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tv   Fokus Europa  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2021 7:03pm-7:30pm CEST

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and it had no impact on our lives and the elections on the newspapers. so i have voted 3 times before, but what i wanted never came to pass. so this time i'll definitely not vote public does that affection and high inflation. no one's living in comfort and peace and the government never keeps its work. medical paradoxically, this increases raise his chances of winning even further because he ran the most conservative voters are the ones that usually do turn up at the pulse. in the long term though, if he's elected, a lack of public support could end up undermining his standing. well, joining us now for some analysis is the head of the dw persian service, jada. sorry about that. good to see you. and is this election really a voting exercise in name only? yes, you know, problem thing is that when we talk about elections in iran,
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in general, we cannot, you cannot, we cannot presume what we understand and what's in the boxes as election. so the election, we won't have always been engine engineering in here in a way. but there is a big difference in this year's election. because in the last years, at least, they were trying to, to keep up appearances of a republic by allowing reformers candidates also called before as candidates. but the thing is that in this year, the election, not only the guarding come so did not just qualified every, every candidates could be a potential threat to the hard line. a candidate brian, right? you see who as it seems and every here her new force will be elected. but he is kind of also the, the favorite candidate off a supreme either i have to look how many and what is what is important here. also
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to see is that even hotline or candidates who could be a challenge to about right, you see, we're not allowed but who are at the same time are close to the supreme either. so it is very, it is the 1st time that such a manufacturer, it's kind of election to pay the way for $1.00 particular kind of that. right, well let's take a look at the fact that the country's been suffering from economic problems for many years now. close out, it's about you've got the punitive sanctions because of the nuclear program. how is this affecting turn? i 10 it is a fact thing. turn off because people are disappointed people are fit up. it is like even the people who may be the last 4 years ago or 8 years ago, even had a slight of hope in some changes. now, after 8 years of the government of prison, ronnie came to the, you know, came to the conclusion that there is actually no,
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no chance for any kind of change in this direction. so. so and what we would the thing right now this year is really on in social media on the 3 areas as we saw, the reports, a huge kind of boy cut of election. but it's in the end, we don't know what the turn out will be because you can also not rely on the, on the numbers and the figures that will come. so what we, what we see now actually is that this time it's not even so important for them. if there was a low turn out to legit, my state the the system of this law for public. all right, we'll leave it there. you know, the are back from the person service. thanks for that analysis. let's take a look now with some of the stories from around the world. palestinians have protested at the alex and asking compound in jerusalem. they briefly clashed with israeli police. 3 people were injured. hundreds demonstrated after friday prayers
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response for ronnie helped by jewish ultra nationalists earlier this week. rivers around the biggest city in brazil's amazon rainforest of swelled to levels unseen and more than a century, the floating has displaced more than 30000 people. it comes as large areas of brazil are currently drawing up in a severe draft. right, well the french president, my new on my call is meeting german transfer england michael in berlin. today. it could be the last encounter of its kind for the 2 leaders with medical mandate coming to an end in september. we have this look now at the recent relationship between the 2 countries under leaders fairly in 4 years ago, newly elected french president emanuel mccall, miss german chancellor angle america, both both types and the bond between france and germany. a year later,
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emanuel mccall received germany's prestigious charlemagne prize in often in recognition for his services towards europe and in 2019 france and germany renewed the treaty of corporation in a show of unity unity. so, unity, silly derek, who is, you know, he's in some, these are the points of the treaty. europe would not survive if we were denied it would die. gemini, and france have a you to create, kill, to realize european sovereignty. donita. rinaldo says when t, france and germany intensified collaboration between the podium in as a result. but it matter in my call wanted to go further. he thought to reform the us own, but he got a 9 from fiscally conservative angle america, who's seen the object. any plan to have a proper budget for the european union. the pandemic last year made her cave in to some extent when germany agreed to an
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e. u. recovery fund of 500000000000 euros. an important when from home decides most, a recall to recovery fund has to make a contribution to ensure that all states in europe can react accordingly. and that also requires an exception of one off efforts to which germany and france are ready to pay. but i said, when it came to diplomatic issues, market and my home mostly. so i to i, paris, and berlin revived no money for me to find a peaceful solution to the walk in the dumbass region of ukraine. there's us to, to get to maintain the iran nuclear deal. and when the relationship between bending and washington was at a low, harris acted as a mediator. but a difference in tone became clear when it came to russia with a manual home, much more compromising with vladimir putin than i got merkel, and was friends way more critical of the notes tween to gas pipeline project in the baltic c, a project always supported by berlin,
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today's reunion in berlin between the 2 leaders might be the last of it's kind of bank of america will lead her office in september. but those 4 years of corporation did give a new impetus to grow the relationship between the 2 countries. right, well let's speak to francisco, but i'm not a member of the german parliament for the green party and a member of the franco german parliamentary assembly. i from cisco. welcome to the program. and i'd like to start by asking you said you would like to see more engagement from the french and german government to future proof the european union . what exactly would you like to see? i would like to see germany in front to develop an agenda, really of reform, happy european union. we have now to conference on the future of europe. and we all know that we need reforms. we need to get the radar unit and we need to really get more recommended into the green deal in the future as well. we know that we have to
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find answers to migration. i find that we cannot just push back people in half that as a solution, there are so many big reforms and issues leading up. and i think it would be the high time to take the mac has been not a very big partner for my hall in this and was the kind of manager that they didn't really make your better in terms of being future proof after that right now, cooperation between the 2 leaders and the countries is arguably stabilized the opinion . would a further push from germany and france not alienate other countries? you know, it's quite interesting when germany and france are not aligned or don't develop joint initiatives, others off board. and if they are developing, then there is, of course, the risk of not being considered or not, but i think it's not a contradiction. i think that we need to have an inclusive process,
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but that germany and frank need to get together and be able to reform together with others, with italy, with poland, with other countries. but it's clear that germany in front don't find the common language, and we won't be able to reform to you. right now. moving to the g 7 meeting that we saw last week. now the us president at biden said his focus was on quote, strengthening the alliance, making clear to a putin and to china that europe on the u. s. are tight. what's your take on that? i'm very happy that we have back an american president who values transatlantic relations really at the partnership. and i think that this is important for europe to pick up now to really invest in a climate ally and to get our work done in a digital fear. and yet also, when it comes to china and russia to cooperate with the us,
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we don't always have to think interest. but we certainly are closely with the park with the u. s. as our partner. but we still, i think if you're a p and have to also really invest in our own strategic sovereignty, not just because there might be, again, present out the us that it's more like thompson biden. but also because we need to just take more responsibility over to the fight and can take more responsibility at home and also in the rest of the world. so i think the responsibility of my invest not hasn't disappeared right. i briefly, chancellor merkel is leaving office in september my clients facing elections next year at where do you see this partnership going under new leadership only vend, but who will be the new leader. we stand for strong german and french really aligned and includes the one who really taking back time, german interests and not just the finding german interest as economy interests in
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terms of some companies, but really making it the more future pro was obtained, approached our european joint perspective, right. all right, we'll leave it there. francisco partner a member of the german parliament for the green party and member of the franco german parliamentary assembly. thank you. thank you. moving on to sports news and in football, danish midfielder christiane erickson has been released from hospital after nearly a week stay erickson's suffered a cardiac arrest in denmark's opening match of the euros and had to be resuscitated on the ground before receiving further treatment funds and teammates gave him the minutes of a pause during denmark's latest much spite successful surgery, it's clear if he will play again. and a reminder of our top story, this, our iranians are going to the post to act as a new president turn, ice is expected to be exceptionally low after hon versus congress, including prominent moderates, were barred from running. the frontrunner is ultra conservative cleric ever have
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braces in 1900 specialist of next is more of course on w dot com and you can follow up on our social media accounts on parcel. it's important for me and the rest of the team here take care and see at the top of the next are the with the site against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing? what does the latest research say? information and contact the corona virus. 19 special. next on d. w. i was saying are there rise to the unseen our news global 3000
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theories about the threats we are facing. and the heroes taking a stands and the global $3000.00 series starts june 21st on d, w. you ah, the how will cove it 19 shape our economic future. the m f. estimates the global cost of the virus at $28.00 trillion us dollars in last output. the 20202025. but we've heard a lot about how damaging the endemic has been for the economy and people's livelihoods. still, there may be some changes for the better economists hope the environment, local industry, and even our social lives could eventually benefit from the experience. hello and
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welcome to your cobra, 1900 special. i'm preschool, berlin. there's so much that we needed to learn about the corona virus that we needed to adapt to during the pandemic. and still, the cost of it has been overwhelming when it all started the w benches all in talk to 5 top economists about their predictions for the business world and our working lives a year on. he spoke to them again in the hope of garnering a little more hope. ah, i think you should be confident to missy, but confident. this is one of them most severe crisis in the world history. we have a head. but on the other hand, of course, we see also very positive things also let's say people sitting in the same boat. now it's, i don't think we have one enough. i think we're still stumbling on why forward. so we have amateur drive, is that the wheels that they live of economy. and that's the main to enjoy on this
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. me and i make has increased corporation and society has been a lot of cooperation across country. that's a big source of innovation, where we do need to go now is a more inspiring collective future vision of what we want our economy to look like . and this is the moment to do it. i april 2020 was grim. where is everyone? now there's like at the end of the tunnel, there's a vaccine. we have a strong instrument in our hands to fight this and i make a year ago, it wasn't clear we would have a year ago. economists were trying to predict what sort of recession was coming of be signifies a shop brief decline, followed by a rebalance w double the procession,
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l. the plunge that stays down low for a long time. it was nothing like an out of shaped recession. fortunately, we would have been saw far worse without that level of government spending. it was between the v shaped recession and something maybe like a w like was and up and down a roller coaster situation. but at the very end, i'm quite confident that we are really on v up the track. the it depends who we referred to. what has become very clear is that we're looking at k shaped recovery, the continued polarization, the hollowing out of the middle class, the concentration of workers in low skills, low paid job, and then concentration of workers, and high skilled high paid jobs. the pandemic was a major dis,
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a equalize. i think that is probably the key issue between rich and poor after the crisis that this trend is really accelerating. what about the record amounts of money government spending to rebuild economy? this is only going to maintain a close that already working. we will see more home office more working from home. and that means more options for highly trained and how you educated workers. we've also seen, of course, in digitization and acceleration. again, this favors highly educated people and now post a pullback of some of the support measures. you can probably expect that for those that were already having a difficult time, things will get worse. there has definitely been a will transfer again to the wealthy and like every, everything that happens in western economy, the solution is to make it better by making the wealthy wealthier it has to be a day of reckoning for that of some strange. i heard a year ago, economists,
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daniel stint toby, just throwing money at the problem, wouldn't work our setting of the past 30 years, or solving all problems in the economy by having keep money and more credit and more loans is coming to an end. it didn't. governments have never spent so much, but daniel's still not a fan. what is the main drive off inequality of the past? 40 of easy credit, much more money was created the low interest rates, and whenever there was a crisis, instead of having to lose money, hadn't been slipping. that was if either other do their job and get the financial system back to the original role of funding, productive investment and not speculation. so if you make a late and you'll make a mistake or lose your money and for the rescue, is there something positive that come out of all of it where you okay, that will work enough severe, apologies and finally understand economic well,
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why don't they have a vendor coming out to be honest, i see a big risk a petition now have see believe, let the other ones managing that and i think they have not to undergo drop into corona try this. i fear it's going to be lead to less efficient and effective solutions. and therefore, i would say it's an excuse to put difference to grab, more power. getting bolder is going to pay off in the longer term because this is the moment to create the care economy to upgrade our education system, to put in place lifelong learning system to put in place. so sustaining better social safety nets for the future. all of that happens now and what about globalization? the pandemic, broad international trade to a screeching halt. the main change over time, i hope will be more localized ation of manufacturing. i think that we've got fox lengthy supply chains. far too much price and exporting shape wages in the rest of
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the world, and not developing the domestic economy where the consumption actually occurs. i do not think that globalization will be replaced by regionalization on localization. we shouldn't forget that locally. concentrated production also has its risks. so what we are heading for, i believe, is less concentration, let's say on the cheapest supplier. but more diversification be more resilience in future crises. but this may even lead to more often less globalization. i'm very skeptical fraud, for instance, about supply supply chain laws because they split labor markets in poor countries trapped in commodities. it's not good that developing countries poor countries will always be commodity exporters let's that's not the way to development to prosperity . the, the,
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the, the prices gave us all pause for thought. it gave the environment a break to, but not for long. wherever those fires came from, even if it came from the hand lab, the ultimate cause of this process has been excessive human pressure upon the boss fear. and we're going to say more and more instances of that coming back. so like that, the tunnel maybe the fire as far as burning it, if you bringing the factors down. all of us have seen one dyer warning after another that talks about what, how, how far we have pushed to the limit the planet and how our current economic systems are not compatible with having a more sustainable and greener economy. we have to change our consumption habits, we'll do that. and maybe we'll be more social interconnection and maybe also social, let's say coherence. when we had it before,
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it has also shown us that maybe we can travel less new me all things from home be and that alone would be more environmentally friendly of cause i'm bad and you know, it would be better to if the next and them it didn't come before a 100 years ah, maybe is much later than just tackling the calamities at hand. seems to be difficult enough, for example, when it comes to having the right jab to fight the current of ours. here's our science correspondence, derek williams, answering your questions. paul, why is authorization for the chinese and russian vaccines being denied by your medical regulator? under ordinary circumstances, when we're not smack dab in the middle of the largest global health crisis in a century, it takes quite a while for the e. m a or,
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or the european medicines agency, to carry out scientific evaluations after phase 3 trials with therapies and vaccines generally, between 9 and 10 months. but that's under ordinary circumstances. in the midst of the pandemic, the e. m. a set up a special task force to help fast track coven 19 vaccines. a key change is that developers don't have to wait until all of their data is final. before submitting it for approval, but have been able to submit it instead in batches while, while trials are still ongoing. a process called rolling review, both chinese and russian vaccines are now in this rolling review process in the u. but the agency hasn't made any promises on when exactly market authorization will
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be forthcoming. if it does, i say there is no question that politics has played at least a secondary role in delaying this process. but, but that's far from the only reason. it's taking so long there have also been issues with trial paid for some time. the e m a said the data being presented by chinese and russian developers didn't meet new standards for proof of effectiveness. a safety and quality. the agency, as a rule, is pretty tight lipped about the review process. a chinese vaccine has been in it since the beginning of may and rushes. sputnik be since march, but it's still impossible to say anything firm about when exactly e n a authorization might be granted, though many other countries around the world are already using the vaccines. it
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could take another month or 2 in the you or it could take a lot longer in and that helps up our show for more. you can always hit our website at w dot com slash cove it 19 for now. thanks for watching stacy. ah the ah, the news? the news
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the the ah oh, i'm agreeing you feel worried about me too. i'm the host of the on the green fence remains to change. join me for the size of the green transformations for me to use for the classes. how many portion of her out in the climate conference doors?
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this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much was can really get we still have time to go. i'm doing all what i this is he doesn't use a show coming up today. struggles in india multiply authentic used of allowing the spread of hatred and enmity by tape that after a controversial video of an elderly man being assaulted, vital on the platform. it's the latest round in the long run in tussle with the government of complying with new social media rules. plus.


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