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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2021 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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sometimes see that is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning, like global ideas. we will show you how climate change ended or mental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for me . the a forced plane landing sparking outbreak in the west. you leaders are discussing further sanctions on bed rest after the orders, a passenger jet land, only to arrest prominent opposition. activists on board, also coming up with some are just around the corner in europe. we show you how the greek island of macon us is warming up to post pandemic travel. i'm chris
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kolber. welcome to the program. after the 4th landing of a passenger plane and beller road. so many europe calling for even tougher sanctions against the country. since last fall, the eu has imposed 3 rounds of sanctions on bella, rosa after autocratic leader, alexander luther shank, cracked down on opposition. protesters following last year's disputed action. they could, those sanctions be expanded. now, germany is one of bellow versus top for trading partners in 2019 bell was imported goods worth 1500000000 euros from germany. most of it was machinery, chemical products, and more. vehicles larger companies like buyer, siemens diver, and commercial banks are active in the country. now when it comes to bella was exports by far, the most important destination was russia. the big neighbor, about 40 percent of all better versus exports. that's twice as much as western
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european countries taken together on here. the united kingdom and germany were the 2 biggest buyers, followed by poland, lithuania, and the netherlands. now, the bellows incident has given new urgency to an already scheduled summit in brussels leaders there where to, that's to discuss the pandemic climate change and ties the russia. now the 4th landing is at the top of the agenda with the head of the commission or the last on the live thing. those responsible for the hijacking plane for the hijacked plane must be thank you. w, brussels corresponding battery guard will be following the summit for us, a band. what sort of sanctions are being discussed now? when it comes to things from the you as a whole toolbox. disposal. the most likely sanctions are targeted sanctions or smart sanctions, quality and brussels. and they are issued for persons and to restrict their travel
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possibilities of fries the acid they have in the u. this is already taken place after the demonstration blocked by lucas shank of the president of villa ruth. and they are also sexual sanctions. possible sanctions against whole sections of the economy that would harm the export and import some better was but the overall volume of the export import is not very high. it's 11000000000 years altogether. and there's also that they can, that you could put out this is to cut billers off from the sift banking system internationally. all block the harbor of clay pita, in lithuania, miller, which is elect, landlocked country. and nice this. how about to export wood? for example, you can also, you can, yeah, go ahead and you can also, you can also, you can also think about the overflight rights bill is issuing to international
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airlines. it's certainly getting a certain amount of revenue from that. so if you re route the flights no, not over boilers anymore than this could also harm the economy, but this is only a slight impact. i would say that would also harm international airlines because of certain hop between europe and asia and europe and russia. e commerce, a g for love on the line has been very outspoken on this matter tweeting on sunday that caught the outrageous and illegal behavior of the regime and beller, as we'll have consequences now is that the common stands among the leaders. as far as we know, yes, all you lead us on the same page, even the direct, the neighboring countries like poland and the baltics. although they have some more intense economic relations with b as a border traffic for example, for agriculture products going back and forth. but it seems that beta has
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a cross a red line and they are also other ties which can be cut. there's a student exchange between the, between the you and bella was the us building a highway between villiers and mania in minsk. and there are several other options, but the question is always, do you want to hurt this, the state leadership or the economy or the people are better or worse than basically they haven't 3 rounds of sanctions against bell or is following the disputed election. how have those fair these things is what impacts have they've been having on bowers? well that's, that's very difficult to measure the only targeted sanctions against certain persons. and as far as we know, that doesn't bother them much. and you have to know that terrorists and also export bands and coders are already in place. we've been arose so to hurt them further.
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it's rather difficult from the side. it's more political signals sandrica to brussels. thank you. summer holiday season is just around the corner here. in europe and after dismal months of locked down and travel restrictions, europe, travel destinations are anxiously waiting for visitors to refuel their economy. greece, for example, has been welcoming tourist again since the middle of this month, but expects visitors levels to only reach 50 percent of regular years. here's what the recovery of tourism on the island of nicholas looks like. tourists are heading back. it can be compared to may 2 years ago, but still make it remains relatively quiet. foreign guests haven't arrived yet, but europeans are gearing up for their post marked down freedom to travel to be, i mean, i'm on vacation and we can host with a colleague. we both work in the same hospital and we've had
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a tough here because of cove. it. now we just want to relax. i think my political name onto the live music is still banned in restaurants and bars. the party jets it hasn't come back yet. it's not on the financial loss. generally going on, every bar is a party. we are partying a lot. everyone tell me here to have fun and to be connecting with more people. so this is a very strange situation for all the phone. businesses here last 70 percent of their income in 2020, in 2021. they can only hope for at least half of what they earned last year. the season has just begun special prizes or attracting families, as well as those who want to enjoy some quiet time. this hotel, the old harbor has been open since february. people here are happy about the tourists who don't come to party. hey, we have the 1st starter from the law and we see
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a lot of people that they don't just look for body. but they look also for the beauty of the island and the good services of the island. last year, prime minister curiosity talkies campaigned for less mass tourism and more sustainability in greece for islands like meeker knows which live, exclusively from tourism. it's a difficult balance one to receive a lot of storage of course, because mickland was, is a huge tourism industry by i think we want to do it with respect to our care and the nature of the island, the color of the island and the lives of the residents, most people here are getting vaccinated. sabina jacko's office tours of the island . she's happy that people here are getting the jam. as i'm unflagging slow as me please. in the beginning the priority went by age woman. so this week they're
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starting to vaccinate everybody else, and it started very early here and has been very well organized, safely, laws, unfair boot, all going to party safe. the locals hope that everything stays that way, especially when the port visits from cruise ships start again. until then, visitors can experience a completely different weakness. one that's romantic, re quiet. let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines. global metals prices have fallen that after china, one companies in the country against pushing up prices. china is one of the world's biggest consumers of metals. the government has voice concerned that high commodity prices should, could stoke inflation in the country. and in a gypsy court has blocked a legal attempt to release the ship ever given, which got stuck in a key shipping route and march the canal. 40 and poll, impounded the vessel as it seeks more than half a $1000000000.00 and compensation for the blockage. a new study has calculated the
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cost of the pandemic on germany's economy. a mass this 3300000000000 euros. the german economic institute says it would have grown considerably if it weren't for the grown of ours. parts of the country are not eating locked downs due to falling case numbers. a plan that would decide the faith and credibility of the country. that's how italian prime minister my a drug labeled his 220000000000 euro recovery program among investments into infrastructure, digital services, and green energy. the program is also to address at least soaring youth unemployment. almost one and 3 italian's age 20 to 34 are out of work with the endemic only making a bad situation worse. back, living in her childhood room at her parents place georgia as a rela, had imagined a different future for herself. she graduated in march of last year with
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a degree in international relations. then italy imposed. it's 1st lockdown of your we would have 1st ones to graduate on line the channel line. now, she scoured the web, the jobs, applying to 10 a day, but she couldn't find any work. just like half of old graduates in italy. georgia has since started working as a secretary, earnings 700 years a month. my put up one moment when the lead the situation is that i can't afford to turn down any jobs at the moment, even if i'm over qualified about me, nor will it be to bother you that of course these 230 percent of young italian adults are unemployed and the pandemic is just making the situation was not as far as he wasn't easy to begin with. now, with all the restrictions, it's even was hard to get to to use a hardly any job vacancies. it's difficult, almost impossible for me that the hospitality and tours sectors have been hardest
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hit by the crisis. many young people used to find jobs there and services and sales people. if i ship today and demick mainly hit the young men and women who work temporary jobs for the real problem is that many young people, when they finish school, lack the skills that are in demand on the job market. they need to spend d b. this will make out of the level let you know a country we lack applied science training and apprenticeships like they have in germany cause i can reach my ledger man in quest of experts say young people need a good apprenticeship scheme to offer qualifications to school leavers but at present 3000000 italians under 35 are neither studying nor working. but you know, middle impression that number, the highest and euros, that's human capital, that's not being utilized. boston, italy needs to be perceived that might not be been in the target. at least
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a ga rella has a job, even if she had her hopes set on a different kind of korea. it's not easy being young in italy, especially during the long years of the pandemic. and the other reminder of our ta, sorry at this hour, your leaders will meet in brussels to discuss further sanctions on betters. actually ordered a passenger jet plan at arrested a prominent officers and figure that social thanks for watching every se, extensively with how many pushes of last turn out in the world. climate change cost the stores. this is much like the way from just one week. how much work can really get we still have time to and i'm doing all this like this one, continent,
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700000000 people with there in person stories. you know, we've seen work day life with what europeans fear and what they hope for focus on europe in on d w. m norm via the me naples, a bar was hit by an armed robbery, and out on the street one night, a cock open fire. ah, we just went on with my son was murdered with 3 shots. you 2 in the chest and one
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in the back of his head. the dead st. robber is immortalized in a mural. ah ah, to come more organized crime syndicate, glorifies their young recruits almost like saints imaginable to put up a picture of the robber or to worship a clan boss like a saint that sends a bad message. people on the got the me stop me, i go rousseau, the shot and killed in march 1st 2020. he was just 15. he's alleged to appointed a replica pistol at the driver and demanded his watch. the driver turned out to be a car and he opened fire who rode died at the see what was
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going to be done more when we got the news of my son's death. my world came crashing down.


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