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or remain in the top flight next season oh and it's final league game coming up it's against byron unic and a very hungry robert leavened off ski on the hunt for the all time bundesliga goal scoring title a match up i'll be glad not to have to when. you're watching news that's all we have time for see you soon take care. of. people in trucks injured while trying to treat a city center more and more refugees are being turned away or to please. please pretty please demonstrate a. few to sleep news stream troops. to keep. more than 300000000 people who are seeking. limits.
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because no one should have to sleep. play make up your own mind. w. . made for mines. how did demon child go from world beaters to a football punchline and how can a pound spot. for world cups 3 european championships they've made the final of
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both those tournaments a combined 14 times anyway you slice it germany are one of the most accomplished sides in international football. but for the 1st time in my life the other the unthinkable has. germany are not because of. it's not just the unsavory whiff of failure hanging in the air since the 2018 world cup germany's 1st group stage exit from the 1930 s. they've been in an unshakeable rut since so what happened to germany. well to find out we're going to have to start with the manager. there for talking about germany there's no getting around europe you live the longest serving coach in international football he's more than lost his luster in nearly 15 years at the helm side before and after the world cup are night and day in the 12 years prior to
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28 team germany had only lost 9 competitive matches since then they've already lost 7. still has early years were incredible initially your contends among the system is widely seen as the type to go brains behind germany's tremendous 2006 run. he got the big job immediately after that world cup and saw historic success. this helped revolutionize germany's team with a new tactic verb at a press just comes. in for me and some of the best football of the 2010 germany's 2014 world cup win was a master class that got the whole country celebrated as you so. much given. the lives of his fans. germany fans and brothers
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castilian renee went wild celebrating that famous victory over argentina. to go to the. floor of the studio. 3 years later lifting the confederations cup with the b. team proved live could get the most out of just about anybody but maintaining that hunger is never easy there's a reason only 2 countries have ever repeated a world cup when live opened up to kick outs kamila about this and 20 team. member . just as i mentioned just moments which will be. one for the. me from. keeping a coach on for hull to pull world cup cycles is always a gamble shaking up the team and tactics gets harder with one man at the top for so long maybe strike mission was inevitable. as much as we might like to we
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can't blame it all on determine if they might have been a tad bit overconfident when they gave them a new contract one month before the world cup in russia. very they learned that the 2014 when would it magically repeat itself. now it's clearer than ever germany's issues run deeper than the one bad world. through all of this it seems germany have lost track of their winning identity. germany have always had a clear footballing identity but these days it's harder than ever to know what to expect whenever germany take the pitch for decades including the glorious hades of the seventies and ninety's football might not always have been pretty but it was effect. as. well the man had some good times and. germany were the unstoppable side worst relying on team spirit fitness and
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a disciplined defense to be far more talented spots. this is rooted in germany's pursed major success of underfunding their coach september motivated his underdog side into beating the best team in the world hungary and lifting the 54 world cup. later tactical evolution seem to be limited to working the ball to get bolder in the seventy's. followed by you can klinsmann in the ninety's and then the stunning innovation of passing to miroslav klose in the 2000. mary germany's athleticism brits and mentality were flowing football suffocating past. but suddenly i'm $28.00 team it was nowhere to be found.
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for former germany international stefan kiesling germany's identity issues are clear especially when you compare today's roster to his 2010 world cup team most of whom went on to win it all in brazil minor annoyance. and obvious. matters are. notes and. fundamental must be on closer. to 10 trying. to start. by. staying still. and can ask. those some youngsters like yoshi like him each have stepped into leadership roles live steve has lost its critical balance between mentality and technical ability. when.
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listen to the norm on. the tunnel and stick but them on so it doesn't help that the german death a has been in a near constant state of scams. off the field instead of serving as a source of pride the national team have spent the past couple of years hounded by scandal criticism and doubt 1st visit is a retired from demon chopped in 20 teams accusing the f.a. of racism over a ted link of this photo with turkish president aired on. the fall out unleashed a lengthy debate about racism in german football. and 2019 f.a. president i know how to handle stuff down on accusations of this management and bribery oddly enough and so love this kind of stuff. that's all muslim's i. speed it up as a school zone. on just
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a moment if. i wasn't vocal. on the pitch yogi lives decision to drop star players thomas mounts huddles and jerome boa team has led to constant criticism but also overshadowed its attempts to build a new side with you. in fact it's the post world cup rebuild that has given luke some of his biggest problem. the hard to do it's 10 year were fueled by an exciting crop of youngsters hitting their prime and his system playing creative beautiful football after the debacle in russia a new generation was meant to take the reins which hasn't quite gotten the players . what's. right i want to go. for you here. right and you know that you know you look at the divine issue that's
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all i see. on. markets. i see. if avoiding criticism was lives it didn't work. boa take it humbles may have been in poor form but using their experience to help new talent i just would have been a safer bet especially now that live looks likely to bring at least one of them back to the euros unless its true plan was to look own its into a false sense of security by removing big names from the squad only to bring them back any deaf surprise move just before the tournament that he's a genius meanwhile working youngsters into the team hasn't gone smoothly. enough to knock them to mc. and victims protests create. on. your merry hell until. you are. not truly sure. one doesn't you know
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pretty ships are going to convince files that despite a raft of incredibly talented young players get you a commission lay on directs go and search for the only ones who have truly cemented themselves in the team of course one can't assume the next generation will automatically match the 24 team winning cohort many exciting prospects especially in the back have developed into solid pros but not quite world beaters. who just. missed. them as all of them understand. as a woman. and then it's not for those of us under school or. to feel guilty at. the dean else we get and then also get. the sling now working in never too since the front office says journeys and struggles as
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structural. decision rules because i'm thinking i would be if you just go always going to be an intrusion into reality to try to recover distrustful descending like me on. the past. or. no i'm excelling i'm going to. do the same as if you wish to go. about my since i was in my books. although the bunda sleep is great for developing youngsters many of them are forests the percentage of the leeds players made up of germans younger than 23 dropped from 21 to 6. meanwhile many of germany's youth teams have struggled. why worry about the whole youth movement thing when you only need to think about the immediate future combine that with the likely return of some of the banished
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bats and anything can happen. to germany when it all. gets not really fly but you know i mean his life. isn't it a bunch of the best. honestly i've. been trying. to go. at the end of the day it's still germany the squad is still stacked and live the still a world cup winner maybe bring the band back together for one last tournament will see them right off into the sun but if i were in germany fan i'd maybe hold off on that euro 2020 winner neck tattoo if we're being totally honest lives seems much more likely to go out with a whimper than a bang. diversity
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on your own. this episode is all about celebrating differences advocating equal opportunity it doesn't matter where you're from what you believe in whether or not you have a disability or who you love diversity in riches our modern society we are against discrimination and for except for your. next d.w.i. . there carted off under terrible conditions drunken cattle into animal transport trucks for days at a time without food and water. a team of reporters follows the trucks to russia central asia or north africa they want to find out who's responsible for this animal cruelty. in 46 minutes on d w. what secrets lie behind these walls. discover
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new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. g.w. world heritage 360. get me out now. here traditional gender roles are being turned upside down. and. how and why.


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