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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  June 2, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm CEST

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when the young people clearly had the solutions, the future, the 77 percent. now, every weekend on the w, me the russia rolls out the red carpet for foreign investors. but how convincing can moscow be with domestic buying power down on a shrunken ruble? and a turbulent relationship with the west that's resulted in sanction after sanction. we'll go to our correspondence in st. petersburg. also in the show what has 6 legs and 7 times the fatty acids of fish. it's the bug that's being raised and roasted for your next snack. look at the growing market for edible insects. flowed. welcome to the show. i'm seeing busy in berlin. today russia kicks off its annual economic
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form in st. petersburg. the event is expected to focus on pandemic recovery. and of course, the disruption caused by western sanctions. and the e u and u. s. of applied those sanctions over years, 1st for russia's illegal annexation of crimea from the ukraine in 2014. later for sitting russian troops to eastern ukraine and supporting separate us there. more recently following countries, involvement in a poisoning of regime critic, i would say nevada me last year was a setback for trade firms from germany, one of russia's biggest trading partners. pulling back, as the pandemic loomed over a country heavily dependent on oil and gas, what russia appears to have withstood the worst and its own course for better than expected recovery. german firms already invested more than 1000000000 euros the 1st quarter of this year alone. for many foreign companies, rush remains a promising market. if an unpredictable 150 tons of paper are printed here each day with more than a 1000 different patterns,
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they're mainly used in furniture production. behind it all is shot, the core, a medium sized german enterprise. this plant near moscow is one of 16 around the world and one of the company's most successful of using the 4000 hager committee. we came here in 2000 to scott and we were one of the 1st in our sector to do that. and was there are no major local rivals here. we 1st had to do our homework and make sure it was top quality. and it wasn't easy. after about 2 years, russia was at our feet in a minute. listen to me. german products and technology are visible across russia. companies from germany, i've been investing huge sums for years, multinational like siemens, mercedes volkswagen in bosh, and medium sized enterprises and agriculture, construction and machinery. after
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a week panoramic year, businesses are now seeing a recovery in russia. you start to speak on the will flag and siding. the statistics and surveys show that cells are fairly high. that's with all. and i don't think in the 1st quarter of 2021. that investment was around 1100000000 euros . that's a very high amounts of the world's largest country by surface area remains attractive to foreign investors. but those doing business here need to have staying power. while many companies are concerned about red tape protectionism and also exchange rates shot the course adjusted to the landscape in the past 2 decades. now it's more worried about growing competition from russian companies that goes and perhaps one of the biggest problems is consumer purchasing power. it has suffered in recent years and i notice it among my employees as well. since 2014, the rugle has been worth only about half of what it was. and of course,
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salaries have not doubled during that period. i mean, he said, oh, business i still rush is a huge market that is likely to remain attractive to foreign investors despite the risk of doing business year. and are moscow bureau chief, your rochette to join me now from st. petersburg? he's out that form. you're welcome. you mentioned a number of problems for businesses in your piece, an unpredictable currency bureaucracy, inadequate safeguards. what willing willingness rather has the government shown to address these structural issues. essentially. i, steven, yes, president putin announced recently that russia should become more attractive to a domestic investor that the government should to work on increasing investment by 70 percent over the next 10 years. but to reach this goal, the state has to solve 3 problems. according to the rational president, 1st, economy confer structures should be built are in use. that means building you highway, railway bridges, new power grids,
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and sell one second leave. the government has to improve the laws for long term investors. and that's exactly what my report was about. the need for predictable economic laws. so think putting wants to the government to do is to minimalize bureaucratic, heartless and problems for investors that was put in announced. but reality is different as even doing business here, main risky, because the courts are not independent. and the last a very vague, rational human rights activists speak about the so called the rubber laws. there is a lot of scope for interpretation and the loss can be applied according to whatever the current political climate is. how badly has the russian economy suffered during corona and had a prospect currently look for recovery? well, just economy has suffered a lot of all companies in the wretch more than a 1000000 companies have to close, which is 2 and a half times more than in the previous year. more than 50 percent of all companies
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didn't have enough savings. you might call the financial padding to survive the, and that is despite the fact that the fool down here in russia was very short. and only last for just over 2 months. the states did offer health, but only 10 percent of companies applied for it because of the bureaucratic carlos were too high and the actual mattress was not very effective. he got so much about these problems. drugs, for example, is overseas investment, really a serious priority for russia given its focus on oil and gas, for example. it was, well the sale of oil and gas account for 20 percent off russia, g, d, p u, almost half of tax revenues and 60 percent of excellence. that's a lot of money, which is a blessing the curse for the state. why? because of the drop in the oil price in 2020, the russian states last billions of euro's russian needs, those exports, the more oil and gas russia exports, the, the more money it has in the treasury, and then it can distribute that money. for example,
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it can invest in foreign machines and technologies in this respect all and gas prices have a direct impact on foreign trade. but the problem is that the gas and oil will definitely run out at some point. also, no one knows how fast that of eligible speech to alternative or green energy. all right, your shots are moscow bureau chief in st. petersburg at the moment. thank you very much. the world's biggest meat processing company, j b. s. as it slowly getting back online after cyber attack disrupted production in north america and australia. the ransomware attack on the brazilian meet packer came just weeks after a similar incident shut down the colonial oil pipeline in the u. s. gps that it was resuming cattle slaughter at the vast majority of its plants. earlier, the white house said j b. s. have received a ransom demand from a criminal organization based in russia. let's take a look now. some of the other business stories making headlines. all my chinese top trade negotiator, johan held a video call with us treasury secretary,
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janet yelling on tuesday. the world's 2 biggest economies have been locked and still meeting their trade conflict. but there have been signs of contact in recent weeks. still, there is no indication when formal talks between beijing and washington will resume . growth in brazil returned to its pre panoramic level of 1.2 percent during the 1st 3 months of 2021. latin america's largest country, benefiting from the easing of cobra, 1900 restriction, despite the countries ongoing struggles with the pandemic last year, brazil's annual g d p contract if by whopping 4 point one percent in speaking of brazil, a giant underwater cable connecting europe to latin america via portugal and brazil has been an augi rated link, as it's known is considered a big step in connecting the 2 continents. european officials say it will help share information, develop the data economy will insect so we have long been a part of dies in asia and africa in europe. not so much, but habits are changing,
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and there's more people avoid animal products. some c, a market developing. now the european commission has officially declared mill worms to be food. it could be a game changer for insect farmers, many of whom are operating under temporary licenses that are hoping to grow their businesses and turn insects into another source of protein for europeans. even if just need one or a porter, lars alter visited one of germany's largest insect farms. and soon as this report snipped thing in a little town in southern germany. not far from where the danube river started a long journey east as a small church and feels as far as the i can see. and it is right here where you can catch a glimpse of the future of our food. and these guys have nothing to do with it. no, we're looking at another source of protein and it's coming from this rather non descript place to huge factory buildings. the farm is called 6 feet to eat. and they're
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raising meal worms here. these tiny insect just over 2 centimeters long could be key to feeding the planets. in fact, $42.00 insect rich and protein living up to 70 percent of their entire mass is protein, vice in addition to that, they're also rich and healthy. omega 3 fatty acid fisher, somebody's like fish tissue except with fish. you have a 2 percent share of the mega 3 fatty acid on one. second. somebody present some insight. my especially the meal unites have over 14 percent. they have to be 7 times as much for me. i said so on split the cd 5. literally millions of insects are being raised here. mealworms crickets, grasshoppers. each breed with very particular needs, like steady temperatures of up to 40 degrees. the insects live for just 4 to 5
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weeks before they make their way into a fridge fall into a deep sleep. that ends in a roasting oven there packaged and sent to stores, restaurants, or straight to consumers who are currently paying premium for the product. but with the u. paving the way the company hopes to produce cheaper soon kept sending up in these in new york city. there were some insects ideally suited for ethical factory farming, like the meal cricket. currently establishing some level of automation in our processes to get away from a lot of the manual labor that is currently needed by trip. and that's a way to cut costs, and it will help bring the consumer prices down to push this bond on this because it looks recent in place. but what about all those people who can't stomach bug on their salad or the past? this while they can go to the noun, becca, could heinlein is a baker noun back, and he has been specializing an interesting ingredients like spelt or insects. his
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insect bread contains 20 percent me a warm flour. it's pricey at over a euro for a small loaf. but customers have quickly taken an interest as a given say, a positive way, but we were positively surprised, especially with regard to our older customers. we thought that the younger generation would be more likely to try out something new, but in fact, it was the overseas room and got really excited about life. and many even tried to hold me a worms to hear tom reason enough for the baker to hope that his store stays busy and customers are enjoying more of his experiments. alright, his reminder of our top story this, our russians annual economic forum and st. petersburg kicked off today, focusing on the recovery from the pandemic, and on western sections that have long disrupted business there. for me in the
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dw business team here, but it is always find us online, g, w dot com slash business for these and other stories. conversely, thanks for watching the news . the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research say? information and context? the corona virus. nazi the 19th special next on dw. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning like global ideas. we will show you
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how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now. the efficiently me and my says there are only a few dozen new infections a day. say that can't be true. there's hardly any testing going on. there are reports about lack of stop in testing centers. hospital had the same problem with doctors and nurses joining strikes against the military, which sees power 4 months ago. being attacks on health care workers, me as schools reopen,
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some teachers and students are also making a stand defying the hunters calls for full classrooms, which would only help that virus sprayed. hundreds of thousands of people across me. m. i have been calling for an end to the military tank over the country is in turmoil. and the health care system is one of the most effective sectors. doctors and nurses were the 1st to go on strike. thousands refusing to work under a military, beijing. but that also poses a problem for koby patients. my on bazillion is head of mission for doctors without borders in me and my and joiners from young gone. tell us about the difficulties of your work. first of all, i mean you're trying to save lives at the same time as putting your own lives at risk. oh, really? yeah. that, that's true and that's being part of, i guess,
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at the moment our lives is not very high. she to asian for the people in the march very, to fear before the actual international stuff with them. it's not a dish for our national stuff jen, and cheese periods. not only asking them to to do more than we usually do. we are up skating our activities due to the increase needs, at the same time, they're facing psychological stress from, from what is going on in their own country. so yes, for our, our stuff, our national stuff here in the office around 11 people. it's a very testing testing time for us to, to bring the services we want to bring in these times and the breakdown of
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the health system here and and i guess the psychological impact also has a political angle to it. the w h o is talking about a 179 attacks on medical staff in facilities since the military took over. also 13 deaths, dozens of arrests. i mean, how do you go about reaching the people when health professionals are being attacked? yes, specifically that helps us help workers to our own cdn. so to civil disobedience rules are targeted. these are to help workers working for the public sector. are you still have health workers working for private sector or charity checks or like my transition? so our doctors are continue their work, they're not striking and therefore their national that targets directly.
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but you can see the fear among our stuff as well. and that's basically from coming to the office having to police checks potentially being searched. there is definitely a fear we're not directly to talk of because we're not working in the public health . thanks for joining the civil disobedience movement. the do you, you national stuff is definitely very aware and very young . can you tell us just diet situation is with covert or how bad the numbers are? i believe the daughter isn't reliable the days i don't know. right. i also, after the military take far the, basically the country stopped at testing there the whole city,
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the fractionation program came to a standstill. there are a few 100 tests today, but there's nothing to compare to before the military takeover, which means we don't have reliable days. and it also means that we are in besides the whole convention, let's say testing tracing explanation. there's also a lot of things happening in the country that are messed instructions. the whole banking system is collecting hughes for atm. she'd like reading and the region are writing. and so we are really worried about their grades outbreak in our system at the current stages. let's get another view from georgina phillips and emergency physician in australia who's trained doctors and nurses in the law and has
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published a coca cola charity in the lancet. some of the authors of that letter had fled the country or in hiding or had been detained. astro gina, though about the consequences of the qu for the people of me and not. so the government health system has essentially collapsed as a result of the civil disobedience movement and the targeting health care workers. so before everyday health care systems not available for the people and people suffering from covered, for example, not getting texted nor able to access emergency care. the consequence for health care workers is intimidation and arrest all or flame the country. and so it's a health system in collapse and during that kind of a pen damage. now we can anticipate that there is a search happening in may and mother bordering countries are going through a serge mortality, mobility,
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morbidity statistics are not available. we don't know tasting. it's not available, we don't know how many people are positive and people are frightened to go to health care services. they might sales might be target. the health care services are extremely limited. there's charity clinics, there's private clinics, but they're limited in what they can provide for people. and therefore, we anticipate that people are suffering not only worsting of their normal health condition, but quite likely suffering from the escalation and search of the private pandemic. this wasn't always the way it was, georgina you mentioned before, the curve that health facilities. we're in good shape. that's true. so prior to the coup the codes and respond to me and my both quite robust, my colleagues in the emergency care systems in emergency medicine relating the
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clinical response. the government hospitals had quite strong tasting screening, korea, and critical care responses. there was a system for treatment, escalation of treatment, transfer of carpet positive patients. there was a robust public health response people, of course, for public health response. you need people to be trusting in, in their ministry of health and government systems. and that was happening. there was contact tracing and the vaccination vaccination program was rolling out the military. the 1st of february has called a halt to all of those activities, and most of those things are no longer progressing. the doctor i spoke to before said me and my wouldn't be able to handle a 3rd wave. what. what is coming their way? do you think? i think it's quite likely that there is a 3rd wave happening in me in my, at the moment that there's no available, reliable data. i think you can anticipate that that is,
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that is happening given the neighboring countries, the situation of the neighboring countries. and i do think that me and my will not be able to handle this search. the government hospitals are bailey functioning. government health workers are very limited to the workforce is severely restricted and the charity clinics and the private hospitals are not able to provide a service. and the people i'm most reluctant to attend to the military hospitals. so in terms of accessing acute care covered people with acute infection and serious symptoms that will be severely diminished in terms of contact pricing and the public health response. that's that's minimal. and the vaccination program, i think, is also severely restricted. time for derek williams and your questions on the corona virus call it some people can still
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get the virus even after being vaccinated is heard immunity, even possible questions like this, or why many scientists don't like the term heard immunity because they feel the word immunity implies a point where the pandemic suddenly stops, a lot of them prefer the term heard protection because vaccine drives don't make every one in a population magically immune when enough people have had shot. they just, they just help protect people who are still vulnerable and protection implies ongoing vigilance, which is what pretty much all the experts say we're going to need going forward. and there are a few reasons why heard protection will be very difficult to achieve. not least that as you say, a few people still contract the disease even after full vaccination and can
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presumably pass it on to others. this phenomenon is called vaccine failure and the person that happens to is known as a breakthrough case. but data from the end of april, from the u. s. has confirmed something that had been reported from israel, which is that breakthrough cases, at least so far look exceedingly rare that could of course, change as, as more time passes. but right now, the data look great, it's a sign that her protection might not be an achievable at least in some local or regional or, or even maybe national contexts. but even if transmission is brought largely under control in some places, few experts believe, sorry, covey too is just going to go away, because to wipe out the virus, we'd have to hit the vaccination goals globally, which will take years. and in the meantime,
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immunity could begin to wayne and those who were already vaccinated or the virus could still mutate in ways that would make her protection even harder to achieve me. thanks for watching. so you again say, ah, the news . the news
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the news, the news, the all to do or not to well, what about a sharing economy change in thinking is changing the economy to create something new. economics magazine, really in germany. in 30 minutes on d w. i. how can we make fish farming
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defective and ecological to launch a printer from gonna don't read fish. want to play our plans. a decision from nature here healthy are turned into organic fertilizer and the aquaculture into a sustainable ecosystem. eco africa. 90 minutes on d. w. ah, cruise will make the gym the gym love batting away, but i'm not my own everyone with later holes and every day getting you ready to meet the gym and then join me. rachel, do it on d. w. the devastating. how are we?
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can we carry effects of climate change? i mean, felt worldwide. people are things in in the rain forest continued carbon dioxide emissions have risen again young people all over the world are committed to claim that protection. what impact willing is because change doesn't happen on its own. the make up your own mind. w need phone lines. mm. ah, excuse
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me. this is the deputy news line from china's all things surveillance system in shanghai, video cameras and artificial intelligence team up to keep a close eye on 24000000 citizens. is it smart governing or violation of civil rights? w gets special access to the monitoring center cold city. brian also coming up a rushing opposition activists is hold off a plane just before take off. another prominent kremlin predictor is arrested and threatened with jail. they ye calls it a patent of shrinking space with critical voices.


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