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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  May 31, 2021 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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the me ah, ah, was, ah, this is the w news lie from berlin, beijing, and i'm says a major policy shift to china's flowing birthright. the limit of 2 children per family is being scrapped. couples will be allowed up to 3 economists say the aging population is a threat to growth. also coming up in the last in the chaos of a volcano, russian, we meet the children, separated from their parents in a mass evacuation, and the volunteers doing their best to take care of them. plus germany seeks enters
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after a report suggest the european neighbor help the united states. spy on chancellor angle americas. ah, i'm pablo foliage. welcome to the program. china is scrapping. it's long standing policy of only allowing couples to have 2 children. parents will now be able to have up to 3. the ruling communist party wants to reverse the low birth rate. the latest census shows china's population is growing at its lowest in decades. officials fear the aging population means a shrinking workforce could threaten economic growth. this paediatrics center and beijing may look busy, but china's birthright has fallen heavily in recent years. many hear welcome to use of the new 3 child policy, but also regretted that it didn't come sooner. oh yeah,
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i think it's a good policy because the aging population is quite a serious problem that's i think the country should have taken the step earlier. like us have missed the time that we could have had another child saying i'd china's rolling communist party relaxed it's one child policy in 2016, allowing most couples to have to. but that appears to have done little to stop the birthrights downward. trend latest census data shows that the number of people in china older than 65 rose sharply in the last decade. at the same time, the working age population shrank dramatically. despite the new 3 child policy, many chinese a hesitant to have more children, they say the extra costs involved, along with the demands of taking care of their own elderly parents just too much to bear. i hear ya. they should be more policy support to encourage people to give
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birth to more children, including more education, support, medical support, so that people are more willing to raise children off some 40 years after the implementation of the one child policy. it seems china's next generations will face a whole set of new challenges. well, for more on this correspondence, my ts billing is in beijing. hi mathias. now how big of a problem is china's population structure? while the biggest problem of china's population structure that china might reach its peak growth in the next one to 3 years, and then it will start to decline. meaning that it's that the population at the share of the population, right? that's a problem for many economies that they have to pay more and the more retired people,
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while not having as many young working age people. but for china, this comes with when it's not quite as rich as other countries who have experienced the same. so the burden on the young people will be much higher. and this is something that has worried the government and economists for a few years now. it could be much more difficult for china than for other countries like germany, japan, italy, other european countries that have the same problem. all right, so you said that it's been worrying the government and economists, but what about people in china? what are they saying about the government's policy shift? the generation that is now planning their families is people who are owned in the end of the twenty's and the beginning of the 30s. they have all grown up as a, during this one child policy, many of them as single children,
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especially in the cities. so many of them don't even know what it's like to grow up with more children and they feel that there is a lot of pressure on them. and that raising to children might be too much of a pressure, let alone 3. so because there is a big competition in the education system, parents invest a lot in private tutoring. somebody on the internet says that said ironically, that the reason why he doesn't drive 3. rolls royce was never that rolls royce had a cap on how many rolls royce you can drive. others have said how, how, how does the government imagine i'm having 3 children when we have to take care of for elderly parents. so there is a lot of discontent. there was a pole on the on, on social media by the official use agency. will you have a 3rd child, 90 percent of people online responded certainly not seen why the official news
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agency put the poll after that? well, briefly mathias, is there any talk of the government doing more to help families? yeah, there is talk to have announced that they will improve maternity leave conditions and other things. however, there's not a lot they would have to improve in order to make 3 children attractive to many people. all right, my ts building up. thank you for that update. the agency doctors without borders is warning that hundreds of thousands of people displaced by a volcano. erosion and eastern democratic republic of congo are at risk of cholera infection. the eruption of mountain near gun go near the city of goma, sparked a chaotic mass. exodus hundreds of children were separated from their parents. dw somebody l reports now from nearby saki on,
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some of the young people still waiting to be reunited with their families. then he had gone, go volcano, still fuming over a week after the devastating of option and it's still impacting people in it's this entity like 6 year old as he lost his parents and the calles when he and his family flat and panic on this child has been found and he will take him to your home because the way to find his parents. he will stay with you. but perhaps you, but it's your works as a volunteer for the red cross. his job is to register children who have been separated from the parents. according to the you and nearly a 1000 children were reported missing after the option of them bahati and his colleagues have been able to reunite 700 with that parent. but he found ezra among other children on the street. he says their child is taken in body already has 6 children of his own what he needs to live. wally, keep a sacrifice
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a little that i have that god has given me. that is what i feed the children, but still struggling at least they can still afford a simple meal. many others fighting over essential goods. the people yeah. that's not enough. not pain and it becomes a provide to people the next hour. many of the 400000 people who fled the eruption come here to the town of soccer. there are no shelters. people are sleeping in schools or inside the church. what when we want to so, how can i keep the living conditions have become very bad? markets have no food, i personally am not making a living. i am now poor. was if you money. now me was
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taken in 3 days ago. she never forgot the moment when the sky turned red. yes. i told my mom, mom, look, the volcano is now on fire. we got out and many we're seeing there was when we lost each other. i was very afraid i was shaking. i was not even able to run to the house. she thinks she knows where her parents might be, but it's far away. and transportation is expensive. after i find mom and dad. but i would like to move here because i like it, you know, playing on the love of a pastor option as right now. me hope to be reunited with their parents soon. and w correspondence marty l. miller, who fall that report joins us now from goma. i might yell and now many people have
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to flee and they lost their homes. how are they all coping with the situation? yes, so there are 4500 homes that have been destroyed. and 20000 people have been affected by the lava and robson according to you to the us. and as you could see in this report, and the town of sacker which is more or less 30 kilometers away from here, people basically left with nothing. so they lack food. they like drinkable water, like sunny taishan medical treatment and also shelter as it could also see. so it was really devastating to see that because the situation now is going on for, for almost a week over a week actually. and still they don't, they, these people. so it gets sold us help and they also criticize that a lot. so yeah, that's the current situation. but the most, my thing is just probably the lack of drinkable water and that's what also people tell us. they even go to this lake like cable to get water and the water is
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actually not fit for drinking at, but dangerous drink it because you could get cold water born diseases. but also what? yeah, doctors without borders is warning that there could be a color outbreak. so very difficult situation indeed. now what can you tell us about the current volcanic activity in the area? yeah, so expert and work and i'll just say code other risk assessment and they found out that there are indicators that show that there might be mark my here below this area actually of go mind all stretching into this lake lake keeble, which is particularly interesting because that is kind of a nightmare scenario and the expert world here concerning okay, know science because they say if there's interruption under the lake and also love flowing into the lake that could release huge amounts of carbon dioxide that are now just soft. and the depth of the lake, and if these are released, they could rise to the, to the,
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to the top of the lake and then even forms. very toxic, very deadly cloud that even move onto the ground, kills every living being. and that's actually what happened in 1986 in cameroon. and 1700 people died. many animals also died. and back then it was still not clear what, what caused the phenomenon. what's the government doing? are they doing enough to monitor the volcanic activities and also protecting the lives of the people who live near it? yeah, so there is the observatory that is in charge. the goal novel came up the tree. they monitor every organic activity here. and they that something was actually cut, the world bank didn't renew a funding program. and they said because of embezzlement allegations, but that left the book and ologist and the experts with them to have that couldn't
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even pay for internet. that means they couldn't even provide or perform the basic checks in order to monitor the volcano and also to foresee an interruption like this. and i spoke to a book and i was just told me, yeah, we expect that the government and we expect to get support by the government and also because they have the responsibility to protect the population. i do, i will leave it there. dw correspondents, l. mueller, thanks for your reporting. but let's get you up to speed on some of the other stories making headlines around the world. this our west african leaders have suspended molly from africa was trading alliance after a 2nd military 2 and 9 months. but the meeting and ghana held back from re imposing sanctions on molly. instead, the block is insisting that a civilian government is installed to prepare for elections. police in nigeria say government have kidnapped around 200 children from a school in new harris state. it's the latest in a series of such raids. 700 students have been abducted and held for ransom since
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december. police in south western france have detained an armed fugitive after a shoot out in the dark donya region. a major man hung to track down the former soldier who opened fire an officer is responding to a domestic violence. cool. residents were warned to stay indoors. israel's opposition leader yard left. it says there are still many obstacles to forming a new coalition government as prime minister benyamin at yahoo. a centrist leader is trying to forge an alliance, including a right wing processor party, and our bas railey parties has until a wednesday deadline to do so. i'm not sure i'm leaving now germany thinking clarification over a report the denmark helped us by on senior european politicians, including chancellor anglo michael initial revelations. nearly a decade ago showed that the u. s. national security intelligence agency tapped the
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phones of several leaders with medical among them. now a new multinational media investigation says a danish military intelligence.


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