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tv   Nahaufnahme  Deutsche Welle  June 15, 2021 4:15pm-4:44pm CEST

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and their safety and well being in danger. the prime minister victor oberon, singled out the children's book featuring gen, the diverse characters. he said it crossed a red line. others on the far right label, the book, homosexual propaganda. books like that, as well as advertisement. children have a right to know the world, they live and more on my dad, or if they have a right, you know what social will have. well, in the introduction of the events of the panel and really pushes children who are read the as you meet the children are already big 10, bullying and mall being an alarmingly high rate in extremely our place where you will be left with no help. the wording of the active, very ambiguous and we fear it will have a chilling effect. and professionals who should help children will be too afraid to
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do so, which we'll really heritage a carn them. despite all that, this bill passed parliament, $157.00 votes for and only one a games. why is obviously gay legislation so popular and hungry? and figure legislation is not popular. what is popular is taking it against peter filia and files and the, the high rate with which the high number of votes with which the i just patient is the results of a very me i just a find. let drake by the government. the bill was 1st introduced as an end time peter file act to better protect children from sexual assault and sexual violence by adults. and in that regard, although it very far from her for perfect, the bill had forward looking at them and send them down. and there was
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a 100 percent political support from that political party from the right and the left from all sides of the i'll really be promoted and agreed with that bill. but what the government was after was not the protection of children, but they were after it's political, this coined and political scandal because that is what are their interest, the short term interest of power before the election of next year. so at the very last minute they introduced a new leg to the law, which had absolutely nothing to do with protecting children from peter filia. and the way that it was approved now in parliament is that it will bad be displayed. and the, the advertisement of homophobia calls and the media right? point point you made. but it, let me get back to point why this works in hungary,
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right? you said 2 o bonds look to this legislation because he's looking at the elections in 2 years. why is this sort of law popular there? why does he think it will help him get reelected? i think the way, the reason why he would, he would think that is that is that is a consistent strategy that he and his government have been pursuing for years. i'm not a politician, not a political analyst. i'm a human rights or you're in the human rights activists. and it is from this standpoint that i can say that the consistent strategy of this government for years has been to, to saw this chord and hate in society. again, population groups, which they deem to be vulnerable as susceptible to public dislike. they started this in 2015 at the time of the refugee crisis,
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the refugee crisis. when the government's consistent messaging was that these people come here to the rape and kill everybody, to steal our jobs, and not work at the same time. then this went on for years, then at the beginning, when we got the audience. so he sets up people to, for the public, to go against good talking to thank you so much for joining us to show ration from the hungarian helsinki committee. thank you. the disappearance of the summer sea ice in the arctic is our alarm signal and global warming that we shouldn't ignore. that's a stark warning from the world's biggest mission to the north po. the findings from that ice braking voyage has not been revealed in 2019 german v. special polish, then a set off to explore the region, the team of international scientists. the aim was to get new insights into climate change. the shape was locked into an ice flow to monitor the life cycle from its
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formation to its destruction. at the end of the summer, the w spoke with the leader of the expedition professor, macos racks of the alpha development institute. when i asked him if he is optimistic, that we can still reverse the process of climate change, it doesn't, we have to really go to urgent action. now. we probably still have a short, brief time in know to save the summer arctic sea ice and to stop that tipping point in the climate system to become active. and if that would happen, it could result in a cascade of a tipping point in the comment system that could lead our climate drift away from the current state. it has i think we still have that we know, but we need to act quickly. now we need to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases drastically and we need to do that during the next decade by the mid of the century
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. at the latest, we need to be climate neutral. ok. all right, football and christian ericsson has given his 1st update on his condition since that collapsing mid match the euro's on fact. today, the date is mid filled up, posted from his hospital bed, saying i'm fine and thanking fans for their support. he said he was still undergoing test to find out why his heart stopped momentarily during denmark's game against philip. also in the euro's that germany phase reigning world champions, france on tuesday. and both countries have already been getting into the incident in the mood in munich, which will host all 3 of germany group, 14000 spectators will be allowed in the arena, germany hoping that home advantage kind of just something that they take on the tournament paper. so 1st game of the tournament for these teams,
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but as kick off approaches, as no doubt the pressure is on germany after its failure at the world cup in russia . the germany last appearance that a major tournament 3 years ago ended in tears for a nation that is one full well cups and 3 european championships. failure hurts a lot. the early exits, the 2018 world cup in russia prompted some serious soul searching, especially when success was previously a given. memo motto is usually when you celebrate a lot of victories, that's normal. but it also means your appetite to satisfy, that's human. you lose your hunger, which means others are more driven and you're knocked off your pedestal guys because in the iron management you, me from soccer stores. despite the 2018 tobacco nerve was given time to turn things around, he began to rebuild his scores deciding to focus on youth. but the coaches,
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shopping and changing, hasn't had the desired effect. a sick snail humiliation at the hands of spain late last year showing this still work to be done. you may tell him we've got tons of highly talented young footballers in germany, but everything has to fit together. and i'd say we're still in an experimental phase. for the euros experiments have been ditched in favor of the tried and tested thomas mueller has returned to the squad alongside another veteran mass move the can there experience guys germany back to success? ah, i think showing that i definitely think germany have a chance to reach the semi finals. and from there anything's possible to get the cliche goes that germany performed best at tournaments. the last major success
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that the 2014 world cup in brazil demonstrated that victory against the tournament favorites, france would go a long way to bringing back the feel good factor in german football. just time to remind you of our top story, this our us president joe biden has been meeting with european leaders in brussels, where he reached an agreement with you over trade taras us and european union, and agree to add a 17 year just of aircraft subsidies w news coming up next news asia, it's been a year instead, the clashes along the border between china and india. so has anything changed in that time and with the nicer has described china as a systemic challenge. so will that change the relationship between the lines and
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the manager will have those stories and just talk about some of the world news. and in between there's always the website and the website is a, b, w dot com. that is where you get your apps on the news, the who's the news news, news,
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[000:00:00;00] news . the news, the news, the news ah, the. okay. so the last season wasn't all about partying.
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course there was still plenty to celebrate. the emotional highlights that the season in the 2nd part of our recap. 60 minutes on d. w. me. what secrets lie behind these was the discover new adventures in 360 degree and explore. fascinating. heritage side the w world. heritage 360 know ah me. oh, oh, i can because you
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oh no, no, no, no. the busy w as a show coming up today one year since the deputy class between india and china. troops from both countries died after the clash over dispute territory a year later. what is the situation and above all,
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what is the message china has delivered to countries in the region. but chatted europe a message to china, nato allies vowed to confront the challenge posed by the news. i bid you welcome to the w news. a shark ledger could join us. it's been a year since 20 indian troops and at least 4 chinese soldiers died in a deadly border class in india, north. but the stand off in the car, mountains that led to the clash continues. that's coming in the galvan valley occurred on the more than 3000 kilometer long, mostly undo, marketed border between the 2. ation giants, both claim to transgressions into each of those territory. at various points, a massive group build up from both sides followed. i live, you see our troops did pull back from one of those points and that point was
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farther south in bang gong lake that was in february. but since then talks to have to pull back from other areas such as in go gra hot springs and the depth on plains have not changed the situation on the ground. he has more high and the car occur ranges, jacket, cliff saw above the gal, one valley. the satellite images show the disputed region where indian and chinese troops clashed a year ago. soldiers confronted each other than attacked with rocks and clubs in what was their 1st fatal confrontation since $975.00. the clash killed 20 indian soldiers, while the chinese government claimed only 4 of theirs were killed. but it was the most serious face off between the 2 nuclear neighbors. in nearly half a century. and both sides blamed each other g. l is the
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entire country, is hurt and angry at the snow by china at the line of actual control mostly border . the clashes triggered an ongoing wave of anti china sentiment in india, and the ban on an array of chinese app including tick tock and we chat. but china said it was merely defending its territorial integrity. i learned in doing the shopping late on june 15th from the indian truman, seriously violated the bilateral consensus and cross the border line twice, engaging in illegal activities and provoking and attacking chinese personnel, resulting and serious physical confrontation between border forces on the 2 side from china and india have a history of face off along this yellow line, known as the line of actual control. it's not
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a hard border since china and india have never actually agreed on where it should lie. but the ongoing competition between them to build infrastructure along it continues to height and tensions. the to military's agreed in february to pull back from the mountains around the contested patent lake. the china has so far, refused to withdraw from the other areas it has occupied. and india, the ministry of external affairs says the process of disengagement remains unfinished. don't me know if a more is a difference and los angeles shortly. what is the situation on the ground now? well, the situation remains pretty much the same. there has not been a great degree of disengagement and pulled back by the chinese or the indians. there is one thing that is it's called the bank gong, the exec though, where
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a mutual disengagement and board back has been agreed to. but there are still 3 more sec does not counting down them the song plain, the gun one valley and all. so for the south to a deb joke where the chinese have not heard back, the indians have also deployed forward now. and to that extent did that you could call it a token disengagement, but the groups remain in contact to se thing up the dangers of the burden destination still continue. and to that extent, it's not a very happy situation on the line of control or the line of actual control. i should be in love, doc. or does that mean that any hopes the chinese forces will vacate the areas that india wants them to vacate? are misplaced? well, yes, by, by the looks of it. they've been in occupation of these areas for more than
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a year now. but they have not been willing to discuss disengagement from these areas in the senior military offices. border docs that dig please directly. so by the looks of it, the chinese seem to be saying that where we have disengaged from where we want to disengage. but the rest of the areas where we are an occupation, the chinese standards. so it's very much sort of a process of getting by steady steadily creeping forward and remaining an occupation of those data trees. eventually they just become chinese data cream. after view. yes, i'm wondering then just trying to expand this to the region. what is the take away from this india china? i stand on that as last more than a year now for countries in asia that also have a total disputes with china. well, it's a, it's a very clear, less moved and it,
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just as they have done in the south china sea, they have drawn a sort of an arbitrary unilateral 9 dash line and 11 dash 9. and they steadily come into possession of islands and that those by building military infrastructure in the area that they claim they are doing much the same thing in le dock they've, they've come forward. they've taken occupation of the areas that they claim and they're pretty much endless. sending out the signal that we're not, we're going to be at this is shiny data. so there's, there is a clear parallel between the south china sea, except that, that's in a matter of time, the context and here on the land border. and honestly speaking other countries in the region don't really have an answer to this into these kinds of chinese actions to their no, the only sort of difference that you have here in this case,
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is that the indian army or be it belatedly sort of went up occupied based off against the chinese and sort of let the signal be known that they will not allow any further sort of that creeping possession by china, india claim dennis creek. so while in the south genesee china is pretty much getting a 3 run in the land border, the indian side is it's sort of boot it's, we're down and said that we're not letting you get in position of anymore in did get it. so it's sort of a nasty situation, but chinese sort of military landing sort of seems to be ok with that kind of nastiness, as long as they get what they want, they get and get it by, by occupying those data crease. they're quite ok with it. i'll just leave it there for the time being, but thank you so much for joining us. thank you. my pleasure. and china's actions
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to get in monday's meeting of natalie doesn't brussels as well. it was us president jo biden's, 1st meeting with the lines members they pledged to work together to counter the court systemic challenges from china need a fed channels expansion of its nuclear arsenal. lack of transparency and use of disinformation threatened the international order on tuesday, raging accused nato of quote, creating confrontation with it. when rigor franca is a senior policy fellow, the european council on foreign relations joins me now from london rica. how concerned really is nato with the challenge from china? yeah, so i will put it this way. i mean, china, basically for nate who at the moment is the biggest topic of discussion. but it isn't really the biggest threat and certainly isn't the biggest military threat. and i think this is kind of, you know, the balance that nato needs to find. and i think this is what the,
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the nature of communicate trying to communicate. which is to say that yes, china is the topic. we are concerned over a number of things. they post certain challenges to the rules based international order which nato allies care a lot about. but you know, it isn't, it isn't the direct military threat to the nato allies. and so they shouldn't kind of claims that it is i by and i think this is what, what the communicate and some, and try to try to reflect basically and that communicate articulated the china challenge as court. the systemic challenges that china presents, but it is a challenge nonetheless. how would, how does need to plan to deal with this challenge and address it even if in discussions i think i think we're basically just trying to figure it out right now . and then a lot of movement on china, and let's say in the west, over the last 2 years or so. so in united states, i think it rather clear now that the u. s. c. china read as the may in opponents,
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which makes sense because he was the sole superpower in china, may slowly be planning this row. the view of the situation in europe is slightly different. first of all, because you know, we don't have as threatened superpower stage, but also they're important economic alliances with china in europe. and so, and so what nature basically needs to do is to bring the trans, they partner together, bring us and canada on the one side of the atlantic together with the european. whereas the view china is slightly different. and again, because nature is a military alliance, and it also needs to focus on, on that hello amanda and conscious, you know, declare china and a poem and not that it is trying to do that. but i think that's, that's the problem here in this, in this context. so the ones i do have the trans atlantic partner that you mentioned, but i wonder where the in the pacific partners fit in. and given that need to already partners with countries such as australia, japan, new zealand, and south korea in the,
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in the pacific and said to be done against dalton berg said in april that he, there is a possibility of cooperation with india as well, from the interview civic is all of these building up in a way to address the china challenge. yeah, i think partners, especially in the, in the pacific region are becoming much more important for nate who and then with the us as well. i mean us basically getting a charm, a sense of that and then, and after the traumatic years of trump and is reaching out to all kinds of allies, including in the, in the pacific. and so, and so partners and allies are becoming as more important. and we already see a number of nature, members, you know, the united kingdom fronds and now germany that are, are moving a bit, are doing more in the end of the row. they're sending across areas free, get in touch right into the region. and every time, you know, one of the ships goes into the region and partners, of course, along the way with a bunch of, well,
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i live in partners. so it did kind of goes to pores and different different countries and trying to really establish this relationship. so i think this is going to be one of the focus of major, but also the, you know, from the other western countries more broadly trying to build up as partnership with other, especially democratic countries in the region of signal china that, that there is a strong alliance here, or rigor, frank, or we'll have to leave it there for the time being. but thank you so much for joining us today. as session of course and many more stories on our website, dot com forward slash, hey show rebecca moore of the same time. then, ah, just fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing?
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what does the latest research information and contact the corona virus? 19 special next on dw, you ready to get the places in europe are smashing all the record into a venture. just don't lose your grip. the treasure map for modern globe trotter, for some of us are wicker breaking and now also in book form. a 2nd wave of code. 19 he'd india hard case numbers look like they're falling restrictions or raising so is india ready? shops, businesses and public transport or opening and daily people in mom,
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bike and catch a movie at the cinema. still the countries, vaccination dr. is sluggish. and testing isn't widespread. experts, one case number's in dance of being under reported. they say it's to cover some of us record breaking nice to know also in book form ah, a 2nd wave of code, 1900 india hard case numbers look like they're falling restrictions are raising. so is india ready? shops, businesses and public transport or roaming and daily people in my bike and catch a movie at the cinema. still the countries,
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vaccination dr. is sluggish and testing isn't widespread. experts for the case numbers and dance of being under reported. they say it's too soon to live restrictions. mm. welcome, my benefits all. and after almost 2 months locked down at delhi, the construction sector is one of the 1st to reopen. it relies largely on migrant laborers who have been returning to the big city from the villages in the hope of finding what dw, whenever a child has sent us this report, nearly reached labourers gather here every morning to find work. do you all you'll get coolly, is one of them. he's an unskilled migrant laborer who has been working in the informal sector in the capital for almost 6 years. but times are tough for him. he was left without any work when delhi went into lockdown after the city was hit by


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