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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  May 28, 2021 7:45am-8:01am CEST

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there are lots of examples of corruption in the area, including the government would provide a certain amount per month, a certain number per person, per resident of the village, per month for a period of 3 years, for example, from loss of livelihood as they took farm land right, because this was the source of livelihood and i had documents for the time that that were provided by people to me that would show that basically the head of the village hadn't had over reported the number of villagers eligible. so you look at the kind of roster of the population of the village and what was reported to city authorities with all the stamps from the county level, from this office, from the for everyone who were probably involved to, to over report the amount of compensation that was due, but where did the compensation go? for years, corruption has been one of china's most serious problems and the government is determined to tackle it. it seems to have spread everywhere,
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even into the housing market and me to the majority of people in the city locations. and they would say the villagers got hit the lottery that then that most of the villagers, in fact, in exchange for the land or in change for the building did receive an enormous amount of money the g jones. whereas he has yet to see a single one. but after months such like a logical warfare, he has given way a little his wife and 2 children have moved into a small one room apartment in another urban village that still standing from now on the g shown is on his own. he's not sure if he will ever see his family again. the only thing he said to knows is that the construction workers will continue to pressure him if need be with false me.
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it's a, it's a huge problem because they learn from the system that violence is what solve the problem. each night we want chance the construction companies send out another gang of hooligans. they throw rocks at the windows and make sure the few remaining residents come find any rest. work new mon. as soon as the thugs disappear the police surface. as long as the thugs day, the police never show up. to me it's been over 60 weeks and lee is completely worn out. sleep is out of the question. the risk is too great that he might miss an attack and not be able to defend himself. to get it
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soon. and i'm just, i don't know if it's day or night the construction company, so usually attack after midnight. they smash windows being on doors at home. i see it's constant chaos on child show when they put us kneelhauss residents under such enormous pressure to do such and judging. it's past midnight now, i guess for in the morning they will probably strike again around 5 o'clock as he feels condemned to sit and wait
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for months. he's defended his home like a fortress. the broken windows are closed off with mantle. robinson wouldn't hardly any daylight catch in his previous life. lee was a simple worker. now he's facing down a huge enemy. and a war of attrition of stability is used as a justification in going after these resisting villagers. they're seen as dangerous, right. but the upshot of this kind of conflict i think, is a real instability. the fact that they can't protect the, the rights of these villagers in a, in a, in a systematic and, and fair way. the situation became desperate in 2013 after more than a year of conflict. one morning, the demolition company arrived with heavy equipment. li use the camera. we gave him
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to document what was happening to the incidence of the nail house when he couldn't think of anything else to do. he dialed the number of the citizens hotline the. what does the god go by his vision. i don't want you. you don't want to go all by your
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blog refundable. young when i'm gonna do you can walk. i've only forgotten even did you want you to walk over the situation threatens to spiral out of control. we retreat to safety.
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the construction workers force fairway into the nail houses, intent on beating lee cheese young and his last remaining neighbors out of the house. technically advanced against the law, so they trying to do it as quickly and quietly as possible the but the men find back and decimate and self made explosives the loud and anything on the sample.
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the noise caused by the explosive devices and leave loud cries, make the songs call off their attack. the leaches young stuff and battle might be an exception to the rule, but he's not the only one. all over china. protests against the demolition of the urban villages have been growing for more than 10 years. the demonstrators often wear the red hat that signify membership in the ruling communist party,
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who would use violence against them. ah, protests attract attention as abroad and in china itself. mm. the collective community was basically returning to collecting action and not even just that village after village, but village to village villages linking with other villages that were facing similar problems, sharing information about how to protest, what are the effective ways, what are the legal ways, what are the sort of, you know, in terms of protest or petitioning, you know, how does it work? what's effective ultimately tease young succeeded in his case, his loud protest led to an amicable settlement. the construction company finally offered him a sum that he could accept. he won't say how much but
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his struggle left behind sco to this day, li live in constant fear of revenge i what's the knife for? what if they come after me? what would i do without it? i can't defend myself unarmed. yes, but those nice. yeah. i'm ready if they attack me, they'll pay for it. that's what you think. no chance without a knife. who jim tower, the president of the people's republic of china for 10 years g g ping became his successor. in march 2013, he announced he would take notice signs of action against corruption and the
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situation has improved the homeowners from the slums. there are no rules for compensation. they vary widely from one region to the next. we have no way of knowing to what extent they are actually complied with. human being paid are insanely high, emotionally by living space, not just here, but elsewhere, and other regionally in the un is building the whole anguish. the number of conflicts over the demolition of villages has decreased, but that doesn't mean circumstances have improved for the roughly 300000000 low income and migrant workers. the raising of entire slum neighborhoods has left countless homeless the migrant workers who suffered if they what if you want to see it that way under these poor conditions or in another urban village. further out of the city, they have to commute further for their job at the supermarket that this handful of
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rich, who now live their shop in, you know, so. so it's a, it's a really kind of this vicious cycle yet. china's real estate boom continues in 2017. a typical apartment in jen, jen costs 41 times the average annual salary. by comparison in the german city of munich, it cost 13 years salary. as a result, 22 percent. nearly a quarter of apartments in china empty because nobody is willing or able to pay the rent, or because the owners hope the price will increase even further. $15000000.00 vacant apartments and there's no end in sight. now b gene is set to merge with y ro, changing quite parts of her bay tide. and so it will form a huge triangle and the population is expected to grow to an estimated 60 to 70000000. when you mention, i don't know if that will happen, but if the past 10 to 11 years or any guide. so it's entirely possible that if i
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were going to school time, the shortly after expectations had risen to 130000000 by 2030 experts. estimate that 80 percent of the population will live in cities. but none of this would have been possible without low wage workers. and for them, one question is becoming ever more pressing at what cost ah, me raising harassment? that's hardly any female student who hasn't experienced sexual violence in universities in britain. emily eyes and back is fighting. she's organizing protests on her message is loud and clear. rate coach. focus clear a 30 minute d. w. witness to the point. strong opinion. clear positions,
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international perspective. embarrassed and opposition. journalistic drank delta plane that was intercepted shortly before lending a recall suggest his life might be in danger. feller as president lucas shank over apparently only the kids. nothing but his name is pulling the strings. find out the point to the point on d. w. can you hear me now? yes. yes, we can hear you and hello german. we bring you angular mac or you've never had surprised you. so what is what it was to is medical read, what moves and what we talk to people who follow along the way. admirers and critics alike, and how is the world's most powerful woman shaking her legacy? join us from echo last me
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the who's this the w news coming to you live from berlin. for the 1st time, germany acknowledges a committed genocide during its colonial rule in namibia, up to a 100000 herero and now my people were murdered by german imperial forces. after years of talks terminating, says it's now ready to apologize and offer financial support to their descendants. but some are unhappy with the deal. also coming up, tens of thousands, please. the city of goma in a democratic republic of congo after authorities war and volcano is.


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