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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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this is the w. news the wire from berlin the un condemns the senseless cycle of bloodshed in the middle east but there's still no end in sight to the desperate search for survivors continues as more israeli air strikes how the gaza and prime minister binyamin netanyahu says the military campaign against hamas is continuing after all force also coming on the show to a vote for assembly members to shape a new constitution a legal framework which will sweep away the last of dating back to the dark days of dictatorship.
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so i'm claire richardson a very warm welcome to the show we start with the latest developments in what is now a 7 day conflict between israel and palestinian militants prime minister benjamin netanyahu has told israel that attacks are continuing at full force and will take time to complete he was speaking as international diplomatic efforts toward a cease fire gather pace the u.n. security council has debated the conflict virtually but without issuing a statement and while diplomats talk the violence continues. rocket streaking into the sky as hamas continues its attacks on israel wrecked buildings and burned out cars proof that not all missiles are intercepted by israel's defenses. even in car moments the tension is palpable.
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now it here is not simple it is living with the fear that you never know if a rocket will hit you there are rockets attacks which come without warning as you see people are walking around as usual like a daily routine but it's quite distressing israel is countering how must rockets with a fierce akam pain. gaza fishel say dozens of people including children were killed on sunday. that would be the highest death toll since the air strikes began leaving palestinians to mourn their dead. this father himself wounded in an airstrike on his house breaks down as he puts his daughter a final goodbye the un has called for an end to the bloodshed.
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to leave the pole this latest round of violence where it's the cycles of this destruction and these bear. in the eyes of any hope that we exist for this. fight must stop but israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is a no mood to reign in his powerful military and. continue for as long as it takes to bring back peace to you the citizens of israel it will still take some time even as he spoke palestinian youths and israeli security forces clashed in the west bank a reminder that prolonging the conflict carries the risk of broadening it. and let's bring in our jerusalem correspondent kramer for more we've heard prime minister netanyahu there saying that israel's attacks will continue and that is operation is going to take time so where does that leave efforts at achieving a cease fire. well it's actually hard to tell at the moment because 6 contradictory
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reports we're getting his so we heard prime minister binyamin netanyahu saying once again that this military campaign or peroration against hamas in gaza is continuing despite international pressure and also despite the humanitarian situation in gaza that's deteriorating by the minute and i think he's also addressing with this the domestic scene here a lot of people within his own base that would like to see a continuation of just military can paint in gaza would like to see a decisive victory off is well over hamas and to end it once and for all that's what i heard a lot of times without really knowing what that actually means but at the same time knowing that we know that mediation efforts continuing behind the scenes we know that egypt is most likely. between hamas and is to out and also
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others like the united nations and other countries but it's very difficult to see at the moment where these negotiations are these mediations and whether we are closer rather still far away from the cease fire but i do want to ask you more about those key arab players in the region like egypt which you've already mentioned but also jordan the gulf states have we heard them condemning israel. well we did actually hear them condemning quite sharply what's happening and i think you have to look also that back into the weeks preceding this conflict there was the issue of the pending in vixen off palestinian families and it's to swim in favor of israeli settlers and then of course the issue of confrontations very serious confrontations between palestinians and israeli police on the reef of the temple mount and inside the mosque and that is concerning for many people here in
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the region of course every arab country here has a different kind of involvement also different interests different relations also with hamas in gaza and if you're just looking at jordan the kingdom is also of course the custodian of the holy sites in jerusalem and egypt that has played you know in previous rounds of has to. throw as many but i think also doubt the countries here in the region are looking very closely at the public reaction and in their own countries because the issues. especially. happening of course in gaza and also what's happened in ending in jerusalem is very important to many is a great concern to many people here in the region did i think tony a crime reporting for us from jerusalem thank you so much for that and for the view from washington d.c. we have details bureau chief there in as paul you know as the u.n.
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security council has been meeting virtually on the conflict is there any hope of a breakthrough given the united states' position of unwavering support for israel. and you know clear biden has been allowing for the israelis to handle the situation on their own but the escalation is making this more difficult for the president of the united states both domestically and internationally critics are piling up asking president biden to send up against israel and put more pressure on prime minister benjamin netanyahu to agree on a cease fire however i this point it is very very unlikely that the united states would not veto any joint statement which would put too much pressure on the israeli government well kind of pressure is the biden administration facing at home to try to put a stop to the conflict. we have to understand the president biden is very much focused on domestic issues these 1st months of his presidency his main take is to
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create jobs in his own country and for his very ambitious plans he just needs the full support of every single democratic house member as he has only a razor thin majority in the senate why do i say that i say that because many of the left leaning democrats really put more power on or ask biden for more more clear stand against israel some like alexandra. cortez also known as a o c actually criticized him even publicly publicly on twitter saying if his administration of biden's ministration does not stand up to israel they lose their credibility too and i quote this here stand up for human rights so biden is facing a lot of pressure was in his own country. as poland washington will have to leave it there but thank you so much for your reporting. and voters in chile have been
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choosing members of a national assembly that will draft a new constitution lawmakers will have to address a deep seated social discontent that triggered mass protests a new legal framework will sweep away restrictive laws dating back decades to the dictatorship of general augusto pinochet. is considered chile's most important election since its return to democracy 31 years ago at stake our seats in an assembly to write a new constitution by design and half of those elected will be women there are also positions reserved for indigenous representatives. chillies social and economic divisions contributed to the outbreak of deadly protests in 2019 that stretch for more than a year many hope the constitutional overhaul will heal the rifts. we want an end to those gaps that restrict people's freedom to develop because of the
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place where you were born or because of the economic opportunities you have. that you that we want our own constitution our law by us expressing who we are just that the people's constitution not a constitution dictated by other people not going to fulfill. those demands could be answered after this series of elections 1st there was a vote last year to draft a new constitution the current election is on who will draw up this document and then mid next year another visit to the ballot box to decide whether or not to adopt the new constitution but it's not expected to be smooth as parties on the left and right battle for their say on the final document. and for more i'm now joined by my colleague a benjamin of it as a group or who is following this story for us benjamin we've heard this vote is considered the most important in chalets recent history can you tell us why exactly
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it's considered crucial it's the most important vote this whole process since the return of democracy 31 years ago this will be the new framework for the country in 4050 years and what's a story that all the members of this assembly under $55.00 members of them will be woman and there will also be reserved seats for the indigenous population and that's a 1st worldwide yeah that's fascinating and i don't think i can think of another constitution that has provisions like that i think many of our viewers will remember that this election was spurred by years of protests against what demonstrators say was the country's huge social inequalities how can a new constitution change that i think people know that our constitution itself will not change the problems that we have in chile but as it will set a new framework for the reforms when it comes for example to the health system to the education system to the pension system that have been criticized for years that also other reforms that will be needed for example with the security forces with
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police that have been severe human rights violations since the protests started in october of 2019 so there's a lot of hope in this process that this will be the 1st step that this people will draft and you can stick to sion let's remember that the constitute the current constitution that chile has it's back to the time of i will subpoena 2 of the military dictatorship so for them this important is pretty crucial and the next one that will happen next year to see if the chileans really want this you can see to should be replacing the current ok so being seen as a crucial stepping stone now is often seen as a success story in south america as one of the most developed countries on the continent is that a fair assessment or are there other things brewing under the surface it's not a fair assessment and during this covert 19 pandemic we have seen the big problems that are still present now in the chilean society when it comes to poverty when it comes to overcome. and even the current chilean president once said that chile is an oasis if you compare to other countries in the region and now we've seen that
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it's definitely not the case for people who have to go out where home office is definitely not an option who have to go out to work who have to rely on the private pension system to get passed to get through this pandemic so there are a lot of things under the surface that you cannot see but only looking at the comic numbers that authorities have shown not just of this government but also of previous governments to support the current constitution and to also defend the current system that according to majority of killian's have spurred this social difference all right benjamin other task group i thank you so much for that update . and with the boon this league is 2nd to last match day of the season so let's take a look at all the results so far and security champions league sought by beating minds voided relegation by beating braman head to berlin beat the draw with a draw against cologne bealefeld and hoffenheim grabbed a point each and fribourg held the champions byron munich to a draw for
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a relegated shaka stunned champions league hopefuls frankfurt and flavor and shared the spoils with the new on berlin that got down to gladbach is now underway is life sick verses will spark. and somehow let's take a quick look at the bundesliga standings with one round left to play full support and friend for it are still jostling for the final champions league spot one of them will join leverkusen in the europa league is down at the bottom things are incredibly tight with bielefeld bremen and cologne still threatened with relegation . and the late basketball great kobe bryant has been inducted into the n.b.a. hall of fame he was killed last year in a helicopter crash right and had played his entire career with the los angeles lakers and won 5 n.b.a. championships with the team of 18 year 18 time all-star is being honored with a special exhibit called koby if you ask about life that explores his prolific career bryant was inducted by michael jordan the only other player to get his own
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section. and it is your that is your news update at this hour coming up after the break will be sports life looking at how germany lost its football identity and i'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour so don't go away if you want more before then you can check out our website e.w. dot com thanks for watching. we got some tips for your bucket list. magic corner. for some. and some great cultural memorials to boot. trouble. is code. species. an
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expedition. looking to decipher this. new company a research team to pacific to decode the language of. storage consoles. how did team on shop go from world beaters to a football punchline and how to make bounce back. for world cups 3 european
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championships they've made the final of both those tournament a combined 14 times anyway you slice it germany are one of the most accomplished sides in international football. but for the 1st time in my life the utterly unthinkable has happened germany are not good at football. it's not just the unsavory whiff of failure hanging in the air since the 28000 world cup germany's 1st group stage exit since the 1930 s. they have been in an unshakeable raw. so what happened to. well to find out we're going to start with the man. talking about germany there's no getting around europe you live the longest serving coach in international football he's more than his luster in nearly 15 years at the helm. before and after the world cup party. in the 12 years prior to 28 many had only lost 9 competitive
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matches since then they've already lost 7. still his early years were incredible initially your concerns months assistant is widely seen as a tactical brains behind germany's tremendous 2006 run he got the big job immediately after that world cup and saw historic success. helped revolutionize germany's games with an attack that oppressed exposed. and remained some of the best football of the 2010 germany's 2014 world cup. got a whole country celebrated. by you know much. less of his punches. germany fans and brothers. celebrating
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that famous big tree over argentina. to go to the. floor of the studio. 3 years later lifting the confederations cup with the team for live could get the most out of just about anybody but maintaining that hunger is never easy there's a reason only 2 countries have ever repeated a world cup when live opened up to kick off camilla about this and 20 team. what is this i mentioned just moments ago. is one for the it feel i. did this on the. guy she goes in then i enter much money in me from. keeping a coach on for multiple world cup cycles is always a camp shaking up the team and tactics gets harder with one man at the top for so long maybe stuck mission was inevitable. as much as we might like to we
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can't blame it all on the determine if they might have been a tad bit overconfident when they gave them a new contract one month before the world cup in russia. very they learned that the 2014 win wouldn't magically repeat itself now it's clearer than ever germany's issues run deeper than the one bad world cup. through all of this it seems germany have lost track of their winning identity. germany have always had a clear footballing identity but these days it's harder than ever to know what to expect whenever germany take the pitch for decades including the glorious hades of the seventies and ninety's the football might not always have been pretty but it was effect. as. well with my hot season which has been. germany were the unstoppable side worst relying on team spirit fitness and
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a disciplined defense to be far more talented spots. this is rooted in germany's purse major success of their coach september motivated his underdog side in defeating the best team in the world hungary and lifting the 54 world cup. later tactical evolution seem to be limited to working the ball to get older in the seventy's. followed by your complains man in the ninety's and then the stunning innovation of passing to miroslav klose in the 2000. mary germany's athleticism the brits and mentality with flowing football and suffocating passing. but suddenly i'm $28.00 team it was nowhere to be found tom. tom. for former germany international
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stefan kiesling germany's identity issues are clear especially when you compare today's roster to his 2010 world cup team most of whom went on to win it all in brazil manuel neuer. in. matches arca. notes and probably. 401 must be on closer for beyond the heights competition trying. to start here and then. by. staying still. and can ask. those southern youngsters like yoshi like him each have stepped into leadership roles live steve has lost its critical balance between mentality and technical ability. when.
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the. human. norm on. the tunnel stick but. it doesn't help that the german death a has been a near constant state of scandal. off the field instead of serving as a source of pride the national team have spent the past couple of years hounded by scandal criticism and doubt 1st message is a retired from demon chopped in 20 teams accusing the f.a. of racism over a ted link of this photo with turkish president aired on. the fall out unleashed a lengthy debate about racism in german football. and 29 t. f. a president by husband bill stepped down accusations of this management and bribery oddly enough and so love this kind of stuff. that's almost ones i. did speed i got. on just
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a moment if. i wasn't vocal. on the pitch decision to drop star players thomas motor mounts huddles and jerome bowen take has led to constant criticism but also overshadowed its attempts to build a new side with you. in fact it's the post world cup rebuild that has given luke some of his biggest problem. the hype of birds tenure were fuelled by an exciting crop of youngsters hitting their prime in his system playing creative puta full football after the debacle in russia a new generation was meant to take the reins but hasn't quite gotten the plan. was . to go. for you here. right and you know what it was so you see my mission was i was. out on to just help
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you with all my. things i said. if avoiding criticism was alludes it didn't work. take it humbles may have been in poor form but using their experience to help new talent it just would have been a safer bet especially now that luke looks likely to bring at least one of them back for the euros unless his true plan was to look tony it's into a false sense of security by removing big names from the squad only to bring them back in a deft surprise move just before the tournament that he's a genius meanwhile working youngsters into the team hasn't gone smoothly. enough to knock them to mc. and becomes protests create. on. your merry hell until.
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one doesn't you know pretty shits are going to convince files that despite a raft of incredibly talented young players get you a commission lay on direct skin surge not require the only ones who have truly cemented themselves in the team of course one can't assume the next generation will automatically match the 24 team winning cohort many exciting prospects especially in the back have developed into solid pros but not quite world beaters. who just. listed them as all the money. as. for those of us under social order. to feel guilty at the. spirit and on the dean else we get and then also get. the sling now working in never cusins front office says germany's not struggles as
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structural. i would be if you just go always going to be an intrusion into reality to try to recover distrustful descending like me on. the past. or i'm. not going to going to. do the same as if you wish to go. about my sins i wasn't looks. although the pundits league is great for developing youngsters many of them are foreigners the percentage of the leeds players made up of germans younger than 23 dropped from 21 to 6. meanwhile many of germany's youth teams have struggled. why worry about the whole youth movement thing when you only need to think about the immediate future by not with the likely return of some of the banished bats and
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anything can happen. to germany when it all. sets not really fly but. i mean this life. isn't it a bunch of the best. honestly i just had. a mission to go. at the end of the day it's still germany the squad is still stacked and live still a world cup winner maybe bring the band back together for one last tournament will see him ride off into the sun but if i were in germany fan i'd maybe hold off on that euro 2020 winner neck tattoo if we're being totally honest lives seems much more likely to go out with a whimper than a bang. content
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