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the ah was, ah, this is the w. news ly, from ballad us president joe biden is in geneva to me. rush us flooded me if i'm out of high stakes diplomacy at a time and us russian relations are at the lowest in years. the talks are expected to be fenced. expectations are low, will the, to lead us find at least some common ground. also coming up the brutal world of human trafficking. we meet one of the nigerian women forced into prostitution and italy. she escapes, but the thousands like remains trapped in a vortex of violence and exploitation. and the slimy, floating martha,
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the snow threatening marine life and the fishing industry. off the coast of turkey critic say the government's cleanup efforts have come fossil late on the european football championships, france right, that seems victory of germany in their opening match. ah, i'm going to have it says welcome to the program. us president joe biden, and his counterpart from russia vladimir putin will meet for talks in geneva as relations between the 2 countries have a low point. biden arrived in this with city saying he was ready for a tough encounter with the russian president. he's promised to set clear red lines between washington and moscow,
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but says he hopes there will be areas for cooperation this summer will be put in and biden's 1st face to face meeting leaders and is expected to last for several hours. for more of that, i'm not joined by correspondence. i'm a phenomena engine, eva, and he re should. so in most colleague center that stop with you, talk us through the big points on the agenda today. there is a full range of pressing issues, according to the white house, when the 2 leaders come together in a bill of rights rights behind me. we know that joe biden is expected to speak plainly about most coast aggressive actions against ukraine. he is expected to call out must call for human rights abuses. the poisoning of the position leader, alix c. no viney. but i think that at the top of the agenda will be cyber security
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. there have been a few quite far reaching cyber attacks in the u. s, recently, some of them having to rush them, fingerprints on them. so the biden administration is calling on russia to do more to the terror such a tex from within its borders. let's go to you bite and we'll confront to, to with the allegations that the russian hackers that alexander just mentioned behind cyber attacks on america. how contentious is this going to be? well go, how to look about attacks against us are supposed to be indeed on the one with the crucial issues today in geneva, alexandra said, and i think some results or even some progress could be achieved at this point. why half of the meeting, let me put it was asked about those, how about tax and about the possible expedition of rush and hackers who have committed those attacks through the united states. he's and so was that such an
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extradition that was an option or would be an option once appropriate agreements have been reached with the washing that could be seen as a signal to the white house that indicates the cremeans good will ends right in this dialogue at this point, it also happens that i'm in both moscow and washington have already made some steps that might seem unusual against the backdrop of tension between moscow and washington. in recent years, they tried to smooth some of the sharp edges of the relationship, avoiding unnecessary signals that could escalate to the situation and put in a bite and even exchanged what could be called some kind of compliment biden said that he perceives put in as that warfare arrival and put in for his part praised joe biden's team for their professionalism. nevertheless, just a few months ago us, president biden said, went off that vladimir putin is a killer. now his violence control red lines for the russian. president, alexandra, how tense will this meeting be? while the fact is that the relations between the 2 countries are at a low point,
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russia has put the u. s. on their list of unfriendly states and impose restrictions on you asked diplomatic staff in moscow. however, my impression is that the biden administration is signaling that they would like to lower the temperature and notch or 2. and they say that their main goal is to find out on which areas those countries could work together. for example, arms control, climate change, solving, international, and crises such as the crisis in libya or the war in syria. and we also have to say that there is a lot of at stake for at the u. s. president. despite his decades of foreign policy experience, he has been facing some criticism to hold this summit so early in his presidency without having having a fully formulated russia strategy. and many experts say he has to watch out not to
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provide elevated stature to pooty, and who is known for testing the limits of international norms. you're not going to put in what is he going to get out of this meeting briefly if you can while it put in wants to establish a direct dialogue between him and about it. and that's very important for him. all the both sides of warranty, against tire rotation, steal russian american relations for the next few years will depend on the meeting . also, the fate of the german russian not stream to gas project depend on the today's meeting in terms of actual outcomes. governments circles in russia say that the limit to the spectral improvements can be achieved. that means garcia, volt, gression of strategic stability and sounds like the 2nd aspect on which progress could be made. if the question of the so called embassy was the expulsion of diplomats introduction of the number of embassy employees on both sides. but the main thing now is to try to start salvaging relations from their current law point
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and prevent at direct possibly are with clash between the 2 nuclear conference. such a scenario has become more and more realistic because russia that states had stopped talking altogether a stage not reached even during the cold war. here in moscow, the son of a non in geneva. thank you both. one of the issues biden is likely to confront vladimir putin with today is human rights, including russia. support for the regime in bella rose the country at europe's eastern frontier governor for the last 27 years by a strong man. alexander lucas sank up is becoming increasingly autocratic and ever more tone deaf to west and complains about its behavior. the 0 tolerance for criticism. last month, balderas forest, a commercial jet crossing its territory to land. so the police could detain dissident blogger and journalist roman, proud to see which he soon after,
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made an on screen confession that appeared to be coerced. there was an act that shocked the world spiking tensions with the west to new levels. rosie and president, alexander lucas. shank has been called europe's last dictator. he's been in power for 27 years. much of that time spent antagonizing western europe the european union and the us no longer recognize him as head of state after he clung to power following a disputed election last year. most observers said he last. lucas sink a crack down on last year's post election protests with brutality and mass arrest provoking further tensions with europe. but multiple rounds and sanctions on beller as have had little effect. no change has close ties to russia. vladimir potent has helped both to the bela ruthie and economy and help the country whether sanctions
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and isolation pollutant hosted luca shank of last month on his yacht. an unmistakable sign of support against the west jo biden's administration has said it wants to coordinate with allies on its response to lucas shank as actions that is likely to include more sanctions. one of the few options left and one, many observers say it's unlikely to change lucas santo's behavior. one of the countries bordering bella ruth, is lisa wayne, yet whether leader of the believers, opposition, and other disciplines have currently found exile. so let's bring in dahlia group us kaiser. she's a former president of the way and i missed you got it from the lithuanian point of view. what will you be looking for? and the way of demands or sorenson assurance is coming out of this summit. this meeting between 2 friends dancer is at most important from the point of view that we all wish to diffuse tension between local powers and especially us and the
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rational and of course. so we also understand that without support of location, there will be no table to behave that way as he behaving now and the duration of the from autocratic to resume, to detach a ship and persecution of its own people and make him his company just at jail. for everyone do not allow them to leave anyone also possible only because of the rec, within that cannot make political and military support. so from this point of view on human rights, not only in the russia, but also in billers for us important that president biden, who will take stan johnston because night was over i did said, but what we will be watching the actions. and that's the whole case, not in the 1st meeting outcome,
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but that the question will be the major key. i argue it's an argument, it talks about actions. do you think president biden will have more success in drawing red lines than for example, that you has done all it is possible. we saw some administration on us more strong and direct explaining and taking stance with some sanctions more strongly than they were in your office. and we hope that at least this new administration will keep it wed west, whatever they say they will do it. and we very much hope that americans back with all leadership possible. so, but what about, what about the you? do you think that you should, you know, the be stronger about this? yes,
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of course. with our you policy is it's not so simple because the $27.00 and also opinions about the, especially on i think after the recent events, especially after downing the plane there, consolidation and integration of opinions is very visible, and the stamps are going to be in union is most wrong, we recently saw that adopted decision declaration of where we can follow that the be the need for international you know, to investigate all location good behavior. so you're moving but whole class and why? for europe also, we need to very much allies together with us, especially united states on board. well, talking about the united states as an ally back in 2017. you want that it was important that the us didn't leave the global arena, or russia would try to take its place. looking at development, for example, embed ruth and the situation ukraine. do you think you are right then?
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absolutely, i stick to my weather. my been and that time, and now we clearly understand and see and we hearing from their president by the united states, willing to return back and they're clearing that some are getting back. so that's it. be the case. and we wish america to take leadership again and to be on that stage as greatly as it was a few years ago before one administration, let's say, is talking and only together international community can 5 such kinds of detectors . delta guys, a former president of lithuania, many thanks for your thoughts. thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. israel has launched s, right? so the gaza strip, the 1st military since last month, cross border fighting. the israeli military says it attacked him must compounds in
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response to incendiary balloons, launched from the palestinian territory. authorities say the balloon caused around 25 in open fields. socialists come to the federal could feel has claimed victory. and through the presidential election, he ended the lengthy vote count 44000 votes ahead of his right wing rival keiko for more. she has pledged to fight the result which election authorities have not yet formerly enough for its victims. human trafficking is physically and mentally traumatizing and sometimes even deadly for criminal criminal gangs. it's highly lucrative, the main smuggling roots around the world, through latin america and the mediterranean and asia gangs often force their victims into prostitution of slave labor in the service industries. and reason weeks police have been cracking down on the 150000000000 dollar black market. and
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the alliance against trafficking in person says, the only way to stop it is to try to stamp out the demand for cheap sex w correspondence. young philip shots went to italy on the trail of the nigerian mafia. he spoke to traffic us and to some of the women they exploited. the scenes could have been found at countless industrial areas in italy, on any given night, young nigerian women working the street, almost none of them of their own free will. at rome, central station we meet david. he says he was a member of the nigeria. my fear until he witnessed the brutal murder of a woman forced to work as a prostitute got into pieces, then the package it. so for example, if you have 10 people that know the dead body, you can one kilo echo one killer because everybody will dispose, eat,
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you can never to the past, you can never have the person again. the president is missing, is gone. one of the nigerian murphy as basis he said to be the southern italian village of torno often. and nigeria, madame is in charge of a group of young women behind her, a well organized network of violent operatives smuggling young women from africa to europe. juliet or sabo arrived in italy, a boat, a migrant boat. 4 years ago. she saw 1st hand how the human traffic is and the madams operate. the be the go like. are you ready to pay had the money or notes and guesses no. i'm tired. i don't want to do the walk anymore to continue to be go, no food, no water. the log, the girl inside the room for 4 days on. they are able to call ha,
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juliet managed to escape the traffickers and found refuge at a women center for migrant. she believes most women like her full victim before they even leave their home. countries want to fight their right smugglers. you young women to europe with lies and promises on arrival there told their thousands of years in debt and have to pay it off to you on that pharaoh is an advisor to the anti murphy, a commission in the italian parliament. he says the italian state now treats the nigeria matthew the same as the italian mob. yet they are my son that code law for 16 be so they have a structure like mafia. so the code of silence violence, intimidation, psychological pressure, ravine and son. in some ex mafia. a member david says the nigerian groups are now operating right across europe and they all have one thing in common violence. he
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shows us a gruesome video of men beating a woman. david says she refused to work on the street so they tortured her to death . most of them were ghost. not registered. nobody knows about them. the government don't know anything about india here. you don't have the committee, don't have anything. so it did die is very difficult for the government to know that this person has to be missing. judy has since been registered with you for a teeth. she now has a visa and a job at a local restaurant. but you know, she's one of the lucky ones. as long as there's a demand for cheap 6, the my fear will keep exploiting young women. and then search for supposedly better life will continue to end on the street. and turkey, slimy, floating mass of yellowish white. see the slime, this threatening marine life. and the fishing industry, especially in the sea of mama and the water south of his stumble. but it's also in
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the black sea and the agency, the so called sees not it is caused by poor waste management helped along by rising water. temperature is due to global global warming. the turkish government recently lost an action plan to clean up the slimy substance. many se the efforts come too late correspondent has braved the waters off the sea of mamma. and send us this report. webs of seek yellowish slime, say, a covering corals wrapping themselves around crabs and see urchins suffocating marine life. but this isn't a horror movie. it's on the water footage from the sea of mara, off the coast of east stumble, the so called seas not in science speak. marine usage is produced by some of the slime, has been spreading for weeks, thriving on warm temperatures and pollution. it's
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a man made disaster i could, you know, from the seas not very difficult to grab, hold off this stuff so slimy, it slipped through your hands and back into the water. parts of it really revolting. an aerial view illustrates the extent of the environmental crisis. carpets is mucus, along the coastline, clocking ports and beaches, as well as affecting the fee of mom, laura and the metropolis of a stumble. this line has also taken over parts of the adjoining a g in and black seas. it's a threat to the local fishing industry and swimming is now impossible in many places in town at the and i had heard of the seas not, but now i can see how bad it really is. i tried swimming with there is less of it, but my skin still failed. itching cushion that goes on just so if you have mitchell
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shows that we usually come surfing here every week. but now we are really worried that we have to go further out because the slime is all over the sure. let me just repeat it again. this authentic. i've been diving here for 10 years, but i've never seen a natural disaster like this. there was seas not when i was a child, but it was never as bad as the kids large though the turkish government has recently started to tackle the problem. the environment minister launched a massive clean up operation. dressers are pumping out the slime and workers are bringing the mac. sure for disposal. it looks like an impossible task, and many experts say it's already too late. you know, none of them are yet what we see on the surface is very worrying. but it's just the tip of the iceberg. the real problem is under the water. this is where the slime is
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spreading, and it's getting worse every week. after that as the last few months. marine biologists like most of a sudden say the scourge of cease not is not just a turkish problem, but a stock warning to the world that climate change is pushing a plan of life support systems to the brink. the football now in the p and championship germany hosted woke up champions, france in the end it was decided by an own go. my homeless deflected a pass into germany's net and that was all france needed. they have 2 goals taken back on offside calls, but they still got victory. one mill sports during the holiday joins us now from germany's training camp and hassle, an older jonathan. we'll get to what the german coach made of the loss in just
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a moment. but what did you make of the german performance against france last night what i was pleasantly surprised to be honest. i think if you look at the evolution of the germany team over the last few months, this department had a lot more positives than many expected at the end of the day, the fact that they lost the funds is not really that's surprising. front possible. well, champion for a reason, and i think that quality was on show yesterday at germany, have some positive to take from this game, but it's always disappointing to lose. that's one of them said with us one moment to go into have a listen to how you can live, interpret that one. the last from has been us feel came publish, lloyd polish. i think we gave everything in terms of fighting and running. we did that really, really well, the meal, of course, are they called we weren't able to start every french count for tax. what's them,
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how much money we manage to do that? well, for most of the game on the front, if we're just talking about the results, to lose by an own goal is disappointing. this patricia and toys and germany kotia, him learn that, trying to stay positive. i don't. the germany left the world cup and russian after the 1st round. so is it too soon for german fence to be feeling nervous about that happening again? yes, i think so. i think there were enough positives last night so germany finds to feel encouraged. in fact, some of the funds i spoke to felt more positive about germany's chances off the last nice performance than before the tournament pops. that says more about how germany have been in the months before than anything else. but i think the feeling here is rather of excitement about being able to watch germany at a tournament again rather than nervous about them exiting. so up next portugal, what needs to change for germany to advance in this told me they, they a dangerous opponent. definitely i think that i showed that yesterday
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for germany, i think the obvious thing they need to change it to school goes. i mean that's quite clearly the issue at the moment, but you also can be summed it up best after the game against frank yesterday. and he said that france were favorites going into the tournament, and they showed why, by beating germany. and now it's up to germany to show with a good performance and a good result against portugal. why they to our favor? so if, if they are indeed our favorites, what are the chances of them actually proceeding from the group stage? while a lot will depend on how they perform against portugal, but a bad result, i will put them in a very difficult position. again, hungary, in their final group stage game. so i think a lot will hang on the performance against portugal, but we've seen a lot of surprises at this tournament so far. so it's tough to call. but as i said earlier, no need to get nervous yet germany finds there's still lots of like johnson harding from the w sports in half an hour. thank you very much. now if you
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are not keen on creatures with 8 legs, and just as many eyes do look away now, because swarms of spiders, blanketing part, southern australia, of the heavy rain and flooded spite as we've and climbed their way to higher ground to protect themselves from the water and the survival tactic is called ballooning. some people will say to victoria calling, it's simply this by the apocalypse. it should be w news. and here's a reminder of our top story at this us president joe biden is in geneva to meet russia. let me put it with us russia relations at the lowest point in here. that talks, i expect it to be tense and expectations, although that's it from me and it is seem, don't forget, you can always get the w news on the go. just download the app from google play or
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from the app store. it'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news. and if you're part of the new story, is it also use of the w? i have to send us your photos and videos of what's happening, where you are. that's it from me on the team with the business headlines. office. the the the news the news
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the the the ah, it's a brave new world post corona virus. the quality home office and lonely poverty. the economy. piece of life in frenzy online shopping conservation vaccination sterilization space mass sounds wishing when that feels everything what kind of life is waiting for us after corona and are we ready for is made in germany be 60 minutes on d w. we don't want to see them,
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but they are, there are st. our water, healthier. your release to be on the scene. our new global 3000 series. the threats we are facing the heroes taking a stand just know to make a plan and the global $3000.00 series starts june 21st on d. w. young moroccan emigrants. they know the police which they knew that the route is not a solution. they know their flight could be fatal with going back. not an option. peace ma,
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i'm on and the other 2 are stuck in the spanish border area. alongside other young people there waiting for a chance that will probably never come. shattered dreams starts june 18th, on d. w. in the chinese investments in europe hit the lowest level for a decade. it's fall into just a fraction of what it was less than 5 years ago. well, that's why china is sending it's money elsewhere. supply problems appear to put the brakes on germany's economic come back will speak to the eco introduce about why.


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