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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  June 13, 2021 7:00am-8:01am CEST

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is so much more than what you think, you know, i don't think i really need to remind myself because i grew up in a completely different way. it's broad pluralistic jewish in europe. the 2 point documentary starts july 5th on dw. ah, this is the w news, and these are our top stories. leaders of the world's richest nations have agreed a major infrastructure plan to help a poor countries counter china as global influence. the growing power of russia and china dominated de 2 of the g 7 summit in the united kingdom. the 3rd day we'll wrap up with financial pleasure to help fight climate change very much.
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denmark's christian ericsson is recovering and hospital after he collapsed. during a year of 2020 football tournament match against finland, paramedics rushed onto the pitch and were able to save him. players from both teams asked for the game in copenhagen to continue denmark last one nail. the saudi arabia is allowing just $60000.00 people at this year's hodge per pilgrimage . the only vaccination worshippers from within the kingdom will be able to attend most years, more than $2000000.00 muslims from around the world to take part at land holiest sites. overseas visitors were also barred. last year. pilgrimage begins in mid july . this is dw news. you can find much more on our website at www. dot com the
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ah, when it comes to getting and staying healthy, the internet is brimming with advice. some of it useful some a bit misleading or even dangerous. navigating the health internet, our focus today on in good shape your d w. health show now with a new look ah, a lot of people get their inspiration for healthy eating and fun workouts from social media, especially the younger generation. but they don't mind if some of their role models are a little older. like erica risk. most people's these start to her, just looking at this. erica risk is 81 instagram and tick tock star. when she
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1st started posting videos of her workouts during the pandemic, they were really just to her family in the lockdown and yet in the lockdown began last march. my daughter started posting the clips on tick tock. after all the comments and reactions we carried on the hub, i took him several times a week mother and daughter record new videos, and eric is living room and she's now wrapped up 100000 tick tock, followers, and nearly 10000000 views. and the model indic 1st thing in the morning, i go into the kitchen and go online to check how many new followers and likes i have likes it does read this brightly. grandma has also attracted a following in the us. she was interviewed by the wall street journal and featured on good morning america. her and her husband dancing are also ahead.
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sometimes he masters the steps faster than ideals of the choreography. i mean, erica moved like a teenager and even talks like one what a pro pandemic has a lot of us resorting to online videos and home work out a good idea that can go wrong. so here are a few tips for staying in shape safely. when lockdown was introduced last year, jennifer last from huntingdon and western germany, was determined to stay in shape. and after i watched the videos online and checked out all the different workouts and routines and started doing them at home across germany, jim's had to close fitness loving jennifer through the university student simply
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carried on working out in the comfort of her own home. but then disaster struck, i found it in the heater the moment i made a wrong move and ended up with a sacral iliac joint sprain. it lasted 6 weeks. i couldn't walk properly or even sit down and what does it sacral ileana? this is a fairly common problem. and one of many complaints that sports physician cost on crim, seeing more of these days he advises against overdoing workouts at home is a saw currently seeing an increase in patients with injuries often sustain due to high impact sports exercise. you're not used to that you're doing for the 1st time is of course, potentially problematic. and that these days exercise routines are getting more and more complex flexible. so there's a risk that they're not done properly. and that increases the risk of strain and
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injury from overuse. recall and going to phillips on the last on shade and hood. so how can people working out at home without a trainer on hand? avoid injury. love do not. and far beyond these among the german sport university in cologne, have a few tips. first of all, being well prepared to mix all the different spam home fitness. when you're exercising your home, make sure your environment to see from that you've moved everything that can be dangerous out of the way. you need a proper mat, and it's best to wear shoes. studies show that a quarter of injuries during home workouts involved the ankle joint. so shoes are important, and where something comfortable you can work up a sweat in the middle of flesh rates. and secondly, a proper warm up is crucial as well as my name's place and do you need to get ready?
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loosen the joints the hips. do some shoulder exercises, spend about 5 minutes, warming up and then you're good to go. good for white. chip. number 3, start slowly and don't over do it. because i also don't like the biggest challenge when you're working out at home is finding the extra sizes that suit you. you need to pick routines that work for you, that you enjoy, and make sure you don't over do it, that they aren't too high impact on one license, you need to start slowly where you will push yourself and stay motivated, but won't be risking injury to hold off the vehicle in this booked tip number for when it comes to equipment less is more risky. desmond, you don't need to use weight straight away. just use everyday object or own body weight or even a towel when to come and stop. last but not least, listen to your body, right?
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if you want to increase the intensity, gradually, you don't have to go overboard. if you're focusing on balance training, you can start with both legs and then just use one leg and then work up to doing the exercises with your eyes closed. there are so many ways you can make it more challenging. mucus cabinets to jennifer laska learned her lesson the hard way, but she hasn't given up on exercising at home. and she has a new favorite work out. good old school hoping. it's enjoying a revival. that's not only for the fun, it's relatively the same. people have been eating lemons since time immemorial, but right now they're more popular than ever. a glass of lemon water. first thing is said to boost the immune system and help with weight loss, at least according to the internet. but when it comes to
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nutrition, lemons are much the same as other fruit and vegetables. short lemon water might help with weight loss. but that's mainly because water helps you feel full. another example of why online health advice isn't always reliable. how healthy use mil does the medication my doctor prescribed you have any side effects which mask will protect me from code 19. what are some good bye step exercises? who's got the answers? our smartphone? of course. so can the internet help us to mean to healthier life? well, 1st of all, free access to information, especially health information is a good thing for the group. the vision in for my thinking,
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new intonation and understanding what it means. it's always a challenging process in any context of context. give us the leading search engine, how to lose weight more than 100000000 results will pop up. and that's just in english. if it's clear skin year after youtube will deliver thousands of hits, you have to be able to judge if you're dealing with a reliable source. and in the case of medical information, whether it's scientifically sound in the end, it's up to the individual user to figure that out. doesn't often farm for them to find something in germany. the independent bachelor's mind nation surveyed more than 1000 people to ask how the search were health information online. they discovers that many users assume that hits are sorted for relevant and up to date information and only look at the top results. in top, 3 hits on your search engine are usually the most popular content. but that doesn't
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necessarily mean they're reliable. still search engines can be very useful. they're the gateway to a world of health information for many people without a search engine. it would be hard to find the good information and so on and off. and so how can we use the internet to find reliable information on the internet when you go online? for health information, you need to more than just glance at the source and you need to ask what kind of a source it is, who's putting this information online and what's their agenda? lie patients, associations, websites, a one good source of online health information from your own. and they usually address specific health conditions. and they tend to draw on scientific sources of this softness and the demon. there are also many forums and social media groups for people with specific health conditions. the members can often provide useful tips,
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but you do have to approach any advice with caution. you're speaking social media, when we exchange information about health issues on social media, we do that in writing. we have a natural tendency to assume that the written word is especially authoritative and reliable. but that's not always true. clark, malcolm does mr. fall on instagram alone, users post millions of pictures every day. and of course, there's no way that all that content is reliable. back some kind of one of the key pieces of advice when it comes to medical information is to use good judgment. that's especially true for online information, but it also applies to advice from experts. you have to weigh several factors. what does that information have to do with you specifically? can you find a 2nd or 3rd opinion? why that is there any other important sources out there?
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learning how to navigate that will make you a health information consumer to sum up, here's what to watch for when getting health information online. who's the source? and what's their agenda is the advice backed up by scientific studies and is the information still up to date and relevant? ah, social media can be harmful to mental health. the royal college of physicians in london analyzed some international studies and came to the following conclusion. social media engagement, or exposure to image related content may negatively impact body image and food choice in some healthy young adults. the main reason is that people compare themselves to the images they see and feel insecure. but the perfect bodies and flawless complexions they find on their feet aren't real. they've almost always been doctored with the help of filters. is social media giving users body image
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issues for a project called selfie. home british fashion photographer, ranking up to portraits of 15 teenagers wearing little to no makeup. then he told them to retouch the images using filters and apps to make them social media ready. the contrast between the before and after images was eye opening they created come to me like versions of themselves, hoping to look like the celebrities and influences they admire many apps unfilled as a free, and they're easy to use. most ages wouldn't dream of posting a selfie without editing it. first, clara is 16, nestle 15. they look taking selfie to the social media and always use filters. the manager best they make you look behind blemishes and flows.
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if there's something about your face, you don't like you just use a pixel filter and you instantly press yeah. last month it's a trend on the time. there are certain beauty standards and looks that are in fashion. it's just what's in right now. if you look right and then you're going to get more views and like i get like, i just don't know the more likes you have the most subscribers, social currency that can be leverage in 2020 liliana cock law. reach, define live germany's next top model. now and instagram influencing to deliberately stay as clear of filters that focus, that same course is most i've kept, there's so much pressure until last year. i really struggle with it. i use tons of filters and it was really hard to escape that tyranny and just be myself. i felt
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torn thinking, i had to get those like, it's my job, that's how i or my living. so if i'm not getting the likes i panic, like most of the panic, many people want to look like their idols on instagram, social media stuff like kylie, jenna and kim kardashian. and some young people are so desperate to look like their idols. they've even on the gun cosmetic surgery. plastic surgeons say they're seeing patients who ask for procedures that will make them look like that filter selfie. a trend? some people are calling a snapshot to small fear. is shocking as it is. it doesn't surprise me. i know influencers who recommend cosmetic surgeons to do that cheekbone augmentation and offer discount codes that a horrifies me because their job as an influence there is to be role model. well, that's how i see it to make us laugh them. and these days,
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a growing number of social media uses are opting to drop their digital masks, hash tags, such as reality, and no filter are trending with influences encouraging their followers to show their true faces. with those who are you never going to use filters anymore? have you given them up completely or do you think sometimes they're okay? sometimes they can be fun. i though moment time. i've used filters again privately just for the fun of it. sure. but as liliana on instagram, my feeling now is that i'll never use them again for your time is less still, isn't morals, antiquity, it's a trend that's catching on the, on as aware of the impossible beauty standards promoted by platforms like instagram can become dangerous and damaging to use a self confidence once it's been designing sean beth, beth said, because let you set aside the standards that you say. you have to look a certain way. you can just be yourself slowing. i'd say social media and all the
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filters on instagram and so on. give a lot of girls complexes when it's bad when people take it all too seriously and think that these standards are realistic. you have to remember that nothing on social media is actually real. and you shouldn't compare yourself to these images which regulations those are the accepting yourself as you, unfiltered. because it's our imperfections that make us perfect. on social media, it's easy to make yourself look younger and fresher. but what are some real life ways to maintain naturally healthy skin or skin as our bodies largest oregon? and it's our bodies 1st line of defense. it works hard to protect us, and we protect it with expensive creams, cosmetics, but do they actually work?
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by and large dermatologist degree, not really a basic moisturizer is all you need. everything else comes from the inside, the nutrients food we eat. a healthy diet can boost the health of our skin. here are 3 foods with scientifically proven skin health benefits. tomatoes, tomatoes contain a red pigment called like a pain. it's a plant nutrient with anti oxidant properties, that's also good for our skin. so what are anti sit in st. exactly. when skin is exposed to sunlight or u. v light, it generates free radical, highly reactive molecules that can damage the skin. and that can lead to premature skin aging for even cancer. but anti oxidants, like, like
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o pain can neutralize free radicals. that's why our skin loves tomatoes, sunflower, seed oil. it might seem unassuming, but this oil is liquid gold for our skin, sunflower seed, oil is rich and vitamin e, which is also a powerful anti oxidant. studies have shown that regular consumption of sunflower seed. oil also has anti inflammatory effects. and vitamin e also helps our body produce college in the protein that makes our firm supple sardines. our skin protects us from dirt, bacteria and toxins. and the skin major line of defense is the natural limpid barrier made up of the dead skin cells and the skins natural facts. fish such as sardines, help protect the skins livid barrier and fish oil are high and omega 3 fatty acids
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which studies have shown are beneficial to skin health and appearance. one last tips. although tomatoes, sunflower, oil, and sardines are great skin boosters. they should be part of a healthy and varied diet. ah, varied diet that's not too high and calories is important to maintaining a healthy weight. obesity is on the rise worldwide. in 1976, the w h o reported that some 37 percent of the population in the americas was overweight by 2016. it was more than 60 percent in africa. the number of overweight adults tripled during those years. and in se, asia is almost quadruple. so we're counting calories help us maintain
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a healthy weight. germany in the 970 s g news car sounded the alarm before our appetite for hardy meals has brought with it an epidemic of over eating the time to hit the gym. count calories daunting problem. ah, these days it's a bit easier food labels often list the calorie content. but how does the caloric value of the food measured? first, the food has to be chopped into small pieces. next the food in this case, chocolate is weighed and packed into a small come a small because apply to ignite the sample then the sample is placed into the chamber of the bomb. keller, room is the more heat it generates, the more calories that contains. i'd like
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a bowman colored met miss a bomb color emitter only measures calories. it doesn't measure the amount of fat proteins or other nutri and for that you have to employ other methods. often feel biker and for fun, that's important because our bodies can tell the difference between carbohydrates and proteins. they're all metabolized differently. most of the cops and fast, we eat easily digested. they give us a 1st of energy, which is great if we're exercising or accessing ourselves. but if not, those extra calories head straight for always lined protein and complex carbohydrates behave differently, digesting them takes time and metabolizing them takes more work and thus burns more calories. and energy and the slow digestion means we feel full longer, which helps manage our appetite. then the categories from food we don't
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digest or absorb as easily take notes, for example, the high and calories and the long considered diet busters. but it turns out not so healthy and paper full longer, which helps maintain a healthy weight new. so the feed effect that the not that do contain a lot of fat. but the amount of fat that's absorbed during digestion is comparatively less than with other fatty foods. that are taken didn't sniffle, food plus nuts that are rich and other nutrients such as electrolytes, meaning minerals as well as vitamins and anti oxidants also makes them healthy. so if you want to lose weight, all calories are not the same me. another factor is individual differences in the cabinet from both sorts of factors can play a role age, gender illnesses, and even our genes. but when it comes to losing weight, appetite is the biggest hurdle. researchers at the university of keel in northern
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germany put this to the test. this study investigates at the link between advertise and calorie intake. the test subjects spend several days on the side and every parameter was tricky. monitor that included the food intake and how much they exercised their oxygen consumption was monitored. and so was c o 2, production. even the urine was analyzed that in out the researchers to determine the link between calories burned, appetite and, and physical activity magazine has done. what we observed is that when we have a high level of physical activity, when we expend a great deal of energy, our appetite is better coordinated to our energy needs. and in. but if we spend a day sitting at her desk or on the sofa watching television, what we see is that our appetite ends up out dripping our energy needs. then we end
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up eating more food than we really need to get to feel we will get hungry and we all need to eat. but century people often are hungry and they need to be. and the people who are physically active expend more energy, but their appetite doesn't increase proportionately. so if you're active, you can trust your appetite to be your guide without becoming overweight. unless that kind of sparks mom, you don't have to work out, which is also an important point. just going on. brisk walk will do the trick. but you don't have to go to the gym or go jogging, just take longer along. the more unhealthy or diet longer your walks have to be quasi. an hour of brisk walking a day can be enough. the more vigorously you exercise, the shorter your work out need to be to get your appetite in.
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another test is to choose foods written fibers like vegetables and whole grain company got you definitely don't want to drink your calories, liquids to the least to stealing your hunger from di him. so it's best to stick to calorie free liquids on even better drink them before a meal because that fills you up and you eat last drinking to glasses of water before meals can be really helpful. so a healthy diet that fools you up is key along with regular physical activity and maybe keeping an eye on those calories. navigating the world of health with health from the team in good shape the deal, we use health show reloaded in a new format and brimming with sound advice and practical tips for staying healthy, happy. and we'll be back with a new episode next week. see them the
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the, with the news the when antibiotics are outside your shoes, the causes of monkey resistance are well known. the factory farming the poor hospital hygiene premature reviews of antibiotics and the
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deadly thought tyria keeps going to use next on d, w. o and food, a willing combination with top athletes. a strong diet is essential. an expert shares the optimal nutrition plan for winners ex professional football or hockey soccer 5. show us how to get this year rollback in 60 minutes on w. what secrets? why behind these walls, discover new adventures in 360 degree and explore the fascinating world heritage site. b, w, a world heritage 360. now i was
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interested in the global economy. our portfolio w business being and here's a closer look at the project. our mission to analyze the site for market dominance. versus wes ahead with the w business beyond me the germs against which antibiotics have become policy are becoming a more dangerous in europe alone around $33000.00 people die from them each year. you have come to you that now a new wave is coming to our region germs that are completely resistant. and so
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the new treatments have to be found owned ones have to be rediscovered when drug stop working, patients feel helpless. we need to get rid of all the big germs that i have at the moment, and there are quite a law to get the pathogens under control. scientists, in workshops and research laboratories are feverish li, looking for new solutions. can humans when the battle against john's the all you honish my auntie is 15 year old daughter, paulina has travelled from accounting and in germany to add to up in belgium to try to get help dangerous germs. keep cropping up in paulina's lungs. she wore a face mask long before the panoramic. then i need the mac so that i don't infect
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other people and so that i don't have myself with any germs. in belgium, pauline, his lungs will be treated using a special therapy. the clinic uses viruses known as bacteria pages or pages for short, which literally mean bacteria eaters? i forget because ultimate for the past 3 years, we've tried in vain to remove the germs from pauline, his lungs with antibiotics. and so far we've not been able to get them out completely when it was hopefully in the spring friends who told us about age therapy. and after a long wait, we're finally here today. i hope the pages will bring us success in the next few weeks. following these far as who's destroying bacteria, paulina suffers from cystic fibrosis, a metabolic disease that makes a lung secretion thicker. this is why gems are always returning to her lungs. among
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them are antibiotic resistant bacteria. the doctors in belgium hope to be able to destroy these germs using pages. they tell paulina to breed them in therapy has not yet been approved in germany. bacteria pages are organisms that can multiply on their own. they are found everywhere in our environment. they feel most at home wherever there are also many bacteria like in sewage. it's hoped the pages that paulina is inhaling will reach the dangerous bacteria in her lungs. each type of phage only ever attacks one specific type of bacteria and reproduces within it. if enough, faith is grow, they destroy the bacterium and look for a new one. if none of the host bacteria are left in the body, the faint to die when eventually go to of course we'd like this to happen in germany to act on. but then when this is approve, there, it will be a very big step for all patients who have an infection with an activity. it can no
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longer be generated with antibiotic punishment, rather than con. yeah, the doctors use viruses to treat bacterial infections over 100 years ago. but with the discovery of antibiotics, really pages were caught in the western world in parts of eastern europe. they are still used to successfully today. and they are currently experiencing renee songs in belgium. the benefits we are hoping is that they will be able to help us combat those infections. we're antibiotics aren't enough anymore. we'll face therapy be able to help paulina detected m r. s a once before, and now it's back to the non emma essay stands for message still in resistance stuff in the caucus, or is something many patients fear because it's a constant threat for hospital treatments or surgery bent inc. and young and medical hygiene is, ron hendrix, have a patient with dangerous germs in his sinuses, but they are hopital in the german dodge border region as
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a very special prescription for dealing with the patient. used to be a farmer and belongs to a high risk group. because the gems are widespread and cattle stores. you still live on the farm. do you have pigs or horses or what is on our farm? hasn't had any pigs for a year. unfortunately, that doesn't help much. it takes a lot of time before the germs are gone, so you just notify you know that in 2017 you had a positive nasal m r. s a test result when you went in for another operations. and we've now detected m r. s a. again, the homes and that's why we're very much in favor of trying to remove this from your nose and scan and so that you can get through the operation with as little risk of infection as possible. that's your 100 showed to boeing has the multi resistant jam in his sinuses and on his skin. it's completely harmless in these locations. but if it gets into a wound, it can lead to a life threatening infection. an operation therefore presents
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a risk for the retire farmer, but he needs a new need join to the hospital is performing more swamp tests than most other clinics. tests about half the patients, if there are multi resistant germs, present, doctors combat then before the operation. this can discount, i'm a bit scared, but i've been in a phase like this for 5 years now. where i've noticed that when i run, things are getting worse from one day to the next. and now something that has to be done on its most, most doctors have significantly come back on the use of anti my outings for me can be an organ again and on the surface what the micro biologist and hygienist here is that we will keep going with antibiotics always trying to support or treat every disease with them without restraint of us. and that makes the germs stronger and stronger even image image data. the fear is that ultimately the germs will make color antibiotics, and effective and feeling some. hendrix wants to further improve the use of
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antibiotics. old anti biotech should be used for pathogens that are not resistant to the while new ones should be saved for problem germs and then for no longer than necessary. to do this, hendrix has also expanded the capacity of the hospital laboratory on a boy without a laboratory. it's almost impossible to practice good hygiene and good antibiotics stewardship. well, every german hospital with over 400 beds needs its own laboratory to gain better control over the processes. and in house laboratory means more jump tests, faster diagnosis and a more targeted use antibiotics. in many german hospitals, the laboratories were shot down decades ago. the reasons of cost, but today if more have to be pre owned the cost of the clinics, increase its money, many hospitals lack, but the needs to be spent near on kind of please, if you don't test any one, you don't see any germs. if you don't see any germ,
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you don't take any extra hygenic measures and then the patient is not always treated in good time or with the right antibiotic or no hygiene means the germs will read further from high that's just a few years ago it was thought that the medical profession had infectious diseases under control thanks to antibiotics. in 1928. alexander fleming from scotland discovered a mould that killed pathogens. he called it penicillin. it came into its own during world war 2, due to the large number of wounded, the u. s. put it into mass production. fleming recognised early on that back tyria could become resistant to penicillin. when he received the nobel prize in 1945, he urged caution, but in vain. most of the time, multi resistant germs are not hospital term house. he was on horse in our hospital and others. we found that over 95 percent of the people who are infected with these
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germs, bring them from outside and that you can catch them in our hospital. does the die that doesn't. that means that there is much to be done. and if we don't do anything, the problems will get worse and worse than with the mom. so for hospitals, it is an important problem going on import the problem. antibiotic resistant gems try wherever a lot of antibiotics or administered, such as an agriculture. the drugs can only kill the bacteria that are not resistant . the others multiply. due to the widespread use of antibiotics and meat production, they also spread in animal, stoles, and manila. the retired farmers gems also came from agriculture disinfectants to use to help reduce the dangerous bacteria on his skin and nose before his operation . i stoned and i was amazed because we hadn't had any pigs for a year that the germs were still there and i would have preferred if they hadn't
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noticed. when will he be able to reduce the number of gems? and now that his knee surgery can go, well, yeah, work focuses on ensuring that the dangerous jones patients bring in to not spread further in hospital. all researchers in the danish city of audience are aiming to revolutionize the killing of pathogens and hospital rooms with modern technology. autonomous cleaning robots and company to show the robot brings together to technologies, mobile navigation and u. b. c. like you should. a big deal are important because the ultraviolet light that is installed here hills, the bacteria in the room that is being disinfected. wilmont is the important thing
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about u. v. like says that it can go where it is needed, but they are what it go. county company barnes class reason pushed the development of the robot for your friends of his had lost family members to resistant jobs in the future. he hopes, robots like these can help to better disinfect hospital rooms. the model in the company car door is a dummy without uv radiation. a sudden that i'm hanging now a days around 8 to 10 percent of all people treated in hospital pick up and infection if you were born by assisting the cleaning staff with the robot infection rates or reduce your failure. so it saves human lives and save and massive hennings or says, in a testing room engineer, pair, your nielsen applies, test strips that react to u, v. c. radiation. the higher the exposure, the darker they become, the parts taken by the robot can be programmed precisely. room by room accounting
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for the furniture and floor plan. use the radiation would be fatal for humans. so the robot has to work alone in the room. most importantly, it must disinfect the places where the germs build, known as high touch sensitives, hobby. in fruit here, we can clearly demonstrate that the maximum radiation output reached the high touch surfaces when we disinfected them. if we see and the u. v. c radiation here and on all the services in the room was high enough to kill 99.9. 9 percent of all the bacteria get a motor for physical and how gina and her father, you know, hundreds are waiting for the next round of page therapy at the antwerp the university hospital dr. tina boy uses bacteria ages to kill the germs in germany. and many other european countries,
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these viruses have not yet been approved as a medical treatment. the process would make the most sense to approve the entire bacterial stage manufacturing process before. but to do this, you would have to relax some of the existing approval procedures. in many countries, there is no legal framework to make exception. but here in belgium, we have now done jeff, who told us we were looking for a way to allow phage treatments while ensuring patient safety. i believe that is why this has failed in other countries to dina w. thank digital to communicating along the coins, prepares the pages for paulina in the hospital pharmacy for every pathogen. medical professionals have to find an breed suitable bacteria pages. the dosing takes place here in the clinic. it is a curious age solution that's data. it comes from a military hospital and brussels. we're going to, we only use it for infections with very specific multi resistant germs. we prepared
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here in our pharmacy. we only do this every few months. we've had another patient before, but it's all pretty new to us. the high security at the laboratory is purely a precautionary measure, because the side effects of the pages are not yet known. the doctors determined the dose individually for each patient. the so far power lena has tolerated the pages well. she's supposed to inhale the viruses one time in the clinic, then she can continue the therapy at home. so it could feel i feel that my lungs have already become really are applied from a cause. and my voice sounds a bit strange now, but they're letting me go home today longer. second, paulina is supposed to inhale the pages several times
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a day for 3 weeks. if the virus therapy does not bring the desired results, she faces a 2nd round this time intravenously with a needle. and she would have to go to antwerp for 4 weeks. not something her father and the doctors would like to avoid fitness in here. so let's hope that the areas of the loan will be enough. and if you don't have to come back for the 2nd part of the treatment that will follow up in the next week, we will be checking here, sputum sample every week. and we'll have to see whether or not and at what point we won't be able to culture the bacteria that are in alarms right now. so i can't predict it. if it's in the 1st week, then we'll throw a party. i think this will be very soon, but it's also possible it's in the 2nd or the 3rd week or, or not at all. we don't know to find home for germs and to dissolve the secretion in her lungs. paulina has to inhale several times a day, both with pages and antibiotics. i think it's
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a good combination. thus under the antibiotic he does harm the wages because their virus pages don't harm the antibiotic conditions. there aren't a lot of studies on this studio and intensive research is needed, if, because it's obvious, multi resistance germs will cause more and more problems for us as lima. this is up to then the mind goes will only know in 3 weeks whether the therapy has worked. not any features and better hygiene, promise solutions. new drugs are also being developed in hagen's book. molecular biologist, martina greenville is looking for ways out of the anti biotech crisis for the biotech company lose. and he has developed a process with which he can specifically find any type of bacteria using artificially produced protein enzymes. are shining komatsu.
7:47 am
our basic building blocks come from nature t, how we optimize enzymes that are used by phases primarily to emerge from the bacterial cell at the end of their reproduction cycle. immune, even the basic idea is to make the bacteria burst from the outside like a balloon on once the pages have found a suitable bacterium, they multiply within it. during this phase, they produce enzymes. if enough enzymes at present, they cause the host bacterium to burst. and so glycerol produces these enzymes artificially optimizing them. so it's like bacteria in the human body. eco says invention r t license the 1st fall in tears like elca. i guess you have already been tested with them down. the geriatric now suffers from neuro dermatitis. again and again to philo chi, cause inflation on her skin. it's getting so bad that she might have to give up her
7:48 am
work. success you've been asked to appear to. my doctor said he tried everything's . there was nothing left. so he didn't know what to do with me anymore. but then he read about this and said we could ask for a sample and, and then within 2 or 3 days of trying it, you could see how everything went away. you see, and i just took, it, had healed this to skin. stop bitching. came out. you, it was a miracle. this is bobbie warner. martine greason did a lot of tests and no resistance ever developed to anti license. so does, does biotech company have a solution to the fight against germs? italy does not, and then let me on. i believe that in recent years, and we've seen that the problem of multi resistant germs has come more and more into focus. and our technology in particular offers many advantages. over classic
7:49 am
antibiotics is kind of assistance, resistance does not develop and we can kill a large number of germs in a very specific way. up to the fact of cases. the license is visible under the microscope. they destroy the target bacteria in a fraction of the 2nd. but there is a long way to go before the enzymes can be turned into medicine. the small company need support from the pharmaceutical industry. and that's what martine grease of found in the western german city of rupert on the whole, gives him among, wants to bring art license to market. his pharmaceutical company, i curious, is one of the few worldwide that are researching new antibiotics. and that present coriso with a great opportunity for service differ. uh it's very important because it's the 1st step toward youth and human pharmaceuticals. that's a big milestone or
7:50 am
a bio technology company, lunchtime. the potential of the new development is impressive. even a small dose is enough to read a highly concentrated germ solution of pathogens within minutes strapped to cock, i are responsible for the milky countenance, particularly, i've just made this strep to caucus term solution. i'm about to add a controlled substance and are already licensed to compare them, you will see that within 5 to 6 minutes, the cloudiness will be different. so the germs 1st and, or destroyed, and as a result for the solution loses out if it isn't even google time lapse shows how the anti license destroyed the cloud. he jumps his monitor to see the vision of the human medicine. this would be a huge step because you have a completely different class of ingredient was a completely different mechanism and model of action, you know, where you can work against existing resistances. and this is a new weapon against resistant jermel's department. for many pharmaceutical
7:51 am
companies to search for new anti biotech is not worthwhile because new drugs have to be kept back, can reserve antibiotics, and only used to in emergencies. use levels would probably be low and development costs would be high. tension. when we talk about resistance, it's like an arms race because the bacteria will always mutate and build resistance with you constantly have to keep up with them because they never stop trying to defend themselves against the drugs where developing the it's an endurance res, i love it. love the employees regularly analyze the global resistance situation. dangerous intestinal germs are gaining ground, that antibiotics can do little to stop. 5 percent of hospital germs are resistant, even in the netherlands. a country with exemplary public hygiene in dodge london via by environmental that i now 12.2 percent. and you can see it increasing. and
7:52 am
it's a similar story in poland, austria and spain you do as kind i don't know if there is no country under 5 percent anymore, and i think that's pretty dramatic with the germs on. a new approach like that provided by artificial enzymes is not without challenges when hitting the tool. if i come up with innovative approaches that have never been tested and humans and there's of course, a certain risk because they 1st have to prove their effectiveness and humans. and it takes time to develop them from scratch. the movie i was on the move out, we have to say and leave. there will be a solution. there must be a solution because the problem is, so syria and i've on the news on game. this problem is the goal. it may take another 5 to 10 years before the license ready for the market as drugs paulinus. phage therapy in belgium has now ended at home, jane hale's a harmless stay line solution will become move your upper body so the vapors can get deep into your lungs. incomes. ah,
7:53 am
the pages worked out, lena finds it much easier to breathe. she finally feels like working out again and exercise is good for her lungs. one without shot and how much is $122.00? wow. wow, not bad, better than last time. go lower. if i do the pulmonary function test and the results are good, it also influences my mood. i usually feel better immediately which was to i have more motivation and i'm somehow happier to show a feel better because i feel like i can do more muscle. because of her illness, lena has to catch up with a lot of schoolwork at home. it's much easier for her to study when her lungs are clear. she is doing much better,
7:54 am
but doctors can still detect dangerous gems in her lungs in point. so she is considering going to and to up again with her father for another round of age therapy. doctors here at the syntax, news, hospital in buckles have already made great strides in the fight against the germs and by applying hygiene concepts from the netherlands. standards have increased and antibiotic consumption has decreased. reg, training and self monitoring are important factors for ron hendricks. this is what it is incredibly interesting that in the last 20 to 25 years in microbiology, the approach to hygiene has changed 100 times more than in almost any other discipline. us marcus, that makes it very interesting and also means that we always need to be on the ball and to be able to explain to people what is going on with c s some 113 hospitals are taking part in across the board and network more and more german clinics are
7:55 am
adopting dutch standards in bulk out before doctors operated on your hand. bullying the treatment significantly reduced the number of dangerous jobs. while the wound was open during the operation, he was given a one time reserve antibiotic. that was all that was needed and i don't, i'm so really knocked me out unless it's such a weight off me. when i'm about to try to take some steps with crutches from. that's really good. that's listed in the monster land clinic. the doctors have the gems under control. but for iran, hendricks that's no reason for complacency. yes, forgetting how we proceed now will help us to keep these germs under control. in the long term, we need to restrict prescription of antibiotics. preferably using the oldest drug with him, we need good hygiene, taking swab, so we know who is infected with which germs, so we can act accordingly. and no matter what we can think of the germs already have an answer. the fight against the killer germs can never be entirely one,
7:56 am
but we might be able to keep them under control with better hygiene, new drugs, and only using antibiotics. they're not result. the news . the news, the news
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. the news, the news, the food and food. a winning combination with top athletes. a strong diet is essential. an expert stairs the awesome only attrition plan for winners at professional football or hi fi shows us how to get your romance
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and some great cultural memorials to boot w travels off. we go ah me. oh, oh, i cannot because oh no, no, no. i
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the news . this is the w news alive from berlin show of unity and the g. 7 summit in britain, leaders of the richest democracies confront the threat from authoritarian, with china at the top of their list book, prostate cornwall, for the latest on the summit. also coming out a medical emergency at the european football championship, denmark's christian ericsson co.


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