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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2021 3:03pm-3:31pm CEST

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for what we see as the setback, the panoramic has dealt to meeting our sustainability goals of the g 7. and later on a week ago, i asked my federally does that help in preparing and providing the day sees we need to vaccinate the whole world by the end of 2022. i'm very pleased to announce that this weekend leaders have pledged over 1000000000. this is either directly or through funding to co backs. that includes 100000000 from the u. k to the world's poorest countries, which is another, another big step towards vaccinating the world. and that's in addition to everything, scientists and governments and the pharmaceutical industry have done so far to roll out one of the largest destination programs in history. and here i want to mention in particular, the row of the oxford astrazeneca vaccine,
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the world's most popular vaccine developed 250 miles from where i'm standing today . by scientists who have rightly been given honors by the queen this weekend. today, over half a 1000000000 people are safe because of the development and production of that vaccine funded. i may add by the u. k. government, and that number is rising every day and it's popular, of course, because it is being sold at cost to the world. and it was designed, the ease of use in mind, and because of that active generosity by astrazeneca who just to reiterate and making 0 profit on the production of that back to that back to millions more vaccines have been rolled out to the poorest countries in the world, in fact, 96 percent of the vaccines delivered by kofax and the k that's vaccine distribution scheme for the oxford astrazeneca. but this weekend on discussions went far beyond
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defeating the pandemic. we look towards the global recovery, a great global recovery. our countries have committed to lead, and we were clear that we all need to build back better in a way that delivers the all our people to the people of the world. that means preventing a pandemic like this from ever happening. again, popping the 5 stablish in a global pandemic radar, which will spot new diseases before they get the chance to spread. it means ensuring that our future prosperity benefits all citizens of our country, and he's all the citizens of the world. at the g 7 summit this weekend, my fellow leaders helped the global partnership for education and organization working to make sure every child in the world is given the chance of a proper education reach ha of it's 5 year fundraising. go including a 430000000 pounds donation from the u. k. it's an international
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disgrace that some children in the world are denied the chance to learn and reach that full potential. and i'm very, very pleased. the g 7 came together to support that course because educating all children particularly goes, is one of the easiest ways to lift countries out of poverty and help them rebound from the creative ours crisis. with just one additional year of school, a goes future earnings can increase by 20 percent. i'm private g 7 countries of agreed to get 14000000 more goes into school and 20000000 more reading by the end of primary school in the next 5 years. and that's the, the money that we have raised this week is a fantastic start. but of course, the world cannot have a prosperous future if we don't work together to tackle climate change. later this year, the u. k. will has the ca, 26 summit, which will galvanize global action on fighting climate change and help and create
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a healthy plan for our children and grandchildren. g 7 countries account for 20 percent of global carbon emissions. and we were clear this weekend. the action has to start with us. congress bay is one of the beautiful places in the world, as you can see. and it was a fitting setting for the 1st ever net 0, g 7 summit. and one is fantastic that every one of the g 7 countries has pledged to wipe out our contributions to climate change. we need to make sure where achieving that starts as we can and helping developing countries at the same time. and what nights the countries gather here this weekend, not just the g 7, but australia, india, south africa, and south korea who joined us. and i should say in india's case, joined us virtually not just result to tackle climate change. but also, our democratic values is not good enough for us just to rest on our laurels and
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talk about how important those values are. and this is in devise, impose the values on the rest of the world. what we g 7 need to do is demonstrate the benefits of democracy and freedom and human rights to the rest of the world. and we can partly achieve that by the gracious featured medical history . fascinating the world. we can do that by working together to stop the devastation that to create of ours is produced from ever a carrying again. and we can do that by showing the value giving every go in the world, access to 12 years of quality education. and we can also do that by coming together as the g 7 and helping the world's poorest countries to develop themselves in a way that is clean and green and sustainable. before i go to the
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media who just want to play finally the the police, everyone who helped organize this summit and every, every, all the i think all the people, not just of coffee stay. you certainly help us put the cards in the intercom yesterday. but everybody involved every, all the wonderful people. como for that, for their hospitality. it's been fantastic. so it and i know that the all the other delegations i would want to express that thanks as well as to communicate that to me anyways. let's go to best review of skype. pharmaceuticals to questions by may want to have it in one of the summit. own probate. you gave very heavy hints of a delay, a stay. when you said your objective was to give the vaccination program the legs, the image to the speed needs to beat the spread. the virus say for 44 percent,
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the population had 2 doses. what percentage of the population need to be double vaccinated before we can proceed with stage 4 unlocked him. and how long do you think it will take? i'm on the summit. you said in a recent interview, the breakfast lemon had been sucked dry. but it has left a bit of a sour taste in the mouth that this summer, instead of building global alliances, you leave him farther apart from allies. and you seem to have provoked a diplomatic round now to with frowns. do you regret blowing up the brack sit around some of your remarks at this moment? the 1st of all that on a covey, because i know a lot of people will bill will be thinking very much about that. i just, i, i forgot i've got to repeat what i, what i said yesterday, we're continuing to look at the data. no final decision has been taken into the
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right time to fill everybody in on what we're going to do with step 4. with june, the 21st is, is tomorrow is as i've said, and you know that that's when we'll be putting out the whole package of information so that everybody can see it together. i hope cody's was, and that is, i think the best way of handling that today and on your, on your, on your, on your can i can i just respectfully just say i know that you have lots of detailed questions and suggestions on on k bid. i'm, i think probably not, we don't want to get it out in dribs and drabs. if i, if i may. u. k prime minister voice johnson. i was going a couple of questions there at the g 7. some, it's now we have team coverage of the g 7 summit close in statements. i'm joined here in the studio by did of use chief international editor richard walker from the
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summit venue in cornwall, england via w correspondent, alexandra one knob and alexander. let me stop if you, what you may call prime minister johnson's take on the summit. while of course, his message was very optimistic, but that's what was expected. he was the host of the summit, very interested in this summit, being a huge success. and we really have to say that what was excellent at this meeting, he and cornwall was the atmosphere among the g 7 leaders. and this is of course, due to the arrival of the new you as president joe biden medical told us that she was very happy to welcome him to europe. and she was very happy to hear that the you ask is back that you ask is again, committed to working together friendship, my president in manuel, my call also praise joe biden,
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said he saying that he is now part of the club and that he is eager to work together with you rob. so in terms of atmosphere, we have to say at least in general terms, this summit was a success. however, we also heard the question put 2 bullets, johnson about. he said dispute over northern islands to dispute between the u. k. and the european union, and this issue, this a stand of overshadowed. this is some, it's a bit because of course, the european union and the you leaders were hoping to resolve this dispute here in cornwall. as i was going to come to you again in a bit, but richard ne, keeping that account with you. well yeah, i mean just to pick up what alexandra said there. i think it is really interesting that, you know, i think if there were 2 things that joe biden to say is re entering the world stage,
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wanted to achieve with this. thomas, i think it was 1st lead to project unity that the west is, were united all the trump is all of the disruption that happened in the west and lines the align between the rich democratic powers during the years where don't really question the value of diplomacy and competence, on the other hand, you know that we the big democratic power, we know how to do stuff. we know how to get stuff done. we can help the rest of the world dealing with things like the pandemic dealing with things like climate change . and i have alex ultra mentioned would despite that, you know, to an extent the summit has been overshadowed by a global between the united kingdom and the european union. about the arrangements in northern ireland relating to breakfast, which i can imagine might have left the japanese prime minister sitting around the table a little bit amused why, why we squabbling about this. and of course,
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you know, that undermines to certain extent, jo biden's, real goal with the g 7 with the project unity. well, you know, if the u. k. and the e, you can't agree about something which sounds as minor on the geopolitical global scale as northern ireland. think can they really come together to deal with the big problems facing the world? and particularly the, the giant, the $300.00 ton elephant in the room. china, where the americans, we know we're very keen to have a unified front. so i think that is definitely a bit of a, you know, a sour taste to this summer. we'll see whether joe biden picks up on as a tool because there's a lot of pressure on him also to try to move things over the united states. obviously having very close involvement in the genesis of the resolution of the northern ireland conflicts back in the 1990. so that certainly sort of staring moody bit. but as i don't just said, cause or johnson as his way putting a very positive spin on things. so i sandra back to you both. you and richard have
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used the word under mine because of course, if the he, you and the u. k. cannot sort of seem to be on the same page on a lot of issues, especially out the brakes that then then that seems to be a challenge. would you then describe this g 7, some of the success? well, i would say that that if how baris johnson would describe the summit, their leaders here, even before the conclusion off the summits, have already been facing a lot of criticism. when in kept comes to climate change. for example, their goal was to presented to a united front on that matter and to really make clear that there are committed to ambitious goals. however, indiana, they have pledge to hopped or emissions by 2030, you know, to, to do a loss to, to help poor countries to combat climate change and to adapt to global warming.
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however, there were notes on the same page when we talk about measures how they can get there. for example, when we talk about the and off the use of coal, that is actually goals for all of them. they were not able to agree on the date when this gold has to be achieved. so as you can see, we cannot like an overall view say that this summer was a huge success of course, invoice johnson's perspective. and i'm going to medical also said that they were successful days, but it's always a depends who are who you are asking. that sounds right. let's go back to the other issue of china. we spoke to correspondence, my theat, belinda in china, and he told us how these interviews about being perceived as the threat to the us and its allies. well,
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this is definitely something that china is worried about. i mean before this, this, this meeting is just one of the serious off events that have been happening in the last 4 or 5 years that were aimed at may be restricting china's influence in the world or countering china. more assertive policies. let's just remember the south china sea that china is now claiming entirely as its own waters. let's talk about policy in hong kong where it has ended system that was guaranteed before. let's talk about the human rights violations in john, and it's more aggressive policies towards taiwan that it regarding its own territory and all. and this combined with a very much more aggressive tone by chinese diplomats. this statement that you've
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just quoted that was issued by the embassy in london is very calm and very tone down compared to some other things we have heard in the past few years. all this is a sign that china sees itself increasingly also in a back to, in the, in the, in a concurrent competition with the west. this is, this is a mutual feeling i would say back we dw chief international, it's richard walker correspondence and extend that out for nom and richard, coming to you. i mean did did be gina spec, the g 7 summit to go acid bit. well, i mean, of course, the chinese really are concerned about the west potentially, you know, potentially uniting. and in this, taking a firm, a line against against china. the chinese see that isn't accurate to contain what these people rise. joe biden came to europe this week,
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essentially talking about, you know, a sort of a battle of the systems being the overriding story of our era geopolitically between western democracies and rising autocracy. not just china, but also russia and other countries as your think the g 7 communicate, you know, the document that comes out at the end of the talks only just been published. so i'm beginning to scour through it. now at the time i found for mentions of china, we can maybe talk about a little later once i've had a moment to digest it. but if we compare back to a couple of years ago when, let's say the 2018 g 7 summit where there wasn't even a full scale communicate. because donald trump essentially rich top at the end of the meeting, said that he didn't want to be part of it. and all that really came out was a mention of concern about what was going on in his house, trying to see the east china see the secured situation in those waters around china
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. where china is neighbors are very worried about china's territorial ambitions and desire to dominate the militarily. certainly it does look like there is more language now in the communicate and going much broader. talking about force labor concerns by force, labor in the region of jang. and also supposedly, but we'll have to check base also talking about the that hi was straight. so between china and taiwan. so it does look like the g 7 is inching towards more united line on china. but underlying that apparent unity at the moment is the simple fact that the united states is gearing up for a more, a much more combative relationship with china. europe remains much more cautious about that. and there are economic reasons for that. european economy is much more dependent on trade with china than the u. s. economy show,
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i'll give you time to digest that communicate. we'll get back to that soon. but alex andra, the u. s. was pushing for a tough us downs, but it's, it will be an allies, fever engagements with age in who got their way in the end. well, i think that it's very remarkable. as richard's just said that we have the mention of china and the final communicate that to the g. 7 nations are calling china out on the human rights abuses that there are calling china to guarantee a high level of autonomy for hong kong that we have this mention of taiwan and the document. and dad, we also have this passage saying that the g 7 are going to commit to 2, preventing force labor in supply chains. and this is of course
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also clear sign in towards china. so this is and when for joe biden and his strategy trying to have for this united front on china to counter china's rise at the same time it's richard, just set you a piano leader is remain very cautious because they see china not only as a competitor a rival, but also as a partner, the best example for that is you infrastructure initiative that the g 7 leaders where able to agree on here. and i was quite struck by, by the way, how you asked me this ration was very aggressive, sending out press releases praising this initiative as clear alternative to china spells and wrote initiative while the europeans were a bit more restrained and the german chancellor even even said that, you know, we want to invest more in infrastructure in low and middle income countries,
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but we are just establishing a task force. it's just a start. and it's of course, in her words, not against nothing to be used against b, g. so this is really interesting that the difference is how to deal with china. certainly remain, definitely differences for me and we'll get back to you alex, i'm from a phenomena a bit. now, protest has been around in this se 7 summit with extinction. the rebellion among other groups, reason the voice is to bring attention to the climate crisis as something of the festival feel to some of the events where demonstrations taking place on both land and sea. activist i came to highlights the emergency and need for taxes on fuel cap shipping and travel up the oceans. and i bet climate change. the respondents beg mass is reporting for us from seems. i've been cornwell close to where the d 7 is taking place this weekend. now, thousands of people,
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i've got it in the summit venue to protest against all kinds of issues. how is the mood? well, the mood is really like a festival atmosphere. we've seen your face a lot of processes, a lot of the trickle performances. there is a stage behind me. we're going to see a die in later on. and just what's going on behind me just really is a metaphor for what approaches this thing what the g 70 does are doing. and it's called greenwashing. so you can see some of the g 7 lead is just basically painting green that promises so not really fulfilling the promises that they're making. this is what i understand is what a lot of the protesters are. thinking's are not really happy. they don't think what the g 7 not doing is going far enough when it comes to climate change. and to talk about this in a bit more detail, i'm joined by low title. one of the founders of things rebuilding here in the u. k
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. welcome loads out of you. thank you for coming onto the show. so what do you object to 100000000000 is what they are promising to fight climate change to help developing countries. it is not nothing. well, you know, this pledging from the g 7 group are very, very appropriate. 100000000 pounds is nothing compared to what we need to tackle this play the climate crisis. the government, the board jensen invest in 150000000000 pounds in a project of a railway in england, which is very necessary to, to have just to and it is part of the green washing that we talk about when the great britain has the biggest goals for the colonization of europe, but yet we see no action. we see no tangible, tangible emergency happening with the north end, you will. and when it comes to the club and i think cause public transport, the airport expansion, we have extended at heathrow airport in london. so all of the, our green washing excuses and petition that we have from laura jensen. well, the u. k. would say that the all putting money, for example,
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and i blue planet fund 500000000. and that they all say all saying that there is a nature compact reversing biodiversity. last by 2030, i mean at least they are coming together. they identify the problem and there is some money putting into some initiative. yeah, so i can, i can, i can agree, i mean the g 7 are talking about it, but they're making it not the biggest priority time emergency is the biggest challenge that we face as a rates are the human race. that's like movement of the fisher obelia and the sunrise movement. try to for future are very important to, to all of us. especially when it comes to systems who are losing the system amounts of 2 percent per year at the current rate that we're having. so within 10 years, we don't have any, well, the systems. so the promises that they're doing are good, but they're not far enough near what we need to accomplish. what would you see, for example, what you like to see the u. k. government doing? i would like to hear you can over man, stop or puzzle fuel investments overseas and in mainland and lead to that
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council. all type of projects like hedges to cancel new oil rigs or new call. mine's that are expanding at the moment. so the way the part of the green washing growth is that we're making sounding alarm, because the government is saying that they're taking action, but they are still open in new fossil fuel, new mines, they're opening all sorts of businesses to the corporation. so this is our sound that you can thank you very much and will leave you with some images of the colorful protest here in cornwall and back to you and me. thanks back at mass over there. and richard show you listened in a bit and it was pretty clear that the g 7 and of course, the other part of countries, i don't have a lot of money trying to tackle climates in, but people think it's just not enough. yeah, well, i mean, i think if you look cool, so i mean, there's a commitment to stop investing in coal power stations, for instance, i think by the end of this year, it's just financing towards new coal fired power stations. but it's
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a lot of criticism among experts and also in joe's and actually based g 7 countries and not going fast enough. and there's a lot of focus on germany with that as well. so germany's own highest court is constitutional court, in fact, recently stepped in to hold up the government for not go moving fast enough in its plans to de carbonized the economy. but so far the government's position on shutting down coal fired power station. since it's still holding to a long term goal of 20, the 2038. so keeping a number of coal fired power stations in operation for quite a long time for the outside world looking in. if we think about the global south, where the manager of energy available, the amount of resources available, fall lower. justifiably looking at rich countries like germany and thinking, well, you know, why are you telling us that the carbon ice will you still got cold power stations going on? so these are the sort of criticisms that you will definitely hear towards the g 7.
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and you know, under the banner headline of greenwashing, you know, a lot of green tube, but how green are they really? yeah, i think they talk stephanie cheap will be get into more of that but, but now let's take a look at some of the stories around the world. at least 12 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in a massive gas explosion, essential china, the blast, or through a residential and market area lead province ne, sunday. as people were eating breakfast, several buildings were destroyed. put us in me. i'm as big as the young has the we friday against the union street as chance at the guns before distressing to our boys, security forces that were willing to take over off that elected leader. and she says that's going to trial on monday. anti government protest as have class, the police in the columbia capital book or to thousands of people have been killed
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in 6 weeks of nation wide demonstrations be begun against the flounder tax. i have widened it into expressing.


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