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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2021 6:15pm-6:31pm CEST

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victories in men's singles, but the 35 year olds find it last and last week's french open semi final. it says he needs more time to recover between tournaments. wimbledon starts on the 28th of june. until you're up to date, steven busy has your business update next on the world news at the top of the hour and it can't wait that long. it's always the act or the website. i would use the case and above all how it feels jewish life in europe. that's what film producer and journalists are exploring,
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building into history and the present. i would never have thought they could be live, so i constantly remind myself because i grew up in a completely different way. fraud, early jewish in years. the 2 port documentary starts july 5th on d, w. i. the disappointing results for german vaccine make a cure vac. its long awaited m r. n. a shot is only 47 percent effective in the 1st reading of trial results. shareholders are showing their displeasure, but the company says it's not giving up yet. also on the show ever heard of bill talk? producers of the south african dried meat that was a trademark,
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their product internationally could mean big bucks, but it won't be easy. and merchants and toko depend heavily on cross border sales. what happens when a panoramic closes those borders will take you to the west african nation? a little walk into the show, beardsley in berlin shares and german biotech from care vac plunge thursday after the company revealed disappointing trial results for its corona virus vaccine candidate. the m r n a shot was 47 percent effective in a trial involving 40000 volunteers that far lower than vaccines from rivals, biotech, and marina. the share price was down by half at one point. me, germany's cure back was supposed to be one of the big players in the fight against corporate 19. the european union had ordered 400000000 doses off it's vaccine. optimism was high earlier this year when cure vaccine or france and a hoss joined in a conference call with
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e u. health officials. we are planning to have a conditional markets approval somewhere in end of may beginning of june, depending on the data of course. at the moment our data read out, what we can see is that we can expect that high efficacy there as well. and we are following certainly also with a varian. now the bad news stage 3 test results have shown in a fixed rate of only 47 percent, far less than vaccines made by competitors. and under the 50 percent minimum rate set by the world health organization. stock market reacted immediately was cure vaccine, plunging at times by almost half their worst daily performance since the company's august 2020 i p o. research will go on at cure vax labs. but for now, the company is unlikely to play
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a major role in this short term fight against the virus. and for more on this, we go to humans quarter in new york, and these are initial results from care of act. the company expects a full read out in a few weeks, would have investors already given their verdict? well, i mean, well 3 doesn't really seem to have too much have a company, at least at this point. i mean, they're stuck at the mesh site, but remember where you, well, thank you. i went to public on time square at the gnostic exchange in august, and then for $16.00 a piece. then just recently we saw about $100.00 and now we are trading at around $250.00. and some analysts on wall street saying that the 2 weeks talk even could drop as low as a $15.00 piece. so clearly, at least for one day, not too much in that company from wall street. yes. how damaging is this in the long term for a company like your vac, which hasn't brought
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a product to market? and was of course very focused on the stocks in yeah, clearly i mean that's what we've seen with cure wake, but also with other companies like to be on tech care for instance, are also moderne. i mean, they all, at least for now depend on this one. covet exceed on the market. that's pretty much their own product. they're selling right now. i mean, there is still hope also for cure wake together with the lack of ms. klein, they're working on a next generation corporate vaccine. and that's what i've heard some people thing on wall street that they should focus on that new generation. and hopefully that will work. and we'll bring a cure back back in a line just talking about the competition. because clearly this is also time why it's a problem for cure. why? because they are already behind in comparison to companies like to be on take madana and those 2 stocks by the way. they are trading up quite a bit in the thursday session. so they're profiting from the problems that
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a cure records having at this moment. all right, so rivals benefiting their young quarter in new york. thank you very much. and staying with markets, bitcoin has traded modestly today, but the roller coasters of past months or even years can be ruled out in the future . a 2 months ago the crypto currency was worth nearly $65000.00 the highest it's ever traded since its founding more than a decade ago. now it's around $40000.00. that's about 40 percent down from its value in mid april. a critic say it's highly speculative and the amateur investors should stay away. the virtual currencies more recent highs and lows have also been subjects. i've also been subject to the whims of one. ellen must kill his support or criticism of bitcoin. can send the price up or down with a tweet. earlier we spoke with economists and crypto skeptic, maurice hufton, and asked why he's no fan of the digital currency. that is the gross
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bitcoin is the scars and discuss commodity and scars, which means that it's fixed in its supply. and that is not a good characteristic for money because everything that is scars can become quite wall tile, which as you mention is definitely the case for bitcoin. you mentioned the roller coaster right. and well that, that might be of interest for investors, but that doesn't add value to the read economy because if the price is quite well entire, then investors don't know and especially firms don't know when to invest. and i also think that bit corners have faults of all the theory of money behind the whole project since they see inflation moderate inflation as a risk. and they think that deflation is a good thing for the economy, which is definitely not the case or a hurt, and they're talking about the coin. let's take
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a look now. some of the other business stories making headlines. an hour long blackout had a number of airlines banks, as well as other companies dotted all around the world with angry customers, unable to access websites and mobile apps, the u. s. based tech provider, a comma admitted it was the source of the problem, the outer shows how vital behind the scenes companies have become to running the internet. the revenue have tick tock owner bite dance more than doubled last year to $34000000000.00. that's according to the wall street journal. the growth underscores the video apps massive global reach. overall tick tock posted a loss as the company was forced to compensate staff with share dividends. germany export it just under 6000000000 euros worth of weapons and military equipment last year for more than a quarter compared to 20. 19 that's according to a government report comes and it fears that german weapons could be ending up in the hands of human rights abusers. germany's biggest customer was hungry, followed by egypt, israel and united states to africa. now in the small west african nation of togo
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is dependent on close ties with neighboring countries, like garner and nigeria. but it's borders have been close during the pandemic, and that's brought trade to a crash for many small merchants. recent months have been nothing short of disastrous lane, go got cells, textiles and close at markets, and the tow gleese capital low may, but she's barely had buyers for months. customers from neighboring countries are staying away and the locals don't have much money for muslim ireland. everyone, molly and nigerians, they used to come even if we said it wasn't ok, it was fine. i said that men, no, but now everything is on its knees. i've been here since this morning and i've only sold one loin cloth, but i have a family at home to feed many mouths at home to feed, which is on emmanuel. so got the president of the toe go consumers link,
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watch to the traders, drama, unfold every day. he's been in contact with the government about the situation. several time calling on the authorities to reopen the borders fast. because trade and togo is heavily dependent on its neighbors. last year, economic growth slowed to 1.8 percent from an initial forecast of 5.5 percent. and now prices are rising. public transport costs have gone up and the price of basic necessities have gone up. there are difficulties for consumers, travelers cross and borders, and there are also higher prices in almost all services. and so everyone is trying to transfer the impact, and it's the consumers who are suffering want to live in 530 toes. last wave of the corona virus was in april and at the moment, daily infection rates are in the lower double digits, but hardly anyone here is vaccinated and the hospitals are poorly equipped. that
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social negotiations are underway between the various countries to determine the conditions of this opening and to facilitated an opening that is perfectly in line with the development of the current pandemic. so are they delivered to show up on the extra people here are hoping for a rapid reopening so that they can put this crisis behind them. is it the pursuit whoa of south africa built on a homey meat, dried meat that is getting a special marketing, polish and a global market for dried meat or jerky has actually surged during the pandemic. south african producers now want to get in on that wave and trademark bill tang for a global push. here it says african favorite is being made. built on his beef marinated with a mix of spices, salt and vinegar. it has been dried for several days, which gives it a unique se,
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every taste that has become popular all over the world, hoping that uniquely south african awful pursuit or even call it. so that's what we find it's being copied and made all over the world at the moment. under the name, we feel the main bolt on should be protected as a service and product. this factory alone produces 40000 kilograms of built on each month for the local market to capitalize on surging international interest. so the african producers want to trademark built on and prevent manufacturers and other countries from using the name for experts war and it may be too late is very popular term and popular product. i mean, if you look at the mortgage just throughout the world, there are 200 applications, including the thought on indicating, attract the wrong 15 and other states 37. and this is very popular. and the question for the challenge really is to put the genie back in the bottle,
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all able to resist isn't encapsulate this term and on it. local products like roy boats, herbal tea already internationally, trademark, where do we adding bill? talk to the mix? won't be the so that can be, can only be exported once. it has been approved by local officials and undergone stringent testing by authorities abroad. that means built on has a hard time reaching potential international market. what we're looking for is essential protection for up producers got for portugal, entry pay producers go for france. we're not going solve our problems of getting our products exported, but we at least might get a little. trademark is complex, but the struggle with african economy would welcome any potential boost in exports . and finally, a mining team in botswana has under the 3rd biggest diamond ever. the gems gemstone
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is 1098 carrots and measures 73. by 52 millimeters. it was dug up by mining firm deb swanner as a joint venture between de beers and the bus. one government, which receives up to 80 percent of the income from deb, want to sales through dividends, royalties, and taxes the diamond find couldn't have been found at a better time production and demand. we're down in the sector in 2020. right, that's it for me and the business team here in berlin has always find out more about these and other stories d, w dot com slash business. ah . so you want to know what makes the janice the gym love? banning thing away. i'm not going to have my own car. everyone was later holes in every day. getting you ready to meet the job and then join me. rachel, do it on the w. young moroccan immigrant. they know what the police will
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stop done. that the room is their flight could be fatal, but going back is not an option. i'm on and nobody are stuck in the spanish border area. there. they're waiting for a chance that will probably never comes. shattered, dreams starts june 18th on d. w. i did have a show coming up today. china launches the 1st crew to it, space station along rock and successfully blasted off with 3 astronauts on board. it's a giant leap, engaging space program, but what's driving it? altruism or strategic objectives? and with the 2nd wave of virus infection declining when the vaccine hesitancy
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hinder india efforts to keep a 3rd wave and bait.


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