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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  May 19, 2021 5:03pm-5:30pm CEST

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we are today unless we have seen some of the other stories make headlines around the world. the u. s. s. condemned. what it says were anti semitic remarks made by turkey's president, but it's 5 or the one, though the state department hasn't specified the comments was referring to the president. everyone has criticize israel conducting air strikes on gaza, accusing it of carrying out terrorism against palestinians. and jeremy family minister has announced her resignation. she has been facing accusations of plagiarism over a doctoral dissertation she submitted more than 10 years ago in a statement. she defended her work, saying she had done it to the best of her knowledge. but the german public deserved clarity on the issue. and the indian navies, searching for dozens of people still missing from a barge that sank off by on tuesday, during a cyclist called the most powerful storm to hit the region in decades. thousands of homes in the western states of goods with damage. spain prime minister
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peddler sanchez says, morocco is showing the e, you quote, a lack of respect by allowing migrants to cross into the north african enclave a suitor which is spanish territory. mr. sanchez made an emergency trip to the region after a record number of migrants crossed into suits for morocco and a single day space. interior ministry said many of them have already been sent back . those who make it to the shore of sale are immediately picked up by spanish soldiers. the numbers of migrants who cross for morocco have decreased overnight. after more than 8000 had managed to reach the spanish enclave in a bit more than a day. spain deployed the army to patrol the border and sent them my friends back. speaking in the parliament in madrid to day spanish prime minister, a little scientists vowed to restore order and set that some 4800 migrants had been sent back to the spanish. but i remind you that the border with the soda is not
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only a border between spain and morocco, but also european border. and that in this case, the lack of control by the moral authority is not only a lack of respect was being but also towards the european union. some reports as well as this footage suggests more can police allowed many of the migrants to cross over to soda unhindered because of a diplomatic spat with spain. morocco's upset that a separatist leader who is seeking independence for the western sahara regent ruled by morocco is currently getting medical treatment in spain than what the officials in madrid say. they are further reinforcing security. and so that to prevent more arrivals people living in america in the syria are trying to rebuild the city after was nearly destroyed as the capital of the so called islamics did well, the city lines in the countries north, east and back in 2013 was captured by the hottest group which then turned into the
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headquarters as their self styled caliphate. after years of fighting, the city was recaptured in 2017 by the us back. syrian democratic forces made up mostly of kurdish militia. well, they and not pursuing government. so control the city, which is trying to move on fast on the pitch, at least what's left of it. the runker football club, junior players in the old stadium, after a long break, the dry down grass and tracy to coordinate shrapnel. it smells of rotten flesh under so called islam estate. this was a place of torches, suffering, and death hunter who same father was one of many executed by yes, he was a well known professional football player. and his 14 year old son who to follow in his footsteps, alexia led dollars
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a month. i can't say how much i miss him. he's playing here. i need to watch him. i remember exactly how it was. i have the feeling. he's here with s m f, i needs a form, a professional athlete. jihadist forbade him from playing even watching football on tv. now he's training this youth team and he's looking to the future of people who love life and sports used to go to that place and love the so called islamic state is nothing but a dog episode in the history of study, the stadium manager takes his beneath the benches to where the changing rooms once were. it was here that your heart is set up a torture chamber area with close to the public
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f. me seeing it for the 1st time in years. i brutally tortured hundreds of people here using medieval methods. the victims were confined into isolated in toilet stones, some extremely crime faces in which they were able to move. no one knows exactly how many people were killed here. some of the victims names are still written on the walls. desperate please for help before they will put to death. say, it was terrible to see this element and hopefully this will never happen again in our history. rocca is a traumatized city, a stronghold of the i. s tara, in 2014, 3 years later, as symbol of liberation. curtis unit took control of the weeks of us air raids.
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since then, life has returned to these ruins squares where people were once executed. now bloom, 2 of these women lost their husbands to ins. now they weed here and plant new flower beds. and this should be a square flower. instead they put to competed heads up here to intimidate people. it still makes me shiver back at the football club. fm f eyes on it, hoping to teach these young players to have fun and regain their confidence after years of war in terra, and helping them look forward. even if their future is completely uncertain. when they get back to our top story, or israel striking targets in lebanon after its defense,
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a system intercepted rockets fired from lebanese territory. we can talk to our correspond and their d, w were corresponding to best i d, d in b roots best that can you, we understand those fires were, were, were fired. those rockets rather have been fired from south lebanon towards is we'll, have you learned any more details that you can share with us? yes, indeed, this is the 3rd time in less than a week or 10 days. that we witness such incident in south lebanon, according to the info that we have on this moment regarding the latest record, launching missiles or rocket launching from south lebanon. they would have been for rockets been launched to north israel until this moment. according to the unit for the un peacekeepers in south lebanon, known as unified in a statement said that the general commander of these to you and the troops is doing get in contact with both sides. lebanese ad is really sides to maintain, to contain all these, all these incidents,
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to de escalate the situation. so it's obvious that in these 3, these 10 day to 3 incidence, it's really making the denise in general, concerns about what's coming up next. right? so, so tell us who's behind these rocket attacks onto this moment? we all, we know that it is the term that use the gun. in this case it's anonymous, unknown the rockets but according to some live. and they believe that these are related to some police teen in groups mainly in the camps, refugee camps in south carolina that are trying to support their families. the by seeing is in the west bank. but on the other hand, there is some another opinion thing that may be the circuit, even if, even if it is launched by some 15 in groups, it is given
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a green light by his below $0.02 a must clear the message to the is right is it ok, so it's a guessing game for now, where were they fired from? from south lebanon and you the same area. it's really close to area from the, from the places that, that the been launched from the previous 2 times in the area this forest bushes. it's on no one can go there except the one the aim to launch such rockets delivering to the army, f coordination with the uniform patrolling all the area right now. now, if i understand correctly, these strikes, we don't know who, who fires these rockets but apparently has belies given its blessings by allowing it. of course, there must be, you know, exactly, we're speculating because we just don't know. so israel fought a war, a muslim war in 2006, against his belie lebanon is in a very,
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very difficult position at the moment. what is the willingness to instigate, a nother confrontation with israel? according to the current, can i see and live in an older i see the financial economists, social as tone and political. of course, it's how you, unexpectedly witness award the same as in 2006. but according to some observers and lebanon, they believe that such message, if it is sent by his will, or it is for to cease not to escalate the situation across the borders just to cease fire in gaza. and of course dw correspond, that's an idea reporting from bay, which i thank you. all right. and now to the situation in the spanish north african enclave. a suitor where as we reported early years, hundreds of a migrant thousands, i should say migrate arrived from morocco. let's talk to our correspondence. young
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phillips schultz, who is in the spanish enclave of through to young. what is the situation right now where you are, bring us up to speed here at the border, the situation is still very 10 for most of the day. it seems as if the situation at the board was not controlled, but within the last 3040 minutes, just behind the large groups of migrants when across the border again to arrive here in spain, the spanish authorities seem to be overwhelmed. they try to set up, you makes it sound tough, but we are talking about thousands of migrants in a small city of about 80000 inhabitants. so the situation is very 10 to the big group of migrants, virtually at every corner in the city sense. and what is especially disturbing you see also groups of teen age groups,
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even though sharon begging for foods and asking for health. okay, well let's talk about that. i me see there is tiny, we understand this event is unprecedented. as you are reporting a many people, thousands of people a swam to suit many of them children as well risking their life. how are they dealt with by the spanish authorities? well, it is a difficult situation for the spanish authorities. they have never seen a situation like this before. they are used to groups of migrants coming into the which are also to the kind of re islands onto the spanish mainland. but 8000 migrants within a few days as never happens before. so what they have been doing in the past 24 hours is pushing a lot of migrants back to the american side and, and just trying to get protection to vulnerable groups like children or
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women, for example. that's still a lot of legal experts i've talked to today. say it is very big that they can continue with this kind of procedure for long. these developments have exacerbated the bilateral relations between spain and morocco. give us a sense of what local authorities are expecting to unfold in the next couple of days today, like i said, it seemed as if things would come down a little bit. on the american side, there is some control over the border again. but in the last hour you, a group of migrants have been arriving. and i think that's the challenge for spain as far from over. it could very well be that we see large groups of migrants arriving again in the next hour and the next day. and the big challenge remains
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what's to do what to do with, especially vulnerable groups. it can protect them here in the small to just see which way they possibly even have to transfer them to the mainland of things. yeah, for sure. reporting for me to, to thank you very much. all right, we're going to shift our attention and now we're to, we're mainland europe for several countries. are taking steps towards reopening and allowing more preach pandemic activities. after 6 months, the restrictions people are able to enjoy the outdoor dining again, cafes, restaurants, and bars are open though we're limited capacity for us. as many cinema theaters, museums are also back in business, even though it's actually numbers still remains that were in the high and as of today, austria is also relaxing the rules after 200 days of law down people there are dining out at cafes and beer gardens daily, over $900.00 cases in austria, have also been falling as the vaccination program has picked up speed
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for i'm during now. right. you don't use the filter. we sent paris a funny for chart in vienna. ladies great to see you want to start with you. funny in vienna, how are austrians enjoying their new taste of freedom? well, that picture behind me may suggest not a soul on the did. there is no excitement at all, but that connects to the fact of bad weather. he started to rain a couple of hours ago, so people move actually indoors, which is possible now for the very 1st time in 6 months. you can don in or dine out . basically, you can enjoy the very simple and normal things that you enjoy before depend on having a coffee in the launch, or a schnitzel, or any of your favorite dish. in fact, some people were so excited, they got up as soon as 5 pm to have a early breakfast here at the river, bank of the daniel, and talk to champagne, and all of that celebration and festivity activity. because they say final,
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you can socialize again and meet people face to face. so yes, there's a lot of excitement here. but then again, of course, also people would say they don't really want to present a negative corporate tests or proof of vaccination to be able to enjoy this new level of freedom. ok, now you both have been out and about talking to some people to take a listen to what some of them told you in the finally able to go on for schnitzel again, somewhere where it's especially good to meet people chat with friends. see people think this everything we haven't been able to do for the past 7 or 8 months will now hopefully be possible again. and hopefully this time forever on top of the system or fema is shown, then it feels a bit like getting back to normal. i think it's very positive for the restaurants that they're finally able to reopen again with the offspring. i hope they also have good weather so that the people can eat out. doors hold on. it's great that the
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restaurants are open again, i'm really happy about it today. i feel great. i feel like back to like back to life and to the people industry. happy. yeah. just like no, no more than coming back to natural or things. i mean a lot that, that mean you know, the covet 19 to start to finish. you know, when it's opening the, this and all the museums and all the public areas that's good for us. you know, we feel more freedom. you know, it's good. i'm happy a lot of happy people that you spoke to both lisa in the let's go to the city of light, paris. what does reopening look like? where you are while it's as if the friends were riding on a wave of enthusiast, here in paris and across france, mind you, the weather hasn't been great either in sunny spelled, just like now more or less. and then also there have been the rooms that have gone
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through the capital and people have been weathering the storm sitting outside because as opposed to vienna, they're not allowed inside restaurants and bars just yet. but they're very happy to have their 1st cup of coffee or glass of wine outside beneath the umbrella, the cafes and restaurants have been putting in place. it just behind me. you can see the lulu, the world's biggest museum, and visit, has been flocking to them in the museum that often several months later, open today the book that tickets online. and they have to wear their face lost inside and follow certain path. course certain areas actually where they have to go, but they're very happy to come back to the museum and to, to the work actually with nice on you just online and we know how parisian love their museums are rightly so. lisa, are there any concerns?
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well absolutely, that is the concern that the reopening and it's happening too early. actually if you're, if you look at being fax numbers in france, actually quite high compared to other countries such as germany, the incidence is still at about 150 cases 410-0000 inhabitants per week. that is why higher than in germany and from that figure stands in pilots . that's big. biggest fans that even 200 fatty and intensive care units are still occupied by lots of caves, patients. that number of patients in intensive care units has been getting done. but it needs to go down further and the government knows that. and that's why the president and the ministers that have also been flocking to outside terraces today have been yes, we can have more freedom now, but we need to be careful. we need to face carefully so that we are able to open the country even more in the coming weeks. right. so there is still people still have to be cautious. funny in vienna were arguably cafe culture was invented. do
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people share the same concerns as the ones that we heard from lisa in paris? they are concerned if you speak to viola just if you say that even though right now the infection rates are comparatively low compared to with france for example. the risk is having opened up everything at once here. it's not just about restaurants, but it's also about reopening hotels, public venues. everything starts today. and then of course, foreigners, for most european countries can enter all 3 and also from some non european countries without the need to warranty. and so the question is, of course, whether these infection rates are going to stay stable as they are right now, or whether they're going to increase as so many things reopen at the very same time . and of course, what we do not know, but those few cases of the indian variance that is also here in austria, where the few cases is going to increase to so many,
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many cases as we have seen early this year with the self african very. and so yes, there is concern, but there's also hope actually that people are going to adhere to the protective measures that are in place for reporting for brianna recently. we've in paris. thank you both. ok, you caught up now with some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic . all sadly, india has reported the highest one day fatality rate in the world. since the pandemic began with more than 4000 deaths and taiwan has raised its coven, 1900 alert level for the whole island in response to a rising case, load malaysia recorded a new daily record for infections reporting more than 6000 new cases. if a ball at thomas miller and i can also have been recalled to the german national squad for the european championship next month after 2 year absences for each of them,
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a coach has been pushed to recall them after their strong form. and the bonus leader, no wonder he is smiling. one might say thomas miller, the last last the forward with a will winner in 2014, under gemini code here, kim love. but despite being one of europe's most famous players, he was on ceremony as lead dumped by love in 2019. now miller, an defend a mat tunnels, back in the squad for next month, europe ian championship. 40. can i use 20 years? a successful tournament is extremely important for german football, the whole nation. so we have decided to recall math almost, thomas miller from us who have had a very strong season marcus on the leadership qualities i guess from and how they are on the page. you could help the team and you take the shot, and this is
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a month left. i'll, i need to scheme and couldn't. i'm done. the german f a puts out a video showing how intensive learn deliberations have been the near the end of 15 roller coaster years. in tried to defend a christian good to. and monica kevin fallen of the over notable in recall is ma saw us via even we didn't reach the goals, which we set up those in 2019, and 2020 yard, especially given the corona virus pandemic. upon the me. a nice saw we didn't develop in all areas of the page like we imagined we would on. so we said, okay, we have to rethink everything, get them decided to keep it under somebody. but thinking, even with miller and almost germany were dumped out in the group stage of the 2018 world cup, they now faced the team that won that so animate france and the euro opener prepare for more drama. and it was very dramatic at the time you're up
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to speed and now we're coming up. next is our business magazine made in germany focusing on how innovation drive the economy. we are really on the ball this year. thank you so much for your company. i see the company, our, the the the, the news, the
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the, the, the, the, the to own or not to own. what about a sharing economy? change in thinking is changing the economy to create something new. economics magazine in germany. next on d w. ah,
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