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tv   Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden  Deutsche Welle  May 31, 2021 5:00pm-5:04pm CEST

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where does the world stand today? 10 years after the arab spring. and rebellion starts june 7th on d w. the news news, this is vito. the news live from berlin, beijing, and i'm says, a major policy shift to china, slowing birth rate. the limit of 2 children per family has been scrapped. couples will be allowed up to 3 economists to say the aging population is a threat to grove also coming up lost in the chaos of a volcano,
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a russian. we meet the children separated from their parents in a massive occupation and volunteers doing their best to take care of. germany sees answers after a report suggests a european neighbor help the united states spy on chancellor angle america. and the question mark hanging over soccer's cobra america with just 2 weeks ago, argentina is dropped a post because of surgeon corona virus cases kind of tournament. still go ahead the me i'm paula foliage. welcome to the program. china is scrapping its longstanding policy of only allowing couples to have 2 children. parents will now be able to have up to 3. the ruling communist party wants to reverse the low birth rate. the latest census shows china's population is growing at its lowest in decades.
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officials fear the aging population means a shrinking work force, which could threaten economic growth. this pediatrics center and beijing may look busy, but china, his birthright, has fallen heavily in recent years. many hear welcome to use of the new 3 child policy, but also regretted that it didn't come sooner. oh yeah, i think it's a good policy because the aging population is quite a serious problem. that's i think the country should have taken the step earlier. like us have missed the time that we could have had another child. the child is rolling communist party relaxed. it's one child policy in 2016, allowing most couples to have to. but that appears to have done little to stop the birthrights downward. trend latest census data shows that the number of people in china older than 65 rose sharply in the last decade. at the same time,
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the working age population shrank dramatically. despite the new 3 child's policy, many chinese a hesitant to have more children, they say the extra costs involved, along with the demands of taking care of their own elderly parents just too much to bear high. yeah, they should be more policy support to encourage people to give birth to more children, including more education, support, medical support, so that people are more willing to raise children off some 40 years after the implementation of the one child policy. it seems china's next generations will face a whole set of new challenges. well, for more on this correspondence, my p. s. building is in beijing. hi mathias. now how big of a problem is china's population structure?
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while the biggest problem of china's population structure that china might reach its peak growth in.


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