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it's an ongoing quest for the spring began in 2011 people stood up against corrupt, rulers and dictatorship. the hope for more security, more freedom and more dignity have their hopes than fulfilled 10 years after the air of spring. and rebellion starts june 7th on d, w the welcome to global 3000 racing for a quality. we meet young women in bolivia who are breaking boundaries with cultural traditions. in my area, we find out how access to basic hygiene is still
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a pipe dream. for many but 1st we need doctors and volunteers in haiti who are giving women the gift child back approximately 5000 different population groups on us speaking around 7000 different languages. we humans can have a variety of skin tone. can identify as male or female or neither way young or old sexual homosexual. we believe in a god or many gods or none at all. we may have disabilities or not. the list goes on. humanity is diverse and always has been and yet equal opportunities are still denied. so many people indigenous peoples, for example, account for just 5 percent of the world's population make up 15 percent of those
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living in extreme poverty. so on less than $1.90 per day, racism restore jeanie and opposing religious beliefs have led and still lead to millions of people being excluded and stuff and means they have far fewer chances in life. and yet it can take very little to turn this around. as our report from haiti shows my raise on northwest in haiti, lush tropical landscape, red, fertile us. but live here is tough, especially for women. ruth follows her grandmother felicity. no, nor every step of the way, learning to so beings at just 4 years old. and it was the same with her mother before her. but when ruth was born, her mother hemorrhaged and died, leaving behind 6 children at the age of 70 felicity. no, nor now has a small child to look after. she says she's tired and like almost everyone here,
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she survives one about $2.00 a day. i still mad widow when someone comes by and bring me something to eat. so i thank god shanna is going into later, she rushed to the room clinic to see doctor cassie on the cell because he and his team are trying to reduce the maternal mortality rate. ready in fact, a woman should not have to die to bring life into the world. that's unacceptable. and that said that today, the childcare, haiti clinic is buzzing. it's a small victory that so many women are guessing their children vaccinated. conventional medicine is unaffordable to most of them, but i think it vaccinations and medical checkups free of charge. the heartbeat is normal. everything's fine. in front of the clinic, a public awareness, talk about hygiene, the import,
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preventive care and birth control. sex is it to be subject, but it can be broached here. the birth almost always take place at home. but there were midwives who wants to change that, like is magnesia s a and it's important because of the mothers give birth at home. they may lose the child or get infections or a rupture blood vessel. we can take care of everything and the clinic that you did for the black. i'm the every day. the 47 year old is on the road, visiting, expecting mothers, and raising awareness in no other country in the western hemisphere. there's so many mothers die in childbirth. it's not unusual here for women to have 6 or 7 children. and that as a big risk, the large number of children exacerbate poverty. fathers often take no responsibility and don't provide support. but celia,
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this time is 7 months pregnant, just last year she had a miscarriage. but why give birth in the hospital she of through all, she's not sick, give me some afraid of going to hospital, but it works at home to say, no, i think go to give me the child at home like i hadn't get off every most women here think the same way is monies are f knows that it takes time to build up trust. you don't hesitate to call me. i'm here for you when you need stamina. first, they don't listen to what you say. the 2nd and 3rd time to then on the 4th occasion, if you turn up and help them with sure you start getting through. miss lynn germany was taken to the clinic where she was told that she was at risk of having a miscarriage. for day she was on
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a trip we see something without the clinic. on 2 occasions, i would have either die myself or lost my babies. as you'd be able to word gets around about things like that. childcare. haiti is partnered with german development and relief agency. bread for the world who fund is money's awareness, raising work, and preventive care. as night falls in my reach, the distance sounds of drumming can be heard. a very ceremony is on the way we do is often linked with black magic, but it is a recognized religion in haiti. and most people here prefer to be treated by voodoo healer who summons the spirits and ask them for help. the doctor has nothing against working together with the voodoo healers. he says that one looks out to the psyche and the other. the body was the name that the healer has already sent many
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patients to us. we help each other. it's a collaboration that is bearing fruit. it's good for the patient at 1st thing in the morning and dr. versa is heading out into the countryside with his mobile clinic, also funded by bread for the world. the people who live in my room just don't have the means to get to the clinic. so the clinic comes to them. they bring free medicine and treatment as well as the always warm and friendly dr. possibly, i just love what i do. i love it. so can you just send me the team of tell, can have putting their full weight behind, trying to improve health care and haiti, no matter what to take what he said, that after mentoring trust and helping women and children in particular center. in
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the meantime, it's just about to give birth. she welcomes a healthy baby to the world. the home. it's a girl one more successful delivery. what could be more rewarding, healthy mother and her healthy child children should be given a good start in life and opportunities to fulfill the talents and potential. this is one of the un 2030 sustainability goals, the development of social abilities, motor and cognitive skills as early as possible, a crucial for a child's teacher, along with health and good nutrition, says the w h. o. many nations have introduced early childhood education programs, including china, that most of the children of it's nearly $300000000.00 migrant workers have slipped
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through the net that commonly left behind in rural areas in the care is that often over whelmed grandparents to little global. her grandmother dung is like a mother. the 2 of them lived together. the 3 year olds, parents visit them in the village for only a few weeks of the year. we 1st paid them a visit a year ago. the single grandmother would spend her days looking up to the vegetable fields, the household and her granddaughter. then h 20 my god, daddy. like if i need to spend more than 3 hours out in the fields or relative in the village looks after her passage. but once in a while, i just go get vegetables when the little ones asleep, like millions of other children in china, global lives in a rural village without her parents who left their home province of young,
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she to live and work in the countries industrialized south. once a week, a social worker comes to see grandma dung and her grandchild. his li always brings along new books and again, she has global complete a few simple tasks v as part of a research project that supports childhood development in rural areas. grandma dung loans that even something as simple as sorting scraps of colored paper. it's beneficial to grow, grow. it helps develop her motor and problem solving skills as well as concentration knowledge that i just was older. people here in the countryside. thing all children need is enough to eat and close to where and that backs enough why? they never think about things like play. so i have to explain it to them over and over a woman. and sadly, a bill goes out of pocket who goes mother is on the phone. she works in
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a factory 900 kilometers away, and then you get 3 weeks holidays, a year to visit home. often, it's hardly surprising global shows, little intro, the woman on the screen. the child development project is being conducted by a team at the university in the provincial capital, none chung professor would have been doing research in rural provinces for years. he and his students want to show that young she's children, have a loss of catching up to do was a year let people who are raised by their grandparents often don't develop enough knowledge and skills cps this year, means they're less well equipped later in life work and the demands of our cities in the future with the railway. the 2nd are these issues. but this small suitcase is meant to change that one of little students, one chimney shows how games can be used to measure early childhood development
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or not. she's also visited other poor rural areas. here in june she, the students are assessing some 1400 village children with tasks such as these lungs field research began with grandma dung and hook wall. so how has google been progressing? the 2 year old has had a weekly play visit for a year. now. how have they had any effect? you know, it's not intimidated by the visitors or their experiments. i everything is recorded for nature analysis. oh, with doing a speech test, who will points to body parts? here are the feet and the dollars full. she says, touching the toys barely known for the child that she can say
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a few words and even some full sentences already. i have a good impression. other children who aren't in the program probably wouldn't be able to verbally express themselves as well. well, moving around at the same time. gotta show she was when she grows out on. i hope she'll get a good education and maybe study university one day called us as a whole. but it's a long road from here to university. an estimated 25000000 children under the age of 3 live in rural china is statistic that doesn't include the oldest siblings. what is the impact on a child when grandparents other so caregivers, when the child is not encouraged to play? that's the case with g. hon. she's also being tested for the research project today, but she belongs to the control group. she doesn't have special play visits or
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receive support loans here ne notes. she hands weaker results. she still can perform simple tasks like matching shapes. and she barely speaks a word. her grandmother is understandably unhappy. a here on with back at globe was house. she is now 3 years old compared to the native child. she's making a lot of progress. the social worker has been coming for 2 years now with games and tasks, even during the corona virus lockdown. how she can express herself very well, much better than the neighbor child. and then her language development and her whole way of communicating are more advanced and is telling me her house
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was grandmother knows she has a part to play. can you can't it? does my granddaughter good in the past i didn't give her much attention. now, you know, it's important to spend more time with her glucose case confirms what professor was previous studies in poor provinces had already shown wellness mingle, nice and clear that children who participate in the program develop much better than children without support. they are significantly more advanced in cognitive and motor skills, as well as in speech and language. grandma dung knows that if she continues to play with google on a regular basis, she'll be giving her a head start for the future. the regular hand washing is easy right or wrong. according to unicef, 2200000000 people have no steady access to clean water. yet hygiene is not only
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a human rights is also a prerequisite for success. school and work as she has far reaching consequences for our lives as a hold of nigeria as 201000000 citizens. more than half have access to poor toilet facilities. while almost a course i have no access to tools and have to relieve themselves now doors, in some areas, even basic power is in short supply. i'm going to reagan, it's a poor neighborhood of lagos and informal settlement with no school or hospital cane . de samuel is a widow and lives here with his 4 children before the corona virus pandemic. she was already struggling to cover energy cost for her house and to feed her family. its become even harder since lagos went into locked down. well, i know we're going, but when the corona virus came, everybody had to stay in doors, lots of family stuff. we only have few towns out,
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some private organizations. and sometimes if you are unlucky, the help might not reaching here. women do the cooking usually over an open wood fire. and since this area is not on the grid, people use diesel power generators to get electricity burning. these fossil fuels release of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. the authorities had no clear idea about the fuel usage here. so they started together information. so we were caught in, he used to know the type of image they use in like in cooking. i didn't know do not activated c food. he is a network of almost 100 cities around the world, including leg off that promotes climate action. this energy usage survey is being carried out under its guidance by the team go door to door. they've already uncovered the main reasons why solar energy is not used more widely in such
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informal settlements. why? if we're not going for sula, is because one did, don't of the do quit knowledge about it. and finance is actually a problem to get into law. but in no co, many power grid is coming to go. i going to reagan, the government wants 10000 solar power, many crit setup across the country. by 2023, i got an environmental, andrea teachers, neighborhood residents, how to set up solar panels and how to turn daytime sunlight into nighttime street lamps. to make life years safer. rock and when it is night, it's heavy. well, we'd be getting ducks. so as you can see, if you got the form yet to that, so, but when we start, you can see if you have these phones. so that's the reason why we are doing it in the community. another problem here is push annotation. this is a public toilet,
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the waste goes straight into the river and contaminates the water used for washing and cooking. another injury, oh cool justice and empowerment initiatives recently built this toilet facility which uses a kind of composting system called a bio full digester. to break down the waste out, his new ton gonna tie were, is contributing to the project when some out of the me to please don't make any sense. you feel like this is just going to be should be for my house. right. and i said, well, if we help attract fairly to come user testing and the company's job, you're both the facility cost, $1800.00 us dollars to use it. you have to buy the equivalent of just under one sent the money goes towards maintenance and cleaning goes off.
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you don't get good. and like just to come as you say it is the 4th and just, i mean if i were to look at you or again, we're going to look, i'm going to like age to do more to let because you need to and was about to for factor let's just community this is a go on, we are now is solid. she met us unlimited up in this people in aga reagan, reagan, also happy about the new solar powered street lights that are going kinda samuel is looking forward to having light during the long evenings. she might eventually be able to do away with her diesel generator. this would save her some much needed money, well, also reducing the area of carbon emissions. bolivia is one of many countries where violence against continues to be widespread. women's rights are often neglected haven, though around half of the country's parliamentary representatives
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a women. but resistance is growing against such entrenched discrimination with young women leading the way skateboards, knee pads and skirts of young women in bolivia, it's breaking a tad booth to fight for more equality in this indian nation form of control. well, i have to control both my body and my mind. it's a way of channeling my feeling and finding my equilibrium with human gentlemen. the training session gets underway at 10 am. the skateboarders are ambitious on the schedule for today. muscle strength, coordination, and jumps. so we're good, we're the 1st of all women, skateboard elective. in bolivia, our name in the s k means is cater girls and the indigenous i moral language. it
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shows how we're identified with our culture. you didn't do that. the only man here is their instructor. yeah, co potato, he's a sports student who's teaching them new stuff. god bless you also and they're getting better every season. you know, so because they take it very seriously and they learn every stunt exactly. and they're really serious about it. and they, they said like in many countries, a woman's place was long considered to be the home that's changed, but the skateboarders still want to retain some traditions. and my grandma always just didn't want to continue to uphold our cultural identity because we're proud of the hardworking indigenous women of bolivia. and in the 2nd half of their training session, they change outfits dawning, traditional, indigenous clothing, a skirt blouse plated hair. and often
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a hat too. they were the traditional costume of the indian women with pride of the piano. they were doing this because we all belong to the indigenous catch up and all the acid is a visible part of our culture and our really yes and because we skateboarding in a skirt isn't easy, but the clothing is important to them. they want to break cliches and show that women today can shake off the limitations of the past aiming their message, especially at the more for additionally minded bolivians who know that this is a totally new 25th century. already, at least they're getting some exercise and having fun, i suppose i'm not getting into trouble. we're not here to get a quote on but it's been 2 years now since the women began
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living out their passion for the half pipe. but they still grow inquisitive onlookers every time they take to the roads. they grew up in the city and they're studying at university. but they still want to maintain that connection with our forebears who worked hard lives from the land and were at one with nature. but they are dispensing with a traditional gender roles where for centuries women have been discriminated against the immediate group is part of a new generation. they're the 1st women in their families to go to university and the 1st to skateboard all while reaffirming their indigenous identity. with the thing, you know, and i still could do, it's our dream, but it, let me do added her goal to show that we're proud of our cultural identity.
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lucas, almost new. nearly all the skaters grew up and impoverished conditions, like many bolivians from indigenous communities. today they've come to visit one of the girls mothers in the countryside but celia munoz, lopez is also proud of her indigenous identity. but she regrets not having the same rights in her youth that her daughters now enjoy it. and when i was a child, the indigenous girls were shut out of education when we were treated like stupid she of you, my only had more years with another order. and fortunately, that has changed, completing the need that today you see many women often in traditional costume, sitting in the lecture halls and studying engineering accounting or no choice. it's a transformation that's ongoing chemist cater girls move easily between the old world
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and the new ah, that's all for most that global 3000 that this week. thanks for joining us. we hope you enjoyed the show. let us know at global 3000 d, w dot com and sound tongues. facebook to d w global ideas. these things take care. the news. the news
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. the news. the news, the news. news, news. news . 1943 in rome. when the nazis began deporting italian jews, a thickness spread like wildfire in one of the hospitals. a true story of deception, a deadly disease, and an ingenious rescue mission syndrome.
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environmental global 3000 on dw and online ah, me oh oh, i can't because you know, isn't oh no, no. i
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the ah was ah w news lies from israel and a great to a cease fire after days is devastating and strikes and rockets of finance to celebrate on the streets of gas or as the unconditional deal goes into force. all sized hopes of fire broken by egypt will bring an end to the piece this by saying that same in.


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