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if you have a fear of flying a virtual reality trip with a therapist might help you get over it you stay on the ground but have feels like you're in the air it's cold confrontation there are. everyday activities that can be stressful such as shopping walking in a crowd or using public transport are bearable for millions with anxiety disorders often getting therapy is the only way to cope with the distress they experience but what can they do if even getting to the therapist presents an insurmountable psychological hurdle a question that brothers union and. along with their business partner benedict have long thought about. being a lot of business to a few people realize that anxiety disorders are germany's top mental illness affecting about $10000000.00 people each year. and about 5000000 people in this
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category have a primary diagnosis such as agrah phobia or social phobia or panic disorder out of politics. with this start ups impatient they've developed a form of digital psychotherapy it's to use a smartphone and virtual reality goggles gives them patient and the idea for sim patients and for inverted therapy came from a clinical pilot study with very promising results the idea developed that we could make this easily accessible by using virtual reality via smartphones instead of relying on large scale systems. patients won't be left to fend for themselves they're assigned their own certified psycho therapist companies them throughout the entire paradigm is on top of the university medical center. and is the clinical partner for their v.a.r. therapy peer to the digital therapy is seen as promising. ep. and it's the 1st. many of. which conduct exposure therapy that is exposing the
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patient to the trigger situation with the a differential reality. that. we know from experience and from many experiments at these virtual situations work almost as well as when the patient is exposed to a real life situation. that is the situation may not be real but the experience is real and that's what matters. for many sufferers virtual therapy is one possible path towards an anxiety free life. the phone rang and the obvious thing is to answer it but more young people are showing away from talking on the phone they say they prefer texting but for some it's an anxiety telephone a phobia. smartphones have completely changed how we communicate with each other. but in the past teenagers would have called their friends now they
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prefer to message them. the phone call is so immediate you get confronted with a question and you have to want to straight away. whereas with e-mail you have time to think things through and you can make changes to what you've written something you can't do you want to call them but. then see if it's just a question or if i just want to brief exchange with someone i tend to write because then they can answer me when they have time. if the conversation is one that could become a bit unpleasant messaging helps avoid that and often be the. player merits are not alone according to a study into media use among young people just one 5th of those aged between 12 and 19 use their mobile phones to make calls. instead they sent text messages.
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some of even developed a telephone phobia psychologist barbara schmidt. said it feeling of embarrassment. yes when there's an silence or if i don't know the answer to a question. it's some pleasant. barbara schmidt researches anxieties and hypnosis at the university of vienna she believes that simple hypnosis techniques can help with telephone call anxiety. you take the telephone in your hand key in the number hold it up to your ear. all these actions can trigger a feeling that can be anchored through transfer example. i can say that everything will go smoothly and this feeling then becomes connected to every single one of those actions and those actions then trigger the feeling that things will go well it works brilliantly and it's so simple. that it. lay on merit like the idea and
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hope it will help them choose to make telephone calls more often in future. i would . even good shake your weekly health show on t w covers many aspects of health care we look at what's new in medical treatment nutrition fitness and beauty. we talk about these topics in depth with the experts and give you the chance to pose your own questions so do get in touch. there are various approaches to treating fears anxiety and pain and success is not always guaranteed researchers are currently exploring whether sniffing sense can prove beneficial their findings are intriguing. sense otis smells a company our everyday lives we can't see hear or touch them but they are very
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present and they influence how we feel. being is even more to smell is a deeply emotional sense that's what fascinates me smell operates in the background and all of it which. is what allows for a long time it wasn't properly appreciated many patients say you any notice how important the sense of smell is once you lose it because. thomas homer is a physician and special in smell. and this research has found that sense can help in the management of certain diseases because of the direct link between nose and brain. sense recently our factory cells a very short distance from the our factory baldwin which is part of the brain from there information is passed to brain areas that have a lot to do with memory and emotion to twiddle doctor and she haina is also a specialist in smell she and thomas homer conducted
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a study of scent and memory with 100 elderly patients the question they wanted to answer was does regular small training enhance cognitive capacities. and admonish when we compare and smell training and playing sudoku smell training did much better with respect to commission for example in these patients their speech became more fluent of them. smells enter the know where they are up to 30000000 off the tree cell 1. if they register a scent molecules in the pine or leavened they pass on the information to the brain to the limbic system which is associated with emotion. and to the hippocampus which is associated with memory. there is a direct path from the nose to the brain that's why the sense of smell is like a key that opens up faults of memory and emotion. the scent of
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a person dunked in teen triggers a flood of memories. one sniff of a certain detergent and when it's transported back to childhood. the sense can engender a feeling of contentment that power can be harnessed to help people with mental issues. studies suggest that smell training helps some deal with nightmares and sleep disorders. we had not. we conducted a study with patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder they had horrible nightmares and slept poorly we exposed some to scents during the night it turned out they slept better and had fewer nightmares than those who just breathed regular air. brainwave patterns indicate that smell is registered by the brain
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that is true of pain as well could smell training help treat pain. we see how scents affect the moods and emotions and how they affect cognition specifically attention and concentration these things all play a role in pain as well. manson almost since link could nation and emotion thinking and feeling the 2 sense scientists contacted good on goshawk of pain expert so they could explore possible connections between the sense of smell and perception of pain a woman has lead as the only factory pathways are directly connected to neural nodes in the brain that are important for the perception and evaluation of pain. consider how intense you feel or pain to be about can you perhaps influence that perception by means of sense. of this migraine patients lives the scent of cloves peach orange and lavender containing elise files every morning and evening
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as part of a study. another study already completed with back pain patients yielded interesting results. i want to underline that one thing we investigated was how intense the pain feels a tiny particular moment we gave the test subjects an electrical stimulus and asked them to evaluate how painful it was what we found was that off the small training pain felt less intense than before patients tolerated more pain and the out of the yard sniffing pleasant sense as a way to combat pain dr gosnell's says her patients seem to appreciate this gentle therapeutic approach. as soon as i get news about it because i was somewhat surprised by our findings the pilot study looked at quite a small number of patients but the results were none the less clear i was also surprised that patients wanted to carry on after the study was completed by
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tomorrow what sense and tends out more influential than one might think and a walk in the woods is also an aromatic adventure that is good for body and so. that's all for today's edition of in good shape good bye for now and see you next week.
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plane. the bad. this is deja vu news live from berlin the un condemns the senseless cycle of bloodshed in the middle east but there are still no end in sight. more israeli airstrikes and several areas of gaza city prime minister binyamin netanyahu says the military campaign against hamas is continuing at full force also coming up on the program. to lead vocals for assembly members to shape a new constitution a legal framework which will sweep away the laws dating back to the dark days of
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dictatorship. and in the bundesliga football dortmund's punch their ticket to champions league next season beating pints with 1 march they left to play. welcome to the program we begin with the latest developments in the conflict between israel and the palestinians prime minister binyamin netanyahu has told israel that attacks in gaza are continuing quote full force and will take time to complete u.n. security council talks and did with either agreement on a public statement but the u.n. secretary general antonio warned of quote an uncontainable security and humanitarian crisis. rocket
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streaking into the sky as hamas continues its attacks on israel wrecked buildings and burned out cars proof that not all missiles are intercepted by israel's defenses even in car moments the tension is palpable. now it here is not simple it is living with the fear that you never know if a rocket will hit you there are rockets attacks which come without warning as you see people are walking around as usual like a daily routine but it's quite distressing israel is countering how much rockets with the fierce akam pain. gaza officials say dozens of people including children were killed on sunday that would be the highest death toll since the airstrikes began leaving palestinians to mourn their dead at.
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this father himself wounded in an airstrike on his house breaks down as he puts his daughter a final goodbye. the u.n. has called for an end to the bloodshed. good to see the lead at the poll is a little stronger virus only bill put words the cycles of this destruction and this prayer and push it forward and hope that we exist through the. storm but israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu is a no mood to rein in his powerful military and. we will continue for as long as it takes to bring back peace to you the citizens of israel it will still take some time even as he spoke palestinian youths and this really security forces clashed in the west bank a reminder that prolonging the conflict carries the risk of broadening it well did
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you correspondent dina chinoy has the latest from washington we have seen this many times many countries council members do think that israel's actions are illegal and that its use of deadly force is this reporter only harsh and the ones who think this way are building up some pressure on israel but at the same time there are some countries who usually use its veto power against israel related to u.n. security council resolutions u.s. ambassador to the u.n. in that unless greenfield for example said this sunday during the u.n. security council meeting that the united states would be ready to broker a cease fire if the 2 sides seek it and this is a very unlikely therefore the security council meeting concluded with a draft statement calling for a cease fire the statement was read out by the united states this means that the meeting concluded without actually. well let's take
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a look now at some other news making headlines around the world. a trial is underway in hong kong for 10 pro-democracy advocates charged with incitement for taking part in an authorized protest in $2192.00 defendants unfurled a banner that read free political prisoners before going into court jimmy la a prominent media tycoon is already serving time for 2 other protests. the bangle tiger that terrified houston residents roamed a neighborhood in texas has been found police have been searching for the big cat named india since he was spotted prowling outside a home last week the 9 month old could grow to weigh over 270 kilograms the bangle tiger is being transported to an animal sanctuary. now says black brand 12 blasted off from the u.s. state of virginia on sunday poor weather conditions kept the rocket grounded for several days scientists hope its mission will help them learn more about how energy
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and momentum travel in space. the spread of the corona virus in india appears to be slowing cases have fallen for the 3rd day in a row raising hopes that the worst could soon be over but despite that piece of good news deaths from back over 9000 are still rising more than 4000 people have again died within a day. bodies strewn along the river bank victims of india's coronavirus catastrophe. bihari ganges meanders village on the water flows very slowly here so the bloated corpses get caught on the riverbank it's turned the whole area into a pile of bodies. as desperation takes hold in the scramble for curve of 19
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vaccines and treatment india's 2nd wave is also affecting the disposal of the dead state officials believe some families are unable to afford the costs of commission as demand skyrockets according to official numbers india has suffered nearly $4000.00 deaths per day for over a week but the true death toll may be even higher. wherever they can and people are taking advantage of other people's misery i saw it at a commission site where they were charging exorbitant fees relatives a hopeless as they have no other choice they have to pay whatever is demanded no matter how unreasonable. there are small signs of improvement the rapid spread of the virus seems to be slowing sparking hope that social distancing measures may be starting to have an effect. more vaccines are also on their way a 2nd batch of russia's v landed on sunday but getting enough vaccine to protect
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india's 1300000000 population will take time for now indians are left picking up the paces of the devastation left behind. and chilean president sebastian pinera center right government is heading for disappointment in elections to an assembly which will be tasked with drafting a new constitution with more than half of the votes counted independent candidates and leftist parties are leading the way the constitutional assembly will have to address deep seated social discontent triggered mass protests the new legal framework will sweep away restrictive laws dating back decades to the dictatorship of general pinochet. it's considered chile's most important election since its return to democracy 31 years ago at stake our seats in an assembly to write
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a new constitution by design half of those elected will be women there are also positions reserved for indigenous representatives. chile's social and economic divisions contributed to the outbreak of deadly protests in 2019 that stretch for more than a year many hope the constitutional overhaul will heal the rifts. we want an end to those gaps that restrict people's freedom to develop because of the place where you were born or because of the economic opportunities you have. where you are we want our own constitution our law by us expressing who we are just that the people's constitution not a constitution dictated by other people none of. those demands could be answered after this series of elections 1st there was a vote last year to draft
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a new constitution the current election is on who will draw up this document and then mid next year another visit to the ballot box to decide whether or not to adopt the new constitution but it's not expected to be smooth as parties on the left and right battle for their say on the final document. knew that a win over hosts mines would sweep them into the champions league next season instead of frankfurt now minds already clinched their survival in the same league and it looked like their minds were on their summer vacation as dortmund to victory . dortmund might have expected an easy raid against them might side with 5 changes and little to play for and there was certainly enough chumminess before kick off to make frankfurt funds weapons. and their fears were realized on 23 minutes when jason sun sets up rafael guerrero to curl dortmund in front mights his young
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standing keeper. left clutching their. own 42 minutes was at it again dancing down the left and feeding captain marco royce dortmund at half time and more wool for young dominant the it was too easy for son as he was allowed to saunter into the box royce nipped in just ahead of erling holland and the 2nd half was no looking like a straw for the visitors. on 80 minutes poland set up yulian band to waltz road to dom and to make it 3 nil the keeper taking a need to the face in the process. the before open quiet zone scored a consolation goal for months from a spot in injury time $31.00 the final score another feather in the cup for dortmund interim coach at inter as it should be follows german cup success with jumpiness league qualification and a case of look what you could have won for frankfurt funs you could only watch on an envious dortmund celebrated. while leipzig straw against evolves for it was
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ideal for both teams that secured leipzig 2nd place in the bundesliga while the visitors clinched a champions league qualification a 1st half double from maximillian philip including this stunning strike put false 2 goals ahead at half time but justin cloyd told a go back. and after i'm not too high dara was tripped subjects or made it to all from the penalty spot and that's how saved. now should the tokyo olympics go ahead most japanese say no nearly 2 thirds favor the games being cancelled according to a new poll a 4th wave of corona virus infections means a state of emergency is already in force in the tokyo area and only one percent of the population has been fully vaccinated. almost nothing has gone as planned ahead
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of what is still called the tokyo 2020 olympics and a wednesday news conference given by your question please a man posing as a journalist staged a cancel the olympics protest for the olympic committee's spokesman that there is anywhere no weapons anywhere. you know. we don't want the olympics and use turning off some of. that great no i'm sorry to disappoint you that it was me not the president today obviously would've probably made that stunt a little bit more interesting was 7 the stunt though voiced the same disapproval the japanese themselves are voicing in small protest groups and in big polling data that shows 59 to 65 percent favor canceling the games in light of the pandemic. oh no. i was surprised that the number of people who are against the olympics have increased this march but i guess that reflects how bad the situation of the
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coronavirus this morning. but olympics organizers are moving forward and one thing that did go according to plan for them a dress rehearsal of what the track and field competition could look like. a mostly empty stadium save for athletes and officials who've been placed into a virtual bubble. for time olympic medalist justin gatlin won the test 100 meters and was a few save in his praise despite living in a locked down room to sleep to watch netflix to dine and then he was let out to train and compete. this competition here was a precursor to see exactly how you know the olympics can go off. maintaining a bubble for the athletes to be able to stay healthy and also the citizens of japan to be able to stay healthy even for an ass least for now he's coming into the country i think it was 6 a success. definitely different it's going to be hard to adapt but the
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caution is definitely needed. should the games go off as imagined or reimagined this could well be at the look world class competitors inside the venues and the athletes olympic village. protests on the outside. by europe so that not so we have time for. people in trucks injured while trying to see the city center more and more refugees are being turned away for a place on it to see. if he's going to leave the demonstrators. really extreme. killing 200 people. around the world more than 3.


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