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tv   Im Konigreich der Pilze  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2021 4:15pm-5:00pm CEST

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the president of the united states and russia have described a vast summit in geneva as positive. it was the 1st meeting between joe biden and vladimir putin since mister barton became president. and relations between the 2 countries is said to be at rock bottom is by agreeing to hold more to the interest there should. i believe that there was no possibility. but on the contrary, meeting of course took place in a principal manner, assessments on many points, i differ. but in my opinion, both sides demonstrated a desire to understand each other and look for ways to bring that position closer. finance little escape completion by the to cyber attacks were among the issues bought and brought up, put and denied kremlin involvement in hacks against us target. and when his american counterpart brought up human rights and the rest of the russian opposition activists, alex, they know, val,
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any person refused to mention the name of the man in question. now this person knew that he was violating russian law. he should have recognized this as a twice convicted felon. was doing that was made in the small steps were made on nuclear arms control. and both sides agreed to return the ambassadors off that they were withdrawn earlier this year in a series of tit for tat sanctions. and diplomatic expulsion, lawmakers in europe were relieved to see a shift in tone with an emphasis on mutual cooperation. if all those who believe in the diplomatic solution of international context and what we saw yesterday from geneva, it's encouraging. and from the german and european best perspective, i think it's important to hear that was really book russia and us welcome on the and i'm controlled the 2 countries planned to hold further talks in the future. but
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progress on the main issues seems a long way off trying to spacecraft carrying 3 people as doug successfully with countries. new space station. yes, to notes blast off about 6 hours earlier to take part in a 3 month mission. they'll set up experiments and prepare for a series of space. walks is latest missions considered a significant step in establishing beijing as a major player in orbital space. another success for china space program. the sion jo 12 rocket last saw to dock with the countries new space station or for the next 3 months to the crew of 3 will live in a module slightly larger than a city bus. carrying out experiments going on space walks and preparing the station for completion. next year. china space agency will be monitoring the astronauts to see how they handle the time away from earth separation. often the sunday or the
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you can see the time to 3 months commission is a long term human crude space flight plan, which requires astronauts to stay in a relatively narrow and confined environment that it takes time to adapt to the weightlessness. she's all now they will also have to cope with an environment filled with noise and vibration. it will be uncomfortable and these effects will have a cumulative impact over time. china space program is mostly homegrown. the united states congress forbade nasa from cooperating with china a 10 years ago. it cited concerns over the chinese space program secretive nature and its connections to the military. the international space station launched in 1998 has hosted astronauts from over a dozen different nations. but for china, it's off limits coming between regimes. response company will build one ourselves. while the i s s, reaches the end of its life,
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sam often trying to plan to complete its station by next year. and when it does, it will be in a position to decide who can come aboard. so you that think that you're done on the mayo caught you at this stage and construction were not yet considering for an astronaut dissipation. ok, and that would be for an astronaut. they're certainly going to enter the chinese space station one day. you know, there are a number of countries that have expressed a desire to do that and we will be open to it in the future. they go see the pipe while they're still work to be done on the space station. china is already looking ahead to its next project. a propos lunar base that it's planning together with russia. so is china heading for space domination? retired german, national thomas writes a, gave d w his take well, definitely they have mastered all the disciplines that are necessary to fly to space. starting from a large launch program which is
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a prerequisite to get to whatever object satellites into space. they have telecommunication satellites. satellite navigation of observation in the field of science, they are very well on the way and now with human exploration, i think this is the next important step. so yes, they are on a good way. i wouldn't say dominance, but they definitely are. space faring. nation space power so much right now. let's take a look at his developments in the corona virus pandemic. here on earth will starts in indonesia, about officials say more than 350 vaccinated doctors of contract coby 19 and dozens more have been hospitalized. almost all. we're a no lated with china sign back, john. japan seizing a state of emergency in 9 areas, including tokyo as virus cases, all reports suggest the government, myself, a very limited number of spectators at the olympics which begin in 5 weeks. and
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greece has become the 3rd you country to get a green light for a recovery and resilience plan. the e. u has a marketable and 30000000000 euros of its recovery fund for a country. and football denmark's getting ready for its euro. 2020 match against belgium. the game will be paused in the 10th many funds to applaud christian attics and the danish midfielder who suffered a cardiac arrest during a match against finland on saturday. he's not recovering in hospital doctors to pronounce that he will receive a hot start device. the 29 year olds and near death experience left teammates badly shaken stronger together. denmark squad are preparing to face their toughest group stage. opponents belgium while also dealing with what happened to christiane erickson. we have been talking about that it will be quite emotional to go back to parking am. and we know that we will have on believable
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support, by our fence, by the whole country. and, and these emotions. we have to prepare that psychologists and crisis counselors have been helping players work through what they witnessed teams that the euros usually train at the match. irina, the day before a game that the danes chose to stay at their training base instead. and how we're going to react about getting back. we don't know. we know as little as you do, how it's going to affect us emotionally, how it's going to affect us being there. and it doesn't matter if it's today or tomorrow. coach hillman says, erickson's hospital is right next to the stadium and that he thinks is star midfielder will hold on his shirt to watch the belgium game right from his room. i stay with the euros. italy have taken a convincing win over switzerland. the 2nd victory in the group stages. on well
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luck, a tele school twice in rome, assuring the home team if advancing to the round of 16 school 3 know as vanish, football, legendary captain. sergio ramos is bid farewell to rail madrid. after 16 years, an emotional ramos and the decision to leave was one of the most difficult of his life. he address $122.00 titles together, including 4 in the champions league, $0.35 back, failed to do a new contract has been played by injuries. and didn't make, spend your 2020 squad come on in tennis star. i found the dallas pulled out of wimbledon and the tokyo and then picks in an effort he says, to prolong his career known as the king of clay. he lost in the semi finals of the french open last week with 20 grand slam victories. the men's singles, he shares the old time record. the 35 year old spaniards said he needs more time to recuperate between tournaments. wimbledon starts on the 28th of june,
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venezuelan offense, jose can tell who is hoping to make his market tokyo 2020 next month. the 24 year old sobre has qualified despite his countries, economic and corona, virus crises. now he's hoping to bring home venezuela, 2nd gold fencing. the dean is willing, jose kero, the son of a fencing company has been in fencing since the age of 8. he and tara won his place on the venezuelan fencing team last april. me in madison. my goal was always tokyo, i prepared a lot for that, but i found that, but i visited the way it was only $12.00 gold medals at the olympics, and possibly a good omen for. can taro is the fact that fellow fin, sir reuben lombardo one,
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been as well as 1st gold metal after 44 years of coming up short at the 2012 summer games in london. that recent success gives can 0 hope, having to tokyo with no way. i think it was very important, it shows all of us here in latin america that it is possible to win an elliptic gold metal. that if you work hard, you can win a metal. and i think i also have my eyes one and a little big metal kid hero. if he does win, gold will be only the 2nd latin american fencer to win elliptic gold in more than a century is remind of our top story at this editorial staff, a pro democracy newspaper, apples daily have been arrested in a massive police right on co star she's accused with colluding with foreign powers and violating the territories new secures. you know,
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this is d w coming up next day. news, asia, india's vaccine skeptics transaction and hesitancy, dash hopes of warding off a 3rd corona virus. late on the way. i'll be back with more at the top of the good news . the news, the news
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the news, the the, the the ah, ah no more protection. denmark is the 1st country in europe found syrian refugees argued syria again. but the people affected by this ruling, are they things me arrested and detained upon arrival?
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ah, focus on europe in 60 minutes, dw, every day counts for us and for our planet golden ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make the reader? how can we protect habits? what to do with all our ways? we can make a difference by choosing smartness solutions. overstaying said in our way, the global ideas, environmental theories, in little 3000 on g w online look closely. listen carefully. don't know how those things go.
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ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to w documentary on you to me for a show coming up today. china launches the 1st crew to it space station along my truck and successfully blasted off with 3 astronauts. and it's a giant leap in beijing space program. but what's driving is truism or strategic objectives. and with the 2nd wave of no virus infection declining when vaccine had cynthia hinder india. to keep
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a 3rd wave of the news. i'm british bennett, you're welcome to did up the news. a sure glad you could join us. china has sent 3 us an off into space as the 1st step towards activating it's a space station. yeah. the, the astronaut. last off, off a long march rocket earlier on thursday. it will be the longest ever chinese man, the mission. and the 1st in the early 5 years, the proven spread 3 months in china. her module, which will be expanded in the coming yet into a space station. the launch represents shauna growing ambitions in space that have only accelerated in the past few years. john,
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or how many of the heavens is supposed to consolidate china's power in space? it's the name given to the 7 seen me the long call module, which will supply the new space station with energy, keep it on course, and provides a 3 astronauts with room to live and carry out research. the crew will examine whether the solar cells deliver electricity reliably that so try out, improve space suits which should allow them to stay in space twice as long the you know, the whole module was transported into orbit with china's heavy lift. launch vehicle the long march 5 at the end of april. the mission took place later than planned due to mechanical problems. john, who is similar to the module that russia built for the international space station
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and legacy of close cooperation in space. that china and russia now aim to strengthen further a cargo spacecraft, carrying important supplies, including fuel, clothing, and provisions for the crew. dr. with the space station at the end of may it will take 11 more missions before the space station is complete. to further research modules will duck with the station in 2022, when it will begin operations. it's and then bishop schedule, but china is fast advancing to the top league of space travel. the country 1st sends an astronaut into space in 2003 well behind russia and the united states. in 2019 china celebrated a spectacular 1st by landing in the dark side of the moon in a scientifically interesting region and the satellites. south pole china also has mud and its sides. since last may,
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the g hung research spacecraft has been exploring the red planets and even sending stealthy back to earth ah, beijing is offering every nation the opportunity to conduct research on it space station. but getting there will remain firmly in chinese hands. europe has already accepted the offer. european space agency astronauts have already undertaken training in china. the i s. s. era is coming to an end. the united states is critical of the project. it says, cooperating in this way, would put international security at risk. and joining me enough, a lawyer doctor blood bow and he's electra and international relations and a space policy expert at the university of leicester. dr. bohn welcomed. why does china want to space station?
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so the chinese space station is very much a marker of the chinese technological, scientific, and engineering capability. it's very much an aspect of soft power for the chinese government and both for domestic and international audiences. so it's a real marker of, of that, of china as em technological mission and actual capability. now that it has achieved what had set out to do about 30 years ago, which was to build a crude space, they should put those on a space program. add to the knowledge to knowledge about space for humanity. if i can put it that very so in some ways this week we can expect that we have to break down china space program between it's more military and commercial and economic aspects. this is the scientific man. the exploration aspects of the space station is very much a scientific project. so m, chinese university, that industries will be conducting all sorts of experiments and on the space
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station and also inviting international participants as well. so so, and space scientists will be able to provide lots of ambitions and ideas in terms of what's experiments they'd like the chinese space station to run for them. and i believe the space agency, i'm from some signaled an interest in possibly pursuing some experiments on the chinese space station. but still as opposed to call question with china space program is what is driving it if it's altruism or other deeper strategic objectives . so like every state and that is space policy and space activities, there are concrete interests behind what they do and in terms of space, exploration and science, which is what the space station is about. there are a range of interest when is the political science. so the prestige, the soft power demonstrating china as a major technological power. i'm the 2nd only,
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maybe to the united states in many aspects of space can ability. that is also the larger investments in science and technology in china as a whole on which this is part, training more stem graduates. so scientists and engineers and stimulate things certain parts of the high technology economy as well. so there are many different interest practical interests behind such a large project out of this. now the united states and other countries have a raise concerns on this. essentially, how china space program is closely tied to its military. is this a cause of worry you think? so as all, almost every major space power has a military dimension or elements or interest in what it does in space. but there are many different activities that go on in space. and there are some activities in space that are more threatening than others. the chinese space station has very little military relevance in the same way that the international space station
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poses no actual military threat to anyone so, so neither does the chinese space station. however, china does have a large military space program as well as separate to this. and so there's a lot of activity to be concerned about china in space, in terms of a military standpoint. but this space station is not one of those activities. this is a fairly benign at project and other chinese taken with a space station. dr. blood and bowen from the university of lester was a pleasure talking to you. thank you so much. thank you for having me. the whole in the 2nd wave, of course, no virus infections appears to be waning. the focus now is on vaccine the thing as many people as possible to prevent a 3rd. the government wants to vaccinate all adults by the end of the year. however, there may not be enough vaccines for some 900000000 people. and if that weren't challenging enough, vaccine hesitancy among parts of the population,
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i'm making matters difficult. the doubles michelle dress, while reports from the northern state of hardy, are now if they are going to get back to native and be young residents of wrote up in the not indian state of her yano have been eagerly reading for it after the month of low vaccine availability supply is finally catching up with the demand. you should see online slots in the small city booked quickly and allowing us flame that distributions in june has improved access to the jap even further. dr. believe in that massive 2nd wave. good have it is to roxanne hesitancy. people are more on there and they could also be driven by feel as they have closely seen the heart of the corona off to the 2nd b, b plus scrambling to get vaccinated. d. c. that's the need. we definitely want
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protection from that's why i believe vaccine hesitancy is negligible in a village 20 kilometer from the hospital. these men being very different picture only 2 of them have been vaccinated because they volunteered in the vaccine trials . and even they don't feel confident about the benefits of the vaccine in the last 2 months. more than 50 people have died in this village. these men see it wasn't a good one about us that gives them, but feel got several suffered fevers, but you're covered at home. the believe only door to go to hospital die. and without a real threat, b. c, a vaccine that doesn't even guarantee protection doesn't make sense out of the month. there is a new vaccine. government needs to tell us why we should get into that. what are the benefits they are failing to give us information?
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because those cable even don't do have died after vaccinations, the vaccine, the record, i think the now the same plasma has to be, isn't useful. they just keep changing this down. we had thought about the people on the frame on the screen here. the problem is in the cities because of the felling trees, it's a city problem. it doesn't go many than the villages local health center where the deserted look audio only 600 people have been vaccinated. supplies are limited, and there isn't a rush anywhere. and it's all the more reason that the few who do show up stand out . so need to hide, much traveled here from a nearby village to get his father. the 2nd doors. he himself snapped up his post doors as soon as it became available. he is now looking out to book a block for his life. he says there is no need to fear the jap, about so many people. what are you about was off to the vaccine,
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but my father had one to him and i got it as well. and i had no side effects at all . it's in the vaccine, it's very important to everyone must get into this one thought block maybe a little while you're right now. but he's in patrick heat as everyone around him said the vaccine can save lives. india is slowly solving its supply crisis, but to me, faith, an uphill battle against skepticism. to prevent a crisis of demand as well. and that's it for today, there's more updates on our website that did epa dot com forward slash issue. and you can follow us on our facebook and twitter pages as well. we leave you now with more spectacular pictures of china's rocket launch. we're back at the same time tomorrow is to back up by the was who's
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the fight against the corona virus pandemic? how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research information and contact the corona virus not change because it's 19 special. next on dw,
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i can inspire big changes, the people making go africa. fantastic. might join them as they set out to say the environment, learn from one another and to work together for a better future. ah, many talk to you all for choosing africa. on d. w, the the, there are populations across the world cove at 1900 vaccines are struggling to reach some of the world's poorest countries. and communities are also, some of the most jazz, wary, countering deeply held believes is a tall odor, especially when historic inequality and health care itself is partly to blame. but
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one campaign and berlin is paving away. how can skepticism in these groups be overcome? hello and welcome to your cove in 1900 special. i'm chris kolber and berlin. here in the german capital, the vaccination campaign across the cities, refugee shelters was delayed large parts because of supply issues, but also by the spread of misinformation, mainly on social media. with the help of an education campaign vaccination take up is now increasing the back to a little normality in this refugee shelter in berlin. suing classes resumed, today, the inhabitants are delighted for most of the pandemic, the home was very, very quiet. smoke i was calling in touch with many people the for corona and i used to go out to lunch, but now i cannot meet up due to depend damage. it is very difficult for me to get
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a baby and i want the panoramic to and so we can have contact with other people, again, thought about the contact issue or some other, some residents know that getting vaccinated helps protect others. and my independent mach most wary of getting the job that's why this group of doctors, social workers and interpreters visit refugee home to convince the most reluctant to sign up for an appointment. i feel like many people were very afraid they would become in photo or get through bosis. this was much discussed in the media which also steer the fear amongst the residents. yeah. too much easier on what about to lose the spot in the one of the, the short due to the high risk of infection shelters, refugees where almost top priority in germany vaccination efforts. but various
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delivery bottlenecks and approval issues have delayed the campaign. even though this is now sorted out, social worker says it takes a lot of convincing for people to take the job vision assessment. it is important that you make them feel acknowledged and so there's no wrong question. and we use interpreters, so refugees can ask questions in their native language, articulate themselves better, feel more at ease in the conversation. english way. by the end of the afternoon, the doctors have met with around 20 people. face to face contact is key to success . in some refugee shelters, readiness to get vaccinated has jumped up to 80 percent as a result of the information campaigns for moral spring in lina. samantha, she's a senior researcher on poverty and inequality. human rights watch. welcome to d w alina in our report, we just learned about the reservations people in refugee camps have towards getting
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vaccinated. the see a similar pattern with people living and other precarious conditions. thank you so much for having me. i absolutely do. so what we see is that the, the high end quality, especially economic and quantity that existed before the pandemic, as really translated into concerned in terms of access to vaccines. and also the interactions with governments. and many of the populations had been left behind by government for so many years and decades. so in it's, it is really not unique to refugee populations. in fact, in the united states, we see that black and brown people, austin, who had disproportionately higher infection rates initially, or they had more hesitancy, toilets, vaccine, and out of the fear of cost. so what, what are some of the cost of the cation, but also it due to
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a long standing neglect of the government and mistrust and the government. now, these vaccination, dr. nevertheless, are part of the reason why the economy, at least in many countries in the west, is picking up again. but you say that low income households are a particular disadvantage in that recovery. why is that? it certainly depends on the, on the country context. i would say it interesting even to, to take a step back, i think what we see is dad to global inequality, meaning and equality between countries. here the huge risk that low income countries will be falling further behind. as we see, there's an equality in access to the scenes with higher income countries, having hoarded much of them and, and now haven't disproportion access to them. but at the country level, they have already been signs of, of the lack of transparency and access to the scene. corruption that often favors
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certain groups in, in getting access earlier. and here low income people have been a disadvantage. another reason why is that in low income communities and neighborhoods health care is often lacking and is not available to the same extent . so people have to travel far distances to reach a health care center and get access to the extreme. we look at the economic impact of this pandemic meal. millions have lost their job during this time of prices around the world, particularly in the service sector and in low paying jobs. now with economies reopening, won't these jobs? will this opportunities for people come back? not necessarily him and what is very concerning is that we saw that especially low income jobs has been lost at a much higher rate than by paying jobs. and one of the concerns is as countries
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opened by gob, those won't come back to the same extend you've seen as in previous crises and recession after the 2008 crisis. for example, besides many of the low paying jobs have not come back. and many people who get pushed into a poverty or unemployment did not necessarily get re hired one to country recovered. and so one piece that are really pushing for is for countries in a recovery phase to kind of consider d, the employment effects and a long standing effect, especially ongoing companies. now, speaking of recovering to varying degrees, governments have been trying to support people that have been particularly hit by the ben demik. are you worried that this sort of support could be a one time effect? very much so it's been an extraordinary year and we've seen countries respond to the crisis in bays. they never have before. so the amount of money that have been
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poured into relief programs into similar packages has been quite impressive. but we add human rights much. we've done analysis about 2 dozen countries and what about the relief programs? and what we've seen is that many measured highly temporary in terms of cash payment that we received populations at $1.00 time. but aside from that, we also concerned as countries have taken on more and more debt to fine and fees, recovery and relief programs. that as countries have to service these that they were introduced harsh. saturday programs that are harmful to human rights. they may rely, increasing the on the private sector to deliver essentially public services such as health care education. and they may conduct further cut to social protection programs that are so essential, protecting people from poverty and equality mean estimates seen or research her at
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human rights watch. thank you for your thoughts. thank you. and up next is our science correspondent derek williams. answering your questions about the pandemic. oh does. could 191215 minute. there are 2 facets of this, this multifaceted question that i'd like to talk about. the 1st is of course, the straightforward issue of what the virus does physically to an average young adult as compared to someone who's older and they are the statistics. tell a pretty clear story. cove in 1900 mortality increases dramatically with age. let's look at recent data from the us. more than 4 in 5 deaths there have occurred in those over 65 and fewer than one into 100 reported
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deaths have been in people under 30. but as vaccinations rise among the elderly in countries like the u. s. doctors say that the average age of patients who are being hospitalized with a disease is dropping dramatically and that many of those younger patients will end up with conditions like crippling damage to the lungs or the heart. so, although coded 19 is a lot less likely to kill a young adult, there are still really pressing reasons to get back to native because getting it can have devastating long term health consequences. the 2nd important facet of this question is, is the pandemic, emotional, social, psychological, and economic impact. it's affecting everyone of every age, but is experts say in many ways hitting young adults especially hard and,
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and that a key time in their lives. there are no warning that due to lock downs and other measures generation cove, it is facing shortfalls in opportunities for, for crucial self development. many young people are rising to the challenges, but, but psychologists and other therapist in many places like like here in germany are also currently being overwhelmed by this tidal wave of young adults in need of help. and, and a lot of those professionals now say that even the serious toll taken by infection in today's young adults could, in the long run, be overshadowed by the impact coven 19 has on the group's mental health. me. and before we go, taiwan has produced its 1st home grown covered 900. maxine managing vaccine
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biologics has applied to the taiwanese government for emergency authorization of the job. taiwan is currently facing a surge of domestic infections made worse by shortage of actions. less than 5 percent of the population have so far been inaugurated. that's our show for more you can always in our website at w dot com slash cobra. because cobra berlin, thanks for watching. the news. the news. news. news . news,
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news. the news no more protection. denmark is the 1st country in europe to spell syrian refugees. officials argued for syria or c weekend, but the people effected by this ruling are done. they will be arrested
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and detained upon arrival. ah, focus on europe ah, in 30 minutes. d, w. ah young can emigrate the they know the police will stop them. they know that the route is not a solution. they know their flight could be like going back. he's not an option. peace ma, i'm on and the other day are stuck in the spanish border area alongside other young people there waiting for a chance that will probably never come. shattered dreams starts june 18th on d. w. can you hear me now?
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yes, yes, we can hear you and hello. german thompson. i will bring you uncle mack or you've never had before surprised yourself with what is what it was to his medical really was moved and was also to people who follow along the way. admirers and critics alike. and how is the world's most powerful woman shaking her leg is paid join us from echo class. the little guy. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa is due to the beat issues share i did you know, did i know we in north africa population is really fast. and young people clearly have the solutions, the future. the
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77 percent. now every weekend on the w. two's. the news is that we news from berlin had a total staff at hong kong pro democracy newspaper, apple daily arrested and massive for these right. the cues of colluding with foreign powers. also on the program, the company sees germany secret police, capt. millions of files and ordinary citizens, the agency form to look after those files is being closed down. so where does that leave the stars is victims?
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china calibrated 3. if it's as you know, it's delicate, the country's new, unfinished space station. part of our mission to challenge us the dominant.


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