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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2021 6:00am-6:31am CEST

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know to make up the global 3000 theories starts june 21st on d w. the news . this is the w news live from the election day in iran, but turn out in the presidential could be loads off the almost all reform is candidates with bond from running fairly polling shows hi plan and abraham where he is expected to win both the coming out the us supreme court rejects the latest challenge to the affordable care act known as obamacare. millions of americans will
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keep their health insurance as a result bought out in the last future class, successfully, doctrine safe, thankfully on or 3 astro nose into china. new thank station for the country, one good orbiting mission. yes. ah, i'm john driebe. thank you very much for your company. we begin to show in iran way of voting and controversial presidential election is underway. turn out is expected to be low in response to supreme leader, i am totally out of harmony. barring hundreds of candidates, including moderates from running. there was also widespread anger over the impact of sanctions, unemployment, and hotline room. the vote is seen as a referendum on clerical leadership. the front runner is hotline and abraham ra. he
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see, the ultra conservative cleric is a staunch ally and protege of how many the ibrahim race, he has, what it takes to make it to the top in iran, the 60 year old received most of his education and religious seminaries, supported ayatollah khomeini during the revolution in 1979 and has been part of the islamic republics in a circle ever since. he's got the support of the ultra conservative establishment and most importantly, iran supreme leader. so when he entered the race to become president racy, immediately became a front runner even more so after any serious reformist and moderate competition was bought from running and other hardliners boat out to boost his job to the, the few relatively unknown rival. still in the running, no, they don't stand a chance against the all truck with just head of the traditional reach. they only serve as a backdrop, to give rise,
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even one thing only lacking so far. democrats due to messy men studying again. as a result, many iranians feel they have no real choice at the ballot box. not so much again, i'm not taking part in the election said we participated for many years and it had no impact on our lives. and the elections on the street or the newspapers. so i have voted 3 times before, but what i wanted never came to pass. so this time i'll definitely not vote that public dissatisfaction and high inflation. no one's living in comfort and peace. and the government never keeps its work level. paradoxically, this increases raise his chances of winning even further because he runs most conservative voters are the ones that usually do turn up at the pulse. in the long term though, if he's elected, a lack of public support could end up undermining his standing.
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let's go over to the united states now where the supreme court has dismissed the latest republican late attempt to overturn the national health law known as obamacare. now, this decision means that affordable health insurance for tens of millions of americans will remain intact. it was passed by the bomber administration in 2010 to address large gaps in health care coverage for americans. we are the, this is the moment former us president brock obama announced the passage of the affordable care act today. after all, the votes have been tally. health insurance reform becomes law in the united states of america. and since that time, american republicans have bow to repeal the act, often referred to as obamacare. this is the 3rd major attack on the health care law taken to the supreme court. and it ended the way the 1st 2 did with
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a majority of justices rejecting the case made for scrapping it there were some hope among the opponents of obamacare that this time would be different. mainly because the court is more conservative now that there are 3 appointees of president donald trump on it, and i mean millions continue to suffer from obamacare. walk with trunk, support, 18 republican leg safe, sued over the law. conservatives have always said it is too expensive and have argued that government should stay out of health insurance choices. this time. they argue that charging a mandatory penalty for those without private or public insurance made the entire law unconstitutional. the court disagreed at congress or moved financial penalties for the uninsured in 2017. but the ruin doesn't mean that the health care law is safe from future lawsuits. it just said that the people who brought this lawsuit
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didn't have any right to do it. and so, in a sense, the court sidestepped the issue of the constitutionality of the now toothless individual mandate. democrats are praising the decision. good morning. good morning. once again, the supreme court upheld the constitutionality of the affordable care act and the transformational actions that it provides. every american with the ruling protection for people with preexisting conditions will continue and lower income people will keep their access to medical care. the u. s. has the highest health care costs in the world according to the budget ministration? 31000000 people have health insurance because of the law and from washington. now correspondent oliver salad has been following day's events that the us supreme court and earlier he explained to us the significance of this ruling. it's been the
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supreme court several times. the 3rd time in fact today, so there was a ruling in 2012, another one and 2015 and now every time with a different legal reasoning, of course. but it has also been one of the most prestigious projects of the obama administration. and then trump, in his term, really tried everything he could to get rid of it. the republicans have always argued, it's too expensive. there should be an individual decision whether or not you want to have health insurance. the democrat, in contrast, trying to help low income families here. also those who have pre existing conditions and eventually this law abroad health insurance to 31000000 americans. and that was oliver's salad day in washington dc. okay, let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world today. a gun fight between rival games inside a prison in honduras has left at least 5 people did. 15 people were admitted to
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hospital with injuries from the fighting. hundreds of relatives of inmates gathered outside the prison gates, waiting to hear news of their loved ones. us investigate is taking a closer look at 30 accidents involving cars from electric, automaker tesla. now that examined way that the use of test with auto pilot system contributed the crashes. the company is one of the leaders in the right to develop self driving cars. 10 people died in the accidents under investigation and an investigation has begun in india after a baby girl was found to live in a boss working on the ganges revise the box contained to horace, good giving the date and time of birth and her name ganga. hinges word for the holding river. doctors estimate that she is around one month.
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ivory coast, former controversial, controversial, former prison love on back bo, has returned home. after 10 years out of the country bank boy was arrested and held to stand trial of the international criminal court. the crimes against humanity, after refusing to accept electoral defeat in 2011, he was forced from power and the bloody civil war ensued. thousands of people died during the conflict. his return comes off to be icy, acquitted him of all charges. only a small number of law home bag bo supporters were allowed to average on airport to see his plain touch down. even after 10 years outside of the country, support for the former president remain strong. his return has raised the hopes of many and ivory coast. it's all we wanted one day of glory. we erase out 10 years of suffering. we want everything simply thanks to god because he gave us
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back our father. what am i today i will sleep well and i pray to god that he arrives at his destination. i want to see and salute him and i expect reconciliation. why not go over to a home after being cleared by the international criminal court. the 76 year old was charged with crimes against humanity. after his refusal to accept defeat and a 2010 election triggered a bloody civil war. that conflict left 3000 people dead. but beg bose homecoming is being seen by many as a significant step towards reconciliation. after is acquitted with the i, c. c, the current president of ivory coast last sound, whatever invites it is for the rival to return home and back. both himself says he wants to lobby for peace, leaving b jones airport on thursday. he didn't say anything to the public. but he later greeted many of his supporters at his former presidential campaign headquarters.
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the day he told the crowd, he was happy to be home. i'm glad to be back in ivory coast and africa. my 3 coast is looking for peace through reconciliation. although many and not sure if the whole bag goes returned will contribute to political stability or challenges . a chinese spacecraft carrying treat people as now doc successfully with the country's new space station after launching from the edge of the gobi desert. the tree arrived at the new station about 6 hours later the research module is still being completed. the astronauts will now orbit the earth for 3 month setting up experiments and preparing for a series of spice books and the next stages of construction that is latest mission is considered a significant step forward in establishing beijing as
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a major player in space. another success for china space program. the shin jo 12 rocket last thought to dock with the countries new space or for the next 3 months to the crew. 3 will live in a module slightly larger than a city bus. carrying out experiments going on space walks and preparing the station for completion. next year. the china space agency will be monitoring the astronauts to see how they handle the time away from earth separation. often the sunday via the see the top 3 month commission is a long term human crude space flight plan, which requires astronaut to stay in a relatively narrow and confined environment. i says that it takes time to adapt to the weightlessness. says it will also have to cope with an environment filled with noise and vibration. it will be uncomfortable and these effects will have a cumulative impact over time. trying to space program is mostly homegrown. the
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united states congress forbade nasa from cooperating with china 10 years ago. excited concerns over the chinese space program secretive nature and its connections to the military. the international space station launched in 1998 has hosted astronauts from over a dozen different nations. but for china, it's off limits between the aging response company will build one ourselves. while the i s s reaches the end of its life, sam often trying to plan to complete its station by next year. and when it does, it will be in a position to decide who can come aboard. so you, that's a good job on the mayo caught you at this stage in construction were not yet considering for an astronaut dissipation. and that would be for an astronaut. they're certainly going to enter the chinese space station one day. you know, there are a number of countries that have expressed a desire to do that,
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and we will be open to it in the future. they go teach it while they're still work to be done on the space station. china is already looking ahead to its next project . a propos lunar base that it's planning together with russia. in football, the netherlands continue their successful start to you, right? 2020 we the win over austria. the dots took the lead in the 1st half through a penalty, and after halftime, denzil doom freeze added a 2nd goal to confirm the win and leave the netherlands with 6 points from to guy. denmark christian ericsson will have a defibrillator fitted after he's offered a cardiac arrest during his country's in game years 2020 on saturday on the ph. she's teammates filled to a 21 defeat against belgium, kevin de brian that notched the goal, and in se stopped coming on as a substitute. canceling out denmark's early opening goal and you're up
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to date now on dw and use makes you feel looking at the challenges faced by young moroccans who come to europe illegally hoping to build a better life. of course, more on w dot com. you can follow us on instagram and we did to w news. i'm jarred radian, berlin, thanks for watching. have a great day. the news . a young american immigrants, they know the police will start that. they know that the route is not a solution. they know their flights could be fatal. like going back is not an option. shattered dreams starts june 18th on
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d w. ah, ah, ah. me. when you cross the border and you think that everything here is going to be easier and you can get a jobs or money will get married and a lot more loss. but once you get here,
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you'll see that it's really scary. has also could you meet guys who've been here for a while and you know, they're 16 years old or so, and they're living on the street. they don't have a job and their legal status is uncertain. but you still believe that you can make your dream come true of them. it's auto bought. that has the ability to consolidate it. okay, so what was new, know large, what much community that gave me you wasn't much times. i got a couple accessories on the road in my a holiday. if you decided you didn't know what it was, all i know
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sean long. it's always been my mood luck on hold, you know but i mean no, no, i didn't get a feel for that one. you
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know, the police said we attacked some kid. someone stole their money and passports and the cops they, we did it on the i'm going to bed nowadays. i sleep in a different place every night and sometimes on a cardboard box on a street corner, next to a trash container. night. i'll sleep in the parking lot at the harbor. there are some abandoned cars and vans over there. sometimes will sleep in a big delivery van that we call the harbor hotel,
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connecticut. how did i get here is our 7 star hotel. ready i mean, the, the limitations of it, but it also has his
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motorcycle to have all the more i and the negative to keep him home. i had to so right so, so my mother gives us a little so does she have to add them? so who do i do the
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more than maybe i can spend i eat holiday in morocco. if only i could get some money. i don't know what to do a lot of money because my mom wants to see me. but i don't want to go to tonight and still i could spend the holiday there, god willing, and then come back here and try it again. it was beautiful. the spain has lots of regulations. funny that i have to stop over in spain to qualify for residence papers since one of them. sure. actually i'd like to go to canada. god willing or norway, that shit. i'm anywhere in the world. canada, norway, sweden, belgium, france. at all. for me, spain is only a stop over comb,
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or to call it to check if the, if any country falls, spain, italy, france, bigger, small. any country is better than a morocco and it's not a good place to live. there's a lot of poverty there for people steel, so there's a lot of violence and the more, and then there's the king which will be just a dangerous place. a bit of the the we were at the beach for a long time earlier today. then we got hungry and came here to try to find something to eat for them and that could go about the mother. but we've been here
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for 2 hours and we haven't found anything yet. so maybe we'll get lucky and someone will give us a little food. he's always you administered in a clue. i saw the muscle. what's a good muslim i heard some guys screaming at each other to get in. they were on drugs and fighting. you can blame the drugs for that. one does all of the isn't the marvelous. i don't know why they were fighting. nothing important and i'm sure amanda life on the streets is not a solution. it can really screw you over and cause all kinds of trouble. they'll talk about it didn't make you do things that you wouldn't normally do. it's
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a tough life and a lot can happen out of the physical abuse theft disease and other started lives with me. ah, ah. the
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in the there are people who are financially well off. they have houses, don't they collect rent cars and was why did they put their children at risk like that going up under people who have money ascending that they see where they they pay for them. but they didn't think about the consequences. why is why they have a good life here in a room on those boats for the turning? the kids may not even have to care and they're the ones who need help. no one seems to realize rich and on the think of them, i know some people at work who demand that that kids spend the money for rent, wherever children going to get that money. and the parents forcing their kids to deal drugs deal. they are
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the the this kid is one of us. yeah. his family came and picked him up was they'll give him something to eat and then they'll drop him off at the harbor again . or maybe a family if i mean what kind of family, dad? he's their son landed familiar enough, but enough to lie
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ahead of miss lose you how to know. i hope i can make my dream come true and get to spain. ability and either like this or by paying was if i want to go to spain though, my favorite cities are bill bow alone. i mean can lot of in catalonia, you can get your residence permit quickly. and there are generally people who will help you. and that's, there are mosse that if someone sees your brain there, they'll help you find a job and a place to look at what they help you with everything you have any, you know, whether you holler. now do you know, working with me with somebody or did i didn't in the
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home who might look up the. 2 no, oh no, no, no, we're going to get your voice new. welcome. which was good to go. i did was minimal move. remember the last one was what was, what was, what was it for what room? one of bus florida on? well see the one boy i'm in the
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the the the the the, the, the, the the me me ah me
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in awe.


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