace and power of the german attack. well, joining me to talk about the germany game is oliver moody from b w. sports. hi oliver. welcome to the show. water really for germany, fines. right? absolutely. i mean a little while into this game. pablo, you have been forgiven. if you're a germany fine for feeling like things were looking pretty bleak. one nail down to
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the good seem like portugal, staring down the barrel of a 2nd defeat and 2 games at this tournament, but they turned it round. they played with real intensity in this game from the start germany did. and i think they got the result in the end their performance really deserves. and we could think as well, this has been a long time coming to germany for the last time they had a real convincing. when at a major tournament, the 2018 woke up was obviously a shambles. so if you go back to about 20165 years since germany had a real big win to celebrate out of major tournament. well, now they certainly can, and now it feels like anything is possible in this group again. well, you've touched on some of the things which have led to this result. we'll say give us a little bit more. it was obviously more than that that gave them this result, right? well, of course, anytime you have a result like this, you know that we're going to be a few big performance is among the same. but the guy that we have to talk about, we see here, robin goes and this is a guy who a few years ago was not figuring at all for germany. he only made his day
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d for the national fame. in fact, last year, he was just not someone that people talked about really as being a potential player for the national theme. now he looks like one of the most important players in yogi live set up from the beginning. portugal just could not cope with his run forward from left. when that he had a goal disallowed early on. that would have been a brilliant go, have been allowed to stand after that. he was involved in germany's next 3 goals. and then he scored the all important forth as well. so this is somebody who, as i say, you know, was not somebody that people thought about. but now he's the key figure and someone, the jimmy will certainly be looking. so in the upcoming games as well, maybe a new hero there in the what's the state of play now group f ali was looking a little better now for germany than it was before kickoff. i can tell you. so germany, a one point behind france in group f and level in point with portugal at germany in the last game play on paper, the weakest theme in the group, hungary. and they play that game as
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a whole. him as well. 100 other games have been in front of the packed stadium in budapest. now germany have them on home test. so that's where you would expect germany to get something. portugal, on the other hand, have to play against france, the well, the champion that's gonna be a very tricky game for them. but the way that qualification from the group stage works out, the euro's a point for either germany or portugal in their games will probably be enough to get through to the next round. give it a quick prediction. they're going. yeah, i think both will make it through. i think germany will be hungry. i think we'll see germany, france and portugal all make it out of the group of death. alright, you heard it here, oliver moody from d. w. sports. we'll leave it there. thanks for that, all that analysis informed. one dutchman, macs for stuff and has secured poll position for the french from free. the red bull driver is now perfectly place to build on a lead over louis hamilton in the driver's championship. the serenity of summer in the south of france, broken this weekend by what could be a turning point in the formula one season. next step is on track to detroit. lewis
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hamilton, but must avoid moments at la custer les, like you to notice. the mercedes has been uncharacteristically off the pace of light finished dr. about that he bought us pushed hard to close. the gap is final qualifying through to a close, not with the stamp and minus the time issues that derailed him while leading in the last round. he spit out of sight of the chasing pack the the on the drive it to break 90 seconds. the dutchman was too quick for the mercedes of bought us and the hot charging louis hamilton. the very happy red bolting in green place was the best for the basic we could so far. for the 1st time in 5 years, formula one has a serious challenger to the mercedes status. quote, his name is max,
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but step in tennis, russia. miller, i'm so nova will face belinda bench of switzerland in sunday, w t. a grass court final here in berlin. in a major upset, something over b form a world number one, victoria rank at 6462 to feel her place in the final venture. she also made short work of her semi final switch, player swept past frances. i leave company in a in freight you know, the saying one person's trash may be and others treasure? well i'm, i'm checking out a rubbish container at a rest. stop in bavaria has made defined of a lifetime among the trash for to 17th century paintings. art experts say their originals, one by italian painter, pietro ability and the other by dutch artist samuel. on august the finder, handed the old masters over to police who are now trying to find their rightful
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owner. the court in the netherlands trying to determine who's responsible for shooting down an airliner with almost 300 people on board us next on world stories the week in reports. and of course, you can keep up to date, no davis news on our website. the job do dot com or on our social media account from the rest of the team here in berlin. i'm happy to take care of you to talk to the next the on the green. if you feel worried about the meals of the on the green fence, it's clear remains to change. join me for the size of the green transformations for me to use for the plant.
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imagine how many portion of the turn out in the world climate conference stores. this is much less the waste from just one week. how much was can really get we still have time to act. i'm doing all this was me. the news this week on well stories. a search and i'm the asian hate crimes in the u. s. saving the coral reef in kenya . but we begin in the netherlands 7 years ago on its way from amsterdam to kwan malaysia airlines flight 17 was shot down over a combat. so in ukraine,
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a court will be determining who is responsible a tree for each of the people who never returned the memorial site. next, as we pull airport has 298 trees. in total, 3 of them are dedicated to pete books, family. he lost his brother, his sister in law, and their son on board flight mh 17. they left 2 daughters who did go with him already. those 2 young daughters at the at the time. and so yeah, i had to tell the daughters that their father and mother and brother died and to tell my parents who were in the hospital at the time that it was very shocking. yeah. pete took chairs a foundation,
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bringing together thousands of next of kin. he says the image, 17 disaster header, real impact on all of dirt society where the bodies were repetitive. the whole dutch nation was, was, was what she did on television was terrible. but this was also very, very beautiful. that there was so much compression among the people at the center of this inquiry are the remnants of the boeing triple 7 here being viewed by the court. a massive jigsaw puzzle that was piece back together in a dutch military base. the crash site 7 years ago, or 298 on board, the plane were killed when it was blown out of the sky over a war zone and eastern ukraine. evidence points to a book, anti aircraft system, which was moved from russia and to rebel territory controlled by pro russian separatists. these 4 men will stand trial. they remain at large,
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allegedly protected by russia. peter took, on the other hand, says he doesn't care that much whether the suspects go to jail. he just wants the truth to be spoken. i think it's important that we know what the role of the russia if they had the role. what role of the russia federation was not only push the button, but also who was in the and responsible for all for all? what happened? so this can take years and even 7 years after mh 17 crashed, he's determined to see this through until viet the. the outbreak of corona virus in the united states coincided with an increase in hate crimes against people of asian descent. the police and the asian communities are sounding the alarm and to increase security.
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it's the beginning of a 10 hour shift for offices, if rains a beta and alex actually with the los angeles police department, or l a. p. d. the 2 seasons offices are on foot patrol in china town, not just today, but every day for the last couple of months. the city was creek to commit to more boots on the ground here. and then other predominantly asian american communities. i think it's very important right now. it just shows that when we come out here every day that we are here in support of them, asian american communities all over the united states want the support and the presence of police. this attack on a 65 year old asian woman in new york, captured on surveillance video 2 months ago, and many other unprovoked n t h. i hate incident since have many here in las china town and elsewhere. you know, i'm safe and on the it's all, all commute a little bit scary and everyone's kind of a little bit nervous. so like last week, there the gold coming here with a long summer i and as soon we ask a question she,
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we don't go close her, we call p d y away. and within like 2 minutes, they come right away and she ran out. however, businesses and residents here hired a private security service that is also patrolling the community. they are afraid, the police won't always be able to protect changing, that is falling to offices like effort. and alex relationship building is the name of the game. they're trying to make this a priority as long as i've been on, we've always been trying to reach out to the community. it's just a matter of making this even bigger. we meet with brittany oh, the park in san gabriel valley or s t v. as it's residents call it, the valley has one of the largest asian populations in america, brittany, just co founder compassion, s g d, an initiative that of a chaperone services to vulnerable and elderly community members. i was honestly so devastated by all of the attacks and i kept hearing about even a neighboring attacks man was waiting at
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a bus stop and was attacked and lost part of a finger like it was just getting way too close to home. that was just 3 months ago, and now she's making an impact, running an organization with $200.00 volunteers. impressive. yes. but i really hope that these attack stops, so we don't have to keep offering these free chaperone services, which we're happy to offer during these times. right. now like it's crucial, but i hope that we don't have to keep doing this because that would mean that the attacks would stop. for the time being though brittney and sam, gabriel valley and police officers, ethylene and alex in los angeles, are all trying their best standing against anti asian hate crimes and graces the now to to which like many countries, clues, elementary schools. this brad, just because 19, as a result, many turkish children haven't seem to, in person closes over
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a year. 7 year old roost guy was accompanying his mother john done doing for him to work. like most days. due to the panoramic turkish schools have been shut for over a year. john don runs a private kindergarten on the outskirts of his stumble. there occasionally allowed to open, unlike schools, chairs on attend to school for 6 months before authorities ordered, all schools closed now, rose gar, spends his time, his mother's kindergarten or at home attending virtue lessons. something the 2nd grader doesn't enjoy them. i prefer math classes in school. me. i like to
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be, you know, teachers sometimes got angry at us for the past year. remote learning has been the new normal for ruth guard, a challenging situation for him. and his mother will scar, struggle to stay focused in front of the screen. you know, he still can't read or write properly. the kids have lost interest in everything. they don't want to leave the house anymore. again, we are losing touch with the outside world. over $10000000.00 turkish children and teenagers haven't attended school in month, they're only allowed to back for exams, like these pupils at an stumble primary school. many parents are fed up with the government, strict stance on schools. exhibit 18 education should be their top priority. instead,
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we see them holding conferences and party conventions without healing any corona restrictions. the education sector is being neglect on a movie or tucker school closures have hit per families, like the lands hardest. some for 1000000 to school children don't have internet access at home. that means mohammed azlan must rely on the educational programs on turkish state television. what do you, a lot of people with money can send the children to private schools and pay to to, to help their children catch up all can, we can't afford the most of it have been can our children have to resort to educational television shows, look good if it, if it isn't wealthier parents like sundown, good friends are finding turkeys. economic situation increasingly difficult to john done says more and more parents are taking the youngest out of a kindergarten. if the trend continues, she may go out of business,
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but mothers are even worse for turkey, school children. they are the ones paying the highest price. in this pandemic, the coral reef contributes heavily to the bio diversity of marine life. but in kenya, the under increasing threat from the climate emergency. and as i say, shing, marine biologists and fishers are trying to save the coral reef off the coast of batter. the reef looks degraded, but at least there are still fishes here. jo ann coworker and her colleague pizza will still be visit the room some way in the coral reef every 2 years to check up on this fragile ecosystem. i've concluded that we have up to 4 for declaring incision factors in the last 2 or 3. the kids and that is
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a problem. as local fishermen know all to well, my son was born and bred in winnie fishing has been his main source of income for years. not telling him once i was on the pharmacy to get the cash was still good. when i started quoting, but over the past 4 years, you know, the number of fish has been declining money for me. daddy clark, i'm on base. i'm like, if you want to find anyone apple watch the marine biologists haven't lifted the support of locals in their efforts to protect the coral reefs. they've taught fishermen how to count fish and species in marine conservation zone and how to interpret their findings. for example, high numbers of clown fish in the coral reef is the sign that the habitat is doing well. they've also taught them a simple method of keeping juvenile fish out of their net. the fisherman still use
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the traditional basket trap. what now use different mesh. we were doing that kind of make sure that he's being you being and that he's 3. and that's the thinking that is just to ensure that the kind of face that is being captured by the buckets not given a maya has been, has been using the new kind of mesh in his traps for 2 years. now. the science is estimates that it will take up to 20 years for fish starts to recover completely. but at least my children, my benefits, the news
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the chicken. because what can nonfiction books do? they can help us cover the world. analyze complexities. ready ready inspire us and promote to be the winner of the 2021 german nonfiction prize is march 20. next on d. w. enter the conflict zone with sarah kelly at citizens cope with unemployment. that inflation president hardy is getting attention for blocking twitter around for an apparent violent crack on protesters who call for an end to police violence. my guess is lee from berlin is material ambassador usa. how does he explain the track record of this government conflict?
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by non 60 minutes on w. what secrets lie behind the walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore the fascinating world heritage site. he w a world heritage 3. now in the 1st ideas of identity was written in poetry in what's happened between the point a and point b. that gap could be fields with literature in the.


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