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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  June 10, 2021 2:45pm-3:00pm CEST

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hey, what you mentioned earlier? russia has clearly faltered the orders of the court hasn't that? the court said in february and nevada, they should be temporary released from jail because the government couldn't provide sufficient safeguards for his life and health rushes, justice minister called the ruling unenforceable. and through it in the been, where does that leave you? well, this is a clear disregard of human rights and international obligations about the case is emblematic case. this also shows that beneath, you know, there are many more problems like a lack of independent judiciary in russia. human rights abuses in chechnya, lack of investigation, repression of descent and harassed mental human rights defenders. so it's not just about the case where we see that the russian federation is completely disregarding the decision of the board of human rights,
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but still remain hopeful that he will be soon free. and the structure will show important one. 2 member of the council of europe. and i've been just wondering what is based on commission because the russian state also called the court ruling blatant and gross interference in the judicial affairs of a foreign state. now that one statement undermines the basis on which countries belong to the counselor, doesn't it? the fact is, if the council does nothing about this, then countless numbers of people in russia and elsewhere will conclude that you're simply not capable of enforcing the requirements of council membership. and standing up to tough and abusive governments is not right. not really. it is not that simple. it is up to the government to implement the judgment. it is up to the committee of ministers of the council of europe to push for the institution of the
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judgment. we have to keep dialogue with dorothy is also in difficult situation and it is not because of difficulties that we give up. on the contrary, i think this is also a moment for the council of europe to do more than ever before and did all the institutions and all the mechanisms that we had disposal. i think at the end of the seat, this cannot happen overnight. at the same time, i completely agree with you that not as the teaching judgment of europe right isn't acceptable. and all the countries that are really not doing it should be polls optically. and really, you know, we should try to do as much as we can in order to continue pushing for the release of people that are sitting in jail. and our commission that i'm acceptable is, is an overused word. internationally isn't it?
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is normally meant to cover things that we've already accepted, but wish we hadn't russia has faced credible allegations of attempting to murder, not only lex and me, but a former intelligence officer said a script on his daughter in england in 2018. and they actually are accused of murdering another former officer, alexander, when you go in london in 2006, russia denies all these charges, but these are credible allocations and it still has its seat in the council art, isn't it? but despite these allegations, from a european body, it's still allowed to keep its seat in a body that promotes democracy and human rights. why is that? why is that? i mean, this is not really a question i can answer because not only russia, but all the states are teaching the international organization. they have
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a seat in the security council un be including council, if you wrote, my role is not to make a judgement to states should fit in, you know, as a member or not, this is definitely out. you know, my mandate. what is it? in my mandate is to remind those states to comply that the commitments and to honor the values and that they agree when they became members of different international organizations. nobody pushed russia or poor. russia will become a member of the council of europe or any other country. why do we see that? not russia. many other countries are simply taking the box and paying we are proud member of this and organization and not doing anything. it's a huge question. but you know, what, council of europe,
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the problem is it gives many governments a coke of respectability that they don't deserve. doesn't it? like as i said, you know, being member of the club, you know, always the honorable thing. but if you do not follow the rules of the club and you know, just to something that should be exposed then to seat in the counsel i think is important to say is to ensure the protection of the citizen, not the government. we work for, for the people, excluding people because government behave badly would leave people without protection, which is the last thing i would like to see a commissioner of human rights engaging with the ordinary people. marginalized people is the main issue for me when you are doing a lot of monitoring, then protecting these days though on to your not your not present to the people in turkey. for instance, last year, nearly $26000.00 people were in jail awaiting trial on terrorism charges that
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continue to be widely misused and used in fact to restrict free expression of association. they're not protected. i don't know. i mean, they, you know, you're wrong here. you know, protection means much more than just, you know, saying okay, i'm just going with this more than i'm going to protect all those people know, people in turkey do feel protected by my office and me personally, they see my office as always is where they can complain and you know, seek protection and this happened on, on many occasions i was given access, as i already stated, to present to see an estimate autonomy please release now and i do try to engage in the government, the government on the issue of human rights defenders and journalist numerous cases before the court, but it's not an easy task, but at the same time,
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it is honorable and it gives me even more energy to, to engage, to try to help people helping one individual can also change a lot in any country. but you righty stated the previously that at the moment we do not believe in a good time for human rights. human rights and elected pushed under the carpet by many governments. ultra conservative groups are targeting civil society and human rights defenders. and this is a said why are facing this situation? as i already said, it's a question for this color. nevertheless, the need to continue working when it's also a question, you can't just blame the governments, can you? what about the people who put them there? what happens when free elections empower politicians who then take away their
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rights? what then? what then? well, the question is also the election over 3 unfair. it's not the case all the time. you have many reports from credible international organizations, including parliamentary assembly of the council of europe stating that certain election a certain date. but everything but not free and fair. so you end up with the governments, want to stay forever neglect human rights. and this is something we should not hello, i have a mandate for 47 members. dates of the council of europe and differences are huge, but no date is immune to violations of human rights. and documenting this and pointing out and working together with people can bring results not overnight, but the fact that the fact is the autocrat. so winning on day when you look back through the centuries, it's repression. that's the enduring constant,
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not democracy. and now that repression is back with a vengeance, and we have to face that fact. don't we? yes that's, that's true. but i would not say that the article be winning. there are examples and we should listen to different voices in the society. but we should not use those voices that are spreading like fake news targeting human rights defenders generally civil society in order to, to win volts. we should not use this as a excuse for not doing enough, but what i think is also important is that all international innovation should use the situation now and try to push for changes by putting human rights into the guy. and i understand that, but very briefly,
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if you keep sounding the alarm bell and nothing improves and it hasn't been improving as we pointed out over the last 15 years, it's been a steady decline. the danger is that people are going to stop listening on thing. there are never, they decline, but i disagree that there was no progress and there were no issues related to right . that's improved in many member states. if you look at the situation, the del gti community, when it comes to women's rights, i mean we are still fighting. the struggle is present, but is the tradition change for better? if you look at rama communities in many days, they were examples of, of success and moving forward. so it's not just, you know, completely, you know, really grim situation that we need to just accepted and say ok, the fail. no,
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we did not. all right. i only activates i'm afraid we're out of time. thanks very much for being with us on conflict. so thank you. thank you. thank you very much. the the me the news, the news
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the news the news the the ah ah 100 off is in my hands. when i come from your remains unimportant means of trying to committee meals and information and when i was young, my cancer was in brought money on the war, push people with guys around us. it was my job to to in one of is
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a lot of just products everyone in the town to listen to that gave me nothing has been transferred to my long katia in more than so long even that i had it by choice in this cause it has given away 4 times my name is my gosh much, and i did have all the how it takes me to feel jewish life in europe. the what film producer and journalist are
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exploring, delving into history and the present to die. never think you can be live so openly. i'm so freaking also constantly to remind myself as i grew up in a completely different way for fraud, it's for the jewish years. the 2 part documentary starts july, 5th law d w. ah, ah, cruise,
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this is the w news life from berlin. joe biden says he is ready to confront russia . the u. s. president promises the tough response. if russia hom, democracy is in the united kingdom to meet with well, leaders on his 1st trends taking on also coming up the whole process rejects the resignation of his senior german church leader cobb and i have knocked off at the quit.


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