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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2021 7:00am-8:01am CEST

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fulfilled. in years after the arab spring. starts june 7th on d. w. . this is news live from berlin the conflict between israel and hamas militants intensifies after a day of deadly violence. after israeli warships pound hamas targets and on the ground talib walks cause a late fall as some of the fiercest fighting we're seen in the west bank for decades. and mass protests give way to elections voters in chile go to the
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polls this weekend with media would be involved micah who wants to help shape the whole new constitution. plus china plans a spacecraft on the red planet for the 1st time the latest bold step in its burgeoning space part. of a math me how the fighting between israel and palestinian militants is continuing to escalate if red the jets have continued to pound hamas targets thousands of reservists are on standby for a possible ground invasion of gaza while the death toll is mounting. in an instant the 6 story building is reduced to rubble. all throughout the day.
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and into the night. explosions reverberated through gaza city as israel intensified its onslaught against hamas. as the conflict escalates hour by hour gazans are fleeing their homes with whatever they can carry some have come to this school run by the un in search of a safe place. whatever none of the law we were planning to leave during the night but drones and jets kept bombing us at dawn we started moving and ran to the schools our children were screaming they wanted to get away when we woke up we found everything behind us destroyed there's nothing left in the end of the album lot of. and many israelis too are living in fear. just north of gaza the city of ashkelon has been hit repeatedly by hamas rockets. it has been very
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stressful but we are following the government's instructions we have faith in the army and our creator. gaza is not israel's only front in an intensifying conflict in the west bank tensions new highs as palestinians exchanged rocks and gunfire with israeli soldiers for the 1st time this week palestinians died in numbers on the streets of the territory. the united states has sent a diplomat to try and broker a cease fire between israel and hamas. but as flames and fighting spread across the holy land peace seems like a distant prospect. let's get more now from michael fritz in the executive director of the media lon an american news agency covering the middle east mr fritz and we see civilian suffering on both sides and no signs as yet of deescalation what's going to break this cycle of violence unfortunately the cycles are repetitive in
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the follow patterns it's a nice image of the warfare so you have what it one point was a ragtag bunch of people firing on a organized army now is in itself a pretty sophisticated bunch and the warfare gets more gruesome and costly as the technology grows and now we're seeing drones and the like which is the of course changing the syrian backed up considerably this can stop as quickly as it begins with a diplomatic solution and the nations of the world are trying to get together now to get both sides to consider that what they've done already is enough for this round and tragically they're talking about this round not about. arguably the u.s. is the only one with leverage she do you see it that why and if so is it doing enough with that leverage. well i've spoken to
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a number of israelis who don't think so they believe that the united states should be the honest broker should be considered the honest broker not withstanding any issues that arose in the previous administration they feel the u.s. has been a little slow on the uptake in that they could do more however having said that the administration wants to take a more global approach it's important for many in the american government to see that the allies in europe in particular play along with everybody else and become important to the ultimate outcome of what's going to happen and perhaps that can be more of peace and less of a time out from the battle. from where we are now it seems difficult but can you imagine a peace process yeah that's how it is hard to imagine but you know the several countries that made peace or normalization with israel did so at
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great risk to themselves in their own neighborhoods and they certainly surprised many by the fact that they have done it and we're not hearing any negativity or not really much negativity from them now in the 1st test under fire so if we can stretch that point maybe we have something we can see as a glimmer of hope for the future. michael for it's an all of the maybe a lot thank you very much pleasure to be with you. a vigil against anti semitism has been held in and in western germany earlier this week demonstrators shouted anti jewish slogans outside the city's synagogue but on friday supporters rallied in solidarity with jewish communities police estimate that around 300 people took part a spokesman for chancellor angela merkel said germany will not tolerate anti semitic protests while peaceful protests against israeli policies were allowed some
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of those took place in other german cities such as building. for some of the other news making headlines around the world. at least 12 people have been killed in an explosion at a mosque in the afghan capital kabul where ship is gathered for friday prayers on the 2nd day of the ied holiday the ceasefire is in place between tele band insurgents and the afghan government. heavy rains in brazil have caused flooding in towns along the amazon river the city of manassas is under a state of emergency and some 20000 people have been forced to leave their homes scientists say this is flooding is far more severe than what's normally expected during the rainy season. and you donna so species has been discovered in mexico it's remains were uncovered almost 10 years ago and back 73000000 years have the
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intelligence side the species had ears that could hear low frequency sounds describing it as a peaceful but talkative dinosaur. the people of chile head to the polls this weekend to decide who will create a new constitution existing for. decades to the autocratic rule of general pinochet mass protests helped spur a referendum the makeup of the assembly half of the new delegates must be in the draft constitution. next year. a few months ago ivana miranda never would have imagined she'd be running for office now she's on the campaign trail as a candidate for chile's constitutional convention aranda wants to help write the new constitution because the current one dates back to the pinochet dictatorship. but in the new constitution it should be written by ordinary citizen us because we
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know the real life circumstances in chile and we know that so far the state doesn't guarantee has the rights we should have. gotten in 21000 after weeks of police violence and riots the efforts of 1500000 protesters paid off chile's citizens will now draft a new constitution in iran to hopes to use this chance to bring about change she's demanding that groundwater be distributed fairly in the dry region of salamanca where she lives until now farmers have pumped water from 100 meters below the ground to supply their avocado plantations. how can it be possible that there is enough water for hundreds of acres of avocado monocultures but not for local communities. you know. in many places people depend on water financed by taxpayers but time and again these pipes are closed off because water is in short supply. i have 3 children so it's hard to get by with the water ration
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from the pipes and that's why we rely on the city's water truck it comes by once a week another truck is from a private company that the neighborhood resident. paid for out of their own pockets well that's. according to chile's current constitution water is private property miranda shows us a new pipe made by a private water supplier it was developed for the avocado farmers not the residents . constitution favors agriculture and this pipeline starts at one of the few remaining above ground springs and it was originally intended to provide water to locals. the fact that water is private property has led to dried up rivers next to lush green avocado plantations exporters their water in huge basins and expand their off a cottage grove every year. on situation must finally
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right the wrongs have capitalism and distribute water fairly especially during the current drought and climate crisis. 50 percent of the seats in the constitutional convention are reserved for women that's why miranda has high hopes for her campaign. activists like me have to push harder to get heard it's important that we put pressure on the old political elite now. the outcome of the vote will play a key role in shaping chile's new constitution. china has landed. in its increasingly ambitious space program. for at least a few before it officially begins exploring the red planet the. images from mars but before it does here's the story of how it got there and what the probe is hoping to find. the unmanned spacecraft. towards mars
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and more than 10 times the speed of sound it kept the. atmosphere in a few minutes. the air resistance slowed the pro-gun enough so that it's parachute open safely. deploying the parachute reduced its speed even more when the spacecraft reached an altitude of one and a half kilometers that parachute automatically detached and then the braking system kicked in it was designed to gently guide the probe to the surface of mars. rover on board will explore an icy area of mars known as utopia punny shia it was formed by the violent impact of an asteroid about 4000000000 years ago past space probes have discovered large amounts of frozen water under the surface here an enormous layer of ice lies only a few meters below the surface with
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a radar device can precisely measure the underground ice the rover was named after the chinese go to fire 8 days after landing when diagnostic tests are done it will go into action for its scientific measurements be sure ron has 6 and tremendous onboard one uses laser beams to examine the elements in big rock nasa's to mars robots have similar high tech equipment onboard even though now says research takes years mission will be short to perth 3 months the rover will explore the surface of mars measure its magnetic field and study the properties of weathered martian rock the probe will then forward the collected data back to the ground station in china this information will not be available to international mars research as is usually the case critics are unhappy about china's plans to withhold the data.
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to sport and despite calls to cancel the olympics tokyo organizers have held a test event for skateboarding as a sport so. it's to be at the summit games only japanese got is took pot and spectators were allowed moustache plates want the olympics to go ahead and they skateboard is a no different type of 19 precautions included mandatory not spring and social distancing. and at the end of lucia rallies fans color signs put in the fastest time in the order category in stage 2 of the competition. the spanish veteran can legend completed the 339 kilometers in just over 3 hours and 16 minutes in his mini cooper icing out of russia who was more than a minute high and 3rd on the day it was another veteran totty nasser. who still
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retains top spot in the overall standings and in the motorbikes another suspended the reins of center leno was the quickest to extend his overall lead. coming up next is world stories the wake in reports stretching for that rebecca richards will be here at the top of the hour with more news headlines but to get you can start today on the website at any time of the day for now i'm at anyhow that's it thanks for watching. i'm secure in that of a war that's hard and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here in war we will send you back. are you familiar with this. smugglers would lie and say. what's your story
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ready. i mean when i was a women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. another visitor not the guests you want to become citizens. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. this week on great stories. in the u.s. . with face recognition in russia but we begin in india where the subcontinent is suffering under the world's biggest surge in corona infections this huge burden on
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the population it's triggered a mental health epidemic that's closing people to seek counseling online. breakdowns feel anxiety these other words 29 year old uses when asked about how she's coping with the 2nd week of school with 19. motor parents are called positive and her father has been in the hospital for days possibly for me it's been an emotional me him in the 2nd wave my dad became a victim and a very serious one and it just made me realise how crazy things are at them. runs an online mental health platform mind. which connects people to therapists. and the statistics are enough to tell her that she is not alone. apart from anxiety depression and grief that many are already experiencing she says a lot of young people who may end up suffering with p.t.s.d.
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or a magic stress disorder deal there were about 50 to 60 padded be that were coming in in one and right now from the last 3 to 4 weeks at least that has to 50 or be the 2nd wave has been catastrophic images of people gasping for breath and collapsing in front of hospitals when no beds are oxygen are available have a back to the mental well being of many some experts are convinced this we've had straight good a mental health epidemic of its own. serapis shweta she knew us and says many young people who come to her feel hopeless and actions or an uncertain future we're also collecting you going to. seaside now and again only use our responding anxiety when. we all know where and which means that none of us. to handle and asked for american power as difficult as news on
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a global scale she was an ad that being constantly connected with the world online and accessing new information why healthful is also impacting the country's youth. i guess in getting. a majority image of the state he may be generating very distressing in regions not the west state and that in reading and or museum i don't think it's an experience that any of us will ever recover from yes we need help out on this yes he. comes there are. increased conversations about both. have been doing what they can to help my app you find your cholesterol image and see it on social media they say that while there is an overpowering feeling of helplessness there is also some optimism in the way young people have been mobilizing help in these times.
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the 19 texan campaign is well underway with millions already vaccinated surprisingly i see state of alaska as the country. to split its remote location. final preparations for a vaccine flight near the arctic circle in alaska kimberley and on house with her 50 shots of the modernity vaccine she hopes they'll help bring an end to the pump demick which has had rural alaska hard one person gets a hair that's. you know that's 5 percent of the population almost so that one household pretty much can cause for the whole village to shut down that means nobody hauling water nobody hauling fuel nobody you know you're not leaving your house to go get stuff that you need ok you can think it's down to 20 minutes would
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be despite its remoteness the state of alaska has rolled out the corona virus vaccines faster than any other state in the u.s. today the team of health care professionals will be visiting several indigenous villages in the arctic wilderness. the village of vienna tie has no mobile phone coverage no supermarket and no permanent doctor. landing on a gravel runway convert with snow all goods have to be flown into vienna time today's air freight is the covert 19 vaccine the village of around 200 inhabitants has only 2 cars one of them is the ambulance snow mobiles of the most important means of transport here a quick ride takes the team to the local health center. inside around 20 villagers are waiting for their shot.
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like most of the villagers lawrence roberts belongs to the gwich'in dr for many years he has relied on his strong constitution but in time of the pandemic he wants to play it safe. from wherever to go the. you would have to get sick or you know if it would prevent possible ization this could . take off to the next village it may be one of the world's remotest places but when it comes to the vaccine program alaska is leading the way. a city town on the southern edge of the trade is what if you're the poorest neighborhoods. people here lack of electricity and other basic that it east and the government looks on without taking action. regional authorities and the process of demolishing these houses. social work
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on trial he menaces eye witness to this transition right in front of us is where they will build a regional park. demolition the government's attempt to stop the illegal settlements here but relocation is slow going but trucks can be seen coming and going to bring sent. the minutes into steam often come to visit to bring families basic supplies and middlemen between the authorities and those who want to leave this place. ok. living conditions here i knew main children can't be expected to live like this that's why i think it's important that we all help that way these families can exist in normal housing conditions until they are relocated back. to the fire you have pointed it at least as far as food hygiene and electricity is concerned here. look at it if you. the power has been out since october but
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cannabis plantations further up an area 6 encreasing retraining the power supply families here were once able to get electricity from their own lines across leo fernandez has been living here for 30 years it's never been easy but now life for her and her children has become impossible it's sad my children grow up here but i want them to have a good life i want them to have running water and electricity for t.v. set. we put the buckets here then warm the water in them and then we pour it in the bathtub so we can wash ourselves these families suffer most year in the cold months as t w reported this winter feeling forgotten by politicians they found other solutions but as many touch is a bit relieved now that she has solar panels and electricity. on installed the panels his charity organization wants to help 70 other families to get started with solar power the most in all this is a community where people live illegally and that's why government authorities can't
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intervene like they usually would i mean the thought of this would be asking them to do something highly unusual and at the moment we don't have any politicians who do on huge whole thing us because you need courage for that and you have to be willing to take a risk of a book with. the regional government has taken a clear line the more electricity you give them the more that marianna plantations will take they take advantage of these people's poverty. but local police only have limited powers i used to says the central government has to do something but they won't. the minister doesn't understand why not. violent city in the air here it's a ghetto a ghetto for the poor and that generates crime a lot of people using drugs and selling them that's not good it needs to stop. there's a place with many faces this is just one of them. you
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know oppression supermarket chain customers can pay by simply looking into a camera. but some activists are sounding the alarm about the tentacle data protection abuses. cash cards and cell phones so yesterday today is the blink of a camera lens is all it takes and under the tap is paid face i did acknowledge it is now operating in their own 50 over the next 5 retail groups moscow supermarkets says look at him and his ilk. we want to make it convenient for customers they save time and don't need to get out their phone a wallet just press a button the system reach their face and they can go home quickly or sister my. cellphone or facial recognition payment is only available to customers who have accounts with a major russian bank and for that they have to provide to the bank with their
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a biometric data one study by credit card institute shows 70 percent of russians would be willing to use the technology once but of heard about it. never heard of it before and if you could would you do it you might not maybe. there's just in it so now they're going to recognize our faces to grangeville have to get used to that. yet facial recognition technology is already. a part of everyday life from moscow more than 170000 cameras register and regulate to public life half of them with the help of face id while it's a blessing for police officers it's a curse for data protection advocates. privacy activist. campaigns against is a must use of facial recognition and is critical of russian law she says as they are too vacant to don't protect personal data well enough but paul has even sued in
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moscow city government without success much of. our biometric data is part of our private lives which no one is allowed to enter with their dirty shoes once it's deposited you can never get rid of this data your voice your gate in your face that's data that accompanies us throughout our lives. is that became apparent to during recent opposition protests hundreds involved in authorized demonstrations over the last few months have been subsequently investigated and punished by police in moscow. but a data protection arguments haven't convinced software developers as they're currently on the lies in customer reactions to the technology the goal is to later install facial recognition cameras in more than 6000 self-service terminals across russia.
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the 77 percent in young people in uganda are driving a debate in kampala on political apathy among uganda's youth many young cast rising up against injustice or talk with musician turned up position leader bobby. and meet young farmers and that's what they're taking a stand against king. one of these land grabs. the person. you. like or. do you want to. put the pedal to the metal let's ride.
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60 minutes on t w. we've got some tips for your bucket list. it's hard for. some great country mourns to. welcome to a brand new edition on the 77 percent the show for africa's deal with host liz show . this week said this in is all about youth engagement in politics society or in music so here's what we've prepared for you on this week's show. we'll hear about political tensions in as what teenie one of the
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world's last remaining absolute monarchy. in our street debate you get to money discusses with young ugandans the challenges we face in politics. and the beneath it is known as the cradle of buddha we'll find out what it means for young people. first reported takes us to southern africa to s. what teenie but country formally known as swaziland it is ruled by king mswati the 3rd. but right now of the you with have started questioning the absolute monarchy and the massive power that the king has in the low felt region of teeny bit to fight over sugar cane is brewing after toiling it for 20 years local farmers were promised ownership of this land but they are likely to lose it to king mswati the 3rd and his family in defiance of the royal opposition politician will gain used to melanie and the supporters staged
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a march sparking clashes with police their frustration with the moniker he reflects a growing attitude among the country's youth. and. it's. torture. and even some. young people like similar army are angry that the king apparently doesn't care about the law and why should he the constitution puts him above it since 1906 king mswati has ruled it's watching an absolute monarchy. the king likes to portray a different image of himself and his country this latest tourism advert features picturesque landscapes and a benevolent waving to his happy subjects. acting prime minister.
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was not elected by the people chosen by the king he maintains that system allows its citizens to speak their minds freely so the. system doesn't. stop. if you look at the constitution. and the people who have their own organizations in this country and as far as i know. i'm never. on paper this is correct but the reality tells a different story veteran politician on a show where he spent 18 months in prison and is currently an alpha male. he is due to face the high court on charges of treason off to publicly condemning the royal family for corruption and misconduct he says those who call it a democracy are mistaken the revision towards.
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the news i ses. just recently 2 weeks out of a plane in thing occasions the police detained people. people assembled to bed piers for you and yet we continue to call ourself a democratic kind no we can't we cannot we cannot remain that there must be change in this. song isn't a load in his sentiment while at least 60 percent of swazis live below the poverty line king mswati splashes out on the rolls royces and b.m.w. use among the student wing of the national liberal tory congress emotions fly high when talking politics and current challenges facing the country. who are voting for that constitution and say that the king should be above the new
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rico. employed by d o d 2 d 2 do today call them in to stop you find old people like 65 years of india's they are working but these young politicians don't want to do away with them on a key entirely the king remains an important cultural figure what they really want is for the king to add here to the laws like everyone else and put real power in the hands of the people that is the main reason with doing those protests where demonstration throughout the country in 2 places. to remind the people that this country was stolen from. these farmers may have to wait a long time before they receive the land that was promised to them but progress is slowly being made. it's not just what teenie where the political situation has been tense in the last few
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months and where a rule and has been in power for decades. uganda does not have a king but a president who has been in office for 35 years now since the elections earlier this year demonstrators have taken to the streets and questioned long term presidential and it was 7 years reelection in it came and he was in the capital kampala to discuss why young ugandans are reluctant to get involved in politics. the 77 percent is back in kampala and this time we're here to find out why it is that young people seem very not interested when it comes to politics or at least that's how it appears in the foreground and we're trying to find out why is it their choice or is it a choice that was made for them based on the system well to begin this conversation i'm going to start with mr gill but is from generation 7 as you can see and he's
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actually rallying young people to support my 7 for me to rally young people to support prison with 7 it's because of the ideology that he has it's because of the experience ok so that's your argument i'm just going to turn around and decide because i'm sure that people who do not agree with you maybe you want to jump in their mind in a mission field and no one blocks very many young people i can tell you i'm in love and i shouldn't platform we had so many i kind of dense and most of them could not afford that nomination fees that i don't look to many young people out then you can give us an idea of how much it costs there and leave you in for to contest as an m.p. a huge financial restriction when it comes to young people participating most as let's come to you because i know the 2 had a point earlier i think but young people are actually participating in politics we now have to discuss the quality of participation for example. in the november 18th and 19th demonstration it was young people who were on the streets binding the
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tires yeah so i think that young people are actually participating but it is not meaningful participation much handa you have something. say to me i want to cross over to the point of brutality why would anyone show up to participate in a process where people are being shot at by being kidnapped by being drawn face i can use that word if i weren't being held incommunicado why would anyone who is saying go to put spit in such a space let in fact let's ask the people who did it why would anyone sane put themselves in such a scenario 6 month time that you know sometimes the young people who are we keep surprising because of someone speaks about violence see taking drones and all that i think all here people participated in politics and i don't know if in of dentists face to be kidnapped i don't know because these opposition people. were you could not but you're here but hold on just for just for clarification are we suggesting that only people who participate in the opposition of the ones who are terrorized we think that it's happening all around us think that that's not happening that's
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what they're trying to paint trying to paint maybe i know you said that you had experienced something of that nature can you share with us before the wrist i was advised by my chairperson of c one that i should not come back home tonight because they're looking for me so i told them but why on which account i told me because i was putting one marriage barrier that people power barrett they came and told me i have issues to answer at the police and i of course i went with them and when i went with them they didn't take me to police they took me to someone's home literally and they were asking me so many questions and they're asking me to withdraw from the race all right gilbert you're disagreeing with this i can hear you head shaking from the back what are you disagreeing with i'm disagreeing with the issue of brutality the ara's but how can you tell me is it that's her that's my experience it's unfortunate that she went through that but i want to make this known to each and every one whoever is aristide you know a that a criminal or you a suspect i think it's unfair for you to see that maria's experience doesn't count
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because she's told us that just by. wearing a red berry she was hunted for does this not duction it is artist people are arrested we saw them on come at us robot in policeman we saw them on camera shooting people including the members of parliament you predicted you want police to just look at it like that ok i think all right just have a cause that you're the one who is shouting falls through what are you what are you saying is false in uganda as a state if you go for campaigns you can be aristide you can be heat you can be a gust so the issue is now not about money i had limited but also these points where they saved many people that had money lost these people what hated and if it were possible even the president his office would be shut down as by now but why is the prison still there because of what i can't describe to myself because i may live here right now and i'm taken through the drone you understand and what i want
7:41 am
to bring to the tip onto the wall is that you're going to we just do this joint up politics and these are mafia politics that we're having a few people here to the prison so i think constitutes on the country into power that's what i think all right mr causa here has made some very serious to clary sions and you've said that it's not about money it's just about being hated that's why people are not voted in and while it he was raising his hand to try and get my attention did you want to add to that point said to brutality we have just seen policemen group but in general this segment policemen it was on the committee so i think that one alone makes the young people. who come to be interested into running for for political offices there's less one last one was about the kidnap which my brother was saying you can divide it as he said is that you know all over search abducting good citizen so my thinking is that we need to come out and
7:42 am
calling them without those acts because those acts are the acts that actually compel young people form. but just getting active in the politics all right thank you very much for your thoughts because he has mentioned bill but specifically let me allow him to respond i think what is important for us as citizens of this country as young people is to engage ourselves in economically something that is going to generate money because you're not going to tell an easy everybody would have a job killer but government has a wheel i have to tell you these fantastic and finally i'm going to end with you moses i hope you have a killer point of course i do recall solution is very important initially you would actually use the 1st step in nation building and we can do it we can yes i can get solved the economy clearly financially the sky's the limit for young people our time is now thank you i really like that point and so that actually brings us to the conclusion of this debate i have to say what passionate debate the ugandans did not disappoint and you did not disappoint for showing up thank you for watching.
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we asked the ugandan government to comment on the issues brought up in the debate jacob a ruler who was the chairperson of the national youth council got back to us saying and i quote my view is that the participation of young people should be guided by the intentions of long term good governance and formation of synergies that are generational in our pursuit of political influence and space nevertheless it became clear and i debate that people in uganda are afraid of getting into politics because they may be harassed by authorities well opposition leader will be why and knows all about that he ran against with 70 in this year's election and faced all kinds of issues but intimidation has not stopped but the wind from speaking out in fact giving a voice to the voiceless is what he has been doing even back in the days when he
7:44 am
was just a musician and not yet politician now he's using both his platforms as an artist and a politician to get his message across let's listen in to his current songs. we . detected from. your current. employer. well the man you just heard bobby wian is joining me live from uganda where we wind welcome to the 77 percent. thank you for having me in the seventy's and soon to be here and we're happy to have you so the last few weeks must have been very intense for you what has happened since the election results were announced maybe
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the question should have been how is it being for you the people and they have been apparently has been such a challenge since the election which turned out to be the most frightening glitch. and they have great prosecutors. hungry. young people young men and women supporting the people who are moving in the national. movement and by people i mean have been abducted by the government many have been martyred. others have been. you know totally ripped me the feeling is that in rape and others i was heartened i seen on a couple others about to be in custody so you have been have i will promise also say that the most the operation the most the resistance and that i've turned up to be more resistant and more assertive in modeling for their rights in my name for
7:46 am
their election victory but most important it might mean for freedom what you're telling us is really horrific what is happening to the people of uganda and you say that you will keep pressing on and keep resisting now let's take a look at the whole of africa we reached out to our people on facebook and asked them what the political situation is like in their country so let me just take a look at one comment here that we have from frank eelam he is from ghana and frank says it is time to let our politicians know that we gave them the power to serve the nation and not food our money and live posh lives while voters are drinking dirty water and schooling under trees and then he says they use of africa. i have to wake up now you're also a relatively young politician what do you say about this son put your name in many parts of africa in particular in uganda being in a position of. power over position of government government has been reduced to
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steps on the ground i mean enrichment which must stop and which will stop and that will only stop when the young people who've. come in general and uganda in fact if you're not actually rise up to the location as they are right not only by me but practice well you say that the young people of africa have to rise up but do you have any tips on how they can really get involved in politics because we heard in the debate that many say that they are free to victory being harassed it is to. this harassment when the young people of africa rise up and demand for what's right for libya and demand for accountability it is dangerous but it's still been more than generous to people saying it's not then just beside. the young people of africa that damned if they rise up and them no damned if they sit down so
7:48 am
either way with only one option for the people of the young people of up to rise up to the occasion for what's next while you are running that marathon i mean the election results have been announced during with 70 has again been announced the president of your country are you going to run for president again so we know that if it does don't just go by quick overseeing that we look at history it's so our low our low it time are now much if we do for the people of libya but for the people of but with the pipe that we the people of done to overcome bashir for the people of egypt to overcome hosni mubarak and many other places in the wild so we look at these examples and know that just like we are told by government. seems impossible until it's done so this seems to be seems impossible in the eyes of the
7:49 am
pessimists but in the eyes of our look to me like me i see that we have some going but again we need to have even had to get to the problem. all right but we wind thank you so much for that optimistic message and thank you for joining us today. thank you for having me. we now will be away from politics to religion what do you know about voodoo well then as someone from east africa i have to admit i only know it from nigeria and movies that we used to watch when i was a kid and i don't have a clear idea of what it is exactly i reporter travel to binion to find out more about and about how binion's you are involved in this ancient religion. these a so-called revenants in very people believe that they are their ancestors who came back in a different form they role is to materialize the presence of the dead in the consciousness of the living every year on the 10th of january hundreds of followers come to the
7:50 am
noon to celebrate what is known as petitional day or very day during ritual dances and perceptions of believers make contact with the many gods sacrificing animals is also a part of the festival produce almost all people has been a follow up to do since childhood today he is a high level man that you can speak and can mean to recreate the spirits in this case the god again. removed or when we sacrifice the sheep. chickens and that any master him. to thank him for everything he has done for us. and thus a lot of other things for human life. i want to thank him and ask him to keep protecting. what we did just now we do every year but this is going to go of it in the 2nd. when is known as the cradle of the religion has no means of follow was wide open is the only country where it is considered an official state
7:51 am
religion even in the fashion. the city of in the south of the country is said to be the birthplace of in colonial times and we do is one of the most active trading ports in. slave trade the slaves brought their beliefs to the americas and the caribbean beginning the spread of their faith around the world today the so-called door of no return commemorates those who were enslaved and many penalties it now practice in criticism combining christian or muslim beliefs with traditional religion prudence is also a french teacher at a private school and later today he's asking his students what they think i'm going to go for me or how. my 1st encounter with very day was a little frustrating because i never saw anything like it before.
7:52 am
so the very 1st time i saw it i ran away very fast it wasn't easy birch at least i had here too much away. from colonial forces the state and catholic system long branded as head in the sticks sorcery prudence and his friends believe in christianity the most widespread religion in the country can easily come to this. i am a for. me from being with my friends given is of would like me to mail as an evangelist source one evangelist on us from hanging out together we stay together from our lives and from. neither christianity nor islam have managed to extinguish booted from opinion compared to other countries in west africa religions co-exist well here but it's hard to say if this is despite all that because of age . we'll say in west africa for our next report.
7:53 am
in ghana we meet the singer we yeah she left behind a successful career in the capital accra and moved back to her whole village of phones not exactly a korea but was an important step forward she wants to give back to her community. these kids in rule can now want to follow in the footsteps of nowhere. the curious metric artists who have to show biz career in accra call home village of food 700 kilometers north of the capital. in a modest studio we are now is still making music and developing musical talents overrule children i wasn't ok i'm not proud but i got to a point where i felt like i needed to come back on the show with the young ones because the new. nickname the lion is we have a lot has performed internationally and has been called the young engine he joked one of the latest songs is a tribute to the can i am music legend. the cover of the old classic has
7:54 am
become an online hit with a music video depicting rule like. it's a song that should keep reminding us as human beings that you know life research journey and whatever you get to it fine but never say never. we are means the mover and shaker and need to see subtle language but being different mental music can hear got off to a tough start to the heart somebody telling me with my crazy ass that i look i look like i'm from this or i'm african telling me that and then not or look for some weeks to make myself look all feminine and not pretty that we were going to appreciate me today i said that they haven't told me i was too dark i should like them up eventually just. any prejudices and preaching pride in oneself has become we are less signature it's already shaping for young understudies i wouldn't have
7:55 am
got this. but you just did that house and how to run it and the other was. mentoring young people we are used as an influence in mighty charisma to fight harmful outing to cultural practices my community is no more not at fault a lot of destructive till i feel that you're done with this year and forced marriages because the message has gotten to them and the chiefs and elders are all against it now. the line this encourages other music stars to help build up a strong local music industry and most importantly it's about south pride in being true to oneself. oh nice. thanks for the inspiration and that powerful message we well we're getting to the end after days show with thank you so much for watching as usual i want to hear
7:56 am
your opinion about today's reports or about stories and topics that you think we should covers too and many e-mail me get in touch on facebook and don't forget to subscribe to our brand new instagram channel my name is the show and i'll leave you with this june from way yalla let's see you next time about. my. fault. by. now.
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to himself and to. play. they seized a deadly news line from the conflict between israel and hamas militants intensifies after a day of deadly violence. rockets affine from gaza after israeli war jets towns hamas targets and on the grounds tower blocks and homes a levels then follows some of the finest fatah fighting same in the west bank for
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decades also on the program china lands a spacecraft on the red planet.


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