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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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the news, this is the w news line from berlin, the show of unity and the g 7 summit in britain, leaders of the richest democracies confront the threat from authoritarian, with china at the top of their list for prostate cornwall, for the latest on the summit. also coming out a medical emergency at the european football championship, denmark's christian ericsson collapses on the field. from his hospital bed, he tells teammate the game must go on the me
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and a warm welcome to our viewers around the world. i'm michael ok. leaders of the wealthiest democracies have agreed on a plan to counter china is global influence. the 1st face to face g 7 summit since the pandemic began, has showcase a new found western unity. de 2 of the talks in southwest england focused on holding back the rising power of authoritarian states, such as china and russia. the 3rd and final day will wrap up with pleasures of cash to help fight climate change. even environmental protestors who turned out to criticize the piece of climate action had words of welcome for the us president. i'm really glad you, jo, by them as well. multi lateralism leaders are now talking to each other and the idea of climate denied. tackling climate change is one of the issues french
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president, emanuel mccord says, will be easier now that washington wants to partner up to face changes a crisis, climate change and, and for all this issues, what we need is corporation. and i think it's great to have us president part of the club and they willing to, to, to cooperate. i think we can do a united states. i said before, we're back us back. we feel very, very strong about cohesion of nato. and i for one think that the european union is incredibly strong and vibrant entity. the spirit of cooperation is working provided. if you one g 7, support for the build it back better world initiative, which will mobilize public and private capital to help closure. 40 trillion dollar infrastructure gap with developing countries. us wants to create
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a counter wait to chinese investment. although german chancellor, uncle american emphasized the plan is not against aging. it's for assisting poor countries. so we know there's a huge goal for infrastructure in africa, for example, and it's in our interest that africa develops in an economically sensible way. you can't just saying china will do my medical also called on her fellow d 7 leaders to share more corona virus vaccines with developing countries. the group is expected to finalize commitments to preventing future pandemic se in their summit communicate sunday. d. w. corresponding alexandra von nomine. has been reporting throughout from cornwall, where the g 7 summit is taking place this weekend. alexandra day 3 will soon get underway. how productive has this summer been so far? well, at 1st view, you would say the summit has been quite for dr. still. leaders have adopted
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declaration to prevent future pandemic stay. house pledge to donate at least 1000000000 exceed windows is already to launch and new interest structure initiative. however, we also have to say that those declaration on non binding declarations. and we also have to keep in mind that such meetings are not only about concrete results when we consider that g 7 started as the fireplace meeting. so g 7 is also about coming together, talking face to face, trying to build report. and this meeting meeting is particular particularly about welcoming joe biden as the new you as president. and it's supposed to send a strong signal that the g 7 leaders are united and ready ready to take on the current challenges. you know, i'm curious that infrastructure project aimed at countering china is global
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influence. sounds very ambitious. what more can you tell us about it? it sounds very ambitious. indeed. the plan is to raise hundreds of millions or even hundreds of billions in both public and private money to invest and the infrastructure of poor countries and roads and bridges, but also in their digital and health infrastructure. and do you ask was pushing for those for this initiative to be adopted because they see it as an alternative western alternative to china's highly criticize belton road initiative scheme. however, some european leaders are still very cautious. we just heard from german chancellor macro. she was trying to play down this initiative a bit saying it's not against aging, and it's just about publishing
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a task force 1st. so as you can see, you repeat liter, it's are very cautious because they regard china not only as a rival and competitive, but also as a partner on global issues. that's a d, w correspondence. alexander fun nomine from the g. 7 summit in south western england. many thanks. crossing to china now we're corresponded. mathias, poland go is standing by in beijing mathias, the china has criticized g 7 plans to create a green belt and road plan to counter china's influence. beijing says the days when global decisions were dictated by a small group of countries are long gone. how does china feel about being increasingly perceived as a competitor by the west? well, this is definitely something that china is worried about. i mean, before this meeting is just one of the serious events that have been happening in
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the last 4 or 5 years that were aimed at may be restricting china's influence in the world or countering china. more assertive policies. let's just remember the south china sea that china is now claiming entirely as its own waters. let's talk about policy and hong kong where it has ended system that was guaranteed before. that's talk about the human rights violations in seen john. and it's more aggressive policies towards taiwan that it's regarding its own territory. and all this combined with a very much more aggressive tone by chinese diplomats. the statement that you've just quoted that was issued by the embassy in london is very calm and very tone down compared to some other things we have heard in the past few years. all this is
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a sign that china sees itself increasingly also in a back to in the, in a concurrence in competition with the west. this is, this is a mutual feeling. i would say you have a completely different perspective there in asia than one does have here. in europe, so does that change in administrations, in washington from president trump to his successor go by? don't make any difference to china while i think people, the establishment in china, the point policy establishment is understanding that this was not a 11 time pet project by not stick to the american president, but that confrontation, a confrontational approach to china's rise is part of the american policy before i
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am not sure who believed what was how convinced that the policies which software the software on china with biden. but at least that was what some of the state media have been saying once this from period is over, things we'll get to what they were before that clearly have not. and it seemed, at least the chinese public is perceiving this now, is partly the price, or it's taking a lot more serious for now, a lot of people rally around the chinese government on this issue, which is always, it's always hard to say whether this is a majority or not because a lot of other ways to send that, but china is realizing now that the things have really changed in the west, that's mathias are both in beijing. thanks so much on a whole nother matter. now danish football or christian ericsson is recovering in the
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hospital after he collapsed on the pitch during denmark to european championship match against finland. a medical crew gave the midfielder chest compressions and were able to save him. erickson later asked to play to resume, and the teams return to the field. denmark went on to lose one mill. yeah. that's the way he's been use of his condition for they could do with chance. his name, 2 sets of fans united at a time when rivalry and competition so meaningless momentarily. they seem christian ericsson being given cpr on the pitch distraught teammates forming a ring to protect his privacy as medics work to save his life. yeah, i said let's see what it to i didn't see it myself, but it was pretty clear that he was unconscious comment to him. so when i got to
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him, he was on his side. he was breathing and i could feel his pulse. but then suddenly that changed into the plan. does everyone saw scott? we started giving him cpr data pertaining to the relief of everyone watching ericsson was moving, with eyes open as he was, stretch it off the pitch. when his treatment continued in hospital, the decision was made to resume the match, the consensus from the danes. better to get you over with immediately and come back the next day. they also got erickson's backing from his hospital badge. they're one of the feet. essentially just the footnotes, i shoot him at the and, and there's no doubt this is a tough night put in having to leave this way and everything. everything, every single thought is with christian and his family there, he's one of the best plays out there. and i can say that he's and even better
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person, had them in the sky, was later a bad side vitriol of saw outside the hospital where erickson being treated. he said to be in a stable condition and undergoing tests his football career may hang in the balance, but now at least his life does not. taking a look at some other stores around the world. now the german green south officially nominated and lena bear bock as their candidate for chancellor in germany's elections. it's the 1st time the environmentalist party has feel that a candidate for the posts of chancellor. the greens are currently polling in 2nd place just behind anglo miracles. conservative black can see in a great court has jailed for ask and asylum seekers for 10 years. over the fire that destroyed the maria migrant camp last year, writes groups in the united nation,
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say the camp was unfit to live in. more than 12000 people were housed there when the blaze broke out. 9 miners have been killed in an explosion at a mine in columbia central butcher car province, emergency teams rescued, 3 survivors. officials said the blast, which sparked by the build up of methane gas. now the mayor of moscow has ordered many businesses to send workers home to head office surgeon cove. at 1900 cases, infections have doubled in the last few days. it's the 1st time this year, the tough measures have been imposed in the russian capital. throughout the plan, demik president vladimir putin has claimed russia has handled it better than most. but the intensive care units in moscow hospital tell a different story. more than 3 quarters of coven, 19 beds full, the mare has now ordered a week of work 3 days with pay for all non essential work. and as i already tried
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to slow the spread, doctors, the glad some social distancing measures the back. but it's cases such, they're worried by what they say. moga dollop of the but got to show up a lot of old and young people have started arriving with with the young people quite often. don't seek medical help in time. that's why the course of the disease is much tough and now is really some musk of i'm also worried, but for different reasons. out enjoying the early summer. the near restrictions are a reminder that life isn't back to normal yet. but the latest news worries me a lot, mostly from a social and economic point of view. sad that people can enjoy life fully let alone right now. but what should i be afraid of? i'm vaccinated. as moscow prepared for awake at home. doctors
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and politicians agree that the only way out is to ramp up the seen dr. yes, you're watching t w news. why? from berlin up next report to look at the famous pilgrimage to santiago, they're composed. unlike the local in berlin, we'll be back with more news at the beginning of the next town. the news young rock and immigrants. ah, they know the police stopped them. they knew that the route is not a solution. they know their flight could be going back.


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