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tv   Wunderschon  Deutsche Welle  May 17, 2021 3:15am-4:01am CEST

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stock film and also don't forget you can stay up to date with all the latest on our website the tell me talk column or you can follow us on our social media accounts that said i'm the funniest from me and the rest of the team here in berlin take care and scene a very. touching species. expedition looking to display the secret language of whales. the research team to the pacific to to. whales starts to fall on.
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meaning. what i'm stressing as label i got called gay boy. i did nothing. with the streets trying to. invoke the b.s. from all the people. i mean. if they want to got me and can do one thing else be on the shelf if you know me over here you know the money was. going to the. right up. i'm facing up i think all the earth free love gave me nothing knowing you know my mother was all right it's just yeah. yeah you just refuse to wrestle. with.
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the free. ride around. who. will take. me for you love me day and night. when i come on my heart rate. well right now i'm not not over. the over the it's the public you know they struck to hear how they were. i think you really really. complex time so it's just sort of peace and i don't. know why do you have.
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that. however during my 1st strut around the world in between. you know. i'm a state expect close to. just. a little bit of years ago here i'm . thinking is michael for nothing i'll stop i'm just what. do you want me to do. i'm not just acceptable on ok. he's. ok. i mean. the night lady gaga i wake me.
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up to write. i think people immediately drag that's sexuality of a problem for me. something sexual it's about. you are yeah. i mean. same. you know look at look at the sistine chapel. so drug is extreme it's just you know the camera i want albums frank. or why not through social media through video in real life could. well we can
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be the 1st one. and you can track together. birth this is mary was like about 2 or 3 i was lying there on the manicurist the mercy. of the. transmission from their alcohol reading costumes. my parents really like how they dress me up until the last founder got out there. and there i saw them. yeah. i don't know do it she was doing. her so. i think that's why. this one looks one.
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too. sure. about wearing dresses. when i know you dress i thought well when. i pull up for an. independent. it's about how to bring this back in the face and this is for with. armor for your schoolmates who are. well there is no there's. every child has the right. and there's nothing to. you know we're hearing his now that's always. turned. back. and. i thought. i was having lunch.
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and. i told him that he would have been a lot of well that's right. and then when do you think. it will all know about afraid of polio cannot go to school dr because i don't want to take any chances i have experienced both her. hands if. i am but when you're down. i guess my eyebrows but.
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there have been people. i * shouldn't because. i work with. a female who does it's like hyper feminizing years on so for instance when. i go females are known for the large lives well well and they live among fiery eyelashes so i will have. it has been a struggle for me to find places where i can go. and meet people because a lot of times drug courts are i gave bars are gay clubs and i'm not allowed to go there. well between to find out and how complex. then she gets all dressed up and too timid is a bit of
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a prance around. when you both. come out like the old. yet. no one whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a totally different thing vogue. or the law my friends was a cure for though is a full culture and dance form. doesn't block friends but she doesn't that's why i have friends that. were kids. and different. and put me there
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and. oh my god i can't wait to. meet you i'm going to. be like oh my gosh. yeah. i know you would not say that because i mean really i'm grateful very much. oh my god that was. all right yeah it was. all of that just paid our island to my mind. only used. her make up always on.
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the way. that it's right i mean. and that's not true i drag queen. i would never see just you know not have to explain why he's wearing lipstick or look he's got no power so. great i just. thought. it was another dry can't remember intentions. and. here are some to you.
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thank you for making playoffs. because there's a other kids that you know. i'm not myself. and i think a branding exercise jumping up and. get. involved in anything to do with drug company. really. well. thanks much for my trip. i got it. all not being our government. you know.
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it's going to be when he goes on the start of this case there's nothing to stop the slide. and. i think learning caviling was my baby there. still was. you want to. thank thank. you. keep him back and grab a rope. ok so you know every single my flexi steps in our house whether it be a spin back. home girl or
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a narrative are going to start going wrong. everything is not. stop now me you know me all right. it's like. any. closer to. me. and what with a. somebody else i can. have a home best.
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first cry and. i think. i remember. my a real nice guy here we feel like ending and he was like and i mean with no not. now i but also means other counsellors and then now. i want mom and am woman i want. her parents are. they. concerned about my own. yang's i don't care if you were my only you wouldn't don get your while back and he will have family much less i think and you.
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think. 'd people. do you think. this were quite shy right you know i. just think it's a lot more true. personality will be changes. because her birth unless it's really see him get out there and be brave enough to be a boy. interest in me in me and just go out there and sing in the. little girl. yeah.
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homeland. i'm really ready for cher. for me. but i don't see me now vocally you plan was for young. girls really and it's really like something. that is really really exciting and all of the really like out of. everything. so this year i was really really excited you know to jam.
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here for this her whole family it was going to go all white and. it was kind of the you know. well. for the family this is. my group. more already. i was just informed what the menu actually doesn't. satisfy disappoint me knowing i'm not allowed to me a part of our big announcement. that i don't like a yeah i was prepared for the wrong problem was.
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the right stuff yet must be. so. close i think it's really hard i know just so much to practice i asked if. i ask. others to practice. when i was practicing. i think i have to practice make. you do it because in life i have to know and i one day i'm not i'm one day i'm not going to be with me right now but i'm going to. have a little the hour i don't fully understand. long as it never hurts to sort of personal life. was i don't know what to think as people i know who
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infants like you but. yeah you know i have to sacrifice a lot i think for them and i'm not willing to give it up so easily so. and there not more might start being burned and then also. have to deal with everything that i've said i would. not. understand a man with. any of overwhelming when. doing or. you're . you're you're. you're.
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you're. all that i'm bragging well the threat. yeah my wife hears your. yeah. ringback i feel great right now oh well i'm fed up. we have all my. baby and then yeah i'm never. like.
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you know. sometimes. it's done and then starbird. error. 6 and many have to be on the ball and you got to click on. yes this is your. contrast amazing young thing will come from. now on her maybe they are like
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oh my god. oh no are we. are. my mama when. your just. shallow. whoa. ok for tower.
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cam. right now you all focus on your own broken because she has the choreo she just always got it on the back ok. got. you performing. close my mind that people think what other thing that really bothers me that might make you guys uncomfortable too was going to her child abuse or that we're throwing her 1st year of the game and that we're you know sexualizing the. word hope people or a good. person regularly but. i do single you were injured children were away and always. when the one child yeah yeah yeah ok. you know. one of.
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my you know his mates and then my other won once so that's bad trying. to be. good. little bit more direct sort of. thing their birthday. yeah i need your comment because that's. her. all. of your visit to the white house. group i'm not too sure because we're going to lie but in different ways of the same time so. we're not going to get ready. for this isn't going to
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be. your. things and we get more you know mary the 1st getting in on the crime story. you know you really should do your best from. that point. because trying to get all together for the picture. i make of these i'm looking great. and you can see. right. now i can help and.
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he says that he is. no harm by himself and he really like your. performance group he doesn't seem to feel like they're all taking up this space. in earth she said they pronounced your oh my god oh. you're the way here oh no oh no no no i meant that you. have a vehicle. down the middle. it's like our only. room 100-0000 m. our your i'll go with. my share of the sisters rather. than
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. her. mama make her love you know the time for me is never forget. who. don't like anything on the new heart do you hear yeah sorry. i said that he is and i don't that's right. ok. ok ok.
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oh big like the thing about the like all the people. honestly. come up. with. the.
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world. the live. their lives. play. my.
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thanks. to. happy that. i was trying to look older. i think. i was like so happy so happy for crikey it was great to meet them even the crowd. and they have fun doesn't. like the guy that i cry i think i thought i was wrong when i say good morning. like i'm really proud. of you and even though all the way to the rehearsal this might. sound like nervous and or whatever but then i talked to a group of people who got us most intimate. about holds the right.
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i'm a winner and one truck. bomb i . am i think when i'm feeling a little air in algarve is more of the elements you 1017. they want to see you have a good runway walk but it's a more focused on the road. and the way you will tell and it's a lot about why cannot you showing your face in showing the he chairs of your face. oh it. is i mean with words i remember the money queens i mean all of them
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not. going to be causing him up on the runway so i mean his 1st time. you are sure that you know not only horses. like the bill but not draw me there are. any. you're. just wanting a regular person and i. think the you. know the old sort of. doing that over. you face. i am not doing. me in that much battles oh no. he's.
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the one candidate. who is a group i'm having fun it's just like it's been a little bit of history. commuting but i could. not be. performing. to come out. of your thoughts all. he pleases.
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there are i think. you know how you are yeah yeah. thank you. thank you. thank. god i have. you may think you need a new. thank. you have a different one you want your friends. that have my. yeah
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. i was looking. for. the thing you like. i. just don't. believe you in the face of it oh thank you thank you thank you. the play is really hard. to bear i. have to have you have a. thank.
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you thank you. thank you. thank you. mom. why. * i'm not i'm having. a. baby.
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oh arthur i. think haha. i have. 2 are more. like a. full house you are. right thank you thank you. thank you write her thank you thank you thank you. thank you thank you. thank you i
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thought i. thought i. thank you. but i know i am. now her then fired i can't have been a good person have happy about. the our. white house back where i am. not i wasn't to allow. anything. now.
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the i am. the owner you make me so happy but you've got all these kids you like just like him and. it's like a piece of a puzzle that has all come together to. her. and i mean. i just read i'ma go. after it to the back of my just because somebody else is perfect like i don't want to go stand on everyone when i'm like. you are. people who understand. that's amazing and then to feel.
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i just think i was not the path. to being or inspired for them you know temper tantrums and 3 hours i mean how do. you know when the parents of go you know the kids. well right from the beginning the parents also explain a little bit. i know that's not. going to. i don't want to stop.
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india. having an address is a fundamental right that's long been denied to residents of slums a digital pilot project uses mobile data to give the child its own address. the combination of this is videos fine offer anything that you are getting there is something called invasive ductal the belief that you are lucky to be working. next to. be in good shape.
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and anxiety on fiddling or even healthy feelings. but what happens if they take over our lives and we're playing days and nights. by panic attacks from me and disorders are we looking into causes and ways to cope with anxiety in good shape. 30 minutes. with him how to be good goes on as well lions how you know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on a trip you know i would not have put myself and my heresy in the danger of the bottom of the game is there to put a beautifully or a. one funky deposit on it with the use of i had a serious problems on
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a personal level and i was unable to live there but it wasn't going to. you want to know their story in full migrants trigger a fight against reliable information for margaret's. this is d w news and these are our top stories israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu says the military campaigning gaza is continuing at full force and will take time to complete meanwhile medical sources in gaza say israeli airstrikes on the territory have killed dozens more people. have been firing hundreds more rockets into israel . chileans are heading to the polls.


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