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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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the double used crime fighters are back africa, the most successful radio drama theories continues. all episodes are available online. course you can share and this goes on d, w, africa's facebook page and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in. now the me this is the news africa coming up in the program as my area defense, as found on twitter, we take a closer look at the going crack down on social media across africa. for free speech in 9 do you for the continent and we reports from the one where human rights organizations warn that the government is region e, campaign of instrumentation against independence bloggers on youtube, also coming out africa. the cdc calls on g 7 lead us to prevent immoral catastrophe
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unshared pair vaccines with some countries yet the starbucks nathan will report from a country that is of the back of the line. then we joined it to us. the students on the press the back at school, up the record route. the way i'm fairly denied enrollment class should be that fast. been mobile or present done to you lympics? can she punch way to her countries for as boston gold? ah, i made mike a junior welcome to the program from benz on social media sites to internet, black out on harassment campaigns against journalist. increasingly, governments across the continent are making it hard to speak out. last year there were more than 20 sub balance across a 1000 greece in charge of the block on social media. last that very. yeah. now
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this year, also it is in the jack, congo and cynical cost access to the internet is due in elections on protest. now up the block in twitter, neither. yes, as social media companies must be licensed by the broadcast and commission. and in rwanda, human rights organizations want that the repression is more targeted, more than 20 bloggers anew to best have been detained or disappeared within the past year. and next report, we meet one of those journalist caught in the cross s t s. thank you man and his crew have come to this overlooked corner of kit galley to hear the story of a community seething with anger. and i don't, i don't have a home resident here. we're promise compensation to leave their homes. so school can be built, but the money never materialized yet. and you know,
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most of the stories are common on cindy mon, us to call you tube channels. my sons, mom, it's not long before the police tell the team to stop filming workplace hazard for one day and reporters. last year he was arrested on from top charges. they said, as i recall, being a journalist in this country, it's very hard. you can get killed when you have to be ready to die of hunger because you are deprived of work. and you're a candidate for prison at any moment. then almost so you have to work like a suicide, a passion if you want to advance in this career, is it. i never got to maybe love it up. i need to come by and by he is just one of a growing number of youtube hoping targeted by there are one in media regulator. they argue that memories of the 1994 genocide or a warning that free speech can be used to incite violence. pumpkin was, i think we're right to tell journalists to be careful. we're still in a fragile society. to me just want to do some of the content on youtube and on the
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internet contained hate speech and can be the cause of the visions and even revisionism. cause did the news. remember, you know, yesterday n g o c, the crackdown on the youtube community has gone too far. distributions church over seeing them. if you have to look at not to just block them or end up throwing them in prison or between them. i think it's something which called full an open data looking at the international standards on media, on for speech and media. thank you, man as p mar, editing their days filming, but their main tobacco. what the see is a government campaign to crush, re speech on descent and what you need. the government must accept that people need to share their opinions to express themselves. and the only window left
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to be had is youtube. so if they continue to lock us up with their manipulated media propaganda, while people are suffering does what, what, what it will cause problems in the future. because the citizens are frustrated. is that more to you about even as the threats of violence and the tension against journalist ramps up st manor refuses to be silenced. from east africa. we tend to west africa, nigeria, where the government's decision to forbid access to twitter. how's route use this? we are not in the military region, we have great to freedom of speech and so we should be allowed to speak. we should be allowed to use. we would be on facebook where we should be allows you that's my opinion is what i am so sorry about running currently in the country guys. oh, it was on god. let them know what to do is so roll gone. try to let them when i
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spend, what have i be having in mind so far on base because that's what i was efficient. the suspension came up with had to leave that a post on president how his account fighting evaluation of its rules. the band was widely gone, damned about to the niger and foreign minister defended the move due in a meeting with diplomats. why would this measure is to see if we can re balance media platforms for amanda. as i am now joined by jeff at all module, he's an idea and blogger, political commentator on social media acts that hello jeff, welcome to the program. so you have 1000000 followers on twitter. what are your
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thoughts on the ban? i think the bodies in brockton very avoid the government grants without like most, most of what you should get because you have the corporate brother and you moving from those things and what, what do you think this means for free speech? for free speech? not just the 9 do you for the continent, because i do have quite a few slips. i'll i'm pleased to thought i actually thought you said repeat for me, but i'm already in actually go freedom and you back in 9. there are, there are on the front office. let's listen to the argument though, the government says to it's a threat to stability and peace in the country. do they have a point?
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i think they do have a point actually think that you have a point with respect to the find that have given to people that are direct the call in on the that i guy before the meeting center. and he's actually, and we have a point we're going to about expressing that point is what i have a problem that i'm needing to understand. and if you give me a platform, sorry one way or the, i'm please find a way to be moved in from your mind of mentor on what i've done that i get done. but the black one e o people, he's something that i've been called for and you will something that did get the site. ok. so i think i see that point you're making there. are you saying instead of totally binding the use of to it's are they should have engaged directly to, to try to address the situation very challenging though, but i see your point. this is not a problem. and i said earlier,
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there have been dozens of sub downs across the continent. why do leaders like to target the internet on social media? the look of them, i really don't understand how to what was now coming from the news. the 5 i fell and i've been main platform for, for new office, the new that new information. what are much more than me was because nobody would be able to answer from the border or even now people from the. ready people don't understand that be on the side of government. never. we get people haven't seen boy many voice. the 2nd demo i speak with anybody anything. i might be able to see something that definitely would make you feel that i use
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every one of the free for the class. so nobody country on the 5th of the country. would that be interesting point raising on that point? how concerned are you or should we be that many countries seem to be sliding towards the more repressive approach we should. ready because then we should because that we should understand that the bus to request for freedom will never and america one of the, from the look, this is in the world for the right both with the day monday. and i'm the lack of the more one of them. ok. so we should be almost like it's starting to be free press by everyone, weaker for recalls. recall or what you expect. it will be 5 grand opposed to
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nancy. so we can because then i will most likely to freedom. i go through all that a lot of freedom very quickly before you go. what needs to happen to ensure freedom of speech on the one hand are responsible use on the other? one is that everyone should understand that while you there, i mean you could live when because i have don't, i don't, i don't know what i have to speak, but i don't, i don't know. i know a lot of the government does finding we make those look from somebody and every day that every day of media. well, there should be reasoning because you don't have the class the end of them up. ok. jeff s or module niger and blog or political commentator on social
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media experts. thank you for your insight. my pleasure. thank the a fair covert vaccine distribution plan to the developing world e 7 leaders have this high on the agenda this weekend. so far, just about 2 percent of africa's population has been jobs. that's compared to 65 percent of americans. and they're actually handful of countries that have not yet received amy vaccines through the wealth health organizations. callbacks program chart is one of them. however, this week, the country received this fast bunch of course back scenes from china. we sent west africa correspondent fed move on a to in japan or to find out more fund like theme for at least 100000 people. not much for a population of 16000000, but it's something this is the country's main testing facility in the owner
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proposed speed. so they have been fighting the crone of us almost rind. last to just turn the could be the 1900 situation was ok at the beginning of a ripper. we tested the patient who can speak and some of them tested positive. some of the health workers and other patients died of coffee denine personnel, responsible official figures, show this done 5000 evictions, and fewer than 200 co with 900 that they are numbers. almost certainly higher testing and health care infrastructure is so poor that creek infrastructure and political to be to have to charge the at the bottom of the east for international. but the hub until last week, when the coffee, the 1900 task force called supplies from china cohen that a fan farm when we received the scene of fun. but since
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it was really great joy for us, and you will receive our health work because peter games going to mecca and patients with pre existing conditions, our priority officials know the chinese donation can only be the 1st step. these fridge is ready for vaccines to get to come under the covert program and he would get those. it will have it at least 20 percent of the population of chad vapor. 5, lot of us are on a few come for my themes, many i skeptical. it's already more if we had the means to get other buck, 55 record. but if we don't have the means, and this kind of works, and we'll just because it's a chinese feed doesn't mean uniform,
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but theme doesn't kid have a repeat or us approval. but the world health organization says it offers up to 79 percent of protection for now, champions i'm lucky if they can get to see a tall thread move when you're reporting from chad. and it was recent events in that country with my how much reduce that be taking power of his father's sudden death, which spots a lively debate about the heavy duty rule in democratic countries. now, communions are wandering. if another father, son, transition, is in the making. fabia has rude common ruin for almost 40 years when his time ends in 2025. he'll be in his ninety's and increasingly attention is 10 into his successor with his son from be considered one of the contenders to fail. his father's shoes. number of political campaign groups, i've been stoking the fires of succession on his behalf and reason the possibility
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of yet another political dynasty taking shape as dw blaise, a young reports, $1.00. there is nothing official, but that has stopped newspaper from speculation about a possible political family over the what is a from the career this is father called via as cameron's president, i to special is gabrielle artistic, is struggling to convince everyone here. now from b i should become head of state. he's one of thousands of come rudy and who have expressed support for him. and he says he has nothing to do with sufficient amount of they see the current president paul b will be succeeded by frank b. we're not talking about succession, we don't focused on succession, but it's not something new in the united states. we had the bushes in canada, we had to go in kenya, we had can yetta. so cameron wouldn't be the 1st country. people take these examples to say it's succession, but it's not, it's not going to be
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a has rule come room for almost 40 years. he has a firm group on the army legislation and judiciary. analysts believe this could help in preparing, so to take over from him. professor, i don't see this is all to come on in africa. if you look at the on for the events i'm telling you, dealt with in the atmosphere, the franco for me, and what france has put in place by colonial development. there is always a need for continuity and stability within the french foreign policy. as far as africa is concerned on several times. if you look around the region, you realize that it's patricia on in to go is not different from what you've taken place in gabon. it might have not been quite a bit different from what you have, just witness in the sent out a shot on many other areas. and i don't think come over and he's going to get exception. most of cameras 25000000 people on that 35 years old and have all in on one precedent. there's a desire for change, but many do not want to have another be a lead the country enough for
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a brief is some position, party member who has been organized a small and to be a protest. i think these who are strongly opposed to having fun, via as a next precedent is better the devil you know, that you don't know you might come to the country to another source. ivy's or perhaps still longer than he's farther on. come room will lose its identity by law. the president cannot have overpower to his son. but even a firm be because precedent by winning the election in 2025, many years to see him as his father, us on watching daily news. africa still to come. oh, the need to be possibly one and only channel change and you've done this fast female book stuff all set for the summer with them. but 1st it follow up on that to us,
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the fear and kids who were denied enrollment in the guardian school simply for wearing dreadlocks. well, they didn't have the cost in half because the high court has or that the school to admit them. regardless, our report to isaac and they didn't match up with them in gannon capital, a cra eli morning and like minister dance tyrone iris, my guy is getting ready for school. but on like most of his classmates, he has had to fight through the courts to get them into their marks. the very 1st time i am going to school tomorrow. so long bottle of being called idleness at home, all by myself and a whole lot of painful experiences. but today really is an unusually accept now and i see tyrone is joined on his walk to school with friend and fellow arrest the
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freon. all he knew they were the 1st to spend the last few months at home after the school refused to admit them because of the great loss. a decision now over pained by the cause. i few really reason i came before will come in the teachers will i tell you how i can continue my knowledge and the people who are here and everyone to be friendly and nice to us. so i would say the environment is one for this school is on playing with a court order for now to allow the kids in by to dive into rollout appealing in the future. nonetheless, education on human rights activity. they're rolling to get their students back to school. is grown to break came we've seen courts make to
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announcements that are frames that the right to the kitchen is a fundamental rights and shall not be subject to any form of discrimination on grounds of gender. on grant, with the city of religion on grant associate, can restrict us on initial shipping accounts and having that fanned by our lock. what's in dana is it's actually a landmark for me classes for to be on for these kids who have been under their spoke lights for months. that might just now be able to i think schools, irrespective of your religion or hairstyle. ah, now you don't have to be fond of classical music too. i appreciate the good mister man. fine tuning was on beaks classical music industry by making its pianos pitch
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perfect. ah, born to june, pianos, and sell no cheese. saki is gifted with exceptional hearing, and has become sought after by piano music lovers in mozambique. this humble man is arguably the country's only professional piano gina. i don't know the whole country, but the only certainty i have is that i have never had another one. in a 2nd, as a graduate of the national school of music, but with the help of some scholarships, he also trained abroad in countries like belgium and france before opening his own shop in my portal. here he sounds and rents musical instruments and equipment. i can use the muslim because my kid is still in development. i cannot say i have frequent walk like in south africa,
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south africa. it's the my kids that can be compared with the rope in my home, but she's back is passionate about his profession. and he would love to pass it on . but so far he has not found anyone in mozambique to follow in his footsteps. ah, madness mom and my fiancee right now is that we did i p. i was out someone who can continue my work with the young piano gina remains hopeful to form a cottage. the national school of music considers him an acid and has asked him to share his skills with their students. so can you a country when meadows in next month's olympic games? well you got his box in team is hoping to do that with 3 athletes often has traditionally provided a country with some of the best chances of medals. but there's something extra special this time that team will have it. fast. female athletes?
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passion, confident and obedient. that's how catherine nancy. its coach describes her. the 1st female boxer to represent uganda will create history for her country of the fix that polos the i o t decision to allow women to participate in the games into calls . and when's a full protein myself, cause it's a prey ever, but she could have prayed to go for the only begins and being that just but the flexible book. so it's, it has given me a, be a good, a good profile, depending on the sports and the future. the fly, wait books in 1st started boxing in 2015, but then dropped out of training to earn a living. it looked like she might follow the path of other uganda and female books, those who never for the early promise, but not the resumed her books in kitty and to 12 and 18. i'm with her ticket to
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talk you is pushing new boundaries. i'm a unique person, i think my name is pure, it means period. so i love to be unique in sports or in the environment her own me. so i decided to dream book thing being that i wanted to know like an explosion, 2 young ladies in school where i had books and due to the corona virus pandemic, the olympic qualifiers and patterns were canceled by the i o. c, button in theory was a still look, she made it to tokyo based on her war tracking of 12 and forth in africa. not about going for someone who only started competing internationally, left, you say, listen, i think if my were potent call when i looked up by people they think i can book and that's very, that's the. c weapon i use in varying for got the 7 medals in the history of the
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games. how come and the ring? and theory is hoping to snatch the 1st box in gold for her country? time out for us now. bye for now. see use the news. the news, news, news, the news,
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the the the, all the, what's going on here? house of your very own, from a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. explains, delivers facts and shows what the future holds. living in the digital world shift in 15 minutes on dw,
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that 77 person on this, you will be talking a lot about african music or what this is like for women who plays a traditional instruments or a white african. my name is he raised the 1000000 position and in general, how big is it in times of co, 1977 percent in 30 minutes. me was young immigrant. they know the police which they knew that the route is not a solution. they know their flight could be like going back, not an option. peace ma,
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i'm on and the other day or spoke in the spanish border area alongside other young people there waiting for a chance that will probably never come. shattered dreams starts june 18th on d. w. i know in the interval kelly fields, jewish life, that's what from the producer owner and journalist, even google are exploring, delving into history and the present that i would never have thought that could be live. so. and so it's jewish in europe. the 2 part documentary starts july 5th on
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d w. the news news why from berlin? g 7 leaders agree on a global infrastructure plan to counter china's rising influence. on day 2 of their summit in southwest england, the world's wealthiest democracies, they vale invested billions to offer developing nations, an alternative partnership influenced by values high standards and transparency. coming up on the show, the woman who hopes to read and terminate the green party officially named lena bear bock as a 1st ever candidate for chancellor ahead of the.


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