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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  June 4, 2021 6:15pm-6:30pm CEST

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as an entry tournament fans will hope, the only surprises they experience will be on the football pitch. you're watching the w and years live from berlin up. next is the w business with my colleague robots, i'm a new kid and thanks for watching. and i hope you can join me from the out with the news please listen carefully. don't know how to live. so they go, i feel the magic the discover,
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the world around you subscribe to the w documentary on you to me. the panel corporate taxation race to the bottom be stopped. 7, finance ministers meeting in london have been discussing whether it's time to set a global minimum tax rate for smoking, national to pay more taxes. also coming up as president putin has been addressing that the petersburg, international economics for him as his country tries to persuade the world it's back open for business. montenegro wanted a new highway, but it won't cost financing deal with china now. salad threatened to suck you into
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the route. this is the business robot in berlin. welcome to the program. how much tax should corporations pay? and where? 2 of the trickiest questions in a globalized economy, where the biggest companies can shop around for the lowest rates. some corporations even managed to pay no taxes in the countries where they're most active. that's why g 7 finance ministers meeting in london on friday discuss whether a global minimum corporate tax rate could be the way forwards. just take a look at how rates currently, very worldwide. so japan has the highest at 31 percent followed by germany in the middle of the pac. we've got the united states and the united kingdom, however, the much lower rates are in switzerland. and ireland, which has a rate of just 12.5 percent. that's actually
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a key reason why island is europe's base for firms like facebook and apple. the u. s. has now proposed a corporate tax floor of 15 percent. that would mean countries like island, i mean to raise their rates. so why has taxing corporations become such a hot button issue in recent as well? his economics professor dominique a lot of my well, i see 2 reasons there. first, we've seen quite a few crisis that have been costly for government right now. the pandemic earlier, the euro crisis, the financial crisis. so government has needed revenue as a consequence of these crisis. and that has made them want to collect more money from big corporations as well. since then, the 2nd reason is the copper tex alone has become a more pressing problem over time. the digital economy has grown, although service we've mentioned facebook and as an apple google, they all have a lot of tangible assets that are relatively easy to shift around to shift to texas
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. have much easier than for a firm that you know, actual needs. a lot of machinery to produce stuff. so the, some have been more aggressive than other firms and corporate tech. someone has been a larger problem in the last couple years. russia's president vladimir putin says his country wants to win back the trust of international investors. he's been speaking out the st. petersburg international economic form, economic forum, which is happening at a time deteriorating relations between moscow and the west. however, preaching says his country is ready to do business. the 1st section of the not stream to pipeline this finished russia can now deliver its natural gas directly to the u. russian president vladimir putin hoped the news with bright and the mood among investors. for nomic forum in st. petersburg, we are ready to continue implementing such
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a technology projects with our european and other partners in the future. we expect that the logic of mutual benefit and mutual gain will take precedence over all kinds of artificial barriers during the current political situation. logistically, and many companies remain skeptical about doing business with our shop. with the annexation of crimea ongoing conflict and eastern ukraine and moscow's imprisonment of criminal critic alex vonny have let the you and its allies to impose more and more sanctions on russia. foreign investors are also concerned about me put in support of authoritarian bella, russian leader to look at shinkel. and it doesn't really matter what rushes can financial position is. and what the statements from the governments and you know, what the, the kind of post directive is. investors will continue to take a prudent approach and that means that they will wait to make sure that the
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situation has improved, that there are no more sanctions. there are no more geopolitical issues. there's no more poisoning, mascara, urgently need money. the sanctions and the panoramic have weighed heavily on the russian economy. so the country is doing all it can at the st. petersburg economic forum to win back investor confidence and some executives are more receptive to rush in vacation, including the head of the friends. and i do try until time i just like mister mcroy once more for an investment in france, mister putin once more investment in russia, we have to listen to him. it means that we are well received, and having invested several 1000000000 euros in russia. i can confirm the french investors are welcome, and when a contract is signed in russia, it's honored. we see this annoyed young the turned his words into deeds by signing a deal with russia, natural gas producer, nova tick, that 2 companies want to join forces to launch energy projects in the arctic. now let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines. russia has used us
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in petersburg, international economic for him to announce. it will completely remove us dollar assets from its national wealth fund. its being seen as a move by moscow to preempt further sanctions from the united states. russia currently hosts $41000000000.00 us dollars accounting for around 22 percent of the total united airlines. that if i'm to buy 15 jets from denver base and boom saw it. it says that will be ready to take to the skies in 2029, a quarter of a century after concourse last life. among some ambitious promises for our flights between new york and frankfort, powered by a 100 percent sustainable field and the white house, if bombing americans are investing in an additional $28.00 chinese firm, uses security concerns, bringing the full number of blacklist defense to 59 among them are chinese tech
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john wall way and chit, make a semi conductor manufacturing international cooperation. the butler, again, during the administration. now, over the years, china has turned itself into a major lender for infrastructure projects around the world. in 2014, the tiny bo can nation of montenegro turn to basing to finance a highway across the rugged nation is less than one quarter complete now, but the 1st bill is already nearly to montenegro. can't afford it. this massive construction project for a 177 kilometer long highway through montenegro is being built by a chinese company. the montenegrin government is financing it with a 1000000000 euro loan from a state run chinese bank. that's a lot of debt to take on for a country with an annual g d p of around 4000000000 euros. if we cannot
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repay the law, the chinese bank can ask, for example, for a bottle bicycle. it cannot ask for some mind we call can ask to contract to dance for hydro power to take over the railroad that would allow china to extend its influence in europe and gain access to essential infrastructure . montenegro, ask you to help re pay the 1st installment of the loan. that's due in july, according to the financial times. but brussels quickly rejected the request in the lobby. i think in the medium to long term. it would be better to support montenegro in this carry a situation that would allow the country to have closer ties with a european union. and you want to think mark negarra has seen a sharp fallen revenue during the pandemic. its economy depends on tourism, which has crumbled,
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but it's not easy for the you to provide assistance. the block can't take over the loan payments, especially for projects. it classifies as not economically viable districts one day. the support could consist of helping montenegro restructure its existing that with china and then make an offer for further financing of infrastructure projects in the future. when vices and infrastructure and in that sequence must be you can at most provide ongoing support to montenegro without giving it any money. but it will still be a heavily indebted country, dependent on pay, ging, not just montenegro. china has backed financing of loans for massive ins for infrastructure projects in several african countries facing is kenya's largest bilateral lender has helped finance the construction of the 500 kilometer railing between canyon capital nairobi. and the port of mombasa, now the east african nation has to pay the money back despite the fact that the
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railing revenue is below expectations for $6.00 be basing could take ownership. the force of mombasa, if kenyon government, the government fails to repay the loan, but can, you will retain control to support a california is facing its worst drought in more than 4 decades. it's forcing farmers to reduce their livestock leave fields, barren, and even destroy some crops. climate change means the hot and dry conditions along with the wildfires that they bring. something californians may have to get used to the california and the sun beats down upon his ruddy, dried up the field farmer jo, boss, work, the land he still con this years is 3 drives have forced him to leave one 3rd of his 2000 acre farm unseated the effects for him and his employees have been devastation. it's an economic disaster. we don't quite
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crops. we don't have jobs. we don't produce food. and as we saw during the panoramic, you know, this industry is essential for everyone. we work to feed everybody. the drives, the worst california has experienced in more than 4 decades, have left federal agencies unable to supply farmers with enough water. as a result, many have either left fields, barren, or turn to cup that i'm more right. tolerance than the great states is known for wind links. new me out for mentions is one major reason why or why not just one example of climate change, the realities of which seasonal laborers, no only old too well. there is no washer. they work for us farm workers. how are we going to support family?
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and then the familial, but lack of income isn't the only fear. the horrifying images of the wildfires of past years are still in people's mind. the hot and dry conditions current, the putting crops that risk could be a harbinger of an even bigger disaster yet to come. and finally, harry potter fans might want to hop on board their broomsticks and had to new york a 3 story flagship store themed, around the world, famous with it has opened its doors to the public after a one year delay caused by the current of our thousands of new yorkers with us to celebrate braving the rain while dress like characters from the series of books or features 15 themed areas and thousands of products or aspiring which is a reminder of our top story this our g 7 finance ministers meeting in london only
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agenda how to tax global tax. as a voice raced to the bottom, happened to shut down test havens to allow global players to avoid paying bench. from the visiting carrion berlin from altogether, it was a dot com slash. the news. tips for your bucket list, the magic corner check spots for for me and some great help for the mortgage to boot w. travel off. we go. can you hear me now? yes, yes, we can hear you and how long is germantown? we bring you on a mac or you've never had have before the price just so what,
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what is who is medical? really what we want to people who follow along the way. admirers and critics aligned and how is the world's most powerful woman's facing her legacy? join us the macro last the you're watching dw news asia 1st covered 19. now a deadly infection targeting vulnerable patients in india. why the black fungus has been declared an epidemic in a growing number of indian states will speak to a doctor who says he saw this coming, and a veteran, tv journalist and pockets on taken off the air after speaking out against the country's military.


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