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between fans and police chelsea's hero of the night though it was german international striker chi half free through on the counter just before half time score the game winning goal coming up world stories with look at the week and reports. remember, you can always get all the latest news around the world on our website, that's w dot com, the the green you feel worried about the furnace? and the old host of the on the green fence is clear. we need to change. join me for the size of the green transformations for me to you for the plan. ah,
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china cities are growing at a breathtaking pace, mega metropolises with glittering facades. but the own trowbridge is what the major cities really want. the way they're thinking is to have the high and if you call them that the high end population, more and more chinese moving from the country to the city. but beyond the shiny high rises the streets and narrow, loud and dirty. there is no regulation or law in china that protects the tenant rights. homeowners are expropriated, forced to yield to the construction boom, buildings spaces in high demand, those left behind have no legal recourse, they become desperate. my house is gone, torn down, everything's gone. join a struggle for living space, reach, ease,
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ready to defend his home, to the last the china as such does not have a particularly dense population. vantage, sprawling urban agglomeration do. ah, cities with millions of inhabitants are practically sprouting up overnight. tonight, as it is modern, barbarous and fullness to partnerships. in 198020 percent of china's population lived in cities. today that figure has risen to 60 percent over 800000000 people. no country in the world has as many large cities with over 1000000 inhabitants. china has more than 100. experts expect dan figure to double in just
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a few years. the german architect actual optic moved to china. as its boom was well underway. he has lived and worked here for 11 years. i like, of course everyone thinks you will find your fortune in the biggest cities. jane, shanghai sh engine. that's where the big money is money. it's part of the chinese dream to live and work in the big dazzling cities. but most of the former rural residents looking for work can't afford to do so. millions of them are constantly on the move as migrant workers. this is my 1st language you said because there's not just a few of them at several 100 millions and i think it wouldn't have me on. i don't know the exact number sizes, even about 2 or 300000000 people, maybe more constantly wandering them from one place to the next to make money because they can't at home. going to a dog. and i get a 50 to hold. you can get for the that guns in there,
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they could only work in the fields, is i don't even that isn't so easy anymore because so much land is so contaminated . it's become completely in fertile and the rural exit as has led to rapidly increasing rents in cities. in 2017 an apartment in beijing cost about $620.00 euros in rent. whereas the average salary of the aging official was around $1400.00 euros, barely twice the rent, ah, by comparison and migrant work, and around 455 years a month in 2017. making a city apartment way beyond his mains. ah, all day the sky has left at hong kong for 14 years. he has witnessed the social upheaval across china from up class. they can afford these new apartments that are
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built these very rapidly by the ninety's were becoming really expensive and you needed to have a proper job and a proper work permit, etc, to even be able to buy property. so they were world people living and working in the city, and it was natural for them to look for spaces that accepted them where migrant and low income workers can afford to live in china. so cold urban villages, formerly real villages surrounded by fields. today they are surrounded by the city . no greater, no glass, but affordable places that mostly remain hidden from tourists. if you renting a room in a very central village, it might be more than one on the outskirts. but you could find a room, maybe a share, and you'd pay 202300, maybe $500.00 remaining be per month, you know, $4050.00 euro or something like that. 50 years for a place to sleep in
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a dorm and compared to 620 for an entire apartment. we want to learn more about the living conditions for the residence here. miss li shows as her apartment. she and her husband and daughter shall 7 square meters. although she and her husband both have jobs, they cant afford anything larger me. at least they have a window that's not always the case. they have to pay for electricity, water, even school life in a city is expensive. me. i the room costs $100.00 euros per month. home outside the urban village is out of the question. other residents also show us fast spaces. although we try to be as inconspicuous as possible, we get called several times. no cameras allowed me, we stopped filming. china is this surveillance state,
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but the police can't be everywhere. but in these 4 areas, we stand out as foreigners all the more. with professors architecture, john do works at hong kong university. she specializes in large metropolitan areas and urban villages. there are urban, religious, every single setting, china, every single city, some has hundreds, some has 1000, some have a handful of decades. the chinese government has considered urban villages to be eyesores. that hindered progress and modernization they went to vanish from the cities, gave me and make room for the new modern way of living. make room for skyscrapers shopping malls so urgently needed that the urban villages are
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to make way for them and the residence they hardly put up any resistance. they know there is little point in standing up to the government. so they pack up what they own and move on. most of the reasons why a government would want to be part of a demolition process to to demolish and urban lives is because that either the government or a developer deems they're much better and more valuable use for the land, municipal government to say the inhabitants of the urban villages should vacate their homes voluntarily, and also then in a way of potential investors. severance payments often make it easier to let go. but those who still refuse to leave, i'll put on the master pressure we learned while that maintain long joe in
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2012 amidst the rebel field marking a former urban village we met last year. she had been arrested for not abandoning hope on. he told me to write a confession. i was so scared and i don't write well, i told him i couldn't write really well then the fellow prisoner wrote something for me. oh wow. you got this here. she told me it was my official objection to the demolition of the house. yes, i thought i was very frightened. i was confused. i just wanted to get out. even yes would have been better ones. the police were so cruel.
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the they had done guns. i was terrified. that's why i just signed sign and they let me go and let them write and research a david bender. he knows many cases like the jazz he was in guam, joe himself in 2012 who in many cases like this you can see the absolute desperation. and it varies from village to village, but many people are in this case there, they have nowhere to go. there is no future for them, no pensions, no place to live. their community is gone and they feel just desperate. with signature, lee jay who can neither read nor write formally agreed to the demolition of. she received no compensation and her signature unwittingly waved any later claim to it . so here i am,
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i say with one person one day someone else the next. what can i do? my house has gone torn down. everything is gone. no, all i can do is hang around here. what else is there to do is if they wanted me did the day off to the ga, jumped off the roof of building and killed me . it is a lot of people are jumping off apartment towers from 6 if you've lived in the same place for sometimes more than 6 generations. and then it's hard to comprehend when one day someone shows up and says it's over and you have to leave or you're no longer welcome, that you have to make way for something else. a highway or limbic stadium or just and other high rise and fall. and these developments were particularly extreme in
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shin gym in 1980 paramount leader. den chow ping proclaimed one of china's 1st special economic zones in what was then a small town that just under $59000.00 inhabitants between 19802010. according to a us report. jane jane was the fastest growing city in human history. the city devoured the neighboring farmland and engulf entire villages. today, official figure station jane has over 12000000 inhabitants. in reality, it's probably more than 16 surrounding agricultural areas. it's still being rezoned as building land by decrease. the urban villages within the city are also expected to make way for lucrative new buildings. a law was passed from the central government. all village land inside a certain, the 70 now become national,
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the own meaning. the land is no longer on by the villages. they're owned by the government. so this is done by law, by national law. so you cannot say it's illegal. you could say it's legality. the correctness of the law we can do, but it's, it's a national lot. so therefore, the villagers found themselves just over night, not own the last government decree in the 990 is stated that a good cultural land belonged to the state farm is killing the land. had no other option than to give in to the states wishes to turn land into money. the for the land from collectively which is rural and into and belongs to the collective of the community. and they
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transfer it into basically state owned land, state use land, which means that can be developed for. and then they basically auction off the land off into the private developers. well, or state linked, often state own developers, big companies that then build apartments and infrastructure and this kind of thing . in the end, all the farmers were left with where the houses in the village center and the chinese law. these belong to the collective of all villages. and as such, cannot be expropriated as easily villagers living in the local villages in the city. the urban villages recognized the huge economic opportunity. i will take my one or 2 story apartment on my plot of collective land, and i will build it to 78 stories that much as much real estate as i can get right . and i rent it to migrant families or individual migrants coming in. and so this is what happened, they became landlords farmers, deprived of their fields,
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had to find creative ways to make money. they built their houses as cheaply and efficiently as possible, as high as the foundations would carry it still common practice today.


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