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[000:00:00;00] ah, was who's this is the w news. why? from berlin tonight, nato declares china a security challenge, but not an enemy. native leaders say beijing's behavior is undermining the global order. so what does the alliance plan beyond the tough words, we're going to nato headquarters also coming up tonight with things more not less reading. the w talks foreign policy with the army lashes, and the man hoping to see
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a miracle as chancellor of germany and england to remain in lockdown for another 4 weeks from mister boyce. johnson says the delay will say blinds, but can the public public stomach another month of restriction? and did he mean what he said, a jail dela, ruthie and journalist makes a media appearance today, the opposition and bell ruth state, he's being paraded as a hostage. will bring you the latest from ah, i bring golf, it's good to have you with us. native leader today called out the rising influence of china as a systemic challenge to the global order. the tough new stance was set out in the joint statement following mondays, nato summit in brussels. the 1st attended by us president joe by no, you've been urging fellow members to stand up. the chinese aggressive policies,
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native chief in stoughton bag said the alliance agree that beijing ambitions and assertive behavior were concerning. but it does not see china as an enemy before every chance. miracle said that china poses a complex challenge and warned of a hybrid threat that includes cyber attacks. sevalla, infuse, china is arrival in many issues and at the same time, also a partner in many issues. we made that clear at the g 7 yesterday. i think it's really important that we offer china the chart for political discussions and to find solutions. this is like we do with russia. but when the threat to steal the also these hybrid threat, nato has to be ready for the dominant. him not to give up and say, it was german chancellor there. let's go now to our brussels bureau chief alexander phenomena. she's at nato headquarters in brussels. good evening to you,
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alex andrew. so how does nate plan to respond to what it sees as a more assertive china while for the very 1st time, allies have asserted that china's behavior represents as systemic challenge and security risk. and this is very remarkable, more and more allies are concerned about china's growing economic, diplomatic, and military might. and now they understand that they need a new strategy to deal with paging. and that is, of course, something that joe biden was very pleased to hear would is huge because he wanted to have a united front on china. however, we also have to add that european allies are very cautious. they don't want this confrontation with china to go to that extent that no future
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cooperation with china would be possible on important global issues. so from china to russia, alexander, we know that us present joe biden is due to sit down with russians. president putin in about 48 hours from now. will mr. biden, will the us president will be he be taking a new native strategy with him? well, maybe not totally new strategy, but i think now he is in a good position to, to hold this summit with the russian president and not to nato secretary general. told him that told us today that their relations with russia aren't the lowest points since the cold war. and that it's russia that it's to blame for that. and russia has been mentioned 61 times in that communicate. because more and more allies are seeing russia are real threats. and this is the message that joe biden
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will be taking with him to geneva. yeah, and he was president. he has a lot of messages with him at the moment. the summit, the data summit is where the u. s. president has been trying to reassure european partners that the u. s. is committed to the alliance. now is that about just telling them what they want to hear or about concrete actions? well, 1st of all, we have to say that they really wanted to hear that they were, i think, very happy to hear joe biden saying that the you ask is back. that nato is critically important for the united states. and that article 5, under which an armed attack against one l. i is an attack against all of the allies as it take with obligation. because we cannot under estimate how much damage jo. biden's treatises sit down on from house down to the alliance. alexander phenomena
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needs headquarters. alexander is always thank you in for more analysis now around the nato summit and its outcomes. i'm joined by sophia bash. she's a senior research fellow at the center for european reform. it's good to have you on the program. yeah, this is the 1st name summit for the u. s. president. we know things are changing. so people say them where they change, where they stay, the same native leaders, they're working towards an updated strategic concept. how is it likely to be different from the current one that they had that was drafted in 2010? yes. so at the summer, they have agreed that they want a new strategic concept that's been in the air for a while. they wanted to publish it next year and when you to because the car was from 2010 is outdated. the current institute comes up does not take into consideration leasing question. aggression hardly mentioned emerging technologies and cyber not at the call from denise. and i mean, this is
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a good time to do this update to the new us present and power after the champions with the end of the decade, finding out the ration, the china on the rise. but you know, i'm like, you're back in the basement. that does not mean business as usual, and they need to spell out what that means and practice. hopefully that's what they'll do with the switches. you mentioned the german chancellor, germany has had a very different experience with china, especially in the last few years compared with the, the experience that washington has had with b g. we know that some in europe, a wary of adopting the u. s. is confrontational approach to china? do you think they there was going to be able to find the unified response to that challenge? i would vedo see, so that was a busy one of the big items. one has invited agenda for this week was to get your
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team to engage in china and you succeeded to a degree, i think, be heard, they've called our china ambitions and behavior demik challenges for the 1st time, the nato leaders that the new emphasis that means that the lines, it's moving on from previous statements that have highlighted more of the opportunities presented by china. but there's still a distinction here between russia and china. the challenge because not all native members degree is the, should confront germany. if you said samples, i think that perhaps you should be the main forum for engaging china, central and eastern european allies. my very that's it could be a distraction from russia, which they see as an accidental read. and you'll find as commitment to maintaining a constructed dialogue with china, where possible in the time a declaration says important to see what actually happened for now. and they needed for able to agree that they want to work more of a partners in the region. they want to strengthen cyber defenses, protect critical infrastructure,
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work and controlled with china. will you succeed it? what about inside native? we've heard people saying that they're really glad that us joe biden is there. he's certainly different from the former us president donald trump and our people seeing donald trump and what he did regarding us alliances as an anomaly. do they think that joe biden is just a resumption of business as usual? i don't think they've quite made up their minds yet and how could they, i mean, i have said all the right things. you've been very reassuring about the trans atlantic relationship called the commitment to connect the depend sacred obligation . that's quite a change in tone from the last 4 years, but there is a question to how long the allies can afford to be in these feel good by the trans atlantic renewal before they would have to come up with an answer of what future nato natal 2030 should look like today. they've given me another year to try to do
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that. so if you invest your research fellow at the center for european reform, we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you for having every year d. w brings together media professionals and decision makers from arrange fields to discuss the most important socio political issues of our time. german trans or angela miracle, she started this year is global media for him with a special message. there was always, there was also an address from or mean lush, it, her party colleague hoping to mason for you to see her information, chancey disruption and innovation. that is the theme of the 2 day conference with conspiracy theories, an artificial intelligence among the topics being explored disruptive development. b w. editor in chief, my really hesper claridge spoke with army law shooting question him about some of the foreign policy issues that he would face if he were to become the new german chance. mr. lasha and you ship to and friends at atlantic relation seems to be open . now, what's your take on this?
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he was looking to us just returning to the walls, health organization and it's engaging at the united nations again, and it's reviving 37 process that we just saw over the weekend and want it over. and i believe we should cease this moment on the president's idea of a coalition of democracies around the world that work closely together. it's a particular opportunity for europe and for germany to be strongly involved. y'all shouts on, getting a clear us then pointed towards russia. what does that exactly mean for you? you didn't have to keep calling for a tough or approach, need to say what they mean by a tough approach happens i'm, we have sanctions of breaking off diplomatic relations or anything like that will be wrong. then when things get difficult, you have to talk more, not less meaning of this is that's why it's a good thing that joe biden, the american president, will be meeting president putin in the next few days in the american and russian
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presidents meeting again at last. and that's more important than never in times of crisis was denton bass power to scotty increase citing me their talks between the us and germany about north trying to what are the pre conditions so that no stream to can actually go online. these a pipeline pipeline must not be used to black mail ukraine. the bell tick state of poland, poland. but once it's been built, it will be an additional good part of free energy supply as all the waters and the pipeline will go into opperation this year. name and, and when the gas starts flowing we need to keep close eye on these geopolitical rules and the protection of ukraine. and that's been agreed on a european level to the human rights abuses and below growth. that part of the discussion as she says, meeting you met atlanta, her not personally, she see a position due to
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a beloved and she's asking for tougher things. what could tougher sanctions look like? yes, as soon as you have the 1st sanctions that we decided on the below rationale and from flying over european union territory, because h a y is not flying from our side over bela ruth, which also hits the state financially was up to then putting officials involved in human rights violations directly or indirectly on the targets it's sanction lifted . some of these officials have their own business interests, including president, crushing himself. these are in their activities that companies need to come into the european union sanction regime, activity, and film and listen. wanted us as soon as they seemed that hasn't happened yet, and that is what i would like to see expanding the sanctions to increase targeted pressure on president gushing call of president lucas shinkel. mr. russia. thank
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you very much for the interview. all right, here's a look now, some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world, philippines president rodrigo detail could soon find his war on drugs the subject of approved, but the international criminal court. that's after the chief prosecutor requested authorization to open a full investigation. she says the duties regime killings of more than 6000 suspected drug dealers could amount to crimes against humanity that he was really cabinet has met with israel's presidents. within ritalin a day after lawmakers approved the coalition government in coming for the ministry of holly bennett unseeded benjamin at yahoo spent a record 12 years in office. it is even further to the right than the yahoo. but as promising a fresh start after 2 years of political still me, the canadian man accused of running over and killing 4 members of a muslim family will face terrorism charges. prosecutors have already charged with 4 counts of 1st degree murder. police say the incident was
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a planned and premeditated attack targeting muslims. a gunman in italy has killed 2 children and an elderly man in a town near rome. the attacker was later fell dead in a nearby house in an apparent suicide. look to say that he was known to be mentally unstable, that had threatened to kill residents before. such shootings are extremely rare in italy, or disappointment and anger across england. tonight, british prime minister boris johnson has announced a 4 week delayed to the plan to lift most corona virus restrictions on june 21st. johnson says that caution is needed because of a surge in new cases. as being driven by the delta variant originally detected in india, the average number of people being admitted to hospice or in england has increased by 50 percent week on week and by 61 percent in the northwest. which may be the shape of things to come. because we know the remorseless logic of exponential
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growth. and even if the link between infection hospitalization has been weakened, it hasn't been severed. and even if the link between hospitalization and death has also been weakened, i'm afraid numbers in intensive care in i see you are also rising. or more of this, i'm joined by our london correspondent, big mosque to you. better get many sectors of the economy. they were counting on reopening, so what impact is this going to have on them? it's going to have a big impact on some sectors of the economy. for example, on nightclubs, where you really need a lot of people to break even and also on theaters they are allowed to be open, but only running on 50 percent. and we have some theater people working in the theatre industry really desperate and relate better. for example,
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really well, 9 compose an emperor, sorry, has a new show coming out. and he said it has to go ahead. that's what he said. a few days ago, even if you get arrested, he wants to put the show on. now, but johnson obviously knows of, of, of the freshest for, for people like him. and he said, you know, in this particular case, he's hoping to be able to help and maybe run a pilot scheme. but you know, this is still a big blow for many people who are relying on on, on venues that need a lot of people in them. and also for people who are maybe planning to marry and who hasn't, maybe already post pain, say to it, be a huge disappointment for a lot of people. and this is a big surprise due to the world because the u. k was so fast and he was early with with getting people vaccinated. so what does the british cover? what does it hope to achieve by adding 4 more weeks to the restrictions?
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it's really a race against time. the british government is really, really fighting with this delta a very, the new, very, and that's now dominant in the u. k. and the good news is that it is, the vaccines are working against this very and body, people need 2 doses. and so the, the thinking of the british government is know to have more adults thrown forward and have them have the 2nd dose so that they have actually the full protection against the syrian. and by the way, the very end is not only in the u. k. it's also in other countries across the world, other countries in europe. and these countries will all hoped they manage to have more people vaccinated and have the full protection with 2 doses before that then becomes dominant. and that countries, it is a race against time, bigger force in london, be a good thank you. the jail,
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the bellows in journalist roman for there's a bit, she has addressed a news conference in mid scan. what the opposition and bella roosts, as is just another statement made under duress. mister port edwards said that he is in good health and that he has not been beat and he was arrested. you may remember last month after his wife lithuania was forced to land in minutes. this is the 3rd time that he has appeared in front of the media. previously, he admitted applauding to over 3 president, alexander shameka doornail by our reporter, alexandra bogus sky in men. skellington is good to see you. you were in that press conference and it must have been a bizarre experience. what impression did you get from mr process at which? good afternoon. among the savage all looks quite calm and i think that he wanted to look confident. but sometimes i think with him feel really upset about his
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position and are here demonstrated his time. so like he can, has no torture on demons. okay. could you all look in the band, john lives under pressure right now and which are not in the stand when he went for me. yes. so as far as emotionally hard for all of us doing the conference, the world suspects that what we're seeing here is mr. protest, david being forced to say something that he doesn't really believe. so why does the bell roof regime? why is it making him do this? when it knows that many in the world are not going to believe that he's actually speaking from the heart? i think the other thing was, jim has realizes they made mistakes of all of this situation and they wanted just to fix it and below send regime. and so they made it for propaganda
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purposes. so they use such people like months where in the acquisition and now she said that he respect shanker and they, they think that they can convinced the whole warrant and the people but the concussion ca has one. but i don't really think at this. so what you are saying here, and what we're reporting tonight, i mean, these are obviously harsh indictments criticisms of the regime in bella. ruth, how safe is it for critical journalists in bella ruse right now. i mean, how safe do you feel after what has happened to robin part of a bridge? you know, it is actually not say today, listen bell or force like 30 my comics soon. john was a now in prison and recently wishing attack. then great. the biggest news photo to buy,
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and we were allies that like journalists and the press is under effect for now and nothing changes the interview. well, for the sake of this conference, this is our priority, but i think that we should continue to work. we continue to watch because i think it's our duty we should provide people reliable information. yes. right. and we hope that you stay safe as well. to be report? alexandra sky. you're in minutes. alexander. thank you. thank you. well, the trial of me and maurice deposed leader on tongue suit. she got under way today, 4 months after she was absent from power in the military coup. she faces a long list of charges including breaking coven restrictions and illegal possession of walkie talkies or lawyers. and rights groups dismissed the charges as bogus and an attempt to cement the military's power. this photo of unsung suit she attending a hearing in may,
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is the only known image of her since the military coup. even her legal team has very limited access to her. this 1st trial is about whether the 75 year old violated social distancing rules and illegally imported to walkie talkies. to cut on sounds good helped me and she has a toothache but still looks as fresh as ever by the former due fact you ahead of government will pay more serious charges in later trials. she's being accused of a legit incitement to sedition and corruption. i think it's a parody of the legal process. i think most of the charges against door intensity and against a lot of the other political prisoners, more than 4000 basically justification for an illegal q data. and most of them shouldn't be taken seriously. this is, this is pure, repressive theater. that's all it is yours. we're back on the streets of john gong
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on monday, calling for democracy. since february, thousands have been arrested and well over 800 killed. but the civil disobedience continues more than 4 months after the crew. most of the country appears to be standing by on sons who ti ah, here's a look at football european championships. in today's group stage, matches, saw poland and fetus player of the year. robert living belsky taking on neighboring slovakia. but the buyer and munich, starr never found an opening, and lackey came up with a $21.00 victory milan, 20 odd scored the game winner in the 2nd half after poland was forced to play with 10 men due to penalties when they earlier match featured a stunning goal and a massive embarrassment for scotland. goalkeeper david marshall, who became the victim of the shot the turn a bit so far. the check republics. patrick chick. notice marshall well off his line and lofted
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a shot from mid field that nearly 50 meters. it's the longest distance goal in the turn them in history. the final score to neil to the french revolt or the cheque public, i should say. germany, he got their euro campaign on tuesday against the toughest of opponents world champions, france, germany's men's thing have been in patchy form lately but out in front of the star go keeper manuel. no yup. is a defender antonia. rudy is full of confidence. germany are in free feeling. mood ahead of euro, 2020 in the bavarian tone of her organ, our, the squad, it's fine tuning ahead of a tough opening game against france. the heart of it is central defender until you really go, no one to his teammates as warrior. but why? the mentality, the rippling, it is the mentality this i brings. when i take the field, i just wanted at any cause like i go into every tackle as if it were my last 4.
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that's how i do it. log in, you know why? despite being part of some rocky recent performances, including germany's shock to one home defeat to north macedonia really go, remains coach your he lives, go to man. at the heart of defense is inevitably go from. this is a defender of the highest level. it's state. i think he's proved that towards tony really go in this form and with the way he plays is extremely important for us to explain the absolute absolute critical when the champions league with chelsea to runs off last season. one of his club teammates is pleased that the defender will also have his back at international level. again, it's like in february and by again he goes into tackles. he wants to dictate one on one situations and that's good. he gives you the feeling. okay, we've got a warrior that's going to throw himself into everything and you can either read it brings with him this week and leadership qualities that live. so values you'll need
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to be on top form if germany or to keep francis world champions at bay. you're watching the w news and you're up to date for now. close up is next. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more will news followed by the day tonight, nato, and the chinese threat to see the, the the me the news .
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the news, the, the, all the new gold rush and the lithium and this like metal is the wrong material of the future. and it's essential to the expansion from actual mobility and creating political attention and threatening ecosystem. the mining region is rice, with controversy,
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close up. next on w's ah, was gym and with gemini, anytime, anyplace, means video developers have fisting along to come from super interactive exercises. everything is online, mobile interactive gym and so with young moroccan emigrants they know the police were stopped. they knew that the route is not a solution. they know their flight could be going
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back. not an option. peace ma, i'm on and the rabbit a are stuck in the spanish border area alongside other young people there waiting for a chance that will probably never come. shattered dreams starts june 18th on d. w. ah oh, there's a new gold rush in the andes mountains. mining companies are trying to tap into huge reserves of lithium, known as white gold. argentina wants to attract $5000000000.00 and in bad, not only for lithium mining, but also for electro mobility programs. i said i would really like to get germany


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