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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  June 4, 2021 1:45pm-2:01pm CEST

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there is of course, the big kickoff in soccer european championship on the 11th of june. another event that was postponed for a year because of the coven pandemic. now, all the matches are taking place in existing stadiums from munich in southern germany via the russian city of saint petersburg to bar code, the capital invested by john 4000 kilometers way. it's not clear how many spectators will be answered each match. but there are concerns about so many phones being on the move around the continent. barbara, the euro, 2020 organizes have been working hard to create a positive bugs around the tournament. have they succeeded in doing so? i'm afraid i'm a bit more skeptic about the years even than about the olympics. first of all, and i believe it's a big challenge to have this competition spread over so many different places. meaning that fans will always only gather it at one location. and now we also know
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pandemic, even that is going to be difficult. so i don't really expect like big celebration laurie this, this special app that you would usually get with these tournaments. and yeah, still, i'm quite sure i'm going to respect the atmosphere. the euro 2020 championships to be similar to tokyo in the sense that i mean we're, we're having to get used to empty stadiums. i think we, we have we have done so all people going to accept that in tokyo. of the games. they're just so sad because spelled the whole point. they build hydrogen filling stations, hydrogen gas stations all over the place to show the world public how advance japan is all this was in vain now. so the p r side of the event is completely watch the. yeah, and i think nobody, you would think that the sport events,
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bizarre spectators should be the norm going forward for i mean, this is the exception and condemning and there's not a model will be different as a europe because they are spectators as it was a precondition from the european football, soccer buddy, as i said, only with spectators at least a certain number of spectators, you will be allowed to host these games. so it's a little different. so we will have a kind of atmosphere at the euro, but we will, we won't have it, i guess until you. and when you compare the to get the the gains on the in the huge saca told him and what we learn by comparing the 2 i think we can compare them totally different thing. olympics are with many, many sports different sports disciplines at one place and should be at one place from my point of view book if that is a so called olympics barrett football, you can play everywhere, doesn't matter. because if you look on the tv screen, it doesn't matter if it's in most coveted berlin, if it's a munich where it is, it's the same or less. so i don't see
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a big difference except one thing we had the so called and mild and driven separations on the streets during big tournaments. we won't have that this time and this will never happen if you have a tournament spread over different countries. that's the point the, the centralized nature of the tournament. is that a future for major competition? i do believe in a, in a little smaller form. yes. bring it over like 23 neighboring countries. i did definitely see an advantage in doing that. i think in this case here, it's a little exaggerated well can events like the olympics or the soccer world cup still be a format for the future vehicle for reconciliation and even peace, or are they too big and too politicized? so g 2014. the winter olympics were the closing ceremony was massive as the price tag. these were the most expensive gains to date thing around $50000000000.00. the
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ios, the thanks president. and shortly thereafter, russia and premier in china to the world, they came and autocrats against the 1st at the 2000 a summer games and next year when the country will be hosting the 2022 winter games . the sports facilities are new, but the politics remain unchanged. whether it's the suppression of the democratic protests in hong kong or the internment of weaker. now the ios, the insists that have human rights in mind. that's also the shared view of world soccer's governing body, which wants the 2022 world cup to be held and to tar and praises. the reforms made there. however, many immigrant workers have died during the construction of stadium in the desert. emerett should such major events be awarded to authoritarian regimes? the big tough question should the major events of this nature like the lympics, like the welcome be awarded to for a terry and regimes?
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in my opinion, the answer is yes, this should happen because we are one world community on this planet and big part of the world is not ruled democratically the way excludes them from the sports world to be doing so much traits this china, we could cut off many other ties culturally, economically. why reduce the reaction to to sports? why deny authoritarian countries a possibility to host games? hi should we can for her in countries. i mean, i'm saying we, who are we to make sure that showed off her italian countries and nations be given a stage for authoritarian politics for making their case if the situation in these countries is to varying, it's too bad and i would really say ok, it's not possible, you can do it in countries where you have a very severe away edition of human rights. that's my opinion,
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but i'm with you. i say you cannot exclude them at all. but you should use a leverage because you have power isn't sports buddy. and can, can use endeavors to say ok, you have to fulfill at least some criteria in order to make sure that these games will be held under the conditions of free speech or freedom for example. and it is another case i would say ok then you cannot bid for the in a big this is a precondition or for the big championships. but there's a very and i agree you can excuse him at all in an aspect that directly relate to the games like the construction projects are. so i think you should enforce highest standards, but it should be precondition be i don't know high ranking on the democracy index. probably not. right. no, i said, for example, you should make, save, makes secure. the free speech press freedom for example, that people are allowed to bright and report whatever they want in this country before. and during the games. just to give you one example that is not the place in
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some countries, and that is for me, very boring and against, by the way, against the so called human olympic spirit. there's a lot of talk of a boy out of the 2022 winter olympics in beijing for example, as a you know, how much of a blood would you're shaking your head? it's too late. it's too late. i think so we would have been discussed had what we needed just cause beforehand this as 7 years ago, 5 years ago. but not that much. now we cannot do that. no. it's simply too late. as i sent. you should have used the leverage is an honor to reach some level, at least of a liberal spirit in these games beforehand. they didn't know it's to jason like umbrella rules. for example, of course, when the situation is getting extreme, that on short notice, it decides to withdraw the event like the, the hockey, a word cup, for example, which was supposed to take place in dollars. but in general, of course,
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it's important to to negotiate the conditions i had of giving, giving away the olympics for deciding where to pick a place. so do you think that the big sports can be part of the solution or part of the way back from the setback, the global set back to be a corona pandemic has been certainly yes, because the sports bring people together. we have been in a situation that separates people in everyday life in between countries and sports events will be more important than ever to go back to normality and project a sense of well being in the community of nations. yes. so it's more important than, than ever. i would agree with respect to sports in general because as a cultural value, global cultural value, which we have to respect, i'm not in favor of supporting sports organizations who do exist dropped
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because they have a very uncharacteristic structure in many federations. and i'm really very skeptical is these are going to your organization or the right bodies to organize big events. and then again, there is no tentative right now, like the olympics are still the only what, why it's event where people from every corner of the word up participating and people from, from all over the word also watching. so if there is any chance of bringing people together, i think it is the fixed, not in tokyo because nobody will be there. but so what things from, from all the different general. how are these games going to be going to be very narrow? very strict rules are not only like corona tests everyday, but also a strict separation, i believe, for athletes. and during this, i'm not allowed to take trumps public transportation to get in close contact with pennies population. also the athletes can only stay there for a very short time, which means that by off the competition, i think within 48 hours,
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they have to leave the country again. which means that they are not able to, together to party, to, to, to be there at the closing ceremony in the end, which is also a very emotional moment usually usually important for the absolutely this, the high point of their career is very, very often. absolutely. so this is going to how, how the, this was the thing of the villain picks that we get the statement, the best selling, pick up or whatever, you know, wherever the sell and they are going to be bought from the pile. they will be at the very, very, very end audio, limbic history, i guess, until after they did that, thanks very much for joining us. we've been talking about this. okay, lympics, are they going to happen? what the say mood going to be? thanks very much for joining us. thanks very much. my 3 guest as well. it enjoyed the show come back next time. bye bye. i'm sure. the
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10 years after the arabs spring and rebellion starts june 7th on d. w. the news . this is the w news line from berlin. one of germany's leading catholic figures offers his resignation to the pope cardinal reinhard mark. the archbishop of munich says she has to share responsibility for the catastrophe of sexual abuse by clerics over the past decades. also coming up with police arrest prominent hong kong activists on the anniversary of the.


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