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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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the, the news this is news life from berlin, big disagreements and low expectations. us president joe biden has arrived in geneva ahead of a summit with russia a lot and we're will the 2 leaders be able to find any common ground in these high stakes talk. also coming up at the european football championship, friends fan celebrate their teams victory over germany in their opening. ah,
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i see me so much kind. it's good to have you with us. us president joe biden has arrived in geneva saying he is ready for a tough encounter with russia. let me put in a major security effort has been mobilized for what is expected to be several hours of discussions behind closed doors. the meeting comes at a low point in us rush relations bite in has promised to set clear red lines and try to find some common ground another day. another city, air force one touch down in geneva after a whole week in europe. joe biden now faces a very different meeting. on wednesday, he'll sit down with the rochelle vladimir putin at a time of frosty ties between the countries. among the issues of contention, rushes roll in ukraine and its cracked down on opposition. activists at home, a sharp contrast to the cordial meetings in brussels with you leaders, elio and tuesday, whereby an announce the reset of washington agenda. american,
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we are committed. we have never fully left, but we are researching back and it's overwhelming the interest of things to have a great relationship with a very different than my friends that you and us. and now the truth over the both boeing trade dispute, which will lead to the suspension of billions of dollars in tariffs, the conflict over subsidies to the rival aircraft make of had been going on for 17 years. the decision is seen as a move to join forces to stand up to a more assertive china agreement. we have fall now really opens a new chapter in our relationship because we move from litigation to cooperation on
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aircraft. and that after almost 20 years of disputes, it is the longest trade dispute in the history of w t. o. a more glaring rivalry will be at play in geneva on wednesday, although the bite and put a meeting provides some room for cooperation. both sides have nevertheless played down expectations of any major reset in relations and dw alexander phenomena in geneva, following the summit for a tile eccentric to see you. just a few months ago, we saw us president biden saying, when he was asked that vladimir putin is a killer. and now he's about to draw these red lines for this meeting. how tense will the summit be? you know, my impression is rather to me that both presidents may be interested in lowering the pensions a bit when there are meet in the villa ground right behind me in this park. joe biden has made clear that he is ready to be tough on russia that he wants to call
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out russia for its aggressive behavior for human rights abuses, for the poisoning of the position, a leader, alexander viney. but he also said that he is interested in having stable and predictable relations with china. and even though put in doesn't like to be lecture about human rights abuses. he is also may be interested in lowering the temperature at bit because he knows he actually doesn't have anything to gain from escalating the situation. and she certainly doesn't want new sanctions while they have a lot of ground to cover in the summer. so what are the big points on the agenda today? well, i think that cyber security is at the top of the agenda. there have been a few significant cyber attacks in the u. s. lately, one of them targeting very important pipeline. and some of those attacks
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have leads to groups inside of russia. so joe biden is certainly going to talk about that. however, his administration is trying to play down expectations saying that it's just about having a 1st meeting for letting me put in. however, we have to say this meeting is already asked success, he likes the lime light, he likes the attention and by meeting joe biden, he's also hoping to be seen as, as weak will as equal. do you see areas center where these 2 leaders can cooperate? while that is what they're biden administration is hoping for, certainly, and there are areas where both sides can work together on the fighting of the pandemic. for example, then on, you know, trying to,
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to work on the remaining arms control infrastructure. they also could be working together on climate change on international conflicts in libya and syria. for example, were russia still place a very big role? but of course, this is going to be a very long meeting and we'll see whether any cooperation is possible w's, alexander phenomena. following all the latest there in geneva for thank you. let's get a quick round up. now, some other headlines. israel has launched air strikes on the gaza strip, the 1st military flare up since last month, cross border fighting. these really military says it attacked hamas comp compounds in response to incendiary balloons, launched from the palestinian territory authority said the balloon caused around 20 fires in open fields. socialists candidate pedro castillo has claimed victory and perused presidential election. he ended the lengthy vote count 44000 votes ahead of
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his right wing rival keiko for he murray. she is placed to fight the result was election authorities have not yet formerly announced india's icon it. taj mahal has reopened after 2 months of being close to the public. the talk tourist attraction was shot when a 2nd deadly wave of corona virus infections swept across the country. infection houses declined in recent gonzales and the to the european football championships. now, when germany hosted world at cobb champ, france in the end, it was decided by an own goal. my home of deflected the path into his own net, and that was all france needed. they had 2 goals taken back on all side calls, but they still got the victory there. one know and jonathan crane from des force was watching the game. of course, jonathan, tell us what we saw in this match. well,
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i think we much deserved for more than one never sent me more to it than the one know 4 lines suggest it was watched by 14000 fans their insides. i mean, it's answering pretty k g start really poor pump. brilliant for france, image failed, as you say, a match for most and go the flailing and diverting it, pass. manual know on 20 minutes with a pretty. and pope with positive set up for me was really got into a bit of a master though. i think if he hadn't put it in the kitchen and bath pay was waking behind him to do so. france had to go with this about in the 2nd half. as you said, there was there, hit the post. so it's not very maybe could schools for germany, but i think on balance france perhaps could have won by far more than one nail. well, there were 14000 fans allowed in the stadium in munich. let's listen to what some of them have to say after the match when they, when they filled up 20 percent of the stadium. but we know how to make noise and we know that it works. clipper. can you? but it was fabulous. there was a great atmosphere, in fact,
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we were at home. there were lots of french people, lots of energy, lots of singing. the french delighted us. they play the game, and then they score a german own goal. there was a penalty missed on. frankly, it was awesome. this is a good stop for the stage group of the years. so we're proud of them from the new told shopping. they're all going to show them. well, what if i think it was really incredible. the team was great reason i was at the top payments at the top. i really think it's a sign of great things to come. they were talk when the, i think i think it was a positive start to the chinaman. germany played well, especially in the 2nd half were actually better from my point of view. we had mobile position. i feel positive about the rest of the tournament. jago, it was a pity that we had say,
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she scoring opportunities. but i think we'll do better in the next game against portugal that will be important. and also how portugal pagans from that will be decisive for our group type. they paid better next time. ok, johnson optimistic germany fan there. and jimmy really has been up and down since they crushed out of the last world cup. did you see in this match and improvement? no, not really. i mean, they're really share that optimism to be honest. and if you listen to the coach checking in some of the players, there are also quite pleased happy with the approach to the day i'm happy with how they forth and putting the defeat down to and i go, but i didn't know i didn't really see it on the plus side they didn't get thrashed . so you know, confidence wise, they can say ok now one feet against about tompkins. but you know, i really thought they lacked a cutting edge. they didn't really threaten here laurie's to tool in different go, relax a bit of a plan. if you come back to france, you know how, from going to setup,
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they're going to try and hit you on the counter attack. use that pace, that pace going forward. the movement, the accuracy of that past is where it's just a cut above germany, basically. and when you have a play like killing about that, it was an incident in the 2nd half of back pay started about 1015 meters to hide somewhere. and he caught him up, it was incredible. show pace. i think jeremy, just don't have that weaponry in that and i'm afraid, well, germany left the world cup and rush after the 1st round is a to soon for fans to be nervous. the fact that happened this time as well. no, it's not too soon because this is a group of 4 teams. you play 3 matches. they've already lost one. and they've got portugal coming up, and portugal are the reigning champions. they be hungry 3 now. yesterday, as it came, packed with talent that starting 11 has 6 family players. and that's not to mention christiana rinaldo as well. so that's going to be a very difficult match. and then hungry is the last match and hungry made life difficult support to go yesterday. they defended really well. took port. you're
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going to the last 10 minutes to finally break through and break hungry down. so i think, you know, it's germany can get through the portugal match without losing then they'll fancy that chance is because they should be hungry. the saving grace is the 4th best place teams go through as well. so that could be germany's way through to the knockout. stages, i think they will really need to improve that performance. alright, jonathan crane from d. w for thank you. you're welcome. was just before about gain pace off a greenpeace protest or crash landed on the pitch after clipping some overhead camera wires. several people were hospitalized for what, injuries for injuries rather caused by what you wave has called a reckless and dangerous act. and greenpeace has apologized for the incidence. now, scientists are warning about the sea ice. the rather the north pole is shrinking at the fastest rate on record. we noticed thanks to research teams aboard the ship for last down. they spent a year examining the effect of climate change and they now have finished analyzing
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their result. they found the temperature of warm so much that the world could be near a tipping point. it's a bleak picture of the outcome and the world's climate system. snow and ice cover some parts of the north pole all year round. the polar stand reset ship and its team of scientists spent a year frozen here drifting with the ice flow. the early findings from their research show that the ice is spinning and that's in spring 2020. the sea ice retreated faster than ever before. in autumn, the 3 froze later than usual. the furious that the some sea ice in the arctic could soon disappear completely. scientists say this is a warning, the world can't ignore that chose homeric that changes in the arctic r, and that we're about to lose to completely lose the summer arctic sea ice. and that
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is one of the importing important tipping points and us climate system. the team compared their findings with a 130 years worth of records about the ice. the scientists say the earth is close to the point of irreversible climate change. but there is still time to go down. we need to act quickly. now we need to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases drastically and we need to do that during the next decade by the meat of the century. at the latest we need to be climate neutral. oh, months after this, happy home coming in germany last year. the results are now out, scientists hope the world will take action on climate change before it's too late. already coming up more on that summit between president biden and prudent and look
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at how president biden has been strengthening time with europe ahead of the summit . robots will have some details on d. w. business there with the, with the news the case and above all, highly feels jewish life in europe. what film producer, these kona and journalists, goodman, who are exploring, delving into history and the present. i would never have thought that judaism could be lips open.


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