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joined now by w.'s correspondent to get mass in london beggars welcome is their opposition to the government's course here well generally i think for a lot of people they will be very very happy it's a bit of a game to the people can actually meet indoors and meet and have their friends again however there are people who are cautious and those are mostly scientists say health experts have been asked in the last days are you actually going into a restaurant are you going to go into a pub are you going to hug your friends and several have said no that they're not going to do that so cautious is actually the word off of the day because there is obviously concern that this indian variant is going to overtake all the other variants here in the u.k. and it's going to spread throughout the country and give us a sense of how far the indian strain has spread so far and where the hot spots in the country are well we don't have an awful number of
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cases at the moment from the data available it's only a bit more than 1300 there mostly in the north of england but we've also heard from the london mayor that we have $400.00 cases in london however the fear is that it might travel and spread really quickly in the country so authorities are looking at the possibilities of maybe vaccinating people in hotspots earlier so vaccinating younger people in order to get a grip on what could actually be the next big corona crisis in the u.k. if you are not careful and if the your thought is don't take the right steps to get passed and thank you very much for this announcement. let's take a look at some of the other major developments in the penn demick unicef is urging wealthy nations to share access vaccine doses with countries in need the u.n.
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agency says the emergency measure would help make up for a shortfall due to disruptions to vaccine exports from india singapore has warned new variants are affecting more children most schools there are being closed this week as authorities make plans to vaccinate kids and south africa is rolling out vaccines to people over 60 it aims to inoculate 5000000 older citizens by the end of june. fs and russia a court is due to decide whether a group supporting jailed kremlin opposition figure i'll explain of amish should be declared extremists authorities there have been clamping down on opposition to president vladimir putin the designation could mean activists face long jail sentences for opposing russia's leadership to w.'s emilie's sure when has been speaking to no longer supporters about the pressure they now face. this letter seals the deal it officially ends on the contract with nice team
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andre headed the opposition politicians regional office and to be here for 4 years . russia will be 3 he says one day was arrested at recent on authorized protests his team organized into the air but now his office along with 36 others in the campaign network have had to close russia's state prosecutor wants them to clear extremist andre tells us he wants to create a new local political organization to keep working. for politics was always centered on the russian capital moscow but thanks to the nerve on the campaign offices political activity has bubbled up across russia's regions now it's time for us regions to jump into the deep end and swim for ourselves it's hard and dangerous but it's a necessary phase in the development of political life not only in fairness but across the country. and that he and his team interior have become friends over the
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years like andre most of them have been arrested several times and have accepted threats and pressure as the price to pay for pushing back against the kremlin but the extremist label takes that to another level it could make symbols like this a relic and for illegal activists found to be part of an extremist organization could face up to 10 years in prison. i lost my job and when i tried to get a new one recently they told me in private that their security service. i wouldn't let them hire me we have already had problems with work. if they really start tightening the screws and i see that they're making a show of putting former employees activists and volunteers of the not only offices in jail of course i will think about how i may have to lay low somewhere for a while. but. even people outside of actual team have been facing increasingly serious consequences for protesting against the government earlier this year thousands were detained
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during demonstrations in support of me and there have been several reports of employers firing people for backing the politician since the recent protests in support of. kremlin critics across russia have been under increasing pressure and that pressure is on likely to let up ahead of parliamentary elections in september including for the activists here. but i'm very proud is unrelentingly optimistic the 31 year old wants to keep pushing for a more democratic russia and he says he's willing to take personal risks to further strengthen the role of civil society in his home city and the whole to their region . but he gives. the example of alexian of ali who came back to russia knowing that he would almost definitely be arrested strengthens my sense that sometimes you have to pay a personal price in order for you and your country to have
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a bright future so you're clear. now on that he wants to register as a candidate for the regional parliament in the upcoming elections he hopes his association with now by a nice team won't get him barred from running. let's bring in emily a story when the author of this report emily as we heard group supporting of on the are in court today state prosecutors are calling for them to be labeled extremists what is the latest from the courtroom. the latest is that actually this trial has now been postponed today in court to june 9th prosecutors have asked for new material to be added to their case against 3 organizations associated with me and the lawyers defending those organizations have now been given time to study that material this case involves as i said 3 organizations including these anti
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corruption fund and this network of regional offices that we just saw in the report we don't know what the outcome ultimately be will be in this trial but it does kind of seem that the writing is on the wall because the state prosecutor was initially you know the initiator of this case in the 1st place they've been calling for these organizations to be made extremist and actually the work of those offices that we just saw across the country has actually already been stopped even in anticipation of the court's verdict which which is still upcoming and not exceed allies for several weeks now they've been saying that this is the final attempt of the authorities to dismantle their structure and that they have no illusions about. them on these groups have a lot of grassroots support you think where they had to be labeled extremists. well allies have said that they plan to keep up the work of their organizations
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kind of against all odds they say that the regional offices and people who've been working for them will be continuing their work without any centralized leadership and they also have been calling ahead of these elections for what they call a smart voting strategy which is essentially telling these allies to vote for the candidate most likely to beat putin's united russia in the upcoming elections but the question is how successful they really can be we saw yes just now an optimistic office there in the city of tear but actually over 40 of his employees former employees volunteers have reportedly already left the country in anticipation of potential persecution and we don't know how the 6th mizzen law if it comes to pass will be used it could mean that even an old post about the on facebook could get you up to 15 days in jail so it seems like the authorities are really trying to
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stamp out any dissent and anything connected with alexei not on these organizations ahead of these upcoming parliamentary elections in september. from moscow thank you very much. something is now and then the german bundesliga knew that a win over mines would sweep them into the champions league next season instead of frankfurt minds already clinched their top flight survival and it looked like their minds were already on summer vacation as startle and instant victory. dortmund might have expected an easy raid against a might side with 5 changes and little to play for and there was certainly enough chumminess before kick off to make frankfurt funs wince. and their fears were realized on 23 minutes when jason sun she was set up rafael guerrero to curl dortmund in front might see as young standing keeper finn diamond left clutching thin air. on 42 minutes sun sure was at it again dunson down the
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left and feeding captain marco royce dortmund at half time and more wool for young dom and. it was too easy for son to as he was allowed to saunter into the box royce nipped in just ahead of erling holland and the 2nd half was no looking like a straw for the visitors. on 18 minutes poland set up yulian plant to waltz right down and to make it through. the keeper taking it need to deface and process. before open question on scored a consolation goal for months from the sport an injury free one the final score another feather in the cup for dawkins interim coach added tears which follows german cup success with champions league qualification and a case of you could have won for frankfurt you could only watch on an envious dog celebrated. 6 draw against walls but was ideal for both teams and secured lights
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take 2nd place in the bundesliga while the visitors clinched champions league qualification a 1st half double from maximillian phillip including this stunning strike football spoke to goes ahead at half time but justin clovers goal to go back for leipsic and after i'm going to haidar was tripped. i made it to 2 from the penalty spot and that is just. take a quick look at the bundesliga standings with one round left to play document and false will join biron and lights it and next season's champions league sanford and leverkusen are headed for the europa league down at the bottom things are incredibly tight with braman and cologne so threatened with relegation we would like to show you that but you have to wait until the next so let's give you a reminder of our top story israel launched a new series of overnight airstrikes on gaza prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the attacks are continuing at full force israel's ambassador to israel will not
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stop defending its citizens until hamas its rocket attacks. after for now next up is t w business with my colleague chris culver i'll be back at the top of the hour thank you so much for your company. the be. the be. going.
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after. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information into context. the coronavirus are doing the job of special monday to friday on w. . the
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book. it's an ongoing quest for a bit of. good looking arab spring began in 2011 the boys stood up against a corrupt and dictatorship. they had hoped for more security more freedom more dignity have their hopes been fulfilled 10 years after the arab spring. arabella and starts june 7th on d w. in many countries education is still a privilege poverty is one of the main causes some young children in mind trusts instead of going to class and you can't attend classes only after he finished shooting. millions of children over the world who can't go to school.
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we ask why. because education makes the world more just. to make up your own mind. g.w. made for mines. china's economic comeback appears to be cooling factory outlet slowed last month and we take a look at what it shop the recovery of the world's 2nd largest economy would mean for foreign companies doing business there also coming up the world health organization says even seemingly harmless jobs can be fatal if the hours are too long and the pandemic has increased the risk and as portugal reopens to most european travelers of hopes will stop against advising cross border travel as
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the u.k.'s. i'm chris cuomo welcome to the program china's economic growth recovery seems to be cooling factory output grew nearly 10 percent in april compared to last year but that was significantly slower than and much chinese exporters are enjoying strong demand but global supply chain bottlenecks and rising wrong. tiriel costs have held production back china's factory price inflation hit its highest pace since october 2017 in april meanwhile domestic retail sales also slow last month coming in at just over half the rate seen in march. now an uneven economic recovery of the chinese economy would pose an additional challenge for companies operating there and they already need to navigate the difficulties of the importance of china as a lucrative market on the one hand and the efforts of the country's communist leadership to extend control over it on the other. at its factory here in
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shanghai e.b.m. has been making fan since the mid 1990 s. sales have been growing continuously even during the pandemic but things have become more difficult lately because beijing has unveiled new industry standards. you know off with i don't mean that as trying to introduce its own standards they used to just adopt european or american ones but now china wants to assume a greater leadership role when. china is germany's most important trading partner and by volume of goods europe's as well thousands of european firms operate here china may be promising a more level playing field but the european union chamber of commerce in china still has a long list of complaints is it going to change i think china's own pace and i think the kind of control they want to maintain over their economy well. let us
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have a small portion of that whole game that we have so it's a serious problem but the market access and i don't see it. becoming much easier frankly. e.b.m. pabst tests the noise levels of its products with very quiet fans it aims to win nova chinese consumers an increasingly important market for the german company. we are going faster in china than anywhere else and it currently accounts for 13 or 14 percent of our total revenue but the figure is set to rise a lot further we are aiming to increase that share to 30 percent of the. business is good right now for companies like i.b.m. pups for his success in china thomas nurnberg or is being rewarded with a new posting back to germany as global sales director. and more about
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those where are china analyst clifford cowen and co for good to have you know we heard in the report there that companies need to adapt to new industry standards in china what's behind the well this is part of china trying to move its production and its overall economy up the food chain and. so we're seeing this in a lot of areas of life and one of these is higher in the industry standards a few years ago when i was in china when it was the 3 gorges dam on one side of the dam you had siemens generators and then we walked to the other side of the of the dam and they had the exact same generators built by chinese companies and the engineer told me we've absorbed the german technology so now we've had that stage and now we're moving on to the next stage which is to raise the hundreds to raise the overall quality and to bring growth to make more quality growth right now even with these efforts china remains an important trading partner for the e.u. the most important for that matter for germany yet in terms of market access as we
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also heard in the report there seems to be no optimism of things improving yeah i mean this is another thing as long as i've been covering china every year this announcement that there will be reform and that there will be a level playing field better market access and it doesn't really happen it happens in some areas but a lot of it is by facilitating technology transfer air like with the 3 gorges dam and making sure the chinese companies can get in there and at the moment it's becoming a real problem because china is becoming so important that german companies and other european companies are particularly insistent on better market access we had the china investment agreement which is stalled over issues like jiang and other human rights issues so at the moment things are very much up in the air and a bit wobbly when it comes to seeing how these will these will be insta implemented and clifford briefly we saw in the figures there that the economic recovery may be cooling in china will not have have an impact on beijing's overall economic policy what do you think well i think i think it will i mean it's going to be looking at
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the different areas particularly retail sales are worrying because they've they've built a lot of their growth is built on retail sales so much we're going to see some fine tuning coming up now. for conan thank you. a 2nd look at some of the other business stories making headlines the new hong kong stock exchange has halted trading of next digital shares after authorities froze assets belonging to its founder jimmy lie next to digital published this pro-democracy tug loves abba daily why is. serving a 14 month sentence for his role in a mass and demonstration in hong kong because plunges continued on the back of comments by a law must be cryptocurrency has lost close to a quarter of its value since the tesla c.e.o. suggested the company would pull back from bitcoin due to environmental concerns
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ross has since said that tesla have not to date sold and even current holdings. for now many jobs around the world are dangerous for various reasons but it's not just what you work that a dangerous you it's also how much you work a new study says that working long hours kills hundreds of thousands of people every year and the demick might have made matters worse. according to the w.h.o. all 745000 people died from stroke and heart disease associated with long working hours and 2016 an unhealthy workload not only killing people but also killing them years after being exposed to a grueling schedule. way farms working thank you 5 or more hours away increased risk of. heart disease by 17 percent off. white also funds thank you 5 hours or more
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awake increase their risk of having a stroke 5 percent. the study shows that people living in southeast asia and the western pacific region were the most affected with men middle aged or older the hardest hit group time to make a change says the world health organization not least because companies also benefit from their workers lighter schedules. if we were dealing with was just unrealistic it would be as productive as we would be if we would have so it's really a choice to not increase the. prices and. are using sustainable limits. unfortunately things aren't looking up at all the pandemic probably led to an increase in the number of hours worked by about 10 percent according to w h o estimates partially due to an increase in home office and higher competition for
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fewer available jobs. irish budget airline ryanair has reported an annual loss of 815000000 euros for its 202021 financial year depend demick has been disasters for the aviation sector and ryanair is passenger volume shrunk by more than 80 percent the airline is called upon the irish government and the european union to ease travel restrictions and has also taken legal action over state aid received by rival rival companies during the pandemic. alright let's go to frankfurt and our markets man conrad who is in there conrad an 8815000000 euro loss for ryanair that doesn't sound good is it just bad or is it really bad good morning chris well this amount of 815000000 euro loss is at the better and of what analysts have been
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predicting so i think it's fair to say the result is bad but it could have been worse as a result the share price of ryan at this morning is trading slightly higher compared to friday what's also i think important to mention is that ryan is among the very few lives in europe that ménage to get through the pandemic with out the help of the taxpayers all out the competitors the large ones. franzke a 11 also s.a.'s in scandinavia they all needed money from the governments to manage to get through the recession caused by the corona pandemic as a result from the point of view of investors i would say really hasn't paid off an advantage compared to these large competitors and contra ryanair hopes for a strong recovery this summer and the 2nd half of the year how realistic is that.
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it's quite likely that is a little bit too optimistic there it's true more and more people all over europe are getting the 2nd vaccination shot at the moment and you need to be fully vaccinated if for example you want to return to germany from high risk corona country. but you know i checked the travel restrictions that the german government still has and place for all the different favorite travel destinations in europe italy for example and the government is still warning not to travel that the moment cannot bring in frankfurt thank you. staying in the tourism sector with the coronavirus vaccination campaign now in full swing in europe the resumption of tourism is drawing nearer now starting today portugal is open to most european drug laws again and the fact that britain is lifting travel restrictions to select the nations including portugal is welcome
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news indeed the hotel he is in the algarve a can hardly wait the tourists are finally coming back especially those from the u.k. which are a major source of income here bookings are up and there is optimism about this summer. well with the increase in vaccination not only in portugal but mainly in the united kingdom which is our main tourist market it should get better i think there are conditions so that we don't have to go back to the dome of it opening is an opening we hope it will be a success we should go slowly because it is a year that hasn't special conditions of course. from now on british tourists no longer have to carry out quarantine when they return home from portugal that makes traveling easier but it's not a return to normal quite yet we still think that we're going to be nowhere near the 2019 expectation so i would say about 2025 percent lower than 2019
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considerable better than last year package holiday companies and tourism focused airlines are ramping up their portugal offers some are worried it may be too much too soon. thanks for watching ever self a successful. television species. expedition looking just for the secret language of choice. playing a research team to the pacific coast. whales the stars just. double doors. thank you feel worried about the planet. bleaching. my meal. on the green sun's holocaust and to me it's clear
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remains change solutions are out but. joining me for a deep dark green transformation from a few holdouts. the flavor. of new york a global metropolis brimming with culture energy life and of course money but behind the glitz and glamour there's a different story. one in 5 new yorkers is living through the pandemic and poverty . past years 6 early on barrio lost her jobs and one of her sons now she ekes out a living collecting bottles. harris
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wants to help she collects food donations for people in need because the things wealthy new yorkers throw away are desperately need. did buy the city's poor. it's payday for 60 on barrio she has an entire week's worth of work in these bags and every cent counts. that there are $144.00 cans in here each one's worth $0.06 so that's a $0.16 for each bag. so that i get $0.14 and i have 5 days it should be $230.00 total. the monarchy and her blank. sister has lived in new york city for 34 years
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she immigrated illegally from mexico her husband left the family and 6 there raised 5 children all by herself. before the pandemic 6 that had 4 cleaning jobs now she only has one in order to pay the $600.00 rent for her room she collects bottles every day. but i meant decade am i am what i call a early morning or at night after dark since the pandemic lots of people collect bottles even the men who can at the supermarket cuts full of bottles yet it wasn't like that before but now with the pandemic is there any way we can survive we don't get help otherwise there must already be a bit but. we're not the number one graduate a. bit put another one on top thank you thank god. the recycling contractor that buys
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sixty's bottles is waiting a few blocks away. across the east river in manhattan prison harris and her team of volunteers are also collecting not bottles but cookies to give to new yorkers in need. these cookies are among the most popular in the city chocolate and peanut butter chocolate chip and walnut $7.00 apiece and the boxes are full. today cookies these are pieces of loaf it looks like a lemon loaf it's almost always there cookie is a lot of leftover cookies muffins whatever they don't sell from the the night before we take them and it's a pretty good stuff it's not stale or anything if the team didn't take these baked goods they'd be thrown away like so much food in the city. oh that's going to
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be really heavy. this person is going to get that i think so yeah the whole we can stop if we need better bridget's main job is delivering meals by bicycle for delivery app but on the side she collects food donations all over new york city for the nonprofit rescuing left over cuisine her family's originally from liberia for her fighting hunger is personal but when i was there i was going through a civil war and starvation so ever since then i have. hated the sea the amount of food that gets wasted and then just seeing people on the streets hungry right here in america it really hurts to know that people are wasting food when it's hungry people out there. today they drop off the donations at the bowery mission in southern manhattan. it's the oldest christian relief mission in the city . it all gets carefully weighed.
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over. the years and total of $182.00 pounds of arctica today. very good. there are you trying to find oh yeah i know i knew it was going to be over 150 i just didn't know it was going to hit 200 but this is still pretty good. the barry mission has been helping the city's poor for 140 years even in the day. as of the spanish flu it provided food and a place to sleep and today thanks to bridget and her team there's a delicious cookie for dessert 2. back in brooklyn 60 has arrived at the collection point she has fewer employees than usual that's because she's been on a hunger strike together with 14 others she's been calling on the state to finally
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help immigrants like her because they're undocumented they're not eligible for most government aid. you remember. i took part because there needs to finally be justice yet there are so many immigrants here and most of us pay taxes here. why because we thought that was the only way we would eventually get a residency permit by paying taxes but i'm a mormon but i'm afraid of the belly of the man that the protest was an act of desperation she says eventually she no longer felt hunger not to know that i'm not what i was we were given coconut water to drink and a vitamin pounded to keep the body telling them i lost 61 days if i want them and i want them or go on to say the. it was a success new york state is now promised $2100000000.00 to help people like 16
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she's one of more than half a 1000000 undocumented immigrants living in new york city the success of the hunger strike has given them courage. said m. and i remember it was a. very happy because we didn't have one but it's great for us but everything is going to get a much better rice country the money will come. i think people will even get residents talking. about it. the money from the state is not yet here and neither are other documents but at least there is cycling contractor has arrived 6 tickets a little less than she hoped for but she's still happy. oh. yeah i met my dad he took a 393 down as you get. back
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at the bowery mission i should put on he is making sure everything is ready for lunch soon the clients will be arriving. we're going to start packing up at about 11 o'clock. so in about 5 minutes. they distribute 2 to 300 meals every day impossible without the help of volunteers. so whatever we have out now we can probably just wrap them up and start fantasizing and getting ready to pack up ok thanks guys. you guys are all the time back there so how about the flex star bringing back the crates of living cookies and i'll show you where you can put them. before coated people ate in the dining hall but now it's all takeout for you very very. most of the people here are regulars. very very very young people from.
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my kidney also comes here on a regular basis. see there's watermelon. looks like a beef stew. with some cabochon rice. and some bread. mike is a trained x. ray technician he lost his job and home before the pandemic it's a difficult time to find new work and get back on his feet he. any help you can get . clothes good love water mel save the rest for later. because so many people are homeless during the pandemic the city has temporarily put them up in hotels my friends some of them are in homeless shelters so they move them to whole tells motels and then they have lost their they can pay for their phone bills they lost their job unemployment took
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a long time. so i lost contact with a lot of people that i consider friends and the baron mission to help me a lot lot of the people that work there just sitting and talking to them for like 45 minutes. just got me out of the deeps you know space and became. optimistic instead of pester mr. he never thought he'd be in this position relying on help from others. chew 1000000 waiting. but it's humbled me because i did have a good paying job and relying on someone i've never been used to that i don't like relying on people but until he finds work he has no choice but last year has taken its toll for a while there i was really not. doing anything i was just depressed
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gave the city was like dad i mean i was just laying in bed doing nothing just get even more depressed mike wants to leave new york as soon as you can to go somewhere where life is easier and cheaper. 6 is also getting a snack the pandemic hasn't just made life more difficult it also took away her youngest son unemployment alcohol depression he was only 30 years old. let the world bang you you're not a minute i went into the bathroom and died within 5 minutes and i was downstairs and i was going to get the car and taken to coney island and that's when my other son said no mom quick my brother isn't responding he's asleep i run like crazy.
11:56 am
but by then he was dead. my son was dead. badly gonna make it all you want to hear what i've been here for 34 days until the moment i don't want to be here but i want to go back to my brothers through this year and then i'll go back to mexico go to a leg work remember marketable not that they are going to go but i'm a good example bob i made it. for many new york is a city of dreams with a people like 6 to the pandemic has turned it into a nightmare a nightmare she wants to escape from as soon as possible. they
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flow on their starts pumping their skin some. women skaters in bolivia are breaking the taboo. to. make room for tradition in female emancipation and go hand in hand. not just the. w. . how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss. just 3 of the topics covered in the weekly radio program. if you would like the new information on the krona laroche or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at. science. and you know
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yes yes we're going to you and i last year's gentleman sauce now remembering you uncle a man called and you've never had to have a whole surprise yourself with what is possible to this magical green what moves and want home somebody who talks to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaking her legacy joining us from eccles la stocks. and there are those bubbles in play. innovation indication. but this is one game we can't afford to lose the world food program fights and towards helping people help themselves my goal is 0 i'm going.
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to stay that we can use live from for a letter the un secretary general condemns what he calls the senseless cycle of bloodshed in the middle east but there is still no end in sight. israeli artillery targets cars out prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the military campaign against hamas is.


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