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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2021 5:30pm-6:31pm CEST

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they know that the road is not a solution. they know their flight could be like going back. not an option. peace ma, i'm on and they are stuck in the spanish border area. alongside other young people there waiting for a chance that will probably never come. shattered dreams starts june 18th on d. w. the parents stressing around on the international space station looks like a lot of fun. but the life of an afternoon is actually very strenuous and can take quite a toll on the body. with me here for many, it's a dream job. italian as to know samantha christopher, he tells us why the welcome to
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tomorrow. today, the science show on d. w i you physically fit, can you run once and cruel? was the best of them. do you have a valid driver's license and work well in the team, even in stressful conditions? the would you undergo under was her training and take a parabolic flight. great. if you're also under the age of 50, between one me to $50.00 and $1.00 me to 90 toll and have an excellent hearing and eyesight, you could be in the running to become an astronaut. with the european space agency or isa is wrapping up its latest recruitment drive and hospice. many women among the applicants the says only sent to female esther north
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to be honest this today one of them is samantha christopher. it the it was a dream come true. i writing literally in a new world, shift the house, the house. this is have you into the space station where my like flipping out of your mom's mom comes in that you come into this new world, have been disconnected. i had the feeling as i was coming into the space station, a whole new way to live. and we're way of moving around the zagan that everything we learned, some house and the noise and dance. ah, the johnson space center in houston,
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texas has helped to write space history with this is where nasa over so mission to the moon which can find for the era is still considered the hey day of space travel news. samantha christopher ready spent 3 months preparing for her 2nd mission to the international space station on the launch is scheduled for next spring. the training evolves, knowing how to respond and then imagine the state. for example, if a fire breaks out on board. so what else makes a good astronaut needs to be the best. you don't have to be a top scientist or the best athlete ever. that's not important when you do need some technic and scientific knowledge, that's
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a basic prerequisite to be here that you also need to be inquisitive and adventurous and have a desire to learn things. and then the work covers a broad spectrum. but so you also have to one and enjoy it, miss samantha, christopher se is a mechanical engineer and fighter pilots. in 2009, the european space agency selected her from more than 8400 applicants in november 2014 cheaper than her 1st mission. she spent $200.00 days at the international space station. at 1st, it took her a while to get used to the new environment. i
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mean it's, it's a bit like knowing a house because you visited a model of it. model house is not to be rep because of the i ss, but we train, i need to pick the bare minimum in the others. and the album, everything is clean and nothing is lying around. but when you really live in a house, everything is lying around. when you open the clothes, it's only kinds of things that lots of clothing and other things. it's a place that's really lived in the movement showing. you also have to learn how to move around carefully, mentally, and then otherwise everything flies all over the place. you will have to get to know your surroundings about them. she says, life was 0. gravity was a great experience. everything felt so light and effortless,
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even if some everyday tasks were more cumbersome and tedious than on tensions can develop quickly and a small team when you're living in such a confined space. the militia, who's having a sense of humor is key. you really can't overestimate it because it really is the case that in such a confined space, there are going to be tensions at times. more folks over the feel that humor can confuse them straight away. i'm fine about the bad, like in love and maybe jokes a bit of humor when you can calm things down quickly. who guess that you have participated in mission? besides supervising scientific experiments, samantha is keen to inspire the next generation of rocket scientists and astronaut children. love her stories about life in 0 gravity. she showed some of her tricks with them to like if you want to keep your fingernails,
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you need to do it near the ventilation system that way. nothing flies around. but don't forget to vacuum away your nail clippings afterwards. the, the thing she finds most challenging is helping colleagues get ready for space walks . it takes a full 6 hours until an astronaut is ready to step outside. so you can see for this they need to be prepared. they basically have to be assembled on the astronaut piece by piece. there's a lot to do in the law. and in everything you do because you have to be very careful to not make any mistakes, a single mistake. it could be a nice threatening the astronaut who's going out there. so that was technically demanding and psychologically stressful. but afterwards, when he'd most of the challenge, it was very satisfying me.
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everyone's favorite spot in the space station is the large window with her head often hanging upside down and her feet on the ceiling. samantha christopher se would gaze the earth and wonder, come on, you really have this wide view from one horizon to another. and then out into space and the stars. it's very impressive. oh, he's not going off, can get the sun rises and sunset. so of course, very moving. but also the northern knights, nighttime views are generally the most beautiful and moving the night on us is also a little more romantic management. sometimes you see this red glimmer, it's the night club was the atmosphere. and then you notice that the atmosphere is really much higher than the thin blue layer. you normally see
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the space research also include studying under water locations here on us in 2019 samantha let the nasa mission of the coast of florida. her team spent 10 days testing new technology for future exploration of the moon and mars. it was an all women crave. does she think women might be better astronauts? another man's own mention. i think you should give people the chance to just be themselves with them and just because you're a woman or a man but doesn't mean you have to be a certain way, such as more masculine or feminine, least with the mentally. there are many traits that we might consider to be female to male colleague of mine on the space station might have exhibited. more of them may be good for me up that i'm and vice versa. i have, as i think you have to try to get away from the sinking and speaking in those terms and then can leave them. in march
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2021, samantha krista ferretti fulfilled another dream by being selected for a 2nd flight to the international space station. next year and this time she'll take command that the mission. so how did the 1st journey into space change has only been i think has become much more calm. i fulfilled my lifelong dream. now i think i have more room in my life. other people, matt size, i have more time for family and friends. so i have more space for other things you could say by the experience that will no doubt serve her well on her 2nd space mission, which she's already looking forward to the me. now d, w, social media channels, we asked,
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what would appeal to you about flying to the i s s me l container a way to sense what appeals to him. it's the excitement of the journey and the beautiful view dr. sorry, would hope to gain more insight into astronomy of the things in space. unexperienced 0 gravity 1st hand. it also like to see black holes, a supernova, other planets and galaxies. that you would like to look out the window and see if the tenor of us it would be terrifying. she says, but interesting to are experiencing the way his body reacts to being away from other us that would appeal to diarrhea. not feliciano. well, catalina how toner thinks it could benefit others. he would make the trip with people who still believe the flat and they could see the truth for themselves.
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that's how your comments me. looking at it from outer space is an experience. many astronaut rave about samantha christopher, it is of course, no exception. it's just something fascinating about observing planets from a distance. human beings have always gazed in wonder the night skies. but these days, studying celestial bodies isn't always easy to do. as our next report explains her off to a national park in west, in germany. ah, the night sky above germany's, i saw national park this is where harvard gotten hug and runs and observatory. he'd been watching the night sky getting brighter. if there were absolutely no light pollution and we really had a natural night sky,
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which no longer exists anywhere in europe, then we'd probably be able to see 3 to 4000 stars from here. but even on a good night, you can only see between 182500 stars. and i told him simple enough stana. it's a breathtaking sight 1000 the stars. you can even see the milky way from here. how bad is used to this stunning view? oh, but most people in germany could only dream of seeing so many stars as almost everywhere. the night sky is simply too bright in cologne. you couldn't see maybe 20 or 30 stars, but only the bright ones. if the weather is clear and there are no clouds in the sky, you have to drive about 40 kilometers outside of cologne just to get away from the artificial light glow and be able to see an even halfway decent night sky on him as
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light pollution as the phenomenon is known is a worldwide problem. fewer and fewer places on earth get dark at night, as artificial light brightens the sky. this is not just a problem for astronomers and amateur stargazers. artificial light causes us to sleep at night and it has a negative impact on our health ah, nocturnal insects who rely on the stars for their sense of direction. right? sources of artificial light can have deadly consequences. light pollution is one of the key contributors to insect a decline. bird can lose their sense of direction due to light pollution as well. they get lost or crashed into brightly lit buildings. barton that completely eliminating artificial light, especially at nighttime, is out of the question. but he isn't willing to sit idly by so he drives to the
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city each night on the lookout for unnatural light and opportunities for improvement. with the aid of a special camera, he measures how dark this guy is, and more importantly, how bright. it's no surprise that industrial areas are bright and still much of the excess light could be avoided in a big portion of this area is eliminated by spotlights that rest on high poles. and they're not covered. that means the light shines in practically all directions and a lot of it goes up to the side where it's not even useful. it was talk, it says i would the help of the right line, your metal one. so as well as metal covers, like could be directed to the spot where it's actually helpful. would you like to have internet photos making sure that street lights only direct light where it's actually needed is one good way to improve the situation. another important tool in the fight against light pollution,
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completely avoiding artificial light at night in selected places such as the eiffel national park. since 2014, it's been recognized as an official, dark sky park. one of 4 in germany and a waste of darkness has garnered the nickname, star park eiffel barton, played a key role in these efforts. down part of star park is a region that's designated as such for for filling particular criteria, such as the visibility of the milky way passes. it's unlikely that our cities will ever be as dark as the eye for national park again. but perhaps the light pollution can at least be reduced a ton of bad and, and will keep fighting. so, but in the future, more people will again be able to see the milky way. incidentally, insects are the only ones that are being impacted by light pollution. a recent
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study shows rodents are no longer as active in searching for food that stops singing earlier in the morning. and marine turtles are not running into the sea to hatching, but moving inland instead affecting their breathing and feeding pat him. but it's not just like that rosy, yet. sophia lee in the us had a question about something else. the where does just come from? it seems to be everywhere. no matter how thoroughly clean more soon appears, but not all jobs is created equal. particulate matter that can remain suspended in the air for an extended period of time is often referred to as just airborne particles. measuring between 2.5 and 10 microns in diameter are known as course particles. for comparison, the human hairs between 20 and 80 microns cross particle smaller than 2.5
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microns, are considered to be fine particles, because they're so small airborne particles can even make their way into our lungs, which can affect our health. but how does this dust form in cities the primary sources of just are anthropogenic, in other words generated by human activity. industrial emissions are the biggest culprit by traffic also generates huge amount. so exhaust fumes and tire abrasion, but more than 80 percent of airborne particles floating in the earth's atmosphere come from nature. deserts and scenes contribute heavily to the creation of dust during sandstorms. particles can be carried is highest 10 kilometers into the stratosphere and transported over incredibly long distances. as ocean one revamp or age it releases sea salt aerosols, up to 1500000000 tons of them
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a year. the amount of dust emitted by a tammy russian can be enough to interrupt air traffic. the ash released in these geological events can steam the atmosphere for as much as 3 years. the tiny particles also reflect sunlight away from the ground. this has a cooling effect on our planet, but light scattering caused by dust high in the atmosphere also enhances the red part of the sun spectrum. which can result in spectacular sunsets. ah, good is read why? science clinton, you'd like us to send it to us as the video text or voice mails. if we feature it on the show, you'll get a little surprise from us as a thank you. come on. just tell me
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you can find more fascinating stories from the world of science on the west side or on twitter, the modern museums or anything but dusty displays of objects. researchers at the lens, natural history museum, are using the world 1st 3 d insect scanner to digitize the most collection, all of the museums, the 13000000 exhibits are to be catalogued in digital form. over the next decade, digitalization is pending museums into the 21st century. it's also being used to logical fines and object savant. trading shine palace is home to a 500 year old salt cellar made of ivory. today it's being removed from the cabinet to create a 3 dimensional twin. it's one of more than a 1000000 objects at the palace come museum in the german city of go to the huge
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number of treasures is being digitally catalogued as part of a massive project. corner beside it, does the corona virus is speeding up the project immensely off in this place and there are no more questions about why we are doing this project or whether it's necessary or whether it has to be so large and so well funded in the digitalization process gets underway. in 20 minutes, 9 cameras capture every tiny detail of the salt container. the camera, the position don't 3 levels. because the salt cellar is placed on a table that rotates, it can be photographed from all sides. different camera types, record, different details. in darkened conditions, project has been structured light onto the object, allowing the outer cameras to capture its geometric shape. when the light is on the
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middle cameras then photograph the surface of the object. this combination of 2 imaging processes, if unique, if even enables scans of very optically challenging objects. we might, we took a photo of a glossy white mice and porcelain course without any texture. and it can only be done if you separate the geometric cameras from the texture camera. some of that's what this scanner does. doesn't seasons for fun, but these are kind of hot. this is the finished digitize version software. use the 1500 photos to create precise grade measures at lighting, and the digital twin is ready in the next room, a feather head dress from the s. no logical collection is about to be digitized me play center stage and perfectly let the head dressed is rotated.
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in 5 minutes, the camera takes $24.00 photos. it turned into a $360.00 degree video. it's only 2 dimensional, but the rotation makes it sophisticated. when i know what has come up, like when, when a surface faces the camera and an object is stationary, it's easier to get the lighting right. when it rotates the angle that which the light hit the object and it's reflected change on false. so you have to adjust the light in advance to make it work for as many objects as possible at different angles. those processes can digitize at high speeds. the entire collection is to be recorded over the next 7 years. it's the largest museum, digitization project in europe, with generous funding from the federal and state governments. ironically, it's taking place that there's relatively unknown museum in the center of germany is treasures have largely been eclipsed by higher profile than use. but that's
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about to change. do you believe and talk to him? there were discussions about how to open up such a huge collection and if you think about it, there are 1200000 object to catalog standards. and that takes decade and the easiest and most direct way is to just digitize it all from the start to see the items where accumulated by the man who built the palace, ernest, the 1st few facts gotta beginning in 1650 his descendants to the added to the collection, most items are in storage like the head dress that belonged to a chief of the mendota qu, tribe in the amazon. and each of these objects will be catalogued by hand during the digitalization process. the. the data from freedom shine palace is stored here at the university library in vienna. turning the 3 d scans into augmented reality feels like a bit of a game. but the benefits are manifold. within this
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museum signs are too small to read, usually and hang too low. that's what we hear again and again. but here i'll be able to use my mobile device to look at an item and animated the figure i see then will give me contextual information on my smartphone. and that tells the story. we know have the object ended up and go to for example. and we know what makes it of interest to research. i can't capture that in any check in time text. the lockdown has fewer the desire for virtual access to collections. but google has been working with museums for the past decade to digitize their inventories. the state of museum in frankfort, for example, has found new fans through its online exhibition, the museums podcasts, a popular to but putting items online also makes them available to other experts, allowing museums around the world to do research together. they can lend out
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exhibits in the form of a 3 d print, or perhaps even display them as a hologram location on the other side of the world. the. that's all for today. thank you for watching. we'll be back next week with another edition of tomorrow today. and so then stay healthy and take a look at the me the who's
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who's the ah, in the climate change the what? the people what ideas do they have for their future?
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d w dot com megacity. the thing is you click and enter me when i arrived here, i slept with people in a room. it was harsh. fair. i even got white hair is learning the german language. yeah. a lot of kids to me and critical post unity to instruct was to say you want to know their story migrant verifying and reliable information for migrant. oh, and play with me and just getting back to me.
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i i do. uh huh. let me, i me oh no. i just hi. yes. hi. oh, yeah. i, i just need to know what i did. what manner
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my me the, the news . this is d w news line from the lens, nato looks to update the trans atlantic alliance to meet new challenges as leaders gathering brussels for this pivotal summit will examine that plan to tackle the rising influence of china and russia also on the program. israel's new ultra nationalistic prime minister, promises to end 2 years of political stalemate. but what can natalie banish really
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achieve the head of such a front job coalition? government? ah! i'm feel gaily welcome to the progress nato. leaders have begun to summit him brussels at which they will discuss the new challenges facing the lions 1st. the nights are meeting with us president joe biden, who is eager to prepare relations with allies. he also wants the organization to take a test position on china as an emerging security threat. secretary general against delton. burke says that while nato doesn't see china as an enemy is concerned about beijing's ambitions. assertive behavior at the start of german chancellor anglo mac said the alliance would have to work harder when it came to dealing with beijing. the money, it's noisy or do we have identified new challenges?
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then we have to put in the same effort that we have been making with russia up until now. this gets off until now. this has not happened for a long time. discussions like this seemed distant hope. but if we want to back off our words with action, then we have to discuss issues with china in the same way that we do with russia by the states to night. so h q and join d, w battles, bureau chief, alexandra found. nomine. welcome, alexandra. so we'll nato's response to a more associate china be more than just words. well, i think that it was quite remarkable that all allies having different interest and also different views on china, were able to agree on their strong language on china that we can find and they communicate. they are calling out china coercive for policies. they are stating
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that china's behavior and ambitious present systemic challenges to nato's security to the security of the allies of this is a very strong language, even much stronger that what we so from the g 7 leaders in cornwall. so this is a very telling that they were able to agree that and this is of course, a big win for you as president joe biden. and so what is the strategy in terms of russia? while the strategy in terms of russia is also very clear on going to a medical told us that russia is from her perspective. and from natal perspective, not willing to work together with nato, that's russia, it's viewing need to as an adversary. and the message is quite clear, nato is saying there will be no business as usual with russia until the country complies with international law. so i also think that this is huge. and when for
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joe biden, who is going to be having to geneva to hold to some russian president vladimir, i want to jo biden's, a big emissions for this meeting was to reassure a europe and allies about countries continued commitment to the alliance. so is that again, just about words telling them what they want to hear about concrete actions. well, when you ask me to diplomats day will tell you it's about change of tone, but it's also a change in substance. and i think we shouldn't undermine what damage biden's previous, as donald trump done to it has done to the alliance questioning article 5, questioning the u. s. commitments, it's who need to. so i think it was very important for the allies here to hear from
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joe biden. that america is back at the table and to hear that america is committed to nature that america needs me to think about how these under found non nato headquarters. i will take a look at some of the stories that making news around the world still better. lucy, in journalists, romance savage has appeared at a news conference in mid game. what is thought to be another statement made under, during the process, savage study felt fine, and if he has not been being on the census arrested last month, i made several appearances, including one in which he confessed to tossing to overthrow president lucretia. a gunman in italy has killed 2 children, and an elderly man in a town near rome attack was later found dead in the nearby house in an apparent suicide. local say, he was known to be mentally unstable,
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to kill residents before that shooting extremely rare in italy. the canadian mount accused of running over and killing 4 members of a muslim family will face terrorism charges. prosecutors have already charged him with full council 1st degree murder. the police say the incident was a planned and pre meditated attack. targeting muslims said to israel, where the 1st time in 12 years. people have a prime minister who is not many men. netanyahu lawmakers narrowly approved a new coalition government, led by a former netanyahu allied natalie bennett, is even father to the right that mister netanyahu is promising a fresh start. after 2 years of political standpoint, the on the streets of tel aviv celebration to mark the end of an era and the dawn of a new one. after a frantic round of deal making the increasingly unpopular prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu has been pushed from power by an unlikely alliance. i celebrate i me and my friends who are celebrating the new government because it's something new, something fresh, good people and all the sides of the country. i mean the right side, the left side, not only side, i think it's agree with every child. netanyahu is replaced by enough tally bennett, who's a party government was confirmed by the connected on sunday. and the few clumsily were at the start of new day's hardships. and it's not an exaggerated word. the hardships of establishing the unity governments are behind us. now the eyes of the people of israel, of everyone are on us and now we have to prove ourselves. bennett,
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who made millions in it, was a netanyahu protege, the right when nationalist has dislodged the dominant israeli politician of his generation. netanyahu served as prime minister for 12 consecutive years after a 3 year term in the ninety's. the new government was forged by centrist leader, yet you're lucky. it includes era, lawmakers, 1st for israel, they say joining the government is ricky, but worth it. when we are aware that this step brings within a lot of written and difficulty, the opportunity for us is huge. to change the equation and the balance of power in the method is in the new government. even as the fragile majority pledges to heal the countries deep divisions, netanyahu aims to stoke those divisions in search of a come back. but i will leave you on a daily fight to overthrow this dangerous left wing government. and with god help,
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it will happen much faster than you think. you must shut them was we let the departing prime minister most pressing battle might be the corruption charges. he's facing charges that have already played a big part in derailing his premier ship. now here's an update on some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic. a british prime minister about johnson is expected to delay the full lifting of england's lockdown. restrictions on social contact are likely to remain in place for a few more weeks. because the rising infections of the delta, very 1st detected in india, germany's debating whether to lift to be compulsory wedding of masks in public health menaced against bond has suggested the mandate could be removed gradually, starting with mary wearing masks, outdoors, and india top tourist attraction. the taj mahal will reopen on wednesday and shut down 2 months ago and made a deadly search infections. every year. d. w holds the global media for
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bringing together international media professionals and decision makers to explore global issues and ideas this year, disruption and innovation and the media in focus with conspiracy theories and the artificial intelligence amongst points of discussion. the today forum begun today with a message from anger to merkel, as well as the man who hopes to succeed her as german chancellor. the global media for me is being held mostly online due to the pandemic on the agenda pluralism and democracy and us trust that both are currently undergoing around the globe. in her opening message, german chancellor angle america said the media have to be careful to ensure that digital changes do not infringe on individual freedoms is the form. and then the mccarthy in democratic society in which we are open to new developments. we have to keep carefully thinking about what freedom really means to us and how we go about protecting freedoms and fundamental. right. and i'm so glad journalist from all
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over the world, taking part in debate on how genetic practices can be improved. and sarah solutions found a lot of our funding systems age systems, actually arranged along the lines of colonialism. and while that has not really happened in journalism. so for instance, you see that the british will fall commonwealth countries pa to go have arrangements. we broadview friends focuses on francophone and countries. we need to continue guardian. is that happening to john is in d w, director general pay, the lien book says journalism worldwide, he's at the cross road and so he's d w itself. i think we have all the opportunities to even grow in the current media environment. yes. with traditional media, but also we have very strong brand and people trust us. so i think we have all the
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possibilities. if we already to change and really to go into innovation, i mean, i said the man hoping to succeed angle america, the german chancellor highlighted the importance of the media in the current pandemic, the ocean fast at a time like this. it's important. tell the media reports on the pandemic, and that's why independent taxi based journalism is more import content never is most not nice. we speak, we indecent tag, and once again, the pandemic has made clear just how frauds are. janet is means the forum highlight the importance of defending it's globally changing our everyday lives. and the big sports story of the day, of course, as a footballs european championships, and the 1st match of today's group stage is featured a study goal and a massive embarrassment. the scotland goalkeeper david marshall became the victim of the shot of the tournament so far checked republics. patrick shake noticed that
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martial was well off his line and lofted a shot from mid field, nearly 50 meters. it's the longest distance goal in the tournament history. final school check republican to new over scotland and germany kick off their euro campaign on tuesday against the toughest of opponents world champions front. the german men happy in patchy form lately but out front of us but but out front of star goalkeeper manuel noah is a defender antonio. rudy was full of confidence. really get a fresh from winning the just champions league with his club. chelsea germany are in free wheeling mood ahead of us 2020. in the bavarian tone of her soul going out of the squad is fine tuning ahead of a tough opening game against france. the heart of it is central defender until you really go. no one to his teammates as warrior. but why is it the mentality, the rippling? it is the mentality that i bring when i take the field,
6:14 pm
i just wanted at any cause like i go into every tackle as if it were my last time i do it log in. you know, i, despite being part of some rocky recent performances, including germany's shock to one home defeat to north macedonia, really go, remains caught your lives, go to man at the heart of defense. that's enough to go from. this is a defender of the highest level. it's i think he's proved that tony really go in this form and with the way he plays is extremely important for us. explain absolutely. absolute critical when the champions league with chelsea to round off last season, one of his club teammates is pleased that the defender will also have his back. that international level give me so i can buy it if he goes into tackles, he wants to dictate one on one situations and that's good. he gives you the feeling . ok. we've got a warrior to throw himself into everything. my can other play rooting brings with
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him, the physique and leadership qualities that live so values you'll need to be on top form if germany or to keep francis world champions at bay. that's it. you're up to date. more world news at the top of the hour of next year on the w. rob, what has your business update? i would use lose. ah, the little guys that is the 77 percent the flat bomb for african you see issues and share ideas. you know,
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or the side that will be enough to capture and then the african population is ruling class and young people clearly have the solutions that do job 77 percent. now, every weekend on the w, me, the western nations arose to fight back against the growing chinese dominant g 7 leaders meeting the weekend promised to invest due counter facing spells and spending. found nato has, is also calling for a fight fac african languages under represented in technology like voice,
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recognition, or virtual assistant will look into why and whether that spouse to change a packet, tooth brush and beach towel, sunny spain is calling. but as tourism within, there are questions about how it can become more sustainable data be business robots, invalid. welcome to the program. western leaders have been urged to do more to counteract the power of china. us president joe biden, and nato secretary general young stoughton beg have both urged like minded nations to push back against beijing's growing influence in africa and elsewhere. china has invested in infrastructure projects over a 100 countries worldwide, forcing many of them into what's been described as a trap in glossy videos. china declares the construction of the 472 kilometer rail link between canyon capital and the roby. on the point of mon buffer, excess travel time has been cut in half to 5 hours. the cost
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$4500000000.00 money that kenya borrowed from china. but now the east african country can no longer pay the installments at the beginning of the year repayment had to be postponed. kenya is now caught up in china's debt trap. a similar fate for many emerging economies. more than $100.00 countries have signed corporation agreements with the people's republic for the construction of rail lines, roads, ports, and airports. the government in beijing as announced around one trillion dollars by 2025 for this comprehensive program, washington wants to limit china's growing influence in the world. that's why us, president biden, is launching his own infrastructure program for developing countries in collaboration with the other g. 7 members, great britain, china, france, italy, japan and canada, working with western partners. that's how joe biden differs from his predecessor, donald trump. but when it comes to china,
6:19 pm
that's hardly any difference. the biden administration appears to be charging a course with respect to china policy. that's every bit as tough and protectionist as the trumpet administration. it's not yet clear about how much money will flow into the new fund, cold build back better for the world. experts expect trillions of dollars will be needed to compete with china. let's get more on president biden's china policy. here's our financial correspondent, chelsea delaney. one of your binds main goals as us president has been to rebuild america's relationships with its allies and part about the rising role of china. we are starting to see that bear fruit to some degree. the infrastructure structure program announced over the weekend as well as the proposed u. s. u semi conductor alliance. it's scheduled to be discussed tomorrow in brussels as part of larger trade talks. at the same time, the e u is still very reluctant to choose aside between the u. s. and china be you is
6:20 pm
concerned about human rights abuses by basing. but the chinese market is still paramount for a lot of european companies like mercedes benz bmw w. and as we heard from a lot of g, u, g 7 leaders over the weekend, it's imperative to collaborate with china for global efforts like climate change. chelsea, the lady that was tech giants innovate across the world, africa growing market remains largely left out of some technological advancements such as voice commands african speak over 2000 different languages, but even the most spoken like so. healy have not made it onto services such as siri, google home, and alexa. high theory call a lighter viola. newer her likes to use your assistance. the tech savvy talent management company sees that the hands free technology on her phone is a great to you want to hear the last 3. if i want to make a phone call,
6:21 pm
i'll say hi theory coraleive. and if i want to know what it is, i'll say k series whatsoever today, and i'm a bunch of completion this with you can see it's combining which viola can only make commands in english. well, she would love to use our own mother tongue. we. we are using that catch it and that acknowledge is right. so if they're building technologies that they know we're ready to decide to go out, they could make them more inclusive. technological inclusivity remain that i'm going debate. wired white global tech companies have attempted to adopt africa languages, but delays in rollouts have some wondering whether it's a real priority that say and africa a we, when we, we are not the main target market for these big companies. the companies like
6:22 pm
google, amazon, apple, how really was interested in maintaining to solve the key business sectors or be, i would say that biggest glance, why many europe and the u. s. this is because of that, but the know can afford to pay for their product. their products, i've been priced and target for such communities. since 2017, the you with best mozilla has been collecting a database of voice samples from people all over the world. the amy studies computers to recognize languages, lexa healey, for example, which is spoken by over 100000000 people in africa. mozilla hopes that eventually uses in africa. for example, the viola will have the language is rico naomi by the speech recognition programs where to go where they feel think i was take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines from, from egypt to signed, a 3800000000 euro investment deal aimed at egypt,
6:23 pm
transportation and renewable energy factors. the 1st chunk of funds around $800000000.00 euros will towards purchasing new subway cars the cairo's metro system. the money is set to be paid out over the next 4 years. morocco is hoping, taurus destinations like this one will student before, after launching its own vaccine passport scheme. this month pass allows fully vaccinated individuals to move more freely after curfew and to travel domestically and abroad. the launch is part of the kingdom reopening process. germany says it will increase its climate funding for developing countries to 6000000000 years a year by 2025, up from 4 billions paid and 2020 government spokesman gave the updated target the weekends. g 7. some crude oil has hit its highest price in 32 months for the global economic recovery gains. and then some prices have been able to rise
6:24 pm
with talks between the us new brown on a nuclear deal progressing only slowly. an agreement with potentially made a flood of iranian oil into the market. after locked downs and travel restrictions, europeans all ready to pack their bags and take a vacation. but holiday destinations such as spain worry that to return to mass tourism could jeopardize efforts towards a more sustainable industry. the custody of sol in southern spain is renowned is one of the most popular destinations for mass tourism. there's a lot of talk about sustainability here, but very few of the resorts, hotels were built to conserve resources and save energy with perhaps one exception in the sea of mega hotels. out in merino boutique hotel with $36.00 rooms. and it's fully sustainable. society doesn't have that awareness yet. we're just getting. yeah. and the industry itself doesn't have that awareness
6:25 pm
either north town or not far away. jose dummy, andrew eastman olga looks at my la guy with it's almost 600000 inhabitants. it's the birthplace of because so and the tourist have of the cost the del sol, for this kind of sort of the region. there's no way around sustainability. i got a demographic burden on the coast, just too high. we need to move toward a balance that shouldn't be saved on the traditional tourism. same on each because that's gone. also very seasonal. and this all the time we money, the mulligan, local politicians feel they're on the right track. they want to attract visitors who are interested in culture and they want to show off their nature reserve near the airport. their goal to the future my, you know what i do respect. you know, we don't want to attract more and more tourists. we want quality choices so that
6:26 pm
not only the tourists enjoy the city, we live there, do to go more they, i get your muscle. but mulligan and like other cities is failing to achieve that goal. the residence of a longer near the district have complained for years about rising rents, and the consequences of us has a piano point to only sustainable that took care of the area protected residents, neighborhoods in businesses. anything that gets in way of that is not sustainable. there were 6000 tourist apartments in molig alone. many residents have had to leave their homes in the long run. successful tourism in the area will have to respect its residence and the environment. the emotional animal tourism has to move away from the stereotypical image of the backpack. it's about the conditions under which people work, sustainable employment, and the social and cultural footprint. tours just leave the island and back to the door and i wish i could get a 100. he started us. you. those experts are concerned that once the tourists are
6:27 pm
back, the pressure to change may wayne across the atlantic from spain now. and cubans are struggling on multiple from so the moment the terrain of ours pandemic has been a disaster for the islands, crucial tourism sector. and now there are long queues that the countries banks. it's because the government has announced financial institutions are about to stop accepting deposits in the us dollars. if you have foreign currency here, you can my, whatever you like on the black market and in special shops. the money comes from tourists and from cubans living abroad. but starting june 21st, that will change cuban banks will stop accepting us dollars let it's lucille the resolution establishes that cuban financial institutions such as banks or currency exchange offices may no longer accept dollars in cash. neither from individuals nor
6:28 pm
from companies. who do you got de la monia cuba having more and more difficulty redeeming its dollars abroad? something it blames on sanctions. you get too much in with it is an essential unavoidable measure that our banking and financial systems have to take. there is no way of avoiding it when it's a measure motivated by the united states economic brocade. the move serves to make the dollar less attractive domestically and strengthen the countries pay so yet on the black market, the dollar is still trading far above the government's official rate. and just lastly, a seat on a spaceship, ride with amazon, found a jeff base else went for $28000000.00 showing a live auction this weekend and followed a month long process for the sites and trip on the blue origin maiden voyage. on july, the 20th, the bidding closed 7 minutes after the auction began. identity of the winner has
6:29 pm
not yet been revealed. life is expected to last just 11 minutes, taking the passengers to the edge, a space based off of the passengers and expects to be waitlist. and observe the curvature, the planet and that's all from me. the business same, hey amberlynn from or do you have to our website either way, dot com slash business. you can also find it on facebook as d to be business. and you can check out more stuff on the d. w. news channels. the next time ah, tips for your budget lift the magic corner, check hot spot for food. and some great alter the mortals to boot. you travel off we go. sometimes
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and in china, smart home devices find a ready and willing clientele.


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