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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  June 8, 2021 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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around the world, hundreds of rest and what's being called an unprecedented blow against organized crime. investigators use a messaging app that criminals thought was encrypted despite on the communications that fits you up to date. so more world news at the top of the hour, steven bit has your business updates in just the agenda you just in the gym. love banning thing away on my own and everyone with later holes in every day getting you ready to meet the gym and then join me, rachel, to it and the w every day for us and for our planet global ideas. it's on its way to bring you more
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conservation. how do we make things greener? how can we protect how we can make a difference? global ideas, environmental theories, a little 3000 on d, w, and online me the vi shows as a digital cunning with a pair of clever operations agents develop a fake messaging app to their bob serves in a global thing. they also say they pick the pocket of the colonial pipeline hackers taking back most of the ransom paid by the fuel transporter. also on the show, the u. s. lodging trade talks with taiwan. a no go for china. look at what it could mean for a new rift between the 2 powers and germany may be car country, but berlin is to get away from 4 wheels. look at efforts to boost bicycles and
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transform the capital downtown. welcome to the show. i'm seeing busy in berlin. the police are calling it a major blow to organize crime rates in 16 countries resulting in the rest of more than 800 suspects and drug transactions and planned killings. at the heart of the sting was they supposedly encrypted messaging app that had in fact been developed by the f b. i. law enforcement groups. they, they were following along as mob groups discuss drug sales or contract killing. before finally swooping in the f. b, i led the operation working with authorities in australia, germany and sweden, among other countries in speaking of the f, b i. it says that it has recovered most of the ransom paid by colonial pipeline when it was hit by a cyber attack last month. that's a small victory against a class of crime that's becoming ever more common. long lines outside gas stations up and down the east coast. a consequence of
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a hack on colonial pipeline. the operator of the largest gasoline pipeline in the united states, the russian cyber criminals called themselves dark side and used a ransomware attack to gain access to colonial data, and then demanded 75 bitcoin to release it. about $4400000.00. the company ended up paying and investigators have recovered a large part of the ransom about $64.00 bit coins worth. based on our investigation into dark side and incredible work with other u. s. government partners. we identified a virtual currency wallet that the dark side actors used to collect the payment from a victim. using law enforcement authorities, victim funds were seized from that wallet, preventing dark side actors from using. cyber attacks are on the rise just a few days ago. the world's largest meat packers j. b. s fell victim to
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a ransomware attack. the company was forced to shut down meat factories in north america and australia. according to cyber intelligence company group i be in 2020. the number of ransomware attacks increased by 150 percent compared to the previous year. and new record is expected this year. all right, for more on this, let's go to yes. quarter financial correspondent in new york. yet there he is. ends the c e. o, colonial actually testified today in congress. how important is this issue for the u. s. government right now cyberattacks it's definitely pretty high on the agenda of joe biden into administration. it's a very serious problem. grove, problem. i mean the f b, i reported that they had been 90, a tex on us institution, a loan from dark side. and joe biden will spend billions of dollars from his
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infrastructure money. if you get this plan through to spend it to actually fight to cyber crime also next week when joe biden is going to meet with the russian president vladimir putin, that's also high on the agenda. the g 7 probably be we'll have to deal with it. and if you look at it overall, i mean, you already mentioned a couple of examples, but they also had been cyber attacks on very systems on the fresh water system in the community in florida on hospital. so it is definitely a very serious problem here in the us and actually problem here, worldwide, these ransom payments are often made encrypted currencies. we just heard with that sort of going back and getting the big coin booty from the the, the colonial tech. is this posing a problem for the crypt current, the industry which wants to be taken more seriously? i would say it definitely is sorting of the reputation because i mean the crypto currency to try to get rid of the idea that they are used for ransom a tech for money laundering and like them so for criminal activity. so we did see
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a lot of pressure now on crypto currencies, but maybe also for a different reason. also in connection with the colonial case. because as we have heard the f b, i was able to recover those bit coins by the way, when there were pate in early may, they were worth about 4 and a half a 1000000 dollars. now those bit counter just worth $2300000000.00. so you see $1000000.00, sorry, but so you see how how much those a bit called the group, the courtesies change. well, you but, well, i mean that was always the point for the crypto fence so that governments can not interfere with the dealings on those crypto places. but obviously the f b i was capable of doing so oregon's court in new york. thank you very much. all right, washington has revealed that it's an early trade talks with taiwan. and as expected,
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that's provoked beijing's ire trying to see democrats taiwan as part of its territory and has come out strongly against other countries treating the island as an independent nation staging response to the american initiative was swift and unmistakable. and its rhetoric. woman to whom may we urge the united states to implement the one china principal and provisions of the 3 china us joint communiques to stop any form of official exchanges with taiwan. will handle the taiwan issue cautiously and refrain from sending any wrong signals to taiwan independence forces. i do silly for a tool that it's a statement meant to head off early signs, so washington is eyeing and eventually trade packed with taiwan, us, secretary of state antony blink. and alluded to the start of such talks during
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a congressional hearing. his remarks came with paging already incensed by a recent visit from 3 us senators to tie when he's president sign when to announce a major vaccine donation. despite cutting diplomatic ties with taiwan in 1979, in order to recognize beijing as china's only official representative, washington is still, ty pays most powerful ally and biggest arm supplier increased us support in the form of strength and trade relations is likely to feed china's anger further complicating relations between the world's top 2 economies. and here's a look now some of the other business stories making headlines, declining imports, push the u. s. trade deficit down more than 8 percent to around $69000000000.00 in april. that's following a record high march when the gradual easing of pandemic locked down, fuel consumption of goods and shrinking deficit is not to be assigned that domestic demand is returning to normal. electric car manufacture. tesla sales in china jump
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29 percent in may compared to april. china's passenger car association saying 33000 new tests. those hit the road their last month observer's point to maintenance and supply difficulties in april as probable cause of search. french prosecutors are charging car, make a renewal for allegedly cheating on diesel vehicle emissions has a scandal that has rock rivals across the industry. reno is accused of using cheap software as early as 990 to get a parent emission levels down to use standards. reno rejects all the allegation and speaking of cars, the car is king in many parts of the world, including here in germany, not everywhere in the country. the berlin city government has now decided to rid the city center of combustion engine cars by 2030. it's investing more bike lanes at some argue that doesn't go far enough. they want all private cars or berlin's downtown, saying it would improve quality of life. hop on your bike and ride along
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a pop up cycle pants. these new yellow marked bike lanes have gotten things moving in for they hastily set up during the burgeoning corona virus pandemic, to give cyclists more space and more safety. but for nick casner, it's still not enough. he dreams of an inner city completely free of private car traffic. he's collecting signatures for a petition to hold a referendum. we are hoping to create a berlin that is safer, healthier, more environmentally friendly and more livable for all citizens. that means ensuring that we have less private car traffic and more opportunities to bike to walk, to enjoy the streets, either for gardening or phase or more playground hearings together. enough signatures to force a referendum if he does, berliners can also vote on benny cars from the city center at the same time as they
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vote in september's federal election. what do the politicians thing? a pop up bike lane is a suitable pathway to berlin's traffic sen. the city recently eliminated 300 parking spaces for cars. here. the green party senator for transport wants to push berlin's mobility revolution even further. on i guess, yes, not under 1st week and services significantly painful more public transport or better cycling infrastructure better transport infrastructure even for pedestrians in and on then very likely will raise the price of public space. and i each of the whole factoid, 100 kilometers of fast bike lanes are planned to better connect berlin's inner city with its outlying districts. in the near future mobility research, andreas me doesn't own a car or even a bike. he books, trains cars and bicycles with his cell phone and calls for
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a radical sharing strategy. he says only shared mobility can stop cars eating up land. we then few men will be willing to share cars in rural areas. you won't be classic car sharing. the, the 5 people are driving 5 cars in the same direction at the same time than those 5 people will be driving in one car and do that usually with digital platforms. and that's how we can drastically reduce the number of cars in rural areas as well. out of practice what, what will mobility look like in the future? the move away from cars has just begun. and finally, take a look at this. a u. s. gold coin mentioned in 1900. $33.00 has sold for over $18800000.00 at a new york auction blasting through pre sell estimates to become the most expensive coin in the world. doubling the double eagle and shows leading liberty on one side and an american eagle. on the other 933 double eagles were the last american gold
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coins made for circulation. but they were never legally issued. that year president roosevelt of us off the gold standard, allowing the dollar to slide to boost exports during the great depression. right, that's it for me and the d to be business team here. berlin. check us out online. g, w dot com slash business. even busy watching the news is increasing every year in many and working on let me work very holiday destination drowning in ways we read at the for a year, year at the exports in terms of ways to use them. another way, after all, the environment isn't recyclable. the make up your own
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mind. w made for minds. the were all the tickets to go beyond being as we take on the world, we're all about a story that matter to you. i police my we are yours actually on fire. for mines. are you ready to get all the places in europe are smashing all the record into
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a venture. just don't lead your grip. the treasure map for modern globe trotter's go for some of us are wicker breaking and now also in book form. the welcome to arts and culture coming up a village, divide it the documentary of black jesus by director luke hello case. he follows an italian town devoted to a black sculpture of jesus, yet struggling to accept black refugees. no more on that film in a moment, but 1st, a major new exhibition here in berlin, celebrating contemporary art from all over europe. german president, frank stein, my.


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