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they know that the road is not a solution. they know their flight could be fatal with going back. not an option. peace ma, i'm on and about a, are stuck in the spanish border area. alongside other young people there waiting for a chance that will probably never come. shattered dreams starts june 18th, on d. w. in the chinese investments in europe hit the lowest level for a decade. it's fall into just a fraction of what it was less than 5 years ago. well, that's why china is sending it's money elsewhere. supply problems appear to have put the brakes on germany's economic come back will speak to the eco institute about why it's lowering its growth forecasts the state of your business on robots
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in bed and welcome to the program. now, just coming up behind me is a picture of an, an industrial robot made by the german company to cut the price firm was snapped up by a chinese manufacturer in 2016, sparking much control the c, berlin, and brussels. how since climbed down on cutting edge technologies falling into chinese hands. so, other types of rules having an effect? well, in 2016, china invested over $44000000000.00 euros in buying shares, or even anti companies based in the year later, that figure was less than 30000000000 years. the downward trend has continued. since then, as you can say, last year, chinese investment in the u. the u. k. o k fell to just 6 and a half 1000000000 years. that is a 10 year lo 1st speak to greg o sebastian, who's from me mckay to institute for china studies which publish the investment
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figures that you've just been taking a look at. just explain just it is a chinese companies are avoiding europe or are they just finding the opportunities elsewhere? hi, thank you for having me. so i think you can say that chinese better to avoid in europe. i think what we have seen in the last year is a global drop in f d i offloads that also affected chinese companies. and that was mostly due to the global pandemic that obviously impacted society brought the world, but also investment opportunities, travel restrictions as we write the report has halted or delayed deal making and changing economic circumstances have also meant that some firms have walked away from deals to name and example of the bank of china was meant required in iris stock broker and cited the changing economic
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circumstances as a reason. so i wouldn't say that europe has kind of fallen out of favor, was try to investors the countries through i think europe remained the highly attractive destination for chinese capital, mainly for market access and technologies. because that was, you know, that's attractive in that the figure is going down and without the pandemic, would it have gone down anyway? i think it would, it is likely that it would have either plateaued or gum down slightly because as you, as you've mentioned before, right, there is a downward trend in the last 34 years, which is also because there's headwinds in europe right in the last year the investment screening regime has come on line, so that is creating extra hurdles to try the properties that want to acquire
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european companies. but also there's outgoing capital controls in china that have not east and make it difficult for chinese companies to move capital outside the country. is this dropped an investment a problem for your because as you say, it's really your own control, is that a pushing and i don't think it is. it is a major problem. the reason is obviously actually i can be hugely beneficial for economy and especially on the recipient countries. however, chinese f. b, i has been dwarfed by american investment for instance, by a long shot in the u. that does not affect the european economy as much in addition, also, as we also writing the report, chinese capital has focus mainly on physicians,
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which also means that there's less new jobs that are being created. so i don't think it is a major problem for the. okay, well greg sebastian from mckay turns to china studies. thanks for joining us. thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines. billionaire philanthropist, mackenzie scott, will donate $2700000000.00 to almost $300.00 organizations. a long list of beneficiaries include schools and bodies dedicated to poverty and female empowerment. scott, one of the world's richest women divorced amazon found a jeff based on in 2019 thank you. lympics will need a public fail as of around $800000000.00. if the games are held behind closed doors, according to analysis by the financial times, the organization, the organizers even have already spent money raised from ticket sales and tax payers may have to foot the bill for refund. germany's eco institute has revised its 2021 economic forecast for the country down prediction growth. a 3.3 percent
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this year. that's down not point 4 percentage points from earlier forecasts made in large researches say the delivery bottlenecks are slowing. the economic recovery from the pandemic supply issues especially apparent with wood and semiconductor. with late last that causes the laughter causing havoc. the comic has higher energy costs are also focusing prices, causing prices to rise. however, the institute is more optimistic. 2022 raising is forecast by 1 point, one percent to 4.3 percent. but let's just get more on this from the last use head of forecast team a vulnerable way that current virus cases have dropped significantly. vaccinations going well, so was holding up the german economic bounce back. yeah, good afternoon. well that's, that's part of the, that's a good part of the,
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of the story you, for a germany, as you said, we are in a very strong recovery process in the moment, which is basically to, to the opening in many economic areas, free trade, trade opening many contact intensive service areas are opening. so this is the reason for why we have a very strong growth figure this year and next year. so more than 3 percent this year, more than 4 percent is next year. the problem, as you mentioned is, and this is the reason for why we have to be wise to downwards our, you cannot make for a cost the supply bottlenecks which are mainly hitting the german manufacturing sector. is that the main consideration going forward then that the supply knock on effects of the panoramic rather than the pandemic restrictions themselves. while the restrictions themselves have of course, much had, had of course, a much stronger impact on the german economy. but this is more or less in the past,
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so i mean, we have the 2nd, the 3rd wave off the corona virus behind us. this was one of the reasons for why we had a decline again at the start of the year, around to minus 2 percent, which that she was declining. but this is for the moment the pass, so will be occurred. the observing is the opening off the economy and this very simple fact that turn over is increasing in, during the course of the summer. this is at least our assumption until the end of the year, this very simple fact. the turnover is increasing to pre crisis levels, is creating such a strong recovery with this big numbers more than 3 percent of growth. tim, i've almost further from the if i was to, thanks a lot for coming on to the we invest. you're welcome. thank you. how the current vice pandemic has taken an enormous total on germany, retail sector, trade associations estimate as many as 120000 retailers of enforce to give up their
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shops. but some of those empty store fronts already being filled by companies that previously only existed online. mary, jamie o, christopher. each of the leather products in gusty laid as new sharp, has a name about the ross stock based company has been trading since 2009. but for most of the time, customers had to order online. product information was only available fi, a video goes delayed, a sound, wasn't happy about that. no. was he happy about the $200000.00 euros a month? he paid to keep his company at the top end of search engine results. and so he decided to escape from the internet as he puts it, then the lamb and anguish online. because in the end, you're incredibly dependent on facebook, amazon, and google. when your online stops, i've met in on here in town. i can meet my customers again, and we can also talk about products. we don't have an arrange tags nor feel. the
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new outlet in one of berlin's prime locations in the central mister district is the latest of $23.00 across germany. and it's not intended to be the last. it's become very easy to find cheap retail space during the pandemic. survey by germany's real estate association shows commercial property vacancies rising sharply in small and midsize towns, some 15 percent of retail businesses are empty, even in the best locations. and an increasing number of once exclusively internet based retailers are rushing into filling the gaps. they include furniture, make a home 24 and rose bikes, bicycle, making a secured, a prominent location. directly opposite berlin's jewish museum, rose pike started business in the 1970s with catalog sales. before migrating later to the internet. and was talking about the pen. demik is terrible as it is,
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has also spoke to movement in the commercial real estate market were often contacted and asked if we'd perhaps like to take over some shop or other invoices and with customers increasing a wanting face to face advice. rose bikes, current shop is not big enough anymore. the bike maker is already looking for a new location with much more space. next american tourists could soon be returning to europe. e member state have agreed to loosen travel restrictions for 8 countries in territories, including the united states. so that's bringing financial correspondent, chelsea delaney, who's in frankfort. it's a little bit more about this. this will come as a big relief to a lot of businesses. certainly there already have been some countries that have restrictions for american towards to been vaccinated. countries like greece or spain has been open to american tourist for a little while now. but there hasn't been an e u y decision on who on,
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on allowing those tourists back. so there has still been a lot of confusion and that kept people from wanting to book holidays to europe for the summer. i am american, i have heard this personally from friends and family members who would like to come . they just were very nervous about navigating this web of different rules and different restriction. so this will a send a signal to the rest of the world that europe is, is ready to accept tourist again. and that should be a good thing for, you know, all of the hotels, all of the restaurants, all of the tourism related to industries were really suffered over the past year and a half. chelsea, delaney and frank. and finally, your 2020 is in full swing. and snubbing some of the tournaments, high paying sponsors, it seems to be becoming a bit of a thing. is francis paul paul's mom removing a bottle of heineken, the press conference after the win over germany last night. paula is a practicing muslim other. the beer was alcohol free. the move came just one day
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after paul, she goes to christiane. a rinaldo here moved aside to coca cola, bottle as a depressed event, and encourage people to drink water colors share price plunged afterwards, wiping out $4000000000.00 in market pony. that's all for me in the business team here in berlin from or to head over to our website. we dot com slash business was on facebook because the business hosting can buy more from us on the new teacher. excellent. joining us the the fight against the corolla virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection then developing? what goes to the latest research information and contact the corona virus, not the 19th. next on d, w,
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interest, global economy. our portfolio, d w, business b on. here's a closer look at the project. our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance versus west. ahead with the w business beyond the 2nd wave of code 19 he'd india hard case numbers look like they're falling restrictions or raising. so is india ready? shops, businesses, and public transport or opening and daily people in my bike and catch a movie at the cinema. still the country's vaccination drive is sluggish,
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and testing isn't widespread. experts, one case numbers and deaths are being under reported. they say it's too soon to live restrictions. welcome my benefits all and after almost 2 months locked down in delhi, the construction sector is one of the 1st to reopen. it relies largely on migrant papers who have been returning to the big city from the villages in the hope of finding work. the double use when you are a child re sent us this report. daily week laborers gather here every morning to find a book party to your all your gage coolly is one of them. he's an unskilled migrant laborer who has been working in the informal sector in the capital for almost 6 years. but times are tough for him. he was left without any work windella went into lockdown after the city was hit by the 2nd week of would 19
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on the time we're barely getting any work. there is so much unemployment. many other labors also come back from the villages. they wait for a job every day, but there just isn't enough work. your guest says he finds casual work, only one or 2 days a week. hardly enough to make a living. economists from hawkers thing says the problem is much bigger. he says that many migrant workers are choosing not to come back at all and are dropping out of the workforce because there's a few opportunities of finding employment. and he thinks any recovery will take time. it's not go why the cycle would determine the economy type. it is basically the larger effect of the 1st 2 is still lingering. and it will compound with this 2nd 3rd, and determine possibly get into a bigger effect. it will take longer time for the economy to, for the labor market to,
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for the employment needs to come to the nominal or non gauge. the unskilled worker remembers how last the millions were left. jobless during the national lockdown. some of them never comes, work again. he feels that the scene we happened to him was at all. i'm thinking that if i don't get work soon, i'll go back to my village and it looks like i might have to just seems to be no work right now. it was another day with no job for you. he will be back again at the same spot tomorrow morning waiting for work. but he doesn't know how much longer he can hold out. so here we are again talking about lives and livelihoods, whether or not to open or reopen with roger the scope, the chairperson of the center of social medicine and community health and j and you, in delhi. last time we spoke a couple of months ago, the situation was dia, thousands were dying every day. hospitals will close to collapse and run out of oxygen. how things now?
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hello ben, good evening from new delhi. last time we spoke, yes, it was a dire straits. this time cause people have decided to leave. notwithstanding the losses. each family has gone through things, certainly a lot better now. but typically in most of the high incidence states economy, different sectors of the economy, as you said, are opening up and the challenge before election as other that ministry is how to balance the needs of like the likelihood. i think the key challenge at this point is maintaining the, the corporate preparedness, but also making workplaces safer from the corporate point of view. you sound quite optimistic in your judgment of the situation, but the debt was only spiking again, just a few days ago. i mean,
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we had the highest numbers reported so far of last week when that goal has certainly been high. as i said, it's been very painful for almost each and every family last week. but that's good to be understood in the context that several states actually reviewed and audited that goes sometimes under directions from their respective high court and therefore some of these corrections of actually taking place. it's not that the absolute number of that in the preceding week has been that high. and yet therefore, the best that we have ended up with a certainly higher than it seems. and some more states are going through this correction or the process and the tally could actually be a little higher than even what seems now. well, the health department and be one of the poor states revised the total covered related death toll from some 5 and a half 1000 to have a 9 and
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a half 1000 on wednesday last week. what's going on is this down to, under reporting in some places. that is certainly an element of under reporting. this is not necessarily to, to indicate that, that this is been deliberate, but it's part of the system coping up. there is also the advisory issue last year as early as april 2020, as to what counts as a corporate debt. and it seems that the clarity of that document of, of those definitions. and certainly some of the top tech of those definitions perhaps didn't, didn't really, didn't really tell even what, what departments are actually doing. and therefore, as in the case of the heart, the high court of law actually asked for this audit review process. and it's
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a and then there's this, this change, or the optic in the figures is really a combination of that. what about this highly infectious delta barry? and if i, if i can part in that well the, the variance, which is actually the top lineage of b 6171 was identified in india earlier this year in the se districts of the very last. so it's not subsequently swept through. so several lot states including the late the late actually has been, has been affected both by the alphabet and as well as by the delta variant. and therefore a lot of what we witness in the 2nd 3rd and india does, does a lot. so the, to the damage caused by the delta variant. and therefore in there has now gone to this very large, maybe have gained in that experience. states have woke up with,
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with this in various manners. and we certainly see that the delta dns lead subsiding in most states, including the limo, my as the report indicated. and therefore, therefore, life is certainly limping back to normal. you mentioned before the businesses and not giving enough attention to preventing the spread of coven 19 in the workplaces the economy reopens is, is india on top of this? is the country taking the right steps? i believe making workplace a safer and by this work less i do not just mean office spaces but but in fact all walks of economy where people are working in your environment. that's something which we really need to focus a lot more beyond the usual platitudes of maintaining distance, etc. because in real life situations, what places not defined into this is true of,
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of many countries in the world. aside from those who actually have the option of working from home, those are actually need to be physically workspaces do face a lot of free anecdotes. really, these are the people who have suffered much of the brand in the 2nd wave. and therefore, we really need to do a lot more on making work less a safer just going beyond washing hands and so on. because the structural issues of the buildings, the rooms, the ventilation, the air conditioning systems of wherever they are available. these certainly need a lot more attention and detail. ok, you heard it from roger. the school from the center of social medicine and community health. thank you. thank you man. we talked about it before for several weeks. it was referred to as the indian variance. i know if i were indian, i'd take offense. it also has a long, complicated lineage category,
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but now it's called delta. more than that, with derek williams and his fuel question. paul used to be 16172 very and smoothly. this one is more contagious. oh, this very into concern which has been designated down under a new naming system recommended by the w h. ho. it was 1st identified several months ago in india, and it has subsequently been found in many other parts of the world. although final proof is still missing, there are significant evidence that be 16172, or delta is a lot more transmissible than the original version of the virus. and even more contagious than the, the alpha, the very yet that hits some countries hard. last winter, in particular, britain, they are, delta is now causing fresh concern after the country planned to leave lock downs
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behind on on june 21st. delta is estimated to be causing around $9.10 cases in a new surge in the u. k. were still flying blinds in many places when it comes to tracking the spread of specific variance and tying them, for instance, to, to hospitalization. that makes it hard to currently say with any certainty whether the delta variant causes more severe disease. but the evidence is mounting, but it possibly does. britton's responsible agency said that it's early data indicated that people who got the delta v area for more than 2 and a half times more likely to end up hospitalized than those who had contracted the alphabet area. and, and chinese officials, according to the new york times, have also said more patients in
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a new outbreak linked to the delta various bear are showing up at hospitals more severely or critically ill. so. so evidence would appear to the mounting that the delta variance is indeed more dangerous, especially to people who haven't received at least one dose of vaccine, but health care authorities. and many scientists don't think the evidence is robust enough yet to make an unequivocal case in the us, the the the the,
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the the, the, the, the, the brave new world, post corona virus. he's an inequality, home office and lonely poverty and the economy in her life and frenzy online shopping conservation vaccination, sterilization space, math sound when that feel everything. what kind of like, just waiting for it's after corona and are we ready for it all made in germany
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in 30 minutes on d. w, africa, south africa bolter. renewable energy, the initiative green cape, the course john environmentally friendly, that generate energy from solar and hydro power is always energy. pico africa, minutes on the w. o. the ah, how it feels
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. jewish life in europe. oh, that's what film producer. lona and journalist is cool, good mom are exploring building into history and the present. a nice is that i would never have to be live. so i mean, i'm so freaking to remind myself i grew up in a completely different way. it's broad explorer the station jewish years. the 2 part documentary starts july 5th on d, w o .
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the who's this is the w lie from us president joe biden, and russia like me, put it on geneva for their 1st face to face meetings as leaders moment of high stakes diplomacy at a time and us russian relations are lower than yours. it's also expected to be 10 cent expectations are low. well the 2 leaders find at least some com.


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