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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  June 10, 2021 7:30pm-8:16pm CEST

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recycling for disposable martin solutions to overseen said in our ways, ers is truly unique. and we know that that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive. my d, the environmental in global 3000 on d, w, and online. the news a share coming up today. so my vision of education in park is that's the jobs being leveled at the government as it makes studying the holy court on compulsory across schools in the country and noted education. this tells me it's because of the countries leadership is a fundamentalist basis. absolutely. no doubt about that. and he says that he wants regular schools and mother sized to have the same curriculum and diaz migrant workers. autonomy to cities are facing of jobs shortage,
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demand economy better by the court on a modest time demick the news i'm british energy. welcome to the other news. a sure glad you could join us schools across most focused on our set to make the teaching of the holy koran compulsory from later this year, students will be expected to read the entire port on width translation, learn islamic pres, and memorize the number of things of the prophet muhammad, the move comes just months after the countries sentence made out a big language, teaching mandatory in schools in the capital. some of the critics accused the government of cow towing stomach parties with these plans. studying already keeps zenith and her friends busy the whole day, but very soon there is mom about school will add another subject arabic zenith wants to study art in the future. she's not interested in
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a new required language at all already in a corporate situation. it's really hard for us to study and go over to our subject and adding an epic as the come both to the subject. it's really hard. the government argues that the new curriculum will help students understand the koran better and provide future job opportunities in the middle east. but many students in the capital region already have to learn 2 languages or do an english. they say adding a 3rd and a pandemic is just too much. educational reformers are also raising concerns. the actual reason that we see is that during this government, there has been plenty islam was ation of education. and in august, another government mandate goes into effect making islamic education, compulsory and nearly all schools. it's part of
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a new single national curriculum. a move liberal reformers also warn will increase the influence of religious clerics and fuel intolerance. these was a passing vertical day. this is to power that now the clergy actually sees that it has said it can dig up this name and the the, this will be passed. so for example, all the blasphemy laws in the sun but fast, just like that. a human rights group has challenged, the curriculum changes and the nation's highest court over concern for religious minorities come august, august on youth, no matter their belief could potentially have no choice in the matter. to me for more now it's part of a's who by he's a nuclear physicist and a noted education is to join different pockets on the capital. some of welcome mr.
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who, by how fair is the claim that these recent moves by the government points to an eastern migration of education in the country? well, it's not just islam. i zation, it's a slab, is ation at a frantic base. it's far speedier now than it was in the days of general our lot who started this trend towards infusing religion into every level of education. so that now is faster than ever before. and it's at several different levels at the school level. the primary level, the middle high school, and then it goes all the way up to university at the university level. you cannot get a degree whether that be a bachelor's, a master's, or a ph. d without studying the and without taking an exam on the or that was
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a unanimous decision of the job assembly last lie that is in 2020, at the school level. the changes are absolutely frightening for someone who believes that children should be able to thing for themselves. here they're being propagandized at a, at a pace never seen before. so what you're saying that the government of prime minister ron khan, is trying to appease islamic parties with these wars. i suppose that is a major reason, but it is also that in harm is a fundamentalist. there's absolutely no doubt about that. he says he's proud to be a fundamental that's he says that he wants to make pakistan the state of medina and asset them. medina. and he said this in his opening speech is repeated it about a dozen times so far. and he says that he wants regular schools and mother size to
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have the same curriculum. he says they should not be a difference between them. and so, well you are right that he wants to appease the extreme right. but he's so pretty the right himself. i mean, it's quite a thing, but if you don't mind me, pointing out that the prime minister of focus on is fundamental is. but then to go back to the point about the teaching of the holy koran in schools back is on is at the end of the day in the stomach republic. what is wrong with the holy koran being taught in schools? oh if it's stored at home, there's no problem. but if, if, if you in, if you make the education and public schools and private schools back of the mother size, then you don't have all hope of being with the modern world. if you're not expected to. and this is, i'm being very factual about it. they are,
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children are being expected to remember not just the, or i'm in our a big but the translation in or do they being required to learn how this is an arabic with translation. i am a bar from it all a sudden them of a prayers, like what prayer to say while climbing up of light stairs. what to say. when you walk down, what should you say at the beginning of a meal? what have you, but these, it's become absurd. the amount of religion that is being thrust into our children rise. incredible. and what is this going to lead to a nation, which is which is anchored in the 7th century. so what
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you're also saying is that the government of pockets on is reading the future of pockets on through the children. this is what i have been saying, and my colleagues have been saying now for the 3 years that there's government algebra, manpower, and these govern government is adamant. it says that only by making the education of the mother of us, which are you slamming seminaries, the same as that of the regular schools, in fact, removing different differences between them. and this is what is called the single national curriculum. only in this way can we hope to get to any slamming republic with all the good things about it and so forth. there is no, this sort of education is simply going to take us back into the dark ages. but eventually we'll have to leave it there for the time. but thank you so much for joining us, sir. ah,
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and i was calling about a slot downs. and health situation has been particularly unsettling for some 100000000 indians. it's migrant workers. those who leave rural area for cities in such a work as masons, retail workers, delivery drivers, etc. in the last year, many have been forced back to their villages. however, some are beginning to the time looking for jobs. but in india, capital delhi, for instance, there aren't enough available really we leaders gather here every morning to find work. do you all usually is one of them. he's an unskilled migrant laborer who has been working in the informa sector in the capital for almost 6 years. but times are tough for him. he was left without any work when daily went into lockdown after the city was hit by the 2nd week of school with 19
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we're barely getting any work. there is so much unemployment. many of a labors also come back from the villages the way to you for a job every day, but there just isn't enough work. your guest says he finds casual work only one or 2 days a week. hardly enough to make a living. others i had better luck. keyson chance on me is a migrant worker who skills as a mason have landed him a job at a construction site. we're facing a very difficult time, but it work is not like a regular white collar jump, which is harder to find. as things open up in construction starts, we will get some small jobs because we know the work boundary says that if there is another major disruption from a 3rd wave, he would have to take loans to survive. as the city begins to open up again with some economic activities, review me, many of us migrant workers have made their way back into the city and hope to find
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the world. but so not much is coming. and according to a new study, it's not being fall, especially with the suffering yet again. but millions of people in the country have lost their job and the job and unemployment rate have shot up. the economist thing says the problem is much bigger. he says that many migrant workers are choosing not to come back at all and are dropping out of the workforce because they see few opportunities of finding employment. and he thinks any recovery will take time. it's not the why the cycle, it's due to the economic type of it is basically the larger effect of the 1st we've still lingering on. and it will compound with this 2nd 3rd, and determine possibly get into a bigger effect. it will take longer time for the economy to, for the labor market to for the employment needs to come to the nominal anomaly.
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you gauge, the unskilled worker, remembers how last the millions were left. jobless during the national knocked down . some of them never found work again. he feels that the same thing happened to him . i'm thinking that if i don't get work soon, i'll go back to my village and it looks like i might have to just seems to be no work right now. it was another day with no job for your case. he will be back again at the same spot tomorrow morning waiting for work. but he doesn't know how much longer he can hold out. and he has a few more updates from india on the nevada situation. on thursday, the country reported more than 6000 debts, the world's highest ever single day. death told from the crow nevada's this was offered an official recount in the state of be hard. the w t o has agreed to intensify talks over a proposed fatal waiver on over 19 vaccines. india and south africa have led cold for the rivers to increase vaccine supplies in the world. and is of course
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more on about us updates on our website, d, w dot com, forward slash a shout back tomorrow. at the same time. will see you then. bye bye. ah, the news the paint and above all, only feels jewish life in europe. that's what film producer, i think, and journalist if cool, good modern are exploring, delving into history and the present i would never have been completed. so
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i remind myself because i grew up in a completely different way prod, pluralistic jewish in europe. the 2 part documentary starts july 5th on dw, the, in the, the berlin international film festival is back with outdoor cinemas, around the german capital and exciting moments after months of lockdown. and we'll have more on this year's berlin film festival or bally knowledge coming up in a moment and later on, arts and culture. searching for the essence of beauty. why one photographer size non traditional models or where it's that. but 1st
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the belly, nala is one of the world's biggest film festival. but in the movie industry, it's known as one of the coldest. normally in february, when the cities paths can be covered in ice. but this year with the corona, virus, things have changed. the main competition was on wine and the public screenings are also very different reporter adrian kennedy. burning gramma movies tracing off in minus temperature, but this time i'm ready for it. but what's this new sky and blazing sunshine? this is all rather strange. what's gone wrong? or should we say, right? the answer is the phone and on a summer special which opened on wednesday with a girl a screening at an outdoor movie theater setup right next to the outer nuts,
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you know gallery on berlin's museum island with covey rates, folding the early dollars organizers, campbell paid off but what film professionals think of $39.00 in summer, i'm looking forward to to have an audience, you know, in a different modem. the different and i don't know yet what to expect, but it's wonderful to be open air by admin. so you're still freezing any day, not in february, and that's part of the process. yeah, yeah. this is way too nice. so many of those lucky enough to get a ticket. it's their 1st time back in a cinema. since the corona virus lockdown. i'm looking forward to go to the cinema again. i taught my friends tonight and tomorrow, and this was tested for testing. and this is my 1st time this year that i can go in the cinema is a big question for many was should the burning on
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a summer edition be a more permanent thing. the next order, indo and february. and also it's you know, when everybody's breathing, they always looking for a warm place to go, we should have to but not so who knows perhaps, so next summer, the areas back from the berlin international film festival summer edition adrian kennedy. adrian, the berlin film festival was originally in the summer 70 years ago when it started, before they switched to winter back in the seventy's. is there any chance of bringing it back to summer? this is not very likely, and there are many reasons for this. most of them have to do with film industry
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requirements and the movie awards calendar. i've also the see of berlin quite likes it this way because it helps attract visitors to the city when otherwise hotels would be rather and see. but there is quite a support for the idea of having a mini open edition of the festival in some, in order to let people have a 2nd chance to see some of the great film, some of the prize winning films. ok. speaking of those, what are your favorite movies this year? one that stuck in my mind was petite. my mom that's new film phone celine fioma, who made the wonderful portrait of a lady on fire, won many awards back in 2019, including the queer palm hands. this one is actually quite different. it's a sort of a ghost story and utterly charming, very gentle, quiet say, oh, of
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a go who meets her mother as a child in the woods, great performances from 2 girls who are in real life twins. and i love this one and twins are apparently a theme this year at about a dollar less. so there's another film that i liked, the the go and the spine. and this is written and directed by twin brothers, mon, and silver and 0 show another pretty low key, but quite mesmerizing film about a splintering relationship between 2 young women and a spider who lives in the apartment. they show and nothings film, but one that really caught my attention because of the images and the atmosphere. and that kind of a very strange sort of manager twice looks like okay, you've got time for a 3rd pick. adrian, what is it for that? it has to be t. no, there's nothing low key about this one. it's
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a blistering documentary about the sing tina turner from the cotton feels of tennessee and abusive relationship with husbands and fellow musician ike turner, to professional success as one of the world's biggest rock stars. and ultimately she finds personal contentment. i defy anybody. not so be moved by her story. well, strong words, adrian ok. some really strong films as well as screening out doors. tell us a little bit more about that. there's some pretty cool locations, right? that's fine. and the locations really do add to something this time around and the weather has been perfect. so far. we've seen the museum island location. there's also a highland green and spin you house in a former cremmit tore him in the vetting neighbourhood screenings that will take place in the picturesque courtyard. not
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a very scenic back floor for the building. all summer special landmark showed up a rock palace built in the late 17th century there screaming episodes from new tv series. and last night it was the turn of issue. and when the under me and the other stirring tom, shutting looks like a love where you think it's hard to believe the belly not it could take place without long underwear and what codes. but there it is. adrian kennedy, thanks for bringing us back. thank you. well, as world leaders had to the g 7 summit in england, they'll be stared down by a giant sculpture of themselves. it's called mount recycle more and it's made out of youth, computers, telephones, and other electronic waste. just a small fraction of the 15 tons of waste, but people produce each year. artist joe rush says he hopes sculpture will inspire
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leaders, including german chancellor. i'm going to medical and us president joe biden, to tackle the global trash problem as they meet for talks across the bed key messages to each other. and so this mess out in greece, debate is raging almost as hard as the athens son of a new pathway on the acropolis to make the site accessible to people with disabilities. and by the way, to cut down on the number of visitors who trip and injure themselves each year. now that sounds good to many, but some politicians and scholars say the path ruins the ancient sites. classical aesthetic. greek opposition leader alexis, to us even accused the government of abusing greece's cultural heritage photographer, christina vaccine, a says the growing up in russia. she saw women valued more for their physical beauty than for their character. and it was always the same ideal of beauty. now
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the london based artist focuses on women's beauty that doesn't meet one narrow standard and not just beauty, but resilience and self discovery. people with disabilities with different skin colors, sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds. diversity in front of the camera, staged by a photo. the me a photo shoot in london with mandy from a tumble. and joe in deal was born with l. binary. and with milly, ellis brown, a person who identifies as neither male nor female. they are oem users of russian photographer, christina vaccine. okay, very good. thank i started working with just women, but then i realize that this, this whole topic is actually much broader and non binary. transgender people are,
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they experience very similar issues and their voices. i've been heard either how we see ourselves and the values that we approach yourself with can be very different from what the society wants us to, to, to see, and to be a sense of beauty is the name of this photo project or acting as aim is to highlight people who are often under represented and she wants to establish a concept of beauty that goes beyond the current standards really close to so many voices are suppressed and to be given opportunity to share your story. really empowering. the thing that i have today, shan, very important to me is that in a strength that they've been able to understand themselves,
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find their place in the world and believe in themselves and love themselves except their own money. their own uniqueness. roxanne has earned international a claim for her photographs which are exhibited in galleries from new york to moscow. before moving to london and 2019, she worked in the us for 10 years, photographing people like artist masha with the lockdown self portrait shave head. she won the dutch lens culture critics choice prize in 2020. that same year she became the silver winner at the british association of photographers awards. the photo cat, great news direction is photo studio is open to. she finds her photographic subjects through social media, acquaintances, and agencies, both and then the from the tumble,
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and joanne dion have worked as models before. i think it's imperative that we have different types of beauty and different view, east hundreds acknowledged because we live in a world for the different diverse people. so it's important to have that massive discussion about females and pastors being a woman and needs to change the office 2021. it's time for change. and roxanne wants to support that change with her photographic work and a little more with yourself. being able to understand people can be different, they can feel different about themselves. we all need the reminder of that. so i think just having that has some diversity is really, really important. christina, are actually not plans to portray a total of 30 people for her project. the essence of beauty
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the me for more stories head over to d, w dot com slash culture. now from me and the crew here in berlin, it's been great having you with us, take care and see you next time for more i think culture the me the ah, to the point,
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strong, clear positions, international perspective. one of the most international respected figures in germany's catholic church is offered his resignation to pope francis excited the catastrophe of sexual abuse by church officials. meanwhile, in canada mass going to his children discovered a former catholic school to the point on d. w. the do you like it? do you want? ok, then buckle up, put the pedal to the metal. let's ride the rest on d w. are you ready to get all the
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places in europe are smashing all the record stuff into a venture. just don't leave your grandmother the treasure map for modern globe. trotter's, governor, some of europe's wykard breaking site and also in book form one out of a people is suffering from the world. food program is fighting hunger worldwide. joined us like
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the news d. w. news lies from then reviving the special relationship and historic elbow bomb tells us president joe biden, and british prime minister barak johnson make for the 1st time johnson describing the encounter as a breath of fresh air. also coming out european parliament returns to strasburg for a long delay with decidedly fewer lo, my kids will look at why more than half of them say they won't travel to the french pretty fast. the boat and international film festival gets under way due to the
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panoramic anomaly is the 1st to take place under the stars as an open air celebration has been a mom lose . i'm rebecca rich's welcome to the program. british prime minister bars johnson has held his 1st in person, talks with us president joe biden. the meeting took place in the english stay side resort of congress bay a day before the g. 7 summit begins to late is renewed, the countries commitments to a revitalized version of the atlantic counter from 941, which prime minister johnson labelled of massive strategic, important for the prosperity and security of the world. the payer also discussed the pandemic can after the talk by detailed us plans to share more vaccines globally. and today, we're taking a major step that will supercharge the global fight against this pandemic. in my
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direction, the united states will purchase an additional half 1000000000 doses from pfizer. pfizer vaccine will donate nearly $100.00 low and lower middle income countries. they will be the beneficiaries. on joining me now in the studios database chief international editor, richard walker, richard a donation of half a 1000000000 vac saved not to be sneezed at. what kind of an impact will they have on the pandemic? it will make an impact. rebecca, i mean, if we look at this program to try roll out vaccines in the developing world to get vaccines to countries that they can't afford them. school kovak, so far it is ship just 81000000 doses. so if you think of marriage, the scale of the challenge that we're looking at, a program that is going to need vaccines running into the billions that we're talking about half
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a 1000000000 here. bear in mind that each person needs to dose. so that is really for 250000000. but of course, yet it shows that it's a step in the right direction. and it's an acknowledgement that the developed world is so far ahead of poorer countries in the vaccine role as we look at, you know, in north america, europe roughly give, we'll take a 3rd of the people have had at least one does the vaccine so far in asia where the hand began, it's one in 15 or so. and in africa on the 2 percent, it's one in 50. so there's a huge challenge ahead now this is a step in the right direction. but the united states has been criticized not exporting vaccines until very late in the game. europeans, for instance, have said no loss of the dose is to be manufactured in europe. have at least been exported to other countries around the world. but not too many of course to developing countries, manufactured in europe now because there's also been a lot of talk of lifting the exact same peyton's that would allow poor countries to
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actually manufacture them at home and therefore boosting their vaccine supply. do you think they'll be much talk of that in cold? yeah, i mean, this is a live debate has been going on for some time. indians have africa been the countries that have really been advancing this, saying that when you're dealing with a crisis like this intellectual property, you know, has to be thrown into question the united states has come out and said that they're interested in, in talking about something like this, in these cases, europeans who are much more hesitant, the germans, for instance, that, that's against it. they say the intellectual property is really not necessarily the silver bullet. that is one thing to know what, you know, the peyton behind the vaccine is completely different thing to be able to manufacture it. but was quite interesting is the bandwidth. my call france is now come out and things sort of talking about potentially being interested in opening up this debate. so this debate is far from over. but as things stand within the g 7 countries, there is not unity, right? so obviously the pandemic is a big topic, but what else is on president barton's agenda for the g? a?
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did we want to begin this when you can hardly imagine a bigger agenda that he comes over here with the strip of board as president of course. and essentially, he's doing a tour of america friends through the summer with a g 7 with nato coming up, seeing and with europe in union, both of those and brussels and the next few days before then next wednesday he goes on to meet someone who's not a friend, a tool vladimir putin for a summit with a russian president next wednesday. and what biden essentially wants to do is put on a show of unity with his west and allies before that to show that the trump era of, of kind of dismissing the transit lanika lives is unimportant. it's very much over . biden has said over and over again. he said it when arriving in the case, what america is back that he's been his message and he's been doing these like re entering the paris deal on climate change. going back to talk over iran's nuclear
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program, doing all sorts of things that the europeans have been waiting to hear. one thing that's going to be quite interesting to watch out for is what are the europeans going to be bringing to the table that we've been in this week to the kind of a grand old man of german diplomacy, both going issue, who has been wanting a little bit that essentially the european c biden is but the, the president of their dreams kind of undoing almost everything from the trump era . but could they be getting into a kind of sense of complacency that ok, everything's fine now in the transatlantic relationship, we don't really need to bring too much back to the table to buying. we'll be looking for steps in his direction from europe ins as well. he wants to go into that meeting with vladimir putin next week, feeling the wind in his back, the support of all of these allies. so we'll see how much of that he gets. but there's definitely a lot of pressure from both sides that kind of put on a sort of unity that the west is back in action, not to follow him. a goes to come. thank you very much. richard walker, date of the chief international editor e. lawmakers have approved
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plans for a new electronic travel document to allow fully vaccinated. could paypal to move around the block without quarantining or testing? it was one of the orders of business those, the european parliament held it 1st in person plenary session in the french city of strasburg, in more than a year. but it seems this step back into normal life with one many, all my kids were reluctant to take the long awaited return to strasburg. after a year of covert 1900 restrictions, members of the european parliament of back at the official h q in the french city for real life plenary sitting. we have the this mission as a city to represent democracy, but also the diversity of the territories in europe. we're in the met a few colleagues and he's such a great time to see them. and again, to exchange again, to ask about how is the virus and the society going on in their countries. it's
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very nice to be back. not everyone shares the sentiment. many fear the return is premature. runs half of any piece of state home living offices in hallways here, empty and doors from the shut. i'm sure that all of us really want to go. i mean, we are longing to get everything back to normal, but we can't take risks when we are enough coffee. nice me. so we need to be very, very careful and that's why i'm not going. but others are calling for a permanent end to these months. the shuffling saffron paperwork between brussels and stress broke once a month, cost the 100000000 years per year. not to mention the environmental impact. any change, however, would mean rewriting you treaties. something local, french greens, oppose who have turned up to welcome any peace deck to this city is the basis for progress in time. so that's the country. it's all like that for parliament to have
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their sessions here in europe shouldn't be centralized greens from strasburg. and the us are happy to welcome our representative and funding and isn't on the other side of the road. movie dean, as least preparing some live news meals in its food truck, hoping to drum up business from returning parliamentarians and this stuff. because contin service inside the building will remain restricted. it can, can you put them on key key with somebody from parliament to come to me? and i said yes. and so make it easy for me and we'll see how it work. experience will work in the press, going to john beck in business, preparing to report life to households all over europe. but after all these months in the virtual world is the repeat empowerment forever changed as, as he was full of new experiences. you know, we became addicted to zoom and events and fun so it will not be so easy to come out
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. so despite the fact that we're coming back and just and just rip, just raspberries is really symbol of coming back to the malady. but i think that normal it, it will be different from what it was you know. yeah. go in downtown strasburg, business owners, hope the future won't be digital only. and some believe the old fashioned appeal of good food and drink could lower more politicians back in. i thought we were waiting for them with our hearts. we would like everyone to come back and to regain the lines for that going to be i've also to plus transfer, playing host to the european parliament is a source of income. but it's also a source of pride in part of its history. in the heart of europe. and if they could have found some other stories around the world, german authorities say that this band and elite unit in frankfurt, police force south to revelations officers were part of a right wing extremist chat, group members of the se case. what team are suspected of sharing content, inciting,
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racial hatred and not the imagery? it's the latest in a string of cases of alleged extremism in german place. a french court has sentenced 28 year old man to 4 months in prison for slapping president emmanuel mack hole in the face. the man struck my coat during a walk about on tuesday in a south eastern town. the court has banned him from ever holding office and from owning weapons. for 5 years. francis has refused to accept the resignation of germany's cardinal reinhardt marks of the handling of a sex abuse scandal. the archbishop of munich offered his resignation in a letter to the pope last week. though not himself accused of committing abuse, he said he shared responsibility for what he called the catastrophe of sexual abuse by clerics child. labor has risen for the 1st time in 20 years. the united nation says 116000000 children around the world are being forced to work.
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more than half a younger than 12 years old. the u. n. is warning that the pandemic could push millions more into labor and cultural lives. here in germany is slowly coming back out. so months of locked down and was normally berlin's top event in the middle of winter is now taking place as an outdoor celebration. the berlin international film festival has already handed out as trophies the golden bears in an online competition. and now audiences can see the entries on the summer skies. the bell analysis so called special summer edition is finally under way. thanks to falling covered 19 infection numbers. and specially created open in sentiments across the german capital. first on the bill was the mar, attain in. jodie foster stars as a lawyer defending a suspect being held at guantanamo bay after $911.00 o. b. 3 names on the lawsuit. united states of america, donald rumsfeld,
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and george w bush like many other a list is jodie foster couldn't make it to the event in person due to travel restrictions. this banana is definitely one for the fans. i think we all need a little bit of hope and happiness. this event comes after a very long, dark moment. and the made the most important thing for us is really to give the feeling that it's possible to stay together. and without any fears, it's all different this year with outdoor screenings, only berlin museum island has been turned into a giant open arena. and the bell in alabaster are already awarded the pandemic and the rise of streaming changing old the rules. britton's queen
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elizabeth has marked what would have been her late husband, 100 birthday. the monarch was presented with a floral surprise, the royal horticultural cent. a society gifted her arose named after prince philip the duke of edinburgh who died in april. it's not just a single rose a bed, his name, but a variety bred in his own on the rose is a deep pink with delicate white line. what is the people in parts of the northern hemisphere has been treated to a solar eclipse. the event is known as an annual or ring of fire eclipse. only people in remote areas of east and canada, greenland and siberia were able to see it in full. but many others were able to see a partial eclipse where the moon doesn't quite cover the sun completely. you're watching date, every news from berlin will have more at the top of the hour coming up after
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a short break though is kind of at $900.00 special. i don't think you couldn't get all the latest news and information around the club on our website. that's w dot com, and so it was on social media as well. where at the w news, you can find me at rebecca races for me and the team, thanks very much for watching the news. the news young immigrants, they know the police will stop them. they know that the route is not a solution. they know their flight could be going.


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