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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  June 19, 2021 9:15am-9:31am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah ah ah ah, where i come from, we have to fly for a free press. it was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one tv shadow and a few newspapers with official information. as a journeys i have work on this report from any cancer and their problems are always the same for to equality and that kind of freedom of the press gosh,
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with on the floor to say sign. and when it comes to the defense, you see the right hand side there. my name is candy purse and i work at b, w ah, the welcome johnson culture. today we bring you some odds pairings that make for interesting viewing, and tasting and west side by side activation showcases objects from the format to germany. can you tell the difference? and we visit the kitchen of a current harry, we said he's come to korea out of inventive flavor combinations.
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the 1st israel, where the end of benjamin netanyahu, the 12 year rule has divided the country. one young is wally. he was never been afraid to speak. her mind is musician, no error as her 1st album, off the radar was released in 2017 to critical acclaim. a 2nd kids came out this year and she's just a box on an international tour. her signature style combined to the pers no and the political the every day with the extraordinary and i knew it's never shy away from control was the mom that be nowhere to go. no future insight in her song. bad habits is really musician naga areas evokes a dark and angry vision. i was born and angry person. song was sparked by the feeling that her world was disappearing more and more. the
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way era sings about that has hit a nerve with a lot of young israelis rage at the world with a booming beat. the, the injustice is something that was always keeping my mind busy when i was a young girl, when it came to the smallest to the largest things like how could it be that way? and i had a lot of energy to channel towards something and, and i think my parents realized that and just whatever it is that i wanted to do, they were, they were like, ok, let her do that really have. she's the musical voice of a new generation. liberal enlightened, self confidence, much the better burning is on the never miss. once more. when eric thinks about celebrating being allies as in
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the song end of the road, then it isn't a hollow pop music cliche coming as she does from a country in a perpetual state of unrest. intel of eve were no good areas looms. the middle east conflict as part of the daily reality. still, she doesn't see herself as a protest. singer me the every time music is defined as political music. while my instinct is to say, it's not political, it's just living here, makes some incidents, a part of life. things have happened to you, your parents, your grandparents, it's just, it's just a part of life. but you know, that creates some kind of a atmosphere and it makes people who they are. it designs the texture of humanity here there is find her topics within israel's internal areas of tension. in the video
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for about canada, she wraps her arm with a strap used in prayer, in jewish orthodox communities. it's reserved for men, for many ultra orthodox jews. televi with it's largely secular orientation. is considered a city of sin, as opposed to religiously dominated jerusalem. the in and look at areas things about these contrasts. she writes her songs with her partner ari russo. the to usually start out by finding the right sound. we would have an open microphone and had one of us would be just improvising things and jib rushing things like even though it happens in such intuitive way, eventually we build as we'll build songs around that after having conversations
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about what is important to us. and they are very intimate conversations because while we have that ability, we're not just music partners, we're life partner is nicole the conclusion that i got to after you know, thinking a little bit about what the world would be. i was like, we're not ready for this. we're not ready for the world to be right. in 2018 palestinians in gaza, sent paper kites carrying incendiary devices into israel areas, things about those attacks and her song fire kites in it. she tells of how war is as much a part of growing up for young women as their 1st time having sex. we don't need bombs, she things from the perspective of the supposed to enemy. we got fire k. me. i
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don't need no go areas is able to put herself in someone else's shoes. so does her music have a message of peace? will i make peace with my music? is music doesn't have that power. music is a beautiful thing. as i said before, is a religion to me. i mean i'm, i believe in the god of music. music doesn't have the power to change reality. it has a power the way i see it, i think some people would be angry, but i think the way i see it, but the one thing that music can do is to help other people realize that they're not alone with what they're going through. maybe i'm wrong, i don't think i'm wrong. i checked now could you tell the difference between objects with identical purposes from the former east and west? germany's well you can test or if it's the vitro design museum in southwest in
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germany near the swiss border home and household objects are displayed side by side . in an exhibition shorting the similarities and differences in post war design in the rival states following germany 9949 division, o 2 german, the state, 2 political system of the table where from both looks similar, only close inspection revealed which designs came from east or west germany. that's the surprising revelation of this exhibition. at the vitro design museum invited. i'm a heine and isn't this east german tv just cooler than the west? german one. the g d r leadership wanted to implement an unmistakable east german look for its products. but they proved unpopular with consumers and east german designers continued the traditions established by the pre war bow school. all 5 and most countries of design was meant above all to serve people. but in germany, the approach for designers was to produce for the massive. and if i buy to my
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products, clear modern lines produced quickly. like with these shelving systems, they could be found in almost every east german home. ah, as for the niemen spring, i didn't want to force anyone and say that this is how it has to look. my ambition was to allow the users of my designs, a great deal of room for their own ideas, belong to life. designed in west germany, manufactured in the east, a garden chair known as the venison bag egg. today, it's considered a design icon. and that's exhibition runs until the 5th of september. now to a man whose width top color re magic, none less than angelina mackerel and queen elizabeth the 2nd german chef. hi co. i'm today rich applied scientific techniques to cooking, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary is unorthodox flavor pairings of
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and him accolades. his new book aromas published this year, lift the lid on thousands of recipes. our reporter asked him about a few of them. 6 strawberries with mustard seed. at 1st glance, this seems like an odd combination of recreation or should we say discovery of german check. hypo antoneyer, which they said to me, i described myself as being a common area roemer researcher. and what we do is defined by the term include pairings or labor pairings. we bind new taishan compositions of producing recipes in which cauliflower is combined with chocolate. sauce floor, g. p rad, who with elder flower film and bacon. yeah, trans name started his career as a classically trained chef. this 1st restaurant was worded, a mission all start back in 2001. today he's focused on the future food preparation
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. he approaches cooking with science and such trends. gastronomic world, you find the unique di was one of the pioneers of molecular cuisine in germany. and i wrote a handbook on to be to go or a temperature controlled water bath cooking. that's nice to stand. i've written about flavor and a roma pairings. my all because phoebe high continuity that just like kitchen is located in darkman. in north fran westphalia, experimental chef and author doesn't have to go far to find subjects for his research. at a nearby park, you discover some japanese not. we'd also known as donkey rhubarb. yet i've taken a young stock of the donkey rhubarb. that's easy to cut. come you can eat it just like a piece of ra, rhubarb, dark in your garden. in many places not really considered a pest, but for today which the wheat is a source of aroma. to extract the case in its purest form,
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he cuts the lease and stem into small pieces. the finally truck, not weed is then mixed with water. and placed into a rotary evaporator in the process similar to distillation, the mixture heated and condensed, to produce nothing. the result, this sweet fluid was hidden. how does i'm? but what's in here is really something i'm. it's an aromatic, concentrated rhubarb, with green notes soon, and noises, and you can smell the acidity, which is what we want to work into our dish. now the government, i know by the german shakin cater or fuko boycott often consults. professor antony, which has he's known to colleagues for a white tyco and navy advice is and inspires them to create unusual recipes like chicken breast, with white chocolate license. bob white just goes orange line chill . a carmen and white chocolate combine us with the combination our turning all the
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ingredients into a rounded ho wonder. i know that's a ton of hika hemmerson does, which i like to acquire from him again from him. and i 1st comes the credit card and then can seeming chicken broth in which chicken breast is cooked over low heat. meanwhile, the asparagus is such a in a frying pan and dose with orange choose the cooks chicken breast is removed and set aside, and white chocolate melted in the bras to finish a dash have not reader oma and the chicken japanese not weed and the chocolate have notes reminiscence of rashly cut, green grass goodness. of course, it doesn't taste like that, but you can altogether and each note we recognize here comes together on the place, makin cling off them 10 to them. with this food pairing high go on to me, which takes advantage of the aromatic interplay of the individual ingredients in
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the right balance. it produced a surprisingly diverse taste experience. i'll take the chocolate all by itself every time. that's your arts and culture fix for today, but for true attics, there's our website. that's the w dot com slash culture for me and the whole team here in an extremely summary berlin catch. next time me the far out in the northeast corner, germany's only island on the open sea. today trip is nice, but it's better to stay 2 or 3 days on the island that makes the real difference is the ideal place to slow down and relax. check in the next
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d w. these places in europe are smashing all the record. step into all that venture is the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you have to record breaking site on you tube and now also in book form me the news one square kilometer of red rock in the middle of the northeast. this is tellico land, germany only high seas island, enjoying nature,


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